Mother Earth’s Messengers.

Today I was sitting quietly in my office and I heard a Crow outside singing in the way only Crows can. It’s not the most beautiful of songs, but it is none the less a very powerful voice. The Crow reminded me of how Mother Earth often communicates with me, via the animals. This may sound a bit strange, we often don’t think of the Planet we occupy as a living Being, but I always have and I know that many others do too.

There have been many times in my life, that I have been honoured to have had a wild animal commune with me and bring me a message, usually of comfort and sometimes of warning. Animals are very pure in their souls and they are easily directed by Mother Earth to speak to her Human Children. I feel it is a pity that some Humans have forgotten our deep connection with the Earth. Although we study the way She and the Universe function through Science and some of us worship the Creator of all things via Religion, we forget to remember that we are here because of Her.

Pacific Barn owl by wattol – Christopher Watson

When I was 20, I rented a flat in an inner-city suburb of Brisbane, while I was going to Med School. It was there that I was doing a Reading for one of my Brothers, one afternoon. I will never forget it, just as I came up to the part about how he would become aware of someone’s impending death, an Owl flew into my flat, through the open sliding glass door. It locked eyes with me and smacked right into the wall. When it got up, it flew out and sat in the tree opposite my flat, staring in. We were totally amazed that an Owl would appear in my flat, just at that moment in the Reading and in the middle of the day! I felt it was an Omen and I told my Brother, he would know of someone’s passing, but it wouldn’t be a shock. Later that year, he rang me to tell me that a boy who I went to school with had passed away from Skin Cancer. My brother knew him from work and everyone was aware that he had a terminal illness for about 6 months. The Owl was an amazing gift from Mother Earth, bearing a message of peace for my Brother and a message of trust for me. At the time, I was not aspiring to become a Professional Reader, I was aspiring to become a Homeopathic Dr This was not the last Owl to be sent to me for support. Later that year, I went out west to live in a house on an 80-acre property with my then Fiancé. Times were tough and every time things were feeling scary the Owls would hoot. They were so silent when our lives were smooth, but they would hoot in a chorus during times of stress.

There was a 60km drive between our house and the nearest town and along the way, Dingo’s (Australia’s Wild Dogs) would appear on the side of the road if there was a hazard up ahead. Without fail, if I had to be aware of something, I would sight a Dingo. Now anyone who knows about these Dogs, will know that they a solitary and shy. They will only go to the roadside if there is Carrion and then they will be careful not to be seen. Dingos became my warning sign from Mother Earth that things were not safe.

Feathers are a symbol of spirituality, so many of us identify with them in that way. I am no exception. I used to come across feathers often when I was younger. They gave me a feeling of reassurance that I was on the right path and they confirmed to me that my Guides were present and willing to communicate with me. I still have my favourite feather, a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo Feather, that came to me one day while I was fueling up my car. It symbolises my friendship with my Guides.

black and white bird
Photo by Freddie Ramm on

The Crow too has been a great friend to me over the years. Crows have always come to me when I was due a turn for the better. I would especially know it was really good luck if I saw the Crow eating. However, the one time I really needed Crow was when I was looking for a new home. I had been looking for a specific house. One I could run Spiritual Gatherings from and still be able to have my family around. I was beginning to get desperate and I had just applied for a house and was waiting for the answer. That day, I came out of the shops to find a Crow sitting on a pole opposite my car. It began to sing a definite song, not just ‘ark ark ark’ but a real Crow song. I was enthralled and I stood and watched. It moved around the car park to get closer to me and was soon sitting on the nearest pole only two feet away from my car looking directly at me singing. I felt so inspired and so grateful that Mother Earth had given me a message of hope via her Crow. A man gave it a fright and it flew away, but the inspiration was given and I left feeling hopeful and settled. The next morning I received a phone call…I had the house and I could move in on the weekend.

Everything on this Planet comes through Mother Earth. She animates all creatures with Life. She is the scientifically proven creator of our bodies. Our blood and flesh contain all her elements. As you go about your business, remember to consider Her in your day. Take the time to observe your surroundings and be aware of any animals that may cross your path, take comfort in their presence and listen to your inner voice when they appear. We are all Children of Mother Earth, it is to our benefit to remember to listen to our Animal cousins and to hear Mother Earth’s voice in their message. Registered & Protected


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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