Specialising in Life & Business Direction


If you have come to this website, chances are you are seeking guidanceEither a one off Spiritual Guidance Session or a group of Life Coaching Sessions

Some times in life things can become confusing or just plain out of control.  We may be mentally stable and coping, yet we need some help to navigate the situations before us.  

I bring all my abilities and education to the table when you work with me.  This is because people often need someone who’s got a range of knowledge to help them to see their situation from a critical thinking and intuitive perspective.  It is in the balance of science and spirituality, logic and intuition, wisdom & education that I can assist you in your life &/or business direction.  

People seek my counsel when they are at a cross roads, when they have a dilemma or when they have to grow and change but need to navigate that with the sense of security of being guided by a loving & level headed hand.  I know what the challenges of life are like, the struggle, the uncertainty & the pain of hardship.  I have seen my fair share.  But I’ve also seen my fair share of achievements as I learned to navigate it all. I like working with people who are seeking a solution and a positive pathway to their life direction & I am not perfect, so I have no judgement over others, all I ever ask of people is to learn and grow.  

Through my abilities of Clairvoyance and Mediumship, I can tune into your higher self and your spirit helpers to see your potential and your time line of probable events. A one off Spiritual Guidance Session may also include spiritual teaching or connection with a loved one in spirit & my skills/ knowledge/hard earned wisdom.

Through my education in my Diploma of Life Coaching I can give you my skills of NLP, Narrative Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.  With my Diploma of Nutrition I can guide you in your food choices and nutritional care. This adds up to a focused guidance in mind, body and spirit.  

I have been in business for 8 years and I have a Cert IV in Small Business Management.  Throughout that time, I have worked around the demands of my growing family and have forged a name for myself and a place in my industry.  I’ve learnt that if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to be adaptable, open minded and as willing to work on all aspects of your business as you are on your personal development.  Entrepreneurs, by nature are people who think outside the square and this means that sessions with me can be dynamic and exciting as we brain storm and goal set as well as challenging and fulfilling as we smash through blockages in mindset and make break throughs which may lead to you recognising more opportunities.   

You don’t have to see yourself as a spiritual person to seek spiritual guidance and life/business coaching.  You just have to be true to yourself and what you need to assist you on your path.  If you are a spiritual person, it can often be a relief to seek counsel from someone who’s like minded & who understands.  Either way, you are a sentient human being and you deserve the dignity and recognition of who you are today, how far you have come and where your powerful potential is going.  

When you need assistance with a question or issue seek my counsel with a Spiritual Guidance Session.  

When you need on going support to kick your goals, breakthrough your inner barriers and win achievements, seek my counsel with Life/Business Coaching.  

See you soon

With Love, 




Cat Edwards spiritual church regional tour 2019

All Private Sessions with Cat Edwards are strictly confidential and fall under the guidelines of the Australian Privacy Act 2010 www.privacy.gov.au

All Readings are for Entertainment purposes only and are not intended to replace medical care or guidance.

Happy Cat Productions  ABN 22 415 741 366

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