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ache-adult-depression-expression-41253.jpegMost Readers are empaths and as such, they tend to become energetic sponges for other people’s feelings and emotions, be they happy or sad.  When we give a Reading, we are tapping into the energy field of the client, their associates, loved ones (deceased and living) and anyone else who may be in their life circle.  On a greater level, you are accessing the collective consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness of the spirit helpers with your clients and the collective consciousnesses of their ancestors.  That is a lot of thought energy to be dealing with. 

pexels-photo-266429.jpegLike a Babushka Doll, we are all a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.  When we are accessing the energy signatures of our clientele, we are also accessing them on many interdimensional levels.  I often like to think of it as diving into a lake and going down the different layers of water.  When we give a Reading, we immerse ourselves in all the energies.  If we don’t shake that energy off and clear ourselves at the end of the Reading, we can end up with residual  ‘stuff’ attached to our Auras.  This ‘stuff’ can begin to drain you, make you sick, give you nightmares or cause you to stop sleeping.  It’s not your energy, so your body’s energetic immune system is going to want to fight it.  This is also why many Readers become sick. 

So what do you do if you have not been clearing yourself, or if you have been trying but you are not effective?  Try another way of course!

First things first, it’s time to start a regular devotion to energetic hygiene.  You shower regularly and are in a routine of cleaning your physical body, so this is just a bit more of that but on an energetic level…I will also say that it counts towards your daily meditations as well because you need to get into that style of unfocused focus. 

  1. Take off your shoes and get your feet onto the land. Hard to do if the land is freezing cold in Winter, but if that’s the case then get some soil from a houseplantpexels-photo-785067.jpeg and put your feet into that.  You need to get your feet on Mother Earth.  Now focus on your spine and find your centre of gravity.  Let your limbs go light and let your mind go quietly.  Allow your own Chi to take over control.  Let your Chi ground into Gaia and when you feel ready, ask Gaia to remove all the auric shells attached to your aura.  Don’t name them, don’t specify that the auric shells are of clients.  Just ask for all auric shells to be removed.  This gives her permission to get rid of the lot. 
  2. During the process, she will begin to rock your Chi and your body will swing back and forth. When you are free of the auric shells you should fall slightly forwards.  Make sure you catch yourself.  You may fall backwards, but that is not optimum so you can set the intention of coming forwards when done. 
  3. Imagine your aura as a diamond. To do this, see an imaginary line through your chest plate between your heart and solar plexus.  Imagine that your aura expands france-landmark-lights-night.jpgas far as you can reach front, back and sideways. Now imagine that the walls of your aura are straight and true and about 1mtr thick.  Made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  See your Auric walls shoot up into the sky about 6 metres.  Let all 4 of them join together at in the middle to form a pyramid spire.  Now focus back on the floor of your pyramid, the line between your heart and solar plexus, imagine it’s a floor that stretches out to meet all four sides of the auric pyramid.  This square is translucent.  Now see your auric walls plummet down into the Earth 6 metres and then go deeper until you are near the centre of the Earth, bring the four walls together as a pyramid spire.  Your walls are all 1 metre thick, made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  Now step back and realise you have encased yourself in a gold and diamond light pyramid.  Declare that only the highest unconditional love may enter your diamond aura. 
  4. Go sit somewhere and just be.

So that is a good one for clearing your energies and fortifying your Aura, but are you fully clear yet?  Most likely not.  So when it is time, repeat this exercise in the shower, use a non-slip mat if you need to and let the water cleans your aura. 

Now your are dry and your auric pyramid is gleaming, let’s call in the big guys to do a bit of housework for you.  Recently a friend helped me to clear myself and I love his suggestion.  He said to ask Arch Angel Michael to come in from the 14th chakra and bring down his light to cleans and clear you, your divination equipment, devices, car, house, café you are in ….anything really.  Just also ask him to take away any portholes that are seen or unseen, any entities that are seen or unseen, any negative energies that are seen or unseen and any energies that are not your own that are seen or unseen….in, on, under and all around you.  You can back it all up by asking the galactic family of the highest unconditional love to sweep around with Arch Mike to fortify his good work. 

I always do a muscle test to see if I am then clear, if I am not, I ask again.  If you don’t know about muscle testing, just go to YouTube and look up some tutorials on the subject.  Here’s a link to one: How to Do Self Muscle Testing ~ 7 Ways to Muscle Test Yourself


Ok, so you’ve cleared all the dross away and you are feeling pretty good.  It’s not the end.  You are an empath who’s chosen to incarnate to help others.  You need to make sure that also includes helping yourself! 

In the shower, every morning, clear your aura and set up your pyramids and diamond for the day.  By reinforcing it, you are strengthening your inner power and that translates into confidence and you being like Teflon to yucky energies.  Before you start your spiritual work for the day, go into your meditation and set the intention only the highest unconditional love may enter your office space.  You can set up your diamond aura so that it reaches far out to the external walls of your office or to the fence line of the building you are working in.  Now, in your prayer state that at the end of each Reading or healing that all deceased loved ones connected to your client will go back from whence they came and they will go with love.  All deceased beings must leave and any entities that may have come along with your client, even if they are unable to step across the threshold of your office space will be arrested by the police angels and sent to The Light.  Sounds silly I know, but do you want those yucky things hanging around? NO WAY!

At the end of each Reading as that The Great Spirit take the burden from your client, pexels-photo-378148.jpegshine the light of blessings over them, wrap them in a cloak of comfort and shine the path ahead of them, ask for their reading to be confirmed in 24 hrs and cleanse and clear yourself and your space.  This means you are not taking on their ‘stuff’ no matter how much you love them, it’s not your ‘stuff’ to deal with, you’ve got a big enough life as it is. 

I do this energy work daily, I have two children under 5 and a young adult son with autism.  If I can do it, so can you.  No excuses to look after your psychic hygiene. 

Your health is, after all, your biggest asset. 

See you in my next blog

Much love,


Thanks to Wayne Gunders for your inspiration in this clearing work

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