Spiritual gifts in Daily Life

Over the years, many people have crossed my path who have expected my Gifts to have won me the Lotto by now.  It always amuses me when they say this and I know that some of them are very genuine.  The fact is, if having Spiritual Gifts was going to win me Lotto, then  wouldn’t everyone who has these gifts would be multi-millionaires!  It just doesn’t work like that.  Spiritual Gifts are there for the beholder to use sparingly for themselves and willingly for others.   Often when they are in play for yourself, it is with an amazing force and not to be disregarded.  Though, at times, you may do so, and then you have to pay the price for not listening…

Here are some examples in my life of when I listened to my gifts, ignored them and when I acted on them.

'Tails' the Bearded Dragon
'Tails' the Bearded Dragon

Just last Monday, my Son’s pet Bearded Dragon Lizard was lost somewhere in the house.   Her name is ‘Tails’ and we had left her on the Kitchen bench, on some paper, to sun herself…in the morning rush, we forgot to put her back in her Terrarium…Well you can imagine the heartache and disappointment we all felt when we came home to find her missing.  My initial reaction was to examine the physical evidence, where she had left a scat and what had been moved.  From there it was just speculation and hope that she didn’t get out under the Garage door.  Logic told me she wouldn’t have gone that way, as it is drafty.   So I went to my room to meditate and to use my ability of Remote Viewing to see if I could track her.  Only problem was that I was succumbing to the Flu fast  and I wasn’t able to hold my concentration long enough between sneezes to accurately see.   So I had to trust the information that was coming to me.  I could sense she was still alive. I could clearly see her face under something.  She was moving about under there, but where?  That was all I could get out of my concerted efforts…except one niggling thing that came over me, very quietly…every time I entered my bedroom I got a Gut Feeling she was in there.  Normally I would act on that feeling, but I was just too sick to do anything and so I spent most of this week in my bed.

This morning, I was feeling much brighter, and I said to my Son, she is in the house somewhere and I will find her…I kept getting a flash in my mind, of me coming across her and so I trusted.   I am lucky enough to have an Ensuite  adjoining my bedroom and with a busy schedule ahead of me, I jumped in the shower.  Something made me turn around and look down at the floor just outside the shower cubicle and there, poking her head out of the pile of washing, was Tails!  Just as I had seen in my vision earlier in the week, she was indeed alive,  I saw her face and she was under something and able to move about.  Such a relief and so worth the look of delight on my little boy’s face when I handed him back his friend.

So, my Spiritual Gifts didn’t make me millions on the Lotto this week, but they did reunite two friends and heal each of their anxious, precious little hearts.

IlluminatedWhen I was younger, I used to lack self confidence.  I was working as a Clairvoyant in a new Age Gift Store in Townsville (Far North Queensland) and I went for lunch with the owner…half way through the lunch my Radar kicked in and I got a feeling I had to return to the shop…but because I was not comfortable enough in myself to speak up, I remained with them.  When we returned, the Assistant told me a lady had come in to see me for a Reading, but she only had a small window of time and I had missed her.   This is a simple example of how ignoring your Spiritual Gifts does not serve you or others.  Suffice to say, I had allot of work to do on my Self Esteem and I knew it, so I began to practise speaking up until I felt I could with conviction.

A few years later when I was living alone with my boys.  I had been shopping that afternoon and I came home around 4pm with kids and groceries in tow.  It was hectic getting everything organised and I was on a mission to put everything away and sit down, put my feet up and have a nice cup of coffee.  However, a loud and clear voice came into my head, it said ‘Check your answering machine’, I ignored it and went about my duties…’check your answering machine’…I thought, no I’ve got too much on, I’ll do it tonight…again the message came to me three more times…’Check you Answering machine’.  I just couldn’t ignore it anymore and around an hour after I had heard it the first time, I checked my answering machine for messages.  There was just the one.  It was from a person I had an estranged relationship with, a person I did not wish to hear from, but none the less he had left a message saying he was in town and he’d be coming over that night!  I put the phone down, thanked my Guides and apologised to them all at once and said to my kids..’Who wants ice-cream?’  We went out and avoided that person’s visit.  If I hadn’t listened to my Guides, I would have had an unwelcome visitor on my doorstep that night and it would have not been a nice experience.

We all get Gut Feelings and we all have a sixth sense.  If you learn to trust it, it will serve you well in daily life.  It can help you to dodge situations or put certain things in place.  It can give you peace of mind in times of uncertainty and it can tell you when you are needed or when someone you love had passed on etc.    Spiritual Gifts are an extension of the Human Experience.  Embrace them, but don’t be too worried if they don’t help you to win the next big Lotto jack pot.  Some things are, after all, just left up to chance. Registered & Protected


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

One thought on “Spiritual gifts in Daily Life

  1. Cat Thank you For writing this a while back And posting it At this moment as I read it It helps me to understand also Some of the things that I’m going through and not doubt What I am sensing If it’s locked If it’s money Whatever it is I will accept it For me I think it’s love I feel like in my knee And I know I’m going to get it too But I just the sensation of Not trusting myself Sometimes becomes My worst enemy

    Thank you ……Gracias
    Tijuana México
    Janina monforte

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