Benevolent Beings I’ve met.

Today I thought I’d talk to you some more about some of my spiritual experiences and in particular that of Benevolent Beings.

Benevolent of course meaning good, kind and loving in nature.  I think we must all focus on the fact that we are surrounded by Benevolent Beings, as the ghosts who drive the machines, your fellow Humans, as mostly benevolent themselves.  It is important to remember that Human Nature is for the most part Benevolent.  In this blog, however, I am talking of Benevolent Spiritual Beings.

As those of you who follow my show and Blogs will know, I had my first real encounter with a Benevolent being when I was 18, with my Spirit Guides saving me from being attacked by two Ghosts in my bedroom.  As I grew, I needed more grounding in the truth that there were Benevolent Beings, because I was so frightened of Spirit.  I grew up in a non-religious house with no real Spiritual Teachings, except for the Christian based Morals that my parents followed, as did the rest of society…these morals are really common sense, anyway.  So being Spiritual was not in my Family mould and I had no grounding as to how I would know a Benevolent Being or how to call upon one.

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
Image thanks to The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life

During my late teens I studied Medicine in Brisbane and I fell in with some people who had an Ashram dedicated to ‘Yoga in Daily Life’, I became very interested in the teachings and as I was on a life’s journey to find my spiritual purpose, I got into reading books about the spirituality of Yoga.  On Spring day, I was called up to the Ashram to meet a Swami of great importance.  He told me it was time for me to receive my Mantra, and that I had to come back to be told the Mantra by him on a particular day at a particular hour.  Well, I couldn’t make it, I had exams and if you’ve ever studied Medicine, you’ll know those exams can be very full on!  So I went to the Ashram later that week and I sat on the step.  No one was there, and I read from a Yogi book.  I felt a breeze touch my arm and then I felt a wave of goose pimples rush up my arm.  I looked up into the trees and I heard a distinct loud voice tell me my Mantra.  The voice was in my mind, but it wasn’t me and it was so very calming and yet I knew it was coming from outside of me, because I had felt the touch.  My Mantra was –

I am Self

I am Worth

I am Reason

I am Unity

I was amazed.  My dedication to the spiritual teachings had brought me this gift!  When the Yogi Nun who ran the Ashram returned I told her, but she had never had such an experience and she didn’t identify with me in that way.  So I chose to keep it to myself.

I don’t know who told me that Mantra, I guess it was my Spirit Guides, but it was an experience with a Benevolent Spirit and it was a very loving one at that.

When I was 23, I was alone, with two babies in an apartment.  I had a Bible and I used to open it and read from it at random.  One night I opened the Bible and I read this sentence that said ‘God is everything, God is both the good and the evil’…Now I had suffered at the hands of many a Ghostie during my childhood and it made me think about why they had come to me like that and what was it I was being taught and that they too were part of God.  As I pondered, my bedroom filled with the thick enclosing energy of Ghosts and I was afraid.  I called out ‘Jesus Christ be with me now!’ and my room lit up the white bright light of God, there was no glare and it was neither hot nor cold.  It was just white.  I instantly felt comforted and the bad energy was gone.  I fell asleep.

Image thanks to

During my 20’s I had another experience with a Benevolent Spirit, this time, in my heart, I knew it was an Angel.  I was 26 and I was walking out of my Homeopath’s office with her by my side, talking.  My right arm was touched by Spirit, the same breeze and then goose pimples as before.  I looked to my left and there, in the middle of the waiting room was a massive Being shining at me.  It had no face; it was just like a huge sparkler with its energy sparkling out to touch the walls of the waiting room.  I turned as if in slow motion to the Homeopath and I said there is an Angel in your office.  When I looked back it was gone.

This was such a curious and yet uplifting event for me.  I don’t know why this Angel chose to show me themselves other than to let me know they do exist.

Benevolent Beings exist everywhere.  Too often in life, we can lose sight of the truly loving ones we have around us.   When you are developing your Spiritual Gifts, remember to always call upon your Guides and Angels of the highest unconditional love.  Remember to fill your heart with love and to keep yourself grounded and close to your God.  Benevolence starts from within you and radiates out to others.  When you are ready, you too could have a spiritual experience with a Benevolent Being.



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