My Relationship with my Spirit Guides

Like most people, I wasn’t aware of my Spirit Guides for quite some time and I really didn’t have any kind of conscious interaction with them until I was 18.  At that time, I was friendly with a Woman who ran the local Spiritual Shop and she lent me a book about Spirit Guides.  I didn’t really read it, instead I held onto it and hoped the words inside would somehow protect me and I slept holding it…I kind of wrecked the book, doing that..Oops…Anyway, she said I needed to make contact with them and she was right.  During that period in my life, I was experiencing a heightened spiritual awareness and I was often visited by Ghosts, looking for some fun at my expense.

Now, I will touch on some of what has happened between me and my Spirit Guides in past Blogs, so please forgive me if I go over familiar ground….I’ll never forget the first time I met my Guides and the help that they gave me.   Laying in bed, age 18, frightened for weeks by shadow dwelling spirits, who were stealing my energy and preventing me from sleeping.  I was a total mess.  I called out one night, and I asked for help.  Two Spirits had been zapping my Solar Plexus and I was at the end of rope!  My bed lit up the brightest white light I have ever seen, bright, but no glare.  The spirits retreated and left me alone.  For the first time I felt comforted by another Spiritual Being.  I felt safe and I slept.

Spirit Heart

My Guides came to me, because I surrendered my Worldly beliefs and I called out in pure Faith.  I was a young Woman, and I was scared.  They came, but they didn’t stay so close I could access them all the time.  They chose to stand back and let me make my mistakes.  They were my Guardians, but not my keepers.  So many spiritual events happened to me during that time in my life; it would take a book to tell you of them all.  But it was this one incident that taught me that just as there is those who dwell in shadow, there is also those who dwell in the Light.  It is The Light which contains The Power of Life and therefore, it is The Light which is the most powerful and loving Spiritual Force I could know.

My Life’s journey took me to fateful people and places, so I’ll fast forward to age 23.  At that time, I was a Single Mother of two baby boys, living in Townsville (far north Queensland, Australia).  I was spending time with a Family Friend and she introduced me to a group of older people who got together to meditate every Wednesday Morning.  So I joined her, but I was not going to Meditate…No way.  I had, in the past learnt Meditation and I had, unknowingly opened my Clairvoyance and Mediumship up and I was vulnerable to Spirits attacking me, so I just didn’t do it.

My Spirituality was such a burden for me to bear at the time, So many years of it just frightening me!  At the time, I felt it was a curse.  So, I stayed wide eyed while everyone else closed theirs and they began to meditate.  A wondrous thing happened; I saw, with my physical eyes, the room filling with Spirit Guides.  All Purple and Gold, they were a comforting presence and a great relief to my battle weary mind.   After the Meditation I told the ladies what I had seen.  They felt it was time for me to learn more and they gave me the book ‘Angel Speak’ to read.  I learnt how to contact my Guides and I learnt how to protect myself psychically.  I was at the beginning of my side of the Relationship with my Guides.  And that is what it is, it’s a relationship.

As I learnt to trust what I was receiving, they learnt to trust me that I’d receive it.  I chose to do Automatic Writing with them in the beginning.  It felt safer and I  felt more in control.  Anyone who has learnt this technique of Spirit Communication, will know it can be very tiring and I soon graduated to just writing down what came into my head.

Then came the messages about which route to take when I was driving my car and where to find a parking space.  It’s all very small stuff, but it helped our relationship to grow.

So when it came time for me to start my career as a Professional Reader, the following year, it was my Guides who directed me to the right business and to the right boss.  It was my Guides who gave me the confidence to ring up and ask for the job.  It was my Guides who took me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world.

I began to feel like I was walking with a group, even though I was the only visible one.    Obviously, I didn’t express this feeling to many people, they’d think I was off the planet!  No matter, it helped me to cement my relationship with them and for us to become family.  I have always attributed my ability to give a good Reading to my relationship with my Guides.  They, after all are a major part of the team in spirit who sit with me, when I sit with a Client.

SilhouetteAlthough I’ve asked many times, my Guides have never told me their individual names.  I know there are five and I have seen them together as head and shoulders outlined in silhouette, outlined in white light.  They have only one name – The Old Ones.   That suits me; many Indigenous cultures look to their ancestors for guidance and wisdom…so do I.

Spirit Guides are usually deceased people who have crossed over into the Light.  They have chosen to Guide you through your Life.  I don’t’ believe they are all here to stay with you throughout your Lifetime; some may only be with you for one crucial day and others for a stage in your Life.  And yes, some are there for the long haul.  They chose to skip a Reincarnation and instead to learn from Guiding You.  They are in a Personal Growth stage, just as you are.  Life is after all about Learning.  Even though they are in spirit, doesn’t exempt them from that.  I’m certain they make mistakes and have off days.  But they have the advantage of being in spirit, so they don’t have to deal with sickness, or time.  They just have to watch and help where necessary.

With that in mind, it is sobering to contemplate that each of us may have been a Spirit Guide or have the potential to become one.

I love my Guides, the Old Ones.  They are my team of buddies who help me to help you.  Without them, I would not be a Successful Spiritual Teacher and Reader.  I owe them my Career and I owe them my Spiritual safety.  They have been there all along, I just needed to turn around and see them. Registered & Protected



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

2 thoughts on “My Relationship with my Spirit Guides

  1. This is a wonderful article, Cat. I am attaching it to my latest blog post, which is about communicating with spirit guides.

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