Head Space and Environment

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I am in the middle of a big Spring Clean at the moment and it prompted me to ask the question of you…how is your environment?  We worry about the environmental impacts of roads and mining and of industry on the Worlds flora and fauna, but we must also remember to think about our own home environments, too.  A wise man once said to me that your environment is a direct reflection of your head space.  So if your head space is all cluttered, chances are that your environment is too.

Like many Mums, I work from home.  It is difficult when your house is not quite big enough and there isn’t enough storage.  My office has soon become the dumping ground for paper work and computer cables, old shoes and things I just cannot describe.  So today, I got three big boxes out of my garage and I piled all this… stuff… into them and put it all out of my office.  Now I can think again.

I just cannot conduct business in a work space that is messy.  It feels like I have spiders webs in my hair, or I’m wearing a dirty old coat…you know the feeling?

Your environment is so important to your state of mental health too.  As we get to know each other, you will find that I will be talking more and more about mental health, because I think it is such an important part of a Human’s over all wellbeing and a topic that has been really abused and misconstrued for too long by so many.

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If you are feeling low and have been suffering from say, anxiety, or depression, or another mental health issue…try the simple act of having a big clean out.  Get a garbage bag and throw out all the things you think are just rubbish.  Get a box and place in it, all the things you don’t need and you are happy to donate, and store away all the things that you can use, but you don’t need to have laying about.  This may take a long time.  I took a whole year, once.  I went through all my things and I made a massive pile of rubbish outside in my car port.  Then, one weekend, I hired a Skip/bin and my kids and I piled it all in there.  The man came along and took it all to the dump and I felt like I had whittled my life down to the bare essentials.  It was liberating!

It’s amazing, though, just how much stuff you can accumulate over a few short years.  Because, here I am almost three years later, with a big clean up necessary and this time I’m in a different house, so I don’t have a car port I can store it in, till I’m ready.  I do have a station wagon though, so I’m doing my dump trips and I’m feeling more and more awake and inspired, with each trip.

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When two people move in together, inevitably, you will find there is way more gear in the house than there ever was before.  That is what has happened for me.  I think it’s important to recognise that some things that you may think are junk, are important to the other person.  So, there needs to be negotiation and there needs to be re-organisation of storage areas.

My mission statement is to Honour Life and to Encourage Success.  That starts with my home environment first, then my work environment and then my car environment and then I can reach that statement out into the rest of the world.

What is your mission statement?  Does it align up with your home and work environment?  Now just may be the time to get stuck in and do something about it, before your family descends upon you at Christmas time and you are left red faced with a big mess that you just cannot hide.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

One thought on “Head Space and Environment

  1. This article is perfect timing. This morning, my desk was covered, and I mean covered, with papers, books, children’s artwork, files, bills…you name it. So, early this morning I dug through and managed to clear half of the mess. A meeting and a trip to the gym gave me the break I needed. This afternoon has been spent finishing the job. What a relief to see the lovely, warm pecan brown desktop surface once again. And you are right, it is so much easier to focus as well as relax with the great, clean work surface. Thanks again for your inspiration!

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