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Thinking Monkey
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I am the kind of person who is always out to learn something.  I want to know and I want to listen.  I take my time when I have to, before I respond to something, because I see the value in thinking things over and I think allot.  I find that choosing to sit and think about things is like a contemplative meditation.  It gives me time and space to absorb how I’m feeling and how I’m affecting others.  It gives me time and space to see how the other person is thinking and feeling and how they are affecting me.

I love to be informed.  Information to me is the most interesting thing, because, with the knowledge of something new, I am able to form more rounded opinions and perspectives.  I like to listen to the news and learn about what is going on in my community and in the world.  I choose to watch World News, not just National news.  Because I know that even though there are people who have no idea that I exist out there, if I know about something good or bad in their lives, I feel more connected to them.  In feeling connected to others, I feel connected to myself.

I got my thirst for knowledge growing up with two academic parents.  Both of them have 11 life path numbers, which in Numerological terms means that they are people who love to learn.  I grew up watching documentaries and the news.  I grew up learning about as many cultures as I could and about politics.  I think it’s important to know about politics.

Head in the sand
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Too many people seem to fear politics or are angry at it.  I come across many people who don’t understand it and they feel overwhelmed by it.  Politics is important to learn about, because you are then going to understand the systems of government in your country.  You are going to be able to make more informed decisions and be able to have your say in who runs your town, your state and your country.  It is important to know who your political leaders are and it is important to know who are the leaders of other countries.  Guaranteed your Prime Minister or President knows each of them.  They will have met them at conferences and at meetings.  These are the people representing the nations that your country trades with.  These are the people representing the countries that your tourism dollars may go to, your retail dollar and even sometimes your food dollars etc.

Too many people glaze over, when the news starts talking politics, and this plays into the hands of those who are in power and who may have ill intentions.  You know, I don’t think you can really escape politics, even if you are working in a small office. There is still going to be some politics.  Who’s the boss of who, who is in agreement of decisions and who opposes and why.  Sound familiar?

I have a personal policy that I spend most of my TV viewing time watching documentaries and the news.  I spend maybe only 2-3 hours a week watching actual tv shows.  This is because I am so very busy that when I sit down to watch something on TV, I want to be informed.  I want to then take that information away and use it to strike up a conversation with someone.  In this way, I utilise my television viewing to enhance my relationships with others.  I also use it to bond with my children more.  Because we have interesting conversation, my children can then go out into the world and use the knowledge gained to strike up interesting conversations with others.

Think about it.  It is limiting to talk to a new acquaintance about an old re-run of Friends, but talk to them about the current ‘Occupy’ movement (for example) and they will be throwing ideas and opinions around like badminton with you for ages!

Newspaper Reading
Newspaper Reading: Image thanks to

Television is not the only way I choose to be informed.  I also read the newspaper, read books and study.    The more I use my mind, the better it becomes at absorbing new information and the sharper I am in my thinking and in my spiritual abilities.

Did you ever contemplate a position another person has found themselves in?  Did you ever hear of an injustice against another person and feel outraged on behalf of that person you’ve never met?  Have you ever considered why different cultures have different ways of doing things and in that, what caused those ways to come about?

Feeding your mind and thinking broadly, taking an interest in everything around you will make you good company to yourself and to others.  If you are not actively feeding your mind, stop what you are doing and choose to spend 30 min a day catching up on what you have missed.

If you can, travel, to learn more.  If you can’t, jump on the Net and look things up.  If your news service is not telling you about the rest of the world, over ride it by going onto the internet and streaming some news that matters into your computer.

Being an informed person is a matter of great importance to your success in life.  It feeds into your self confidence and into your ability to think with an open mind.  You don’t have to agree with everything that you see and hear.  But you can always wonder how and why.  You can always investigate more and learn more for yourself.

The more open minded you are, the more opportunities will be able to come your way.

And that is a wonderful thing.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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  1. Wow this article exemplifies everything my blog is about! My goal in writing is to inspire people to be responsible, independent, opinionated thinkers who take an active part in society. It sounds like you make it a point in your life to do everything that I am trying to get my readers to do. I would love if you shared your thoughts on this article I wrote about what it means to be a Thinker! Here’s the link:

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