TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brend...
TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brenda : God Rest Her Soul. (Photo credit: tommypatto ~ IMAGINE.)

Spiritual growth is important for all of us and a major part of spiritual growth involves the simple act of contemplation.  Contemplation is the time we spend in reflection or silent observation, when we deeply consider a situation, an action or words of wisdom.  There have been many hours in my life, when I have naturally fallen into contemplation.  Sometimes, it was because people were doing hurtful things to me and I needed to have time to think.  Sometimes I was going through a period of rapid spiritual growth and through the act of contemplation, I would have a series of revelations.
Contemplation is a form of meditation, because you still your mind upon a subject, a one line or a moment in time and instead of running your mind over all the actions and words and people that surround it, you quite simply step out of the situation and observe it from the third person.  This may seem difficult if you find yourself in a situation like I did at 23 with key people betraying me and conversations that hurt me hitting my mind.  But in taking that time to use the power of my mind to sit quietly and step back away from the situation and see everyone in it as actors on a stage, I was able to see the motives behind other people’s actions and the answers to what was going on, became clearer.  At 23,I was in possession of a, not yet mature brain, so I still made mistakes, but this act of contemplation served me well, because it helped me to, not fly off the handle or say things I’d regret.

Contemplation has given me a series of revelations or epiphanies too.  It is simple and easy to spend time in contemplation and here is a little two sentence contemplation I have for you today, from my deck of ‘Inspirational Messages of Love’ cards…

‘Don’t love your suffering and hurts only.  Love the moment when everything is all right.’

I’ll leave you to contemplate that one and to consider it, allow yourself to feel the truth within it and the deeper message about being in the moment.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

2 thoughts on “CONTEMPLATION

  1. Sometimes when my mind is distracted is when I get the most profound revelations! It is almost as if I look directly at something I get less out of it. I think it may be my guides inserting knowledge when I’m not blocking (unintentional, of course.)

    I have increased my connection with one of my guides. She is very strong and she gives me knowledge at any time. My sleep last night was seriously impaired due to this overflow of information.

    I need to work on setting limits upon my overnight being quiet, just for sleep time.

    I will contemplate about this! Thank you for your inspirational words.

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