A More Peaceful You.

As I was meditating on what to talk to you about tonight, I heard a simple word in my mind….Peace.  It is one of the foundations of love that we have been discussing and it is a vital force for good.  But where does peace come from and how is it expressed.

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Peace is the feeling of quiet in your mind and in your heart.  It is a stillness that brings an apathy toward negativity and a confirmation of love.  It dwells within us all, even those who are the most evil of mind and heart have moments of peace wash over them as they concentrate or go about mundane tasks.   The arrested criminal walks peacefully with the Policeman to the finger printing counter and answers the routine questions.  The misogynistic dictator eats peacefully his meal while he ponders the passing clouds in the sky.

We all experience peace.

Like Love, peace cannot be forced or manufactured; it cannot be taken or given it must rise up within the heart and mind of the beholder.  Some of us, dwell less in peace within our inner lives and more in chaos.  We let hurtful self talk bruise our minds and curdle our hearts.  We allow the nasty words of others to penetrate our hearts and minds and poison us away from peace.  But it still dwells there.  Within the troubled mind, it is still accessible.  It takes only the light to be turned off of the room with the hurts and the door to close and the light to be turned on to the room that holds your inner peace and the door to be opened.  We compartmentalise our lives in general anyway, we like to label and put things in little boxes.  Why not visualise putting your hurts and upsetting words into a room in your mind?  A room you could choose first to visualise and make real for you.  You could even paint it or draw it.  You could staple the painting to another piece of paper to create and envelope and write down each of the sentences and regrets and angry words and names that conjure up pain and cut them into little strips of paper and put them into the envelope that represents the door to your hurts in your mind.  Then you could staple it shut.  Keep it shut if you like.  Or choose to bring something out and deal with it, that  is up to you.  But create  another  room in your mind and heart, for the inner peace you were born with to rise up and envelope your inner world.  Like a warm blanket and hot coco on a cold winter’s night, peace comes with a good measure of comfort and love.

Practise being peaceful every day.  Pin point what it is that stresses you the most about life and consciously choose to not let it affect you so much.  For me, it’s the mess my kids make in my kitchen and their apathy towards keeping the kitchen clean.  It invites a felling like I’m walking through spiders webs, when my kitchen is a mess.  I hate it!  But I have resigned myself to working on my kids doing one small part of the process of keeping it clean each day and building on that.  It’s working.  Because I’m being peaceful, I am not stressing myself out or my children.

It means I am less stressed when driving or when people come over to visit, I am less stressed on the phone or when I am in the office at the computer.  Just that one identified thing, and a change in attitude to be more peaceful about it has changed my world.   What is the one thing that stresses you out the most?  Is it a colleague at work or the commute to work?  Is it something someone does around you or  a way that someone speaks to you?  Try to make a conscious choice to be more peaceful about it.

Try this…Close your eyes and see in your mind a chair.  Go and sit in the chair and let your body go heavy.  Be as heavy and as comfortable in that chair as you like.  Throw your legs over the arm of the chair, imagine you have a yummy meal to eat while you are in the chair, just be in that chair.  Now look up and see the clouds in the sky gently moving and changing in the the breeze.  See the tree leaves sway.  Hear the birds sing.  Hear Nature’s music in their song.  Now, let you mind go blank as you just zone out and stare.  Keep your mind in this place for as long as you like.  This is a peaceful state of mind and it works.  Whenever you are getting stressed, just go back to your comfy chair in your mind and stare at the clouds.  Ahhh

Peace within oneself is a beautiful thing.  It creates a state of being that is more open to love and communication.  It is apathetic towards negativity and choosing to be peaceful even for one minute a day is way better for your complexion.

Imagine how much more beautiful we Humans would be, radiating from the inside out, if we all chose to take the time to be in a conscious state of peace.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

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