Spiritual Exercise

For some people exercise is a chore.  It is an inconvenience to them and it seems to be something that is worthy of putting off, for another day.  However, each day you put it aside is a day closer to a life full of medical complications because of a lack of exercise.

Why am I talking about this in a spiritual Blog?  Because the links between exercise and good spiritual health have long been known.  The panicle of this lays in the East with the disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi and some martial arts.

Family walking
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Medical professionals will tell you that if you are feeling sad, you are best to go for a walk.  The simple act of walking is enough to centre the mind and to release endorphins to help you feel happy and to help you to feel more relaxed.  Exercise is the key to living a full life, it is the key to feeling strong and it is the key to mental and spiritual health.

You can be the most profoundly, spiritually, wisdom filled person, yet if you are not physically healthy, your knowledge will be wasted to your sick bed.  It is hard to start exercising if you are not in the habit of doing it.  It can seem daunting and it can feel very painful too.  But if you see this as a test of character, to find a way around your obstacle of time for exercise and to push through the pain…you will discover a brighter day.  A body that is strong and slimmer.  A body that rewards you in unexpected ways.   There is more pleasure in intimacy, there is more pleasure in food, and there is more pleasure in moving about.  A couple of years ago, I was walking in a part of Brisbane called ‘Spring Hill’ with my Mother and Brother.  If any of you know this part of town, you’ll know it is hilly and I mean steep hilly!  We found a car park at the bottom of a steep hill and had to walk to the top to go into a building.  I had been consistently exercising for around 6 months at the time and I just moved up the hill with ease.  It didn’t hurt my legs and I didn’t even puff.  When I got to the top, I spun around wondering where everyone else was and found that they were still at the bottom of the hill, moving up at a slow and painful pace.  I didn’t even know my own strength!

I am currently convalescing from the devastation of complete burn out.  I was told that it will take me around 5 years to regain my full strength and to have my inner batteries re-charged…I am a patient person, but not that patient!  Exercise is the key for me to be feeling so strong so soon…I am not 100% yet.  But I am certainly much better.  I can sustain 1-2 hours of exercise every day.  Seeing me get out there has inspired my son to get off the couch and to come for bike rides with me!  It is a win-win, really, because he is a much happier boy and so our relationship is better.  I am a much happier Mum and so my family is working more in unison.

Because I am getting fitter, I am finding my meditations are clearer too.   I can see my energy field easier and I am back to doing my own movement meditations.  This is something I’d like to teach you.   If you are not exercising or you’d like to get into Yoga or Tai Chi sometime and maybe there isn’t a class nearby, try this…

Movement Meditation
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In a sitting position, call in your Guides and psychically protect yourself.  Always do this before any spiritual work.  Now stand and bring your arms up above your head and then let them drop slowly and let them just hang.  Don’t be thinking too much about how you look or anything, just sort of hang there.  Now with your eyes closed, concentrate on the beating of your heart and let your mind step back from your body.  Just let your body be the boss.  Now realise that in this state you are in meditation and allow your body to move in a fluid fashion.  Your arms and legs will want to move, let them.  Don’t be too interested as to how they are moving just allow the fluid motion of your body to take over.  This is the movement of your Chi, your life force.  Your body has a consciousness all of its own and this meditation allows your conscious mind to connect with the consciousness of your body.  So, do this meditation until you feel it is time to stop.   Don’t push yourself to get it right the first time.  You will feel it, when it kicks in.

After a few times doing this kind of meditation, you will feel more in touch with your body.  You will feel more in tune with your gut feelings and your instincts.  This is a great way to introduce physical meditation into your life.  Should you want to expand on it, go to Tai Chi or Yoga, get into martial Arts.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Like all machines it needs a grease and oil change regularly and it needs to be taken out for a drive.  Try and fit some sort of exercise into your day, every day and take the time to get back in touch with your body through meditation and movement.

The spiritual disciple needs to feel that they have lived a full and complete life, moving your body is an important part of that.



Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Exercise

  1. Thanks for your article Cat! During meditation yesterday morning early God put the term “Spiritual Athlete” on my heart and that led to my blog post yesterday. I love that this topic is “in the air”…so many people are concerned with their physical fitness but neglect their spiritual fitness. 🙂

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