The difference between Psychic Powers and Spiritual Gifts.

Spiritual GiftsWhat is the difference between having Spiritual gifts, or Psychic Powers?  I am frequently asked this question by  my clients.

In my mind, psychic powers are the basic platform for  spiritual gifts.  What makes the difference between them?   Between being raw psychic or the deeper spiritual, the answer  dwells in the heart of the holder of the gifts.    Most higher  creatures are Psychic.  Because these creatures have Instincts and the ability to communicate via Telepathy.  Telepathy is the basis of Psychic abilities.  The Power of the Mind to communicate with others via mind to mind contact.  This happens all the time in the wild.    How else do the Wolf Packs in Canada hunt?  They can’t exactly call out, ‘hey Frank you fall to the back, Gertrude, you sneak around the side and I’ll surprise them from that bush over there!’  No way, they communicate via body language, vocal noises, scent and telepathy.

TelepathyJust like Animals, Humans too communicate via body language, vocal noises, scent and telepathy.  You ever heard the expression “you could cut the air with a knife” that expression comes from the awareness of the atmosphere another person’s mind is creating.  They are expanding their aura with messages in thought form to anyone who comes close and that message is – I am not happy!  You may also have heard people say that someone’s house has a lovely feel to it.  That is because that person has enriched their surroundings with their feelings of love and happiness.  The thought energy has infused into the air and furniture, it has coloured the home with a light that cannot be replicated by the Sun or by light bulbs.  It is the light of the Mind and Heart.

Psychic gifts range from the ability to See, hear, feel or smell and sometimes taste Spirit energy.  You could have the Psychic gift of Prophesy or of Healing.  You may be able to perceive energy at a much higher vibration than others and so, be able to see Auras.  Or you may have the ability to connect with another’s energy and gather information about them.  Of course you may have a combination of any or all of these gifts.  I have a combination of them, too.

So the Psychic gifts are there, but as I mentioned, they don’t become Spiritual gifts unless there is something special in the heart of the beholder.  So how is that?  Well let’s say that my neighbour, Mrs Potts is Psychic, but if she uses her gifts for her own gains and not for the help of others, her Psychic gifts will remain stunted.  She will never feel them transform into a higher vibration.  Not that Mrs Potts would do that, but you get the idea.  I believe we all have Psychic Gifts , but only those who are of a kind heart and who use their gifts to benefit Humanity, experience their Psychic Powers in the heightened state of Spiritual Gifts.

We could look at it this way.  You take two living people.  On the same day they both die.  One chooses to stay in the Astral and remain on the Earth Plain, the other turns and trusts and goes into the Light.  Both are deceased, but one now has to fight to survive, having to turn to haunting the living to regain energy, while the other is powered by the source, and only returns to the Earth plain to Guide and Love the Living, having no need to take from them.  So we could say that the person who is in the Astral is in his basic Ghostly form and the person who is in the light is in his higher Spirit form.

Or another way to think on it is that if  we can see that two living people who have the same Psychic gifts can be powered in the two different fashions..  Those who choose to use their gifts to only serve themselves and who are afraid to Trust in God, must always be bound to a more difficult, lower  vibration.  They must find ways to compensate for the holes in their energy and in their  abilities. Yes, they may become powerful, but at what price?  Yet the person who uses their gifts for the benefit of others, may still go through a time of difficulty with their gifts, but they end up powered by The Great Spirit of Life, by all of the Universe, they are enlivened by their abilities and they become stronger.  Their abilities become easier to access and the experience is that of a much higher vibration.

Thus I think of it as Psychic is the base of the knowledge, Spiritual is the filler and the cream.

Being Psychic is everyone’s gift.  But being Spiritual, is the higher vibration of Psychic  and that is only reserved for those who wish to do good in this World.  Is that you?  If you are willing to use your gifts to help others, in time, you will feel amazing.   Remember also, that what you put out there is what you will get back, so while you are using your Spiritual gifts to help Humanity, others in turn, will use their spiritual gifts to help you!  It really is that simple and that rewarding.

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20 thoughts on “The difference between Psychic Powers and Spiritual Gifts.

  1. I know I’m late(really late)in posting this,but I just came across this today.

    I’ve been unsure of whether to open my third eye and embrace my psychic side. I’m not pushing myself entirely to do so,mainly because I attended church as a child(not by choice,of course;I quit when I was a teenager because I didn’t see the need for it.)

    A thought came to me today,though. If we all have these abilities,this means we’ve ALWAYS had them. It’s therefore not an issue of spirituality or religion,rather it’s in our genetics. And religion and spirituality have done their best to suppress them so that those that do manage to retain them are seen as “blessed” and “gifted”. So in a nutshell,I no longer see psychic prowess as something from a higher plane.

    1. Sarah, you are totally correct. Psychic abilities are something we all possess. It is just as we all have instincts and the ability to listen to them. It only becomes ‘special’ when someone chooses to fully embrace those abilities and centre within their Soul to connect with The Divine Mind. When this is achieved, the individual is walking the path to becoming a Divine Human. It’s everybody’s birthright. Past religious prejudices against psychic abilities, have been put in place out of fear and control. Many religions who forbid the use of psychic abilities put these rules in place to control the female population, who were highly revered in many indigenous societies for their true and deep connection with Mother Earth & The Divine Mind. Matriarchal societies were broken down because of these draconian attitudes.
      If you do choose to embrace the opening of your Third Eye. Try Kriya Yoga as a safe way to walk through the process.
      Much love

  2. This is really interesting. I have had so many weird things happen to me since i was little. I used to feel like something was after me and would really scare me when i was little. Then i prayed if there was a god could he protect me and from then on i felt more safe. Still had dreams that would come true or kind of show me something or alert me to when something wasn’t right spiritually. Sometimes i can kind of see what someones intentions are or who they really are like i picture/ movie or almost like i can see what they are really thinking..its hard to explain. I have massaged people before and sort of felt on me where it would feel good or where the pain was, like i could see and feel it. Or have felt a kind of humm or warmth on areas when i have prayed for someone. I think its weird mostly and try to ignore it as i feel there is a dark side to some of this that i am a bit scared of. My husband once told me he saw a figure of a man loooking down at me on my side of the bed while i was asleep.. he said he was too scared to do anything and knew it was a ghost or something but didnt know what to do…all that night i had had a horrible dream of a man in a suit with a hat watching..following me but i couldn’t see his face. When my hubby told me that morning i just didn’t even know what to say.. some very weird stuff and confusing on if you should try and learn more about it or stay far far away.. i just done know what to think..

  3. I have always tried to deny any of my intuitions or predictions because I don’t want to be blasphemous. It helps to read your thought and feelings on this subject. I have always said I am blessed instead of lucky. My careers have always involved helping others and have used the gifts God has given me to assist. I taught Special Education with the severely disabled, I know how they felt and what they were thinking without using words. I now have my Masters in mental health counseling. Again my intuitions has helped me worlds. I would be interested in learning how to wrangle up all that energy, those smells and signals and fine tune these gifts in my personal and professional life. Jannelle

    1. Hi Jannelle,
      You are called to spiritual service for the most vulnerable, yet important people in our society. They teach us compassion and to be civilized and responsible. Every time I see a disabled person, I am grateful to them for their sacrifice. You can learn to fine tune your spiritual gifts through many different channels. I feel it is best to encourage you to seek the knowledge via your spirit guides’ guidance. So, set your intentions to wanting to know more and then listen to your inner voice and gut feeling as to where you should start. You will find yourself on an enchanted journey if you do it this way as it is in total allignemnt with your heart and soul.
      Much love,

  4. Can you help me? Im lost. And I have trouble finding a guide.
    I have had psychic dreams since I was six, that come true often, along with pictures of like mini video type clips that flash in a series real fast like, that come to be true daily, which gives me the dejavu feeling where the hair on the back of your neck stands up. I also have visions through meditation, day visions, I can hear others thoughts, and in 2010 I started picking up on energy from others, but only certain people, I can feel the energy from one person out of a crowd of 500 people and locate that person, but other times I can be around 2 or 3 thousand people and feel nothing from anyone. The energy I feel from these particular people, is radiating, something I physically feel, and to me when I’m standing directly in front of one of these particular people, the feeling is like a thousand times better than sex. Most of the people I feel this from, men and women 20 years and older from my age. I have met one man that feels as if he drains my energy and if I don’t leave his presence I will pass out.
    Beginning of January this year, I met a girl, and I noticed a warm flutter feeling in my heart when being around her, and the feeling of being over filled with joy, but in a calm state, she is one sturdy cookie, but also an astrologer reader of the planets through your sign and birth time. Anyway she’s gone away now as she says we must walk our own paths in life, but for what ever reason, I still feel the same flutter in my heart when ever she is thinking of me, we’ve proved that theory already.
    But it won’t go away, it’s driving my crazy. Never I my life have I felt this, I’ve only met the girl a couple of times and there was no romantics involved other than we like each other. I’ve tried to talk with her about it but she pretty much must think I’m crazy, and I don’t want to push her away any farther. I’ve asked the feeling to stop, but it doesn’t, if anything it’s growing stronger, even as its been a month and half since I’ve last seen her.

    1. Maybe your an empath? I know that I have spiritual I have telepathic abilities I hear the voices really clearly. I have a special spiritual gift that I take for granted and need to ask forgiveness from. you can find out your gift by researching it. signs symbols in dream books might help. you have empath that is you sense others emotions.

      1. Hi, yes I you are right, I do have empathic abilities. I’ve known this for some time and it is a gift that has to be learnt about and understood so it does not consume you.
        Much Love

  5. “Psychic powers are the platform for spiritual gifts”…. very enlightening statement. I never thought of it that way. I came across your blog because of a dream I had today, involving the gathering of 12 different “things” that were necessary for my role and mission. I don’t find many places where access to the Akashic Records is discussed as a psychic gift or ability but this is an important component for me and necessary for my role. Oddly, it is not me who possesses these “powers” but rather a group of 12 that around me… or will be, when my true mission begins. It is quite confusing but exhilarating at the same time. I appear to be the central nexus of these 12 “powers” and am/will be a type of coordinator for them, in service to the Light.

    This post granted me some additional insight that was needed today so thank you. I’ve added your link to my blog as well, under “The Real Seers”.


  6. Carl Jung theorized that some persons in society are, a mid-life, caught up in an archetypal process of “individuation”, in which they experience a de-programming from the values, belief structures, rules, philosophies, ideals and ideologies of the society from which they come; a continuation of the maturation process into individuation; and an expansion into the potentials they brought into life. In this process, there is a drawing together of ego and what he called the “Self”, the fundamental archetype of psychic organization in the Deep Psyche. While this is a psycho-spiritual process and is often driven by a deep experience of the divine, it is not necessarily the same thing as what sannysins of the far East describe as “Self Realization”, which is usually accompanied by expansions in consciousness, levels of thought, supernatural powers, energy and vibration levels, and perceptions of Oneness with the Everything. I would like a more complete description of the difference between these two states of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

    1. Thank you for this proposal. I am not a university trained scholar in Spirituality. My knowledge is based in experience, both personal and professional. I have read many books on this subject, however, I have not explored the thinking of Jung. I am not a student of Psychology. I come to this subject as a qualified professional, with much life experience to back my thinking. I see that you are looking for more of a scholarly debate, which is best served by someone who claims to be an expert in the theories of spirituality. I am an expert in the practical application of this subject.
      I also write my Blogs primarily for my listening audience as my weekly ‘spiritual comment’ and then I publish them here.
      I write for the every day person, who is seeking their place in the en mass spiritual awakening of Human kind.
      I am pleased you have taken the time to read my blog and ask for this debate. I will consider the question further, do some research and use this as an inspiration for another weekly ‘spiritual comment’ in the future.
      Kind Regards

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