Saving Animals

I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and as I talk to you, my audience about respecting all life, I often observe that with the things that I do as I get on with my day.  One of the habits I have formed since I was around 14, is to save stricken animals from the side of the road.

My boyfriend has now banned me from saving snakes, but until he came along, I was pulling lizards, turtles,snakes, kangaroos and birds off the road on a regular basis.   Now a days, I just sneak the snake off the road and hope to God, my kids don’t blab!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else help snakes, but I love them just as much as all the others.

Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.
Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.

Yesterday, I was driving my son to school and I saw what looked like a dead bird in a turning lane off of an intersection.  My son said it looked dead, but my instincts kicked in and I drove back by the bird on my way home.  I parked and went up to the road and scooped up a baby Top Notch Pigeon off the intersection and into my safe warm hands.  I took it to the nearest Vet and photographed it, before I handed it in.  Such a little sweetie.  If I hadn’t have done that, the little darling would be dead by now, trampled by a passing car.

Because I have made this my habit, I kind of scan the roadsides and the main part of the road for animals aswell as just for general traffic.  Sometimes I make an idiot of myself in order to save a stricken little friend.  Like the time, a few months ago, I came up to an intersection and saw a big bearded dragon lizard in the middle of the road.  I pulled up and ran out into the path of oncoming traffic, jumping up and down like a lunatic so they’d stop, before I lifted him off the road and put him up a tree.  I could literally feel, all the people who saw me, laughing at the way I looked when I was jumping and waving at them!

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved
The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved

At the beginning of this year, you may remember that Queensland was suffering from some terrible flooding.  The night before Brisbane was hit by the worst floods since 1974, I was driving along a country road after dark and I saw an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.  It was huge and it was headed for the middle of the road and an oncoming 4WD.  I ran out and picked it up.  It had a long neck; like a snake and I was a bit freaked out that it would bite me.  My poor 14 yr old son had to have it in his foot well of the car, so as to keep an eye on it as I drove around looking for a body of water to release it into.

I took it down to the Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, near where I live and let it go.  The next day, the Caboolture River flooded and I have often hoped that the turtle survived.

Today I saw a Fruit bat on the side of the road.  Because I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not, I swung the car around and got a cloth bag out in order to pick it up.  I found it was dead, so I moved it off the road and I said this little prayer over its body…It is the same prayer I say to all the ones I couldn’t save.

‘May the Angels fly The home,

Blessed be.’

I know, it’s from the movie ‘Merlin’, but it is a beautiful little prayer, so I have adopted it for the animals.

The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.
The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.

Animals are so important.  If all the Humans die out, most of them would survive just nicely, but if all the animals died out, we Humans would not stand a chance.

Being Spiritual is about living a spiritual life and that includes looking after all those who are dependent on you.  We built the roads and drive on them, so we are responsible to the animals who fall prey to the roads too.

If you do come across one that has passed away, and if you have time, pull it off the road.  Give it the dignity to have its body return to the Earth, via the soil.  As I say to my sons, you can’t save them all, but you can save their dignity.

Mother Earth is a living planet, with a consciousness that is aware of you.  Tell her you are grateful for her love, by looking after her children, you will feel a better person for it.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

One thought on “Saving Animals

  1. Hi Cat
    I do much the same, except my prayer for the creature is “it is time. go to the light.” Good on you to save so many … funniest one for me was a polite little turtle who travelled many km sitting on my lap, wrapped in my jacket to protect him, until we finally found an open vet. The little turtle behaved beautifully until we unwrapped the jacket and handed him over to the vet’s hands, whereupon he promptly evacuated everything all over the vet – and it stank!!! The vet said turtles always poop on him but saved the little one and the little turtle went to a new home in Ross River. Maybe the little turtle liked the Reiki he was getting and objected to being handed over to a non-Reiki pair of hands???
    bright blessings

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