Spiritual Service Part 2

Spiritual Service part 2 by Cat Edwards

I didn’t always want to work as a Clairvoyant t Medium and a Civil Celebrant; there was a time when I was studying to be a Homeopathic Dr. I was born in Scotland and my dream was to do my post Grad in Glasgow at one of the Homeopathic Hospitals there. I would then go on the get my Doctorate in Medicine at one of the Glasgow Universities and in the mean time; I would be there for my elderly relatives.
But life got in the way of my dream and I became gravely ill with a mysterious illness. I became morbidly sick and I needed some drastic intervention to survive. I was only 19. After having been to see many Dr’s I ended up at Naturopath’s office where he gave me a finger prick test and found I had many nasty microbes living in my blood.
I was given the necessary treatment and I began my convalescence. I had to give up my Uni for the time being and I moved back home to my Parents’ house in Mt Isa in outback Queensland. There I met and man and fell in love. I ended up having babies and I had to give my Glasgow dream away.
But my drive to give to others did not die. I suddenly found myself alone with two babies and in my early twenties, strong again and ambitious. So I fell back on my gifts and talents and began to develop them. I became a professional Reader and I gained some success. Fast forward 4 years and I studied to become a Justice of the Peace in Queensland and then I studied hard and became a Civil Celebrant.
Throughout it all, I had two boys with special needs to raise and my own personal issues of hurt to deal with. But in my work I found sanctuary. I found that in counselling others, in helping them to see their life direction, or in giving mourners a chance to give their loved ones a beautiful send off, I was empowering my own heart and soul.
Through the act of compassion I was able to heal my hurts and let go of my regrets from the past. There is an element of risk involved in what I do; I can never get it wrong the first time around. There is no second chance to give a Funeral service or to Read for someone. There is no second chance to sit at the bedside of a dying man and read to him his Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

If I get my car serviced and they do a bad job, I can take it back, but if I lose a loved one and the celebrant gives a bad funeral service, there is no taking it back. It is always all or nothing when you are the front person, the person bearing the most responsibility for the grief or goodwill of others.
I totally embrace that responsibility and I see it as my gift from God. I see that I have been given the honour to serve others and therefore I see the honour in the service that others give me.
Spiritual Service for me has become my occupation, but it is and always will be, my way of Life. Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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