Psychic Protection (as addressed to the Deception Bay Spiritual Church,19.06.11)

Last time I was a guest Speaker at this Church I spoke about some of my experiences with other people who claimed to be more spiritually aware than me when I was younger.  This claim turned out to be a cover for them actually trying to draw me into their underworld of spiritual darkness.

We are all on a spiritual journey, even if we feel we are atheists.  For this too is an expression of the Human Will and therefore an exploration of the Spirit.

As we all know, in life, there are always going to be some who are further behind than us, and some who are further advanced down the line than us.  But that does not discount the place that we find ourselves in, today.  Your position in the spiritual journey is unique to you and is just as important as that of the Dalai Lama.  For, even his soul must grow and learn.

I spoke to the congregation last time about how I had used Psychic protection to help me to move away from those people, once the truth had been shone on their real intentions.  I was a young woman, full of insecurities, who had been dealt a difficult hand in life.  I was seen as an easy target by those who were older and who portrayed themselves to be wiser.

However, I had my gut feelings and my ability to reason on my side.  These two simple things are the basis for all protection.  You must be able to trust your instincts and to think clearly when you come across times of uncertainty.   There is one more element to effective Psychic protection.  Belief in yourself.

If you don’t believe in yourself 100%, those who dwell in the shadows will sniff it out.  Just like a wolf can smell fear, they will sense you have self doubt and they will chip away at you, to release it.

You must never lie to yourself about your self belief either, this is just as ineffective as having a little bit of self doubt.  It just won’t stand up when you are being attacked psychically.   Having said that, courage is 10 parts fear and 10 parts bravery, so I think it is silly to think that fear and bravery doesn’t play their part.

So, now I’ve said this, and you are all thinking oh golly, what are we going to get haunted?!  Don’t worry; I’m certainly not going to call in some spooks to give you a demonstration.  However, I am going to get you to close your eyes and do a brief visualisation in a minute.

Psychic protection is all about being in touch with your body and the subtle energies your body has.  It is about connecting your body’s energies to the Earth and to the Central Star of Light in the Universe.  The light of God.  Now, because this is a Christian Spiritual Church, I am also going to show you that Jesus is very happy to give you a second layer of protection also.  His blood is that of the sacrificial lamb and is therefore sacred and resistant to evil.  So don’t   be alarmed when I mention how to call in Jesus’ help during the visualisation.

So, please close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in.

KundaliniNow, place your mind’s eye to your spinal cord.  It is the epicentre of your central nervous system.  The light energy that flows up and down your spine is electricity.  It is your spark of life, your very own white light source. Your Kundalini.  I want you to become aware of your spinal column and to become aware of the energy in it.  Its ok, if you can’t feel or see it.  Just be aware it exists.  It is proven by medical science.

Visualise that white light as being as powerful as a nuclear reactor, and with some conviction, gently fill the rest of your body with the white light of your spinal cord.  Now extend that white light out into your Aura.  Remember that your Aura extends out to as far as your arms will stretch in all directions, maybe even further.

Visualise your home, fill your bedroom with your own white light and then your house and then your yard.  Use the fence line to extend the white light into the sky, about 100 meters above the roof and let the walls of light come together to form the shape of a pyramid over your home.  Now you have white lighted yourself and your home.

Red velvet cloakNow, visualise Jesus standing next to you.  His presence is that of a loving brother.  He has a cloak for you, it is made out of his woven blood, but it looks and feels like velvet.  See Jesus place the cloak over you.  See the hood come over your head.

Now, see your finger as a paint brush loaded with the blood of the Christ.  Imagine standing at your front door and run that paint brush on the outer wall of the house right around the perimeter.   Do the same on the house side of your fence line.

Finally, I want you to bring your mind’s eye back to your spinal cord.  Now I want to you to visualise the core of Mother Earth.  A molten core.  Now shoot your white light out of your base chakra into the core of Mother Earth.  See your energy wrap itself around the core until it is tightly held.

Now, I want you to visualise the Sun.  I want you to visualise the molten chore of the Sun.  Now shoot your white light out of your crown chakra into the Sun and see it wrap itself around and around until it is tight.

The Sun is directly connected to the Central star of light and your energy is now anchored within the system of the light.

Bring yourself back to the room now and open your eyes.  You have just comprehensively protected yourself psychically.  You can apply this to your daily life by visualising your are protected when you have your morning shower.    Instead of singing a song written by someone else, sing your own song of psychic protection.

I think it is very important for everyone who chooses to walk in the spiritual lifestyle to remember to use good psychic hygiene and to protect themselves on a daily basis.  If you know you are gifted, or there is someone you know who is gifted, please teach them this technique.    Remember that Psychic Protection comes from within-out.  It is ineffective if you don’t believe in yourself and it can be as powerful as a Nuclear Reaction.  You have the power! Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

3 thoughts on “Psychic Protection (as addressed to the Deception Bay Spiritual Church,19.06.11)

  1. Thank you, so much, for this exercise… I learned of your work today via Spiritual Networks, and followed their fb link this morning to your interesting piece on ghosts, which led me here. A blessing ~ and a thrill, because just recently I experienced the full and present knowing of Jesus (and a host of benevolent others 😉 being directly with me, loving and helping me as a Brother (and the first morning crow caw sounded on cue as I wrote that!) … Reading your piece reminded me, and OH, WHAT A FEELING! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Namaste, Cat.

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