11. 11. 11 Remembrance Day

The master number 11 is the number of the apprentice, learning their craft, readying to surpass the master/mentor they have before them.  As is in human nature, our advancement rests on the backs of those achievements that have come before.  As the achievements speed up to completion, more can be made and a quickening, if you like, occurs.  This is what we have been seeing over the past 150 years.  A slow and steady momentum rising into a quickening.  We Humans are evolving faster now than ever before, but where are we going to evolve to?  What are we to become?

The world wide spiritual awakening is the next process in the quickening.  It will bring many people together, who once before may have opposed each other.  It is why we are seeing existing financial structures in ruins, why would we want to go back to a dominating force for greed, when we are awakening to the fact that we are all interconnected and that our decisions impact upon our planet.

Mother Earth
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Nothing happens without her, without Mother Gaia, Mother Earth – we are not here.  We can fight about religion and the unseen force that we’ve humanised as a Great Father all we like, but in spirit, this Great Heavenly Father has no physical form.  In the physical our Great Heavenly Mother, upon which we dwell, does.

In the coming weeks and months, we are going to witness more power brokers and heads of state fall from grace, we are going to see more men in suits be stripped naked of their mystique and be revealed for who and what they are.  We are going to see more people begin to wake up, literally, awaken out  of the trance they were lulled into by the fat cats who foresaw that if they could suppress the masses and cover their eyes with myths and fear, they could control them and they could exploit them.

‘There is enough for everyone.’  This is no original statement, but it is true, none the less.  We are the generation who will see the future of Human kind rise or fall.  Because we are the ones with the power.  A wise man said to me, yesterday, there is only 1 degree of separation when it comes to the Human spirit.  That one degree is only the separation of the bubble of consciousness of each individual soul.  If those souls were to fall away from each other, there would be a black hole, a vortex.  We are the fabric of the universe.  Our minds, our spirits, and not just those of the human, but of all living things and of those things that exist to support life.  All these things have a consciousness on some level and are interwoven.

Australian Serviceman Image thanks to
Image thanks to

Remembrance day is a day of reflection for the fallen soldiers.  Those who sacrificed their lives to uphold the safety and the ideals of the ones that they love.  This is a noble thing.  I totally acknowledge the fallen ones and those who still stand.  I myself have two cousins in the armed forces, one in the U.K and one in the USA.

However, I cannot see an enlightened human race needing to have arms, needing to have battles, needing to have war.  An enlightened human race, would be aware of the need for co-operation and of communication.  Of the lessons that a greedy leader may have to learn or an angry politician.  An enlightened human race, will know that their beautiful sons and daughters do not have to die or sacrifice their sanity or their limbs to fight on behalf of some man in a suit, who is not brave enough to step up to his opponent and look them in the eye.

I see this as the way of the future.  That as humans awaken more and more, they will demand peace.  They will demand that politicians and war mongers deal with their issues personally.  That they leave the beautiful sons and daughters to till the fields and create more abundance for all, not sacrifice their lives, so as these men in suits can sit in air conditioned offices, sipping latte’s and commanding others to do their dirty work.

We all believe in love, even if we don’t realise it.  Even the most evil person will have their heart tripped, with the wonder of a child, over a thing of beauty.  Love is the driving force behind the en mass awakening.  Love is what will guide the way.  It will not be easy, but neither is raising my teenage sons.  They are feisty and smelly and they create a mess, but they are good people inside, in their hearts they are sweet innocent children.  This is how Mother Gaia and Father Sky see you, see us, see the human race. Metaphorically speaking the Human Race is in its Teens, all squabbling over who looks the best and who’s the sexiest and who’s got the most bling.  But in the end, the teenagers who reads the most and enriches their mind, learns from their mistakes and moves forward in a positive mind-set, is the one who has the most to teach as an Adult.

Over  the coming 100 years, we are going to become Adult Beings.  Our potential will begin to be realised.  Our abilities will be revealed to us on many levels, not just in the physical, but in the mental and the spiritual aswell.  We will hit a young adult stage and then, realistically, by around the 23rd century, our souls will be fully awakened in our physical bodies.  We will be the equivalent of a 40 something fully grown human.  This is how the Physical Beings who are occupying Human bodies will be.  They will be like Gods to us if we were to meet the now, yet they are our children to come.  Just as we would be like Gods to those who lived in the 15th Century,  our ancestors.

Reflecting on Life, image thanks to
Reflecting on Life, image thanks to

Today, on this Remembrance Day, we can choose to look to the past and dwell there, or we can choose to look to the past and learn from all those mistakes and grow.  Grow like a flower reaching for the sun.  Embrace the quickening and allow our hearts and minds to awaken out of the greed and superficiality induced trance, cast on us by our would be suppressors.   We can choose to turn our backs on anger and evil and hurt and embrace love and passion and compassion.  Do not weep for those who have fallen, but stand strong in the knowledge that in their sacrifice, we will learn to be better humans and that nothing of their lives will have been spent in vein.

Bring on the awakening, the quickening, bring on the change.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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