Spiritual Service Part 1

Spiritual Service by Cat Edwards

As a Lay Person, looking out at the World, you may see those in Spiritual Service to be Ministers, Priests, Nuns and Monks…But have you ever considered that you too can and do act in Spiritual Service from time to time?
For those of you who consider yourselves to be a Light Worker, you may already consciously act in Spiritual Service, but many who are testing their toes in the Spiritual Path may find this knowledge to be of great interest on their journey.
It is a Historical fact that Humans have always been spiritual creatures. If we explore the records as far back into time as we can go, we shall see evidence of this. In this respect, nothing has changed over the eons; in today’s society, with the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs we have, we can also see this evident.
In my experience as a Funeral Celebrant, even those who declare they are Agnostic or Atheist, find themselves clinging to a hope that their beloved, who has crossed over will be ‘watching over them’.
So what is Spiritual Service and how can I express it without going to Ministers College? It is very simple…Acts of the Spirit are those that come from the heart and soul. They are the acts of true kindness, without any thought of payment in return.
I have met many believers, from the Pagan to the Muslim and to the Jew and the Light Worker…they all have the same saying..There is Honour in Service. When you serve someone out of the goodness of your heart, you are giving Spiritual Service. Even if you serve in your occupation, and you use your heart and soul to give to others during your work hours, you are in Spiritual Service.
We may see the difference when we are in Hospital laying helpless and vulnerable and a Dr gruffly looks us over and mumbles under his breath and walks off as if you had put him out in some way…and the Nurse walks in and sharply insists that you take your medicine. At this stage, you are feeling less than healed, until the Lunch Lady appears, with a smile and a kind word. She pulls out your tray and helps you to sit up. She takes the lid off your food and blesses your sustenance with her wishes.
Now, please don’t think I believe all Drs and Nurses are gruff and have terrible bedside manner, in fact the majority do give Spiritual Service in their working lives, but you get the picture.
But, it doesn’t have to be a health professional or a person in the Hospitality industry who is in Spiritual service… It could be a friend who calls in on you when you have been sick, or it could be you when you are in a car park and you see a Mother struggling to pack her kids in the car and all her groceries.
There are as many ways to give Spiritual Service as there are to be Spiritual. If you remember my message from last week, you will know I had said that to be Spiritual is a as much a lifestyle as it is a decision. You must take the time to walk with your own Higher Self, and thereby form a close bond with you Guides and your God. In doing so, you will allow many opportunities of Spiritual service to come your way, both expressed by you and given to you by others.
For…There is great Honour in Spiritual Service. Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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