As a spiritual person, do you ever come across conceited attitudes from others, who think that they are somehow better than you, because they don’t subscribe to your beliefs?
In the past I have often experience this attitude, although it used to really bother me at first, these days I find it to be quite amusing.
Should you ever meet me and you didn’t know what I do, then I would not be going out of my way to tell you. Simply because I don’t like to display who I am and what I do on my sleeve. I keep myself to myself and allow this part of who I am to be slowly revealed over time. It is at that time, that I find out if I’m dealing with a person who can cope with me or a person who needs to put up a barrier of conceit and make out I am less than in order for them to feel they are not being challenged in any way. I havn’t just had this expression put upon me because of my beliefs either, sometimes it’s because I didn’t finish my degree, or because I have kids with special needs, sometimes it’s because of the car I drive or because of my country of birth.
I don’t really care where the attitude comes from, I just know that if you come across a person who is projecting an attitude that they are better than you, it’s time to feel even more solid in who you are. In that moment, you cannot allow their attitude to affect you. You need to believe in who you are, know in yourself how far you have come and stand strong in that. You don’t need to buy into a conversation about it or even acknowledge their attitude, just be quietly confident and self accepting.

Of course later on, you may need to vent. You may need to re-group and you may need to even cry. But don’t let that attitude of conceit affect you in the moment that it hits. This is an attitude that is projected by people who don’t understand or havn’t taken the time to learn. They feel something inside themselves that is inadequate and they need to project that onto you.

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You are perfect in this moment and in this moment; you are the person with the power of you. Don’t let anyone else affect you. …… Continue on your path of self evolution and believe in your rightful place on this earth.


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator


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