Religious Attitudes/ Spiritual Thinking

Father and Son in Prayer
Father and Son in Prayer: Image thanks to

Spirituality is expressed in many forms of religious and non religious practise.  We see that some of these practises have become popular and religions like Christianity, Islam and Hindu are deeply set into many cultures.  Religion is at its roots a spiritual expression of the worshipping of something perceived to be greater than ourselves.  However, spiritual teachings like Buddhism, say that this worship also includes ourselves, in that we are all part of this greater spiritual force.

What matters is that you are able to feel your spiritual connection to All That Is, how you choose to seek that connection is up to you.  In today’s society, it is more important than ever that we all realise and seek this connection and that we show our children that there is such a thing.  So many people are choosing to turn their backs on religion, mainly from what I can see, because they see some of  the organisations that run the religions as being corrupt.  The activities of certain priests and clerics are upsetting to reasonable minded people and they don’t wish to take part in any organisation that sweeps this kind of behaviour under the carpet.  This is understandable.  Human nature is, as I have always said to you, at its core benevolent.  Human nature is not going to wish to work with corruption of morals and of power for long before it says ‘No’.  Religion is an understanding and a philosophical lifestyle, a belief system,  it is not an organisation or a single corrupt individual, unfortunately people don’t always view it this way.

More upsetting for many people is the attitude that some religious organisations express, that there way is the only way and everyone else is wrong and they are going to either hurt others into submission or persecute them for having a different view.  This attitude is not spiritual.  It is not an attitude that is loving, nor is it an attitude that invites willing new participants into the fold.  All roads lead to home.  Part of the magic of freewill, is the path we each choose to find our way home.  For some of us, we already know we are home and we just wish to radiate that feeling to others.

Many religious organisations have a part of their book of knowledge that states that divination is wrong and that anyone who practises it is evil.   Should you care to look, however, you would see that other parts of their book of knowledge states that each person has spiritual gifts and they are welcome to use them.  I feel it is important to address this issue, as I myself have gone through a re-birthing ritual with the Heavenly Spirit and I felt my spiritual gifts were enhanced.  Yet, for years, certain religious people would accuse me of being an evil doer and persecute me for using these gifts.  I cannot say I liked them, but I never felt they were evil themselves for taking the time out of their day to seek out another peaceful person and deliberately disrupt them.  I have felt angry and upset in the past by it.  I have felt the rise and tightening feeling of anger, but I haven’t lashed out physically or even answered them back.  What would that prove?  That would only play into their fantasy of me being a wrong person who needs to atone for my sins by being persecuted.

In my years of Spiritual service,(this is how I see my body of work), I have had more people from a Christian background than people of a non religious background, seek my help.  I have discovered this very private, yet very universal feeling that lays inside those who have sat with me for my guidance.  They all love their God, yet they feel they cannot seek a priest for council, because they all feel more of a spiritual connection with their God than a religious one.

Church Group Serving Humanity
Church Group Serving Humanity: Image thanks to

This is the crux of what I am trying to say.  Religion is and always has been, a vehicle for seekers of All That Is, God or the many Gods and Goddesses.  It has provided a foundation for teaching morals and respect, it has provided a foundation of community and of philanthropy, religion has given many people comfort in the difficult times and friendship in the good times.  These reasons and many more, I’m sure you can think of, are why religion is good.  But the negative aspects of it are causing the attitude of those who wish to worship to change.  Religion is spiritual.  And Spirituality is the naked truth of religion.  By embracing those who seek a simple spiritual path and by embracing those who seek a religious path, religion will survive.

It will be interesting to see how the good, kind, loving natured Humans of Mother Earth choose to evolve their religious practises over the next 100 years, as we as a species hit the quickening and evolve spiritually en mass.  In the mean time, if you are a spiritual person who is talked to rudely be a religious person, because they think you are doing something wrong.  Do not fight them.  Do not respond to them until you look at them deeply in their eyes and seek to find that part of their Soul which is connected to their God and tell them ‘I can see you feel angry and you feel outraged.  It’s ok.  I understand.  I love God too.  We can be Brothers or Sisters.   I care about your heart.’  Should they reject that.  Just walk away, knowing you are still the peaceful soul you always were and wish them the time and space to realise this too.

Love, Life, All that Is, is always going to be here.  Long after all the arguments over it have passed.




Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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