Persuasive Charity

Yesterday (28.05.12) I received a package in the mail from a charity.  Now like most people in the western world, I get bombarded by charities a lot.  I have chosen one charity to support at this time, because it makes sense to me to support them, but also, because I have  a budget.  Last Christmas I had desperate charities sending me blank Xmas cards  to use and then billing me for them, even though I hadn’t ordered the cards; I have charities ringing me up, being very firm,  in a polite way, pushing me for money and being consistently demanding.  Even the charity I do support has been asking me to commit to more money in donations.  All of this pushiness has made me feel a bit annoyed.  Like most people, I care about the recipients of my donation, that is why I do it.  However, I do not care for the at times begging  and soliciting behaviour  that some charities are conducting.  We are all hurting.  I know that in Australia, on paper there are lots of wealthy people and we got through the GFC with a big tick, but we have a massive cost of living.  For people earning 100 thousand dollars a year, who have a family, it is hard to get by, because the cost of living is so high.

Now this package I received had a Koala toy in it and some paper work along, with a bill, so I immediately thought they were soliciting money out of me and I felt outraged.  By yesterday I was all charitied out  and I was not going to have this anymore.  I told them so, too, on their Facebook page.

Well,  late last night, after a business meeting, my partner and I got home and I showed him this solicitous package.  He said, ‘Oh great it came!’ ‘I was supposed to intercept it though and give it to you myself.  I donated to them as a gift to you and this bear and certificate are yours. ‘  Well how much of a big old mean dumb bum did I feel?!!!  I made a complete ass of myself, because of the feelings I was harbouring about the behaviour of other charities.  This was a legitimate package, from a legitimate organisation.

I have aspirations myself of starting a charity, but with an eco-business funding it.  I care about the people and the animals that the donations go to, in charities everywhere.  However, the behaviour of some of those who wish to help others in need, in my opinion, needs to be reviewed, because it taints the minds of people who would genuinely be their greatest supporters.  I am not a perfect person, yesterday was proof of that.  My lovely man donated on my behalf as a gesture of love.   Last night  I took that toy koala and cuddled it in bed , because it was the right thing to do, for my partner’s sake.

How do you feel about the behaviour of charities and if you are a regular donor, who do you donate to and why?

Much Love

Cat Edwards


Life Coach & Spiritual Facilitator

5 thoughts on “Persuasive Charity

  1. Charities can work on my last nerve too. I donate to wildlife organizations being a member to two of them each year so the endangered species aren’t all killed off. They don’t call but the one nags you to death with mail always asking for money so it’s the same thing. All I could afford to do this year so far was to pay for both memberships. Two weeks ago I got those labels in the mail from the disabled veterans and thought..another wanting money..I took the labels although I rarely pay anything by using envelopes anymore and decided to look at it. All they were asking for was $7.30 to help a disable veteran for one year and out of Philadelphia that took care of the people in my city!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to give to that one. Of course you can double it or add more but what a small amount they were asking for and that’s all it took. In this city if and when I can, I like where I can give to the homeless and abused women’s shelters. I don’t have money to give but in the basement due to my niece moving out the extra things she left and what she was using of mine plus what I had bought and replaced for her adds up to a box spring and mattress, two TV’s, a microwave, height chair, a playpen like new, humidifier, set of dishes, curtains for a big whole house plus other odds and ends. I could have sold these and made a little money but I’m going to donate these to the women who are out there trying to start over again and make a new life outside of domestic violence. They have nothing…the best way to give is when it comes from your heat and not from being bothered until you do donate some money to get a charity off your back like they really will, lol.

  2. I must admit when I got the pingback notification and saw the word ‘charity’ I was worried! Love this post. I always feel as though I’m a horrid person because I don’t give to various charities all the time, but, being unemployed, I have to be choosy. I raise funds to help dogs and I give when I can. I HATE envelopes being shoved through my door. I hate being approached on the street. Yes, I might be out shopping, but it’s money that’s accounted for down to the last penny and I hate being made to feel bad for not giving it to someone else!

    I ONLY give to small animal charities, the ones that no-one else has heard of becuse they can’t afford to advertise like the big charities do. Charity begins at home!

  3. I sometimes raise money for charities. Lolz 100% non profit and certifiable. Tax time is valuable as people in oz can reduce tax bracket by sharing tax dollars specifically, so all win out. Namaste

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