Realistic Spirtiuality

Realistic Spirituality

I recently had a conversation with an older Lady, who is a neighbour of mine, Mrs Potts…She had been reading some books by a couple of well-known Mediums, who had made some claims about the afterlife which didn’t sit well with her.

Mrs Potts asked me  what I thought about the idea that all our deceased relatives are at peace and find comfort in   We –  the living, and what about how some famous mediums claim that those who are dead are all good people now, who are thoughtful and kind,..she said ‘ that just doesn’t make sense to me.’

…I thought for a moment and I said..’Well do you want the trumped-up cute and fluffy answer or do you want me to be realistic?’  She replied. ’.I’m too old to care for cute and fluffy, just tell me how it is.’

So I said, well lets look at Life and the After Life this way…as above, so below…as there are good people in amongst the living, there are good people in amongst the dead.  As there are bad people amongst the living, there are bad people amongst the dead.  There are a percentage of people who pass over and don’t go into the light, for various reasons, some don’t know they are dead, some couldn’t find the light because they were so upset and confused when they died, some know they are dead, but they don’t want to move on  and there are some others, that are just too dark hearted to be able to walk in the light until they have grown in their souls.  Of course there are many more reasons not to cross into the light, but these are some examples.  So if your loved one passed over and they were an angry sour puss when they were alive, chances are they are the same way dead.  They are not going to miraculously change into some saintly figure.’

Mrs Potts thought on this for a while and she said ‘ My nephew suicided about 20 years ago…I’ve always wondered how he went on in the after life…do you think he has found his way?’

I felt a little uncomfortable at talking about such a hurtful subject, but I answered as honestly as I could…’ logic tells me that if you are having troubles, it doesn’t matter where you run to, they will follow.  I could move to the other side of the planet and my troubles will still catch me.  It is, in my humble opinion, it’s the same way for those who suicide…they still have the essence of  the issues follow them.  They still have to work through what was upsetting them so much in the first place.

Suicide only takes away the physical pressures One must endure, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling the emotional and mental anguish.  However, being dead does give you the power of reflection.  Once you have come to terms with the drama surrounding your departure and the hurt that others have felt from your choice to leave…I think you can definitely learn and grow from this…however, the life lessons that brought you to taking your own life are still unresolved.  And for that to change, you must reincarnate and go through the frustration of being a baby and a young child again, but this time, you will have a deeper perspective of the lessons and you will, hopefully, grow through it and come out a stronger more resolute soul…I believe on every soul’s journey, there will have to be at least one lifetime ended in suicide.

Mrs Potts was very open minded and took what I had to say on board.  She then asked me a final question…She had read in a recently published book, by a well known Psychic, that he believed all people born with a disability are human angels, put here on earth to teach others lessons…She wanted to know if this was in my opinion the truth..

Mrs Potts knows I have two sons who have disabilities and so she knew I would be taken back a little.  I remembered back into my childhood, when my Mother, a Registered Nurse, would take my brothers and I into her Nursing Unit to meet her severally disabled patients.  She wanted us to grow in compassion and to see the results of failed attempted suicide and motor vehicle accidents.

I remembered asking her if all the people in the beds and wheel chairs were nice..She was frank, she said, no, not all of them.  She said some of them have a positive outlook and they are easy to Nurse, but some are predators on the staff and want to lash out and hurt us.  We have to watch them…

I remember asking her if that was the patients who had been in hospital all their lives and she said, no, most of them were looking for a positive in their situation.  They had come to a peace with their circumstances.  It was some of the ones who had been able-bodied before hand, that  they had to watch…

My mind came back into the present and  I then thought about my own sons and how they are coping with their special needs…and I realised, although they find themselves to be different, they too are making peace with this situation.

So I answered Mrs Potts by saying this…I don’t believe that it is only for disabled people to be here to teach others.  I think disabled people are disabled because they have their own lessons to learn and the body they occupy is the vehicle for those specific lessons.  Life is about learning after all.

I said that to imagine that One incarnates only to serve others is not practical…humans need to incarnate in order to grow and learn, helping others is a big part of that and ultimately the soul will no longer need to occupy this Earth Plane and will move on to another Soul School.

This Psychic has half the story in mind, the half that makes everyone all fluffy and warm…but reality isn’t like that, and Mrs Potts, I prefer to live in the Reality that I know is to be true.

I really enjoyed that conversation with Mrs Potts.  It made me think and I hope you learned something from it too.  Be aware of the information you are reading out there as you take up your Spiritual Journey, remember that Science and Fiction only mix in the movies and in books.  Spirituality and Science mix very well, but we must always err on the side of the practical and logical in order to think with truth reason and love. Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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