Today I’m thinking of my good friends Sue and Roy who lost their beautiful dog yesterday.

Bella was a little Dog with a big heart, but she was more than a dog, she was family.

As Humans, sometimes we can forget that the other life forms on this planet are just as important as us, we can forget that they love and that they have emotions, thoughts and capabilities that can go beyond our bodies own capacities.

Animals may not occupy a Human form, but this makes them no lesser than us.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’ve met some very upstanding citizens who occupy animal bodies, who could put some Humans to shame in their expression of who they are and what their values in life are for them.

Getting back to families, I have a big family, but only 4 of the members of my family are human kind.  The other family members are Fish kind, Feline kind, K9 kind, Bird kind and reptile kind.  This is an inter-species family and I know my family is not the only one. Many homes throughout the world have animals who are daughters and sons to the human parents also.  This is no more apparent than when you have a Dog.  The pup needs toilet trained, disciplined and taught manners, it needs to be trained commands and how to play nicely.  The dog needs most of all love.  And I think this is for me, the biggest gift  any of my non-human family members have for me.  Love, unconditional love.  It is oozing out of them.  They want for nothing but food, shelter and love.  They don’t care about the latest gadgets, who’s on TV or what you are wearing.  I think they probably think we look a bit strange because we don’t have any fur or feathers and have so much more work to keep ourselves clean and clothed than they do.  But they don’t care, they just want to love us anyway.  Because to them, we humans are their pack, their flock, their school, we are their pride.  We are their family, so why do so many people forget that and think of themselves as higher up than the animals who are in their homes?  Why do they think of them as outside of their families?  Why?  I don’t understand why, because to me, it’s obvious that they have just as much right to be here as me, they have just as much of a beautiful heart and mind as any of my Human children and they have just as active a mind and feelings as any Human I know.

You know, not all Humans can be themselves all day, every day, un ashamedly…Animals can.

My animal children have taught me about love, humility, friendship, death,  kindness and compassion.   My house is no home without them and my life would simply be incomplete without the love of my family.  Tonight, my friends grieve for their Dog Daughter Bella.  She couldn’t live as long as them, but her life was so significant, that she has enriched them in ways they cannot explain and she has touched the hearts of all who knew her.  How many animal children do you know who are in your family or the family of someone you know?  Love knows no boundaries, no one body type has the monopoly on it and love and life are the most precious gifts we have for each other, in whatever body we occupy at the time.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator


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