Dark Spell Warning!

The other day I was speaking to a person who is angry about the hurts another has inflicted on him and his family. This person has some spiritual interest and was keen to go to the library and find a spell book. They wanted to cast a spell to hurt their aggressor, in revenge.
I was very alarmed at this notion and I felt compelled to warn them against such a move. For, the consequences of calling upon the forces of darkness to do your dirty work are far greater than the consequences of finding a peaceful resolution.
Many spell books on the market today promote rituals about how to get back at someone. There are rituals to hurt an ex-lover or an ex colleague. You can cast a spell to cause disruption in a person’s life or to bring illness or disease over them. If you can think up a nasty thing to wish upon someone, you could certainly fashion a spell for that….but…at what price to you?
Now, I am not a practising Witch or Pagan, although I have friends who are and I have touched on the knowledge of that path several times without fully immersing myself in it. I have studied about spell work and I’ve been involved in white magic rituals at seasonal festival times and such. I would say I have sound knowledge on the subject, without feeling I have to be a practitioner. I have had many wondrous spiritual experiences with Angelic beings and Spirit Guides and Animal Spirits via these festival rituals, conducted under expert supervision.
However, this doesn’t mean I don’t know the tricksy ways of those who dwell in the shadows. When I was a girl, I didn’t know how to control my spiritual gifts and I was a blazing beacon to all those in spirit who were in my vicinity. They would come to me and scare me almost every night. I had a resident ghost in my house and he was especially good at freaking me out…Breathing next to my ears when I was in bed, or ripping the sheets off of me when I was hiding under my blankets.
Every interaction in life is an energy exchange and it was no less for me and my spirit tormentors. Every time they came to me, they would take my energy, in the form of my fear and they would leave behind a little knowledge for me, about what they were. What sort of rules they lived under and maybe even a bit of a warning in my heart about how I chose to interact with them.
Fast forward to when I was 18 and I met a woman who was a local Spiritualist. I needed to understand why I was this way and I thought she had the answers. Little did I know at the time, she was in conflict with another woman, who chose to get at my friend by using dark magic and calling upon dark spirits.
That woman ended up being terrorised by the very spirits who she had commissioned to hurt my friend. Why? Because my friend knew how to protect herself and how to send them back. She taught me that if you call upon those who dwell in the shadow to do your bidding, one of two things will happen…either, your victim will send them back, which will cause the spirits to be very angry and you will cop their anger three-fold or the dark ones will do your bidding, but you will be indebted to them and they will make you pay.
Anytime you cast a spell that intends to hurt another, you are calling upon the dark ones to join in. Many of them are waiting for the chance to disrupt the living. They see it as a game. The trap is that you, the spell binder think you are in control, but you are not. The only way to be in control is to not do it in the first place. They will quite simply ruin your life. It’s not worth it.
Now, I was just a girl when I had the shadow dwellers or ‘the bad ones’ as I used to call them, regularly in my life. I was too young to understand or control my gifts and I didn’t ask them to be there. By the time I met my spiritual friend, I had a very good understanding of them. I knew not to practise on Ouija boards and to keep away from séances. However, many teenage girls don’t. Many teenage girls are lured into the dark side by the mystique of the dark magic. If you know such a girl, or boy, please let them know the consequences of such a practise.

Remember, the dead and the living, are a reflection of each other…As above, so below. So, let’s think of it this way…hypothetically…In the living world….Joe Bloggs want to hurt his wife for having an affair, so he asks Mr Angry from the local organised crime syndicate to do his bidding. Mr Angry gets caught by the police, Joe Bloggs get kidnapped by Mr Angry’s friends and is disposed of…OR Joe Bloggs and Mr Angry have the same arrangement, Mr Angry does the deed and then he wants Joe Bloggs to pay him more money, or do something sinister for him, or he’ll implicate Joe Bloggs in the evil deed. This scenario is an example of a living people situation that can be mirrored in Spirit. But the worst thing is, that you may not be able to see your Mr Angry, because he’s an Earth bound bad boy who likes to haunt and taunt and has been waiting for a sucker like you or your close friend to come along.
Ok, so I’ve given out my warning. Don’t do Spell work for ruthless gains!
If in doubt, follow the rules of the path of the Light…Do what you will and harm none. Seek council from a wise elder of your community and find a peaceful solution to your issues with others. They didn’t make up the saying…don’t fight fire with fire…for nothing. Get informed and remember, The world of Spirits is a big scary place, with many deceivers and trickers, who will embroil you in their darkness given half the chance…is that worth literally risking your sanity for? Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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