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Somebody asked me recently how to make things right in their life, how to bring about more blessings and good fortune.  I thought back to a time when I had visited a church and to something I heard the preacher say.  He said that we have to position ourselves for blessings.  I think that this is right.  You really do make your own luck in life, to some extent.  I do believe also that luck can be random, but over all I think it is a positioning thing.

So how do we position ourselves for good luck or good blessings in our lives?

Firstly we must consider our intentions toward others and life in general.  For it is more likely that you will find good luck flowing to you, if you have a good heart and a kind mind.  You see, the Universe will always take the easier path, like water flowing to the sea, it will carve that path if it has to, but it will be the path that functions to serve the purpose best.  So we too must carve our path, but go with the path that flows the easiest.  We must choose to go with our lives and not to fight the reality of who we are or what position we may find our lives to be in.  For even in the darkest of hours, there can be a light.  You know what I mean?  I watched that show ‘Hoarders’ recently and I saw a lovely kind hearted lady who had allowed her need to gather belongings and pets to overwhelm her family.  She has a condition and this is to be treated with compassion, but in that darkest hour, when her children were removed from her custody and her pets were taken away, she was given the blessing of helpers to change her life.

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Blessings come in many ways and for many reasons.  Most often though they come because there is some good in you, that attracts good to you.  I realised this simple truth years ago, and as a poverty stricken medical student, I used to donate my silver change to charities as I walked to the bus or ferry to get to school.  I knew that I couldn’t do much more than that at the time, but that I was going to receive help in kind when the time was right.  I will never forget how it came to pass that the help manifest into my life.  I went to visit a friend 3 years later and my car’s gear box lost it’s ability to work in reverse.  This was bad news, because I was stuck in a dead end street and I was in the middle of a three point turn when it happened.  I got out to try and shift the car, but I couldn’t move it.  The streets were deserted and I felt very sorry for myself, that I didn’t have an automobile club to call and get some help.  So I said a little prayer to Mother Earth to send me help.  Within minutes as nice strong boy walked up to me and offered me a hand.  We got my car moving and I was on my way.  I never knew his name and I may never see him again, but he was the blessing I needed at that time.

Often, when we are walking our authentic path in life, we will find that doors open and people appear who can help us in our journey.  It is wonderful, to see that.  But it is also a reward for hard work.  Because, if you are walking in your authentic path in life, living your dream, guaranteed you have had many late nights working hard and much focus on what it is you want to achieve.  This is the way to position yourself for blessings and good luck to come into your life.

Remember, when an opportunity for a blessing comes up, explore it, learn about it and take it if it is right for you.  The key is to strike when the iron is hot, though.  Don’t leave it for weeks and then respond.  The blessing will have floated away with the wind.

Blessings are wonderful and they are the gift of good fortune that other human beings can give to each other.  We allow energies to flow through us all the time, so set yourself up to accept the energy of blessings today!


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