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ache-adult-depression-expression-41253.jpegMost Readers are empaths and as such, they tend to become energetic sponges for other people’s feelings and emotions, be they happy or sad.  When we give a Reading, we are tapping into the energy field of the client, their associates, loved ones (deceased and living) and anyone else who may be in their life circle.  On a greater level, you are accessing the collective consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness of the spirit helpers with your clients and the collective consciousnesses of their ancestors.  That is a lot of thought energy to be dealing with. 

pexels-photo-266429.jpegLike a Babushka Doll, we are all a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.  When we are accessing the energy signatures of our clientele, we are also accessing them on many interdimensional levels.  I often like to think of it as diving into a lake and going down the different layers of water.  When we give a Reading, we immerse ourselves in all the energies.  If we don’t shake that energy off and clear ourselves at the end of the Reading, we can end up with residual  ‘stuff’ attached to our Auras.  This ‘stuff’ can begin to drain you, make you sick, give you nightmares or cause you to stop sleeping.  It’s not your energy, so your body’s energetic immune system is going to want to fight it.  This is also why many Readers become sick. 

So what do you do if you have not been clearing yourself, or if you have been trying but you are not effective?  Try another way of course!

First things first, it’s time to start a regular devotion to energetic hygiene.  You shower regularly and are in a routine of cleaning your physical body, so this is just a bit more of that but on an energetic level…I will also say that it counts towards your daily meditations as well because you need to get into that style of unfocused focus. 

  1. Take off your shoes and get your feet onto the land. Hard to do if the land is freezing cold in Winter, but if that’s the case then get some soil from a houseplantpexels-photo-785067.jpeg and put your feet into that.  You need to get your feet on Mother Earth.  Now focus on your spine and find your centre of gravity.  Let your limbs go light and let your mind go quietly.  Allow your own Chi to take over control.  Let your Chi ground into Gaia and when you feel ready, ask Gaia to remove all the auric shells attached to your aura.  Don’t name them, don’t specify that the auric shells are of clients.  Just ask for all auric shells to be removed.  This gives her permission to get rid of the lot. 
  2. During the process, she will begin to rock your Chi and your body will swing back and forth. When you are free of the auric shells you should fall slightly forwards.  Make sure you catch yourself.  You may fall backwards, but that is not optimum so you can set the intention of coming forwards when done. 
  3. Imagine your aura as a diamond. To do this, see an imaginary line through your chest plate between your heart and solar plexus.  Imagine that your aura expands france-landmark-lights-night.jpgas far as you can reach front, back and sideways. Now imagine that the walls of your aura are straight and true and about 1mtr thick.  Made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  See your Auric walls shoot up into the sky about 6 metres.  Let all 4 of them join together at in the middle to form a pyramid spire.  Now focus back on the floor of your pyramid, the line between your heart and solar plexus, imagine it’s a floor that stretches out to meet all four sides of the auric pyramid.  This square is translucent.  Now see your auric walls plummet down into the Earth 6 metres and then go deeper until you are near the centre of the Earth, bring the four walls together as a pyramid spire.  Your walls are all 1 metre thick, made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  Now step back and realise you have encased yourself in a gold and diamond light pyramid.  Declare that only the highest unconditional love may enter your diamond aura. 
  4. Go sit somewhere and just be.

So that is a good one for clearing your energies and fortifying your Aura, but are you fully clear yet?  Most likely not.  So when it is time, repeat this exercise in the shower, use a non-slip mat if you need to and let the water cleans your aura. 

Now your are dry and your auric pyramid is gleaming, let’s call in the big guys to do a bit of housework for you.  Recently a friend helped me to clear myself and I love his suggestion.  He said to ask Arch Angel Michael to come in from the 14th chakra and bring down his light to cleans and clear you, your divination equipment, devices, car, house, café you are in ….anything really.  Just also ask him to take away any portholes that are seen or unseen, any entities that are seen or unseen, any negative energies that are seen or unseen and any energies that are not your own that are seen or unseen….in, on, under and all around you.  You can back it all up by asking the galactic family of the highest unconditional love to sweep around with Arch Mike to fortify his good work. 

I always do a muscle test to see if I am then clear, if I am not, I ask again.  If you don’t know about muscle testing, just go to YouTube and look up some tutorials on the subject.  Here’s a link to one: How to Do Self Muscle Testing ~ 7 Ways to Muscle Test Yourself


Ok, so you’ve cleared all the dross away and you are feeling pretty good.  It’s not the end.  You are an empath who’s chosen to incarnate to help others.  You need to make sure that also includes helping yourself! 

In the shower, every morning, clear your aura and set up your pyramids and diamond for the day.  By reinforcing it, you are strengthening your inner power and that translates into confidence and you being like Teflon to yucky energies.  Before you start your spiritual work for the day, go into your meditation and set the intention only the highest unconditional love may enter your office space.  You can set up your diamond aura so that it reaches far out to the external walls of your office or to the fence line of the building you are working in.  Now, in your prayer state that at the end of each Reading or healing that all deceased loved ones connected to your client will go back from whence they came and they will go with love.  All deceased beings must leave and any entities that may have come along with your client, even if they are unable to step across the threshold of your office space will be arrested by the police angels and sent to The Light.  Sounds silly I know, but do you want those yucky things hanging around? NO WAY!

At the end of each Reading as that The Great Spirit take the burden from your client, pexels-photo-378148.jpegshine the light of blessings over them, wrap them in a cloak of comfort and shine the path ahead of them, ask for their reading to be confirmed in 24 hrs and cleanse and clear yourself and your space.  This means you are not taking on their ‘stuff’ no matter how much you love them, it’s not your ‘stuff’ to deal with, you’ve got a big enough life as it is. 

I do this energy work daily, I have two children under 5 and a young adult son with autism.  If I can do it, so can you.  No excuses to look after your psychic hygiene. 

Your health is, after all, your biggest asset. 

See you in my next blog

Much love,


Thanks to Wayne Gunders for your inspiration in this clearing work

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How I Stopped a Predator from Grooming my 16yr old Son.

We have all heard of internet predators, paedophiles and people who rope children into criminal activity and people who use youngsters for their intellectual property and then profit from it.  But what if you found out that your teenager was having a friendship with an adult via the internet and in person? What if that friendship was kept secret from you and they were communicating behind your back via email and Skype?  What if that adult was in his 40’s and your son or daughter was in their mid teens,say 16? What if you found out that this adult had set up a meeting with your child and you knew where they were going to be and at what time?  This is what happened to my child and I recently and I felt the need to share how I dealt with it and how I managed to get a positive outcome.

My son, ‘Scott’ (name changed for his privacy), had a job selling fruit at a market stall in the city.  He’s a friendly fellow, tall and lean with a handsome face and a curious disposition.  About 6 weeks ago, a man (an American) approached him at work and struck up a conversation.  During that chat he found out that ‘Scott’ likes video games and is interested in writing stories and concepts for gaming. He would have also realised that ‘Scott’ is still a bit immature in his thinking and I would assume that he told this man about his life, his circumstances and his family.  Just from this initial conversation this man was able to sum up that this boy was vulnerable and a target.  He then availed himself to the boy, claiming that he could help him formulate his video game ideas and he’d edit his stories and give him some templates to start creating his games.  In return, ‘Scott’ would be helping him to understand his own children better, as they are gamers too.

So for around 4 weeks they talked over Skype and email and in person behind my back.  This man encouraged ‘Scott’ to keep their friendship a secret and he began to ring ‘Scott’ via Skype at 4am, claiming that he was already up gaming with his children who live in Chicago (the creepy man and my family all live in Brisbane, Australia). But this man was counting on ‘Scott’ being able to keep a secret and when ‘Scott’ is excited about something, he can’t keep his mouth shut! So he began to tell his grandmother about his new fantastic friend and how they talk and he shares his stories with him and he’s such a great guy, but he can’t tell his mum because he can’t trust her, she just wants to control and ruin his life….

Being the wise woman she is, my mother began to txt me about this friendship and I instantly saw it as inappropriate and headed towards my child experiencing a disaster.

So how did I deal with it?  Well the first thing I did was to look at all the facts.  Once I had done that I rang the police. I took down the name of the policeman I spoke with for my records and they advised that they didn’t have the man hours to hunt this guy down, so I had to do some detective work.  My mother and I spoke at length over the phone and it was decided that that weekend, she would take the trip into the city and accompany ‘Scott’ home from work.  Thus ensuring he didn’t go off with the creepy man.  I had originally planned on going in myself but as he was confiding in my mum at the time, we thought it best to keep that going so as  we could learn more about the man and wait for a firm meeting between the man and my son to be set up.

In the meantime, I began to search the net for any advice I could find about how to rid your child of an inappropriate friendship with an adult.  Mostly I found forums with parents all agreeing that it is not on, but there was no check list on what to do if it happens to someone you love.  I did, however, find check lists about paedophile grooming behaviour and the man fit the bill.  Even more alarmed now, I decided to remain calm and to stay centred.  This way I could keep being objective.

The next Friday my mum txted me saying that the man had set up a meeting with ‘Scott’ for Sunday during my son’s lunch break.  I decided I would now be the one to go into the markets and confront this man.  The morning of the confrontation, I was resolute.  As I drove in I felt completely separate from my emotions, in fact I honestly feel that I left my emotions at home when I drove off.  I just had steely determination in my heart and mind.  During the drive, I went over what I was going to say, being well rehearsed payed off.

When I got there, I saw where they were sitting together and I found a spot to take photographs of the man.  I took several.  Then I decided to just go up and say hello.  ‘Scott’ was genuinely pleased to see me, but funilly enough, his body language expressed relief.  He introduced me to his friend and we exchanged pleasantries.  Once that was over I looked him straight in the eyes and said ‘you must be older than me, what are you doing spending your Sunday afternoon hanging out with a 16yr old?’  He was a gasp and taken off guard.  He told me I was being too up front and I said I preferred to expose the ‘elephant in the room’ and get right to the point of why I was there.  He then tried to de-base me by talking about me being ‘in fear’.  To this I just stared at him, again right in the eyes, until he stopped.  When this tactic didn’t work he proposed that I give the word and he’d shut down his friendship with ‘Scott’ right there and then.  Now, this is when you are saying ‘yes! that’s the outcome you want, say yes!’ – well that’s not the answer I chose.  You see, I remember very clearly being a 16 year old, head strong kid.  I knew that if I told them to break it off, ‘Scott’ would take the friendship underground and they would go behind my back.  That stunk like a doomed strategy, so I instead demanded full transparency and I took the man’s phone number, full name, email address and place of work.  I told them I was to be included in all communications from now on and they were not to meet without my permission.  I then looked my son in the eyes and told him that I was there to be a guide in his life.  To protect him and to help him make good decisions.  The man did ask me about what I do, and I told him.  He could research that anyway, I was not going to reveal any private information about me to him.

My mother had told me that the creepy man was trying to get my boy to sign a contract for his gaming work and to form some kind of company with him to sell the end gaming products.  I asked ‘Scott’ about this and the creepy man chimed in and said that he wasn’t so worried about the money side of it just yet and was just trying to get ‘Scott’ to develop his ideas better.  Then to my alarm ‘Scott’ announced that the creepy man had convinced him to move to the USA to sell his ideas there, as there is a bigger market.  None of this is legal for a 16yr old to do in Australia.  There is no way I’m letting my son move to a foreign country on a whim with that stranger to sell his ideas! I remained steely silent and unresponsive to this though, as this strategy was proving to be more and more disarming to the creepy man.

As mentioned, the creepy man was an American, so I made sure that I told him I have several USA connections and proved so, when I opened up my phone and found a missed call from someone in New York City. Funnily enough, this gave me more control in the situation. Me having connections in his own country some how made me more evenly matched with him, he couldn’t posture himself as being better in some way.  I also noted that he was unusually dressed.  He wore a long sleeved blue collared work shirt with pastel coloured chequered shorts and a cap. It was like golf meets work! Later on I asked an American friend if Yankee guys in their 40’s  dresses like that, he said no and agreed it was a weird way to dress.  Certainly guys in their 40’s here in Oz don’t ever dress this way, it’s always t-shirts or polo shirts and shorts or jeans.  Even the most slovenly don’t dress this way.

Once I was satisfied with my confrontation results I left the table and moved off to a market stall within sight of them.  I didn’t leave until I knew he was gone and my son was safely back at work.  I told ‘Scott’ he had to txt me when he got back to his grandma’s that night.  ‘Scott’ was excited that I had met his friend, he thought I might like him and that we’d get along.  But I told ‘Scott’ that my concern was that the man’s intentions were evil.

The scenarios that I was most concerned about were:

a. The man drugs and rapes my son and possibly kills him

b. The man uses my son’s juvenile status and ropes him into crime.  As he is under 17, my son would be tried as a juvenile if caught.

c.  The man uses my son for his intellectual property and profits from my son innocently exchanging ideas with him. (best case scenario)

To drive home my reason for concern, I chose to only air concern A to my son.  I said that the man’s intentions were possibly to drug and rape him.  ‘Scott’s’ eyes widened.  He hadn’t thought of that.  I told ‘Scott’ he is not to meet the man at night, not to get in his car, only to meet during the day in public places and not without my permission and never ever to go to the creepy man’s house. I told my son that this was an inappropriate friendship and I was not happy about it.  But I did not at any time, word my concerns so as to alienate my child.  I made sure I came across as being on his side and as understanding about his need to have this friend. I chose not to berate him about the secrecy of the friendship.   I didn’t want to get my son off side, that was the last thing I needed.

With the confrontation complete and vital information about the man gained, I set about trying to find him on the internet.  I came up with plenty of men with his name, but not one who fit his photo or work place.  As I said, I researched about how to end the friendship, but came up with nothing there either.  So I chose to look to my community for support.  A friend’s mother, who was also a high school teacher was the first person I thought to approach.  Having only recently retired, I knew she would have been across the dangers to teenagers in today’s society and she may be able to point me to an organisation who could help.  Instead she put me onto my old high school principal, who is still active in the education system and after hearing my story he gave me the website for (a child advocacy group) and recommended I speak with one of their councillors. I said I thought it would be good to seek out a gamers development social club for my boy, I needed to find an alternative to the ‘help’ the creepy man was giving.  The principal mentioned he has a son who is working in the gaming industry and he then organised two of his son’s friends who are also in the industry, to agree to mentor my son.  Thus making the creepy man’s ‘help’ towards my son’s aspirations redundant.

With this happening in the background, I began to receive emails between my son and the man, ‘Scott’ had CC’d me into their conversations. It was the week following the confrontation and the creepy man was suddenly off to Melbourne and would not be able to communicate with ‘Scott’ for a week.  Those emails were through Google Gmail and so, that meant the man had a G+ account. I checked it out and found that his account fit the same style as the romantic scammers’ accounts I had seen time and again on Facebook.  4 profile shots only, nothing in the ‘about’ page and random pictures of places in Australia, around 5 or 6 of them, on his wall.  That was it. You’d think that a man living in a country foreign to his birth would have nostalgic pics of his home and family up there. Not one and the pics he did have did not ever feature him in them.  Very very dodgy.  It is also worth mentioning that ‘Scott’ told me that after the confrontation, the creepy man said that I had intimidated him.  He claimed to have felt intimidated by all women because his ex-wife apparently used to beat him up.  This is classic predator behaviour, posturing himself as the victim in order to take the heat off of him and shine it right back on me.  It didn’t work, I told ‘Scott’ “Good, he should be intimidated by me!”

With all this going on, it is safe to say that I was getting nervous about the coming of the next weekend.  I was worried that the creepy man may have tried to arrange a meeting with ‘Scott’ behind my back, so I set about organising a way to keep that from happening.  I tied up ‘Scott’s’ weekend with family time and gaming with his brother.  I made sure that he was not ever left alone.

10 days after I orchestrated the confrontation, armed with all my research about this man, his supposed place of work and with the community help I had achieved, I spoke with ‘Scott’ about the man.  I pointed out that he was not employed in the gaming industry and that he was not a student of it either.  Knowing that teenagers are by nature self serving, I then asked my son if he would like to be mentored by a real gaming professional.  Of course he would!  Yes please mum!  So I told him about my old high school principal and his son’s friends.  But, I had not given my principal the go ahead yet.  Instead I used it as leverage.  I asked ‘Scott’ to agree to drop the creepy man in favour of the new real mentors.  He agreed to give up the friendship!!!

The following Friday, ‘Scott’ met with my old principal to talk about his hopes and dreams, ideas and the mentorship on offer. The Principal set the up the boundaries clearly for my boy and gave him his time and understanding, seeing before him a lad who wants to achieve, but who has some social challenges and is vulnerable.  In time, the mentors will be brought into the picture and we will all meet and move forward. There is just one more thing that has to be done to complete the circle, ‘Scott’ must write to the creepy man and officially end his friendship.  I must see that email and the creepy man’s reply.  I have thought about this and I will instruct ‘Scott’ to ring me as soon as he sees the reply and we will talk about his feeling around it and what to do.  I expect my boy will feel an energy pull to the man and this is what he will be counting on.  This is when ‘Scott’ must delete the account and move on.  The strong thing to do will to leave it at that and say nothing more to the creepy man. Luckily, the job selling fruit in the market has finished up for my boy, as the stall was running at a loss, so there is no concern about the creepy man going to find my boy at work.  It will then be unlikely that they will ever meet again….. But, I must be clear, that I have to remain realistic, that my son may still choose to keep the friendship with the creepy man going behind my back.  I still have to stay on guard, I cannot fully trust that he is still not under the creepy man’s spell.  Vigilance is key.

So to sum it up here is what I did:

  • I remained calm and sought out all the facts.
  • I rang the police with the information I had as soon as I was able to after I was made aware of the problem.  I took the name of the police officer down for my records.
  • I spoke to my son’s confidant in this matter (my mother) and made a short term plan in how to deal with the issue and keep him safe. We agreed to keep the information trickling in until there was a clear time and date set to act.
  • I researched all I could about this kind of person and sought out forums for advice.
  • I spoke to my parents and took on their advice, thus also keeping the elders of the family informed.  Having their support gave me a great sense of security in myself. (I too needed someone bigger, stronger, wiser and kinder.)
  • I looked to my community for advice and in doing so, I found a person willing to help.
  • I thought about what my child’s real motives were for this friendship and then I asked for help in finding a way to full-fill this need in a safer and better way.
  • Once I knew about a firm time and date for the next meeting of the creepy man and my son, I set my plan into motion.
  • I chose to stand in my power and to step aside from my emotions during the confrontation.  On the way to the confrontation I ran through what I was going to say to the creepy man a thousand times.  This made it very easy to say what I had to say and to come across as a strong and righteous parent.
  • I looked the creepy man in the eyes at all times and chose to never give him any personal information about me.
  • I told my son, in front of the creepy man that I was there to guide him and to help him make good decisions and to be safe, thus defusing any lies the creepy man had been feeding my son about me being the opposite.
  • I did not leave my son until the creepy man was gone and I was frank and forthright about my concerns with my son’s friendship.
  • I chose to air my concern to my son with the most shocking scenario, thus filling his mind with the full weight of the situation.
  • I continued to do more research on the company the creepy man claimed to work for and his social media presence.
  • I used the opportunity of a viable alternative to the creepy man as leverage to have my son drop him.  Thus creating a situation where my son chose to end the relationship himself and not me forcing it to end which could have led to the friendship going underground.
  • I followed through on the alternative mentors by arranging a meeting for my son to attend in order to set the mentoring up.
  • I asked for proof of the friendship being disbanded and will support my son through this.
  •  I have chosen to remain vigilant about this creepy man’s presence in my son’s life and to teach him about dodgy social media profiles and the typical grooming behaviour of paedophiles.

I feel it is worth a mention that in the process of researching what to do, I also contacted the local child youth mental health services, my local member of parliament and the department of child safety.  This way the authorities were well aware of the friendship, should a negative situation arise.  Also, to my relief, ‘Scott’ began to listen to me about the creepy man not being who he claims he is, and he made an attempt at researching the creepy man himself.  In this case, planting a seed of doubt in my child’s mind about the creepy man was a healthy thing to do.

Predators are a minority in the population, but they do still exist.  This means that all teens are at risk of being groomed by one.  If you notice your child suddenly becoming secretive and broody, doing or saying anything unusual or talking on Skype at unusual times, sound the alarms and seek answers and look into it further.  I’m glad I did and with the help of my family and my community, we have saved my boy from becoming a victim and scarred for life.

Being a parent is in some ways like having a profession, and as such you need to have on going professional development.  Do your family a favour and research the typical behaviours of a child who is being groomed and the behaviours of the groomer.  Knowledge is power.  You will then know what to look for.  Teenagers may become more independent, but they still need to have the love, guidance and support of their family as they learn to stretch their wings and fly.

I hope this blog post will help someone else, please share it around and get the conversation going.  This was not a typical on-line paedophile case.  This was a case of in-person and on-line grooming.  Each case is unique, but the outcome if not dealt with is horrifying.  For the love of our children, for the love of family, let the good people of the world work together and make a stand.

Post Script:  As I have been thinking over the intensity of those couple of weeks, I realised I forgot to mention another vital part of the community that I also spoke to about my son.  I contacted his employers.  My boy had a paid job selling fruit and a volunteer job.  I spoke with both of these employers about ‘Scott’.  The paid job employer I handled a little differently to the volunteer employer, mainly because I had an established relationship with her.  She was able to get my boy to open up to her about the creepy man and she was a vital support.  As for the other employer, I simply established a line of contact with him and told him that my boy had a few social skills challenges and he needed to be watched over a bit closer than he maybe was.  I did not want to go too deeply with this guy as I respected my son’s professional relationship with him.

As for the friendship, I am pleased to announce that my boy sent the creepy man an email stating that he no longer wanted any contact with him.  It is also important to note that ‘Scott’ only ever received one email from the creepy man after the confrontation and that was to say that he was headed to Melbourne.  ‘Scott’ has not heard from or seen him since.  Speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?  I shudder to think about the intentions of this guy and I’m so pleased we can now put it behind us.

I saw on the news yesterday that because of the previous Newman Govt’s focus on Bikies, paedophile rings have been able to run rampant in Queensland.  Be vigilant and know that the new Govt is re-routing police.  But it all takes time and we as parents need to be our children’s police in the meantime.

The names of the people involved in this article have been changed to protect their privacy and so I don’t get sued for slander.



Many of my clients come to me feeling like they are living in the middle of a Cyclonic storm.  So many issues going on at once and no way of coping with all of them effectively   This can happen to the best of us and in the past, when it has happened to me, I have found that the only thing I could really control was myself.  The great thing is, that when you are feeling in control, you see the problems at hand with fresh eyes and the solutions appear.

So, what am I talking about?  I’m talking about being centred.  Lets look at the definition of ‘being centred’ first, before we go into the whys and wherefores.  To my thinking if you are centred, your personality and your spirit are sitting squarely in your body, you are nice and grounded and you are strongly connected to Source.  When you are centred, you move your body from the core out.  You do not tend to flail your arms about of move in a weird fashion.  Being centred is physical feeling of inner strength aswell as a spiritual one.

Image thanks to

The great thing about being centred is that people will feel more as ease with you.  People who are un-centred, tend to come across as unbalanced and therefore people are less likely to want to give them time or assistance.  Humans are very perceptive creatures and their instincts play a great part in their daily activities   When someone who is centred walks into the room, they exude a posture of self confidence which attracts the attention of all who are there.  They do not even have to try, people will naturally gravitate to them and will want to do business or be friendly with them.  This is why people who are well grounded and centred gain more in life.

So, how can you get centred and quickly?

Try this exercise,

In a quiet room stand in a space that has plenty of room for you to swing your arms around.   Take 3 deep breaths, drawing your arms up and over your body as you do so.

Image thanks to

Now, take your minds eye to your spinal chord.  Feel it if necessary with your hand, just to get it in your mind.  Your spine contains within it your central nervous system and therefore it is the power station of your body.   Imagine that your central nervous system looks like a luminous shaft of white light, or electricity.

That shaft of light is your own tool for grounding yourself, so imagine it expanding downwards and exiting from your Coccyx and into the centre of the Earth.  See it wrap around the core of The Earth 3 times and then see it shoot back up through your body and out of the crown of your head.  Like a white laser beam, see it shoot up into the sky, out of the atmosphere and into the Sun.    See it wrap itself around the core of The Sun 3 times and come back into your body.  Now your central nervous system is grounded and charged by The Source of All that Is, or you may call it God.

Feel the energy of The Sun and The Earth within you.  Feel the strength you have now that you are ‘plugged in’ to the Source.  Now, cast your minds eye into your heart.  There will will see a sacred place, only for you to know.  For some it is a tree by a stream, others it’s a cave and some others may see a rainbow and a lake.  It doesn’t matter what you see, just see your sacred place that resides within your heart.

In the sacred place there will be a box.  It is Pandora’s Box, but it is empty and the lid is open.  You have the key in the palm of your hand.  Let your mind be filled with all your hurts and insecurities and the pain from the past and the fear in the present and when you are ready, pour it all into the box.  Don’t worry, they cannot come out unless you call them.  Those feelings are trapped in there now.  When you have poured your hurts and fears into your own Pandora’s Box, close it and lock it with the key.  Place the box in a tree hollow or in a cave or wherever feels best to you within your sacred place.  When ever any new fears or hurts come up, go back into your sacred place and open the box and pour them inside.  Some people like to visualise these negative feelings to look like flys or mosquitoes, others have seen intestinal worms.  Think of a parasite that you dislike and use that image to represent your negative feelings, when you pour them into the box.

When you are done, bring your minds eye to the centre of your forehead.  This is your Third Eye and it is this eye from which you can perceive your future.  Look through your own inner oracle and see your future to be bright, see your present day to be fruitful and positive.  See that people respond to you in a more positive way.  See that you are welcome.  See that you are safe, and above all, see and feel that you are self confident.

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Still looking through your third eye, I want you to imagine a giant oyster shell, it is open and the inside is an amazing Mother of Pearl colour.  Within the shell is a perfect Pearl. This is your pearl of wisdom.  It resides within your mind. It sees truth, reason and love. Go to the shell and touch the pearl.  Upon touching the pearl, be reminded of all the achievements you have made in your life time.   No matter how big or small they have been, no matter who acknowledged them or not, see each and every one of those achievements as you touch the pearl.

Let the achievements be like your favourite drink, and see them fill up a glass before you.  Drink of your successes.  The glass is never empty, as each and every day you have made an achievement   Drink and drink the achievements in until your body is filled up from your feet to your head with the feeling of success.

You can visit your pearl of wisdom any time   Go to it whenever you need guidance and wisdom in your life. Your inner truth is a very powerful friend.

Now be aware of your body again.  Look at your feet and your hands, be fascinated by them, like a 2 month old baby.  Go to the mirror and see the beauty in your face.  Look at your body as a powerful body.  See it is strong and intelligent in its own right.

Now, stamp your feet and rub your belly and say ‘I’

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then rub your hands together vigorously and say ‘Feel’

then do a big star jump and say ‘Great!’

Do this 3 times, or more if you are having fun.

When you are done, feel strong, feel powerful and feel centred.

If you need a re-fresher, just remember to ground yourself in The Earth and in The Sun and go to your sacred place within your heart and then to your Peal of Wisdom in your mind.   You will notice that your mind begins to quieten down the more you talk yourself through the exercises and you will begin to glow with self confidence and with centredness.

Being centred is a matter of re-connecting the heart, mind and body with the Soul.  You have done this via this exercises

Enjoy the happy consequences of your centred spirit!




This week I am going to take a closer look at psychic protection.  Now I know I have talked about it almost every time I’m on the air, but this week I am going to break it down a little for you.  So you can learn to understand the warning signs a little better.

The book, Thorsons’ Way of Psychic Protection, by Judy Hall, gives a check list of symptoms you may be feeling that indicate you need to cleans your aura and fortify it.  If you suffer from any of these things, it will be wise to consider some energy work on your aura and to learn to protect yourself psychically.

This list includes some situations that will require you to be protected, such as:

  • Working closely with other people.
  • Using recreational drugs,
  • Do people bring their troubles to you?
  • Maybe you give allot of energy to other people, or certain people or places leave you feeling drained.
  • You may be sensitive to atmospheres or you may not be very grounded in the earth and in your body,
  • Maybe you cry easily or feel low if a friend is depressed or unhappy.  Maybe there is more to that, you might even feel disturbed if a friend is angry.
  • What about accidents, have lots of those?  Maybe lots of little things have been going wrong or you lose things.
  • Poor sleep or nightmares?  Anxious and nervy allot of the time?  Maybe you are afraid to relax or you are suffering from perpetual tiredness.

(A bit more creepy now:)

  • Have you been glancing over your shoulder because you felt watched but there was no-one there?  Or did you feel invaded or somehow not yourself.
  • Maybe you’ve been sick allot recently or you are going over things again and again in your mind.
  • Maybe you feel animosity from someone towards you or you feel that they may have it in for you?
  • And finally do you find it hard to say no?

There is allot there and that’s not all that Thorsons’ Way of Psychic Protection suggest.  But what they do say is that if you answered yes to two or more of these questions, it is more than likely that you need to up your psychic protection.

Of course, it is important that if you are going through any of these issues, you seek professional medical advice,

Now, having said that, I would also suggest, that from the advanced to the novice psychic alike ,  if any of these symptoms are troubling you, you go and see a well trained energy practitioner to lift the negative energy source from your Auric field and fortify that aura.  One of my mentors from years ago, told me of a very successful spiritual professional who came to her for a Reiki treatment.  This lady had not been cleansing and clearing her aura in between readings and she had built up such a residual field of negative energy from helping people with their problems that when my mentor released it from her, it shattered her huge rock of rose quartz!

I have described how to give yourself psychic protection many times in the past.  You can find a meditation on it in the archives of my Blogs   If you need help with clarification on this subject then feel free to contact me or any other spiritual professional.  If they are ethical, they will know what to do and they will help.

 Below is a link to an archived blog that goes in depth into practising psychic protection. 

Psychic Protection (as addressed to the Deception Bay Spiritual Church,19.06.11)


Thoughts on Spiritual Experiences

Most of you who are reading this, would have had at least one spiritual experience in your lifetime. But for those of you who havn’t had one, I feel promted to talk about it.  Spirituality is a reality,  for human beings.  Science is beginning to catch up to knowledge that many philosophers and spiritual masters have long known for a long, long time, and  it is just now that science has the technology to prove it.  So I think it would be safe to say that there are many atheistic scientist out there,  having spiritual experinces right now and they are not even awear of it.

Spiritual energy is a very subtle vibration, it is the energy in the space between atoms and nucleases and protons.  It is the most potent of all the energy in the Universe, yet it is the least visible to the human eye.  However, it is also very, very percievable to the human animal.  I call us animals here, because at our most primative level, we are hard wired to see, hear and feel spiritual energy.  We get instincts, we get bristles on the backs of our necks, we just know something and have to act.  This is all a transference of spiritual energy.

Quantum physics is now beginning to understand this and of course many of you would have seen the DVD seriese that started with ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ which came out around the same time as ‘The Secret’.

So spiritual energy is easily transfered to us and within us, but how do we know it?  Well as you know, we are the ghost that drives the machine.  We are a spiritual being in a physical body.  The scientists can measure the activity of the brain. But they cannot find the mind. Yet it exists.  It exists within a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.   Homeopathy teaches us that we have four bodies, the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body.  The mind is held in part, within each of these bodies.

So, back to a spiritual experience.  The most obvious to talk about would be the sighting of a ghost.  How many of you have seen one?  It’s a chilling thing.  We normally expect to see people in physical, not energetic form!

Parapsychology famously discribes being in the presence of a ghost as feeling a cold chill in the air.  And sometimes that is the case, but I have found not always.  Ghosts don’t care about the temperature. They want is energy. They are hungry for it.   When you see one, you may see a cloud of white or dark energy, or you may see a blob or an orb of differnt coloured energy.  Some orbs are good, some are not.  You may see an apparition or a see through person, (like a film negative), or you may not see anything at all.  Sometimes, you will feel someone looking at you, or one time I was at a friend’s place and suddenly I felt a male energy lean across the table and breath a gahstly breath in my face.   Another time, I just heard a loud and clear physical voice.    Ghosts are more often seen, heard or in my case smelt, because there are lots of them hanging around.  This kind of spiritual experince, is often what sends someone looking for more answers.

When you see your guide or an angelic being, however, you may feel frightened at first, but you very quickly beign to feel exhilarated.  They will uplift you and fill you with wonder.

I set out writting this comment with the intentions of dicribing a spiritual experince and as I’ve writen it, I’ve realised that having a spiritual experience is like tasting chocolate.  Another person can tell you it tastes nice, but they cannot discribe to you, how it will taste for you, only you can experience that.  Food science  can  prove the differnt scented notes in the chocolate, but the flavour and smell can not be tranfered into your mouth via words. So too, you must experience a spiritual encounter for yourself, in order for you to gain a full understanding.

Spiritual experinces are varied from scarey and horrid to exhillarating and amazing.  Your own life philosophy will dictate to you how you deal with it.   Odds on, in this day and age, you will have a spiritual experince or you will generate spiritual energy via meditation or thought transference. Remember to keep the knowledge,  that as the alive one,  you are in control, you have the power. Spirituality is not to be messed with.  So chose to move within the spiritual realm wisely.

Much Love

Cat Edwards


Persuasive Charity

Yesterday (28.05.12) I received a package in the mail from a charity.  Now like most people in the western world, I get bombarded by charities a lot.  I have chosen one charity to support at this time, because it makes sense to me to support them, but also, because I have  a budget.  Last Christmas I had desperate charities sending me blank Xmas cards  to use and then billing me for them, even though I hadn’t ordered the cards; I have charities ringing me up, being very firm,  in a polite way, pushing me for money and being consistently demanding.  Even the charity I do support has been asking me to commit to more money in donations.  All of this pushiness has made me feel a bit annoyed.  Like most people, I care about the recipients of my donation, that is why I do it.  However, I do not care for the at times begging  and soliciting behaviour  that some charities are conducting.  We are all hurting.  I know that in Australia, on paper there are lots of wealthy people and we got through the GFC with a big tick, but we have a massive cost of living.  For people earning 100 thousand dollars a year, who have a family, it is hard to get by, because the cost of living is so high.

Now this package I received had a Koala toy in it and some paper work along, with a bill, so I immediately thought they were soliciting money out of me and I felt outraged.  By yesterday I was all charitied out  and I was not going to have this anymore.  I told them so, too, on their Facebook page.

Well,  late last night, after a business meeting, my partner and I got home and I showed him this solicitous package.  He said, ‘Oh great it came!’ ‘I was supposed to intercept it though and give it to you myself.  I donated to them as a gift to you and this bear and certificate are yours. ‘  Well how much of a big old mean dumb bum did I feel?!!!  I made a complete ass of myself, because of the feelings I was harbouring about the behaviour of other charities.  This was a legitimate package, from a legitimate organisation.

I have aspirations myself of starting a charity, but with an eco-business funding it.  I care about the people and the animals that the donations go to, in charities everywhere.  However, the behaviour of some of those who wish to help others in need, in my opinion, needs to be reviewed, because it taints the minds of people who would genuinely be their greatest supporters.  I am not a perfect person, yesterday was proof of that.  My lovely man donated on my behalf as a gesture of love.   Last night  I took that toy koala and cuddled it in bed , because it was the right thing to do, for my partner’s sake.

How do you feel about the behaviour of charities and if you are a regular donor, who do you donate to and why?

Much Love

Cat Edwards


A Definition of Beauty

Today, I want to do something a little different.   I want to bring someone else into the Spiritual Comment.  I am not the only spiritual teacher out there and I certainly don’t say I am the most learned.  One of my favourite spiritual teachers is the late Khalil Gibran and I wanted to share with  you a passage from his book ‘The Prophet Collection’.  If you are not familiar with this book, it is the story of a prophet who is preparing to leave the town of Orphalese.  Now this town will be mentioned in the extract, so just be aware of this.

But first –

In today’s society, we are bombarded with images of perceived perfect beauty. Just yesterday, I saw a news story about a Lass in the UK who has won a competition for having the most scientifically  measured beauty in Great Britain.

So I got to thinking, what is beauty and why is it that some people can look beautiful on the outside and yet when they speak, they become ugly, while others do not possess obvious good looks, yet when they speak, they light up the room with beauty.

I think Khalil Gibran sums it up beautifully in this extract….

“And a poet said, ‘Speak to us of Beauty.’

And he answered:

‘Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?

And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?

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The aggrieved and the injured say, ‘Beauty is kind and gentle.  Like a young mother, half-shy of her own glory, she walks among us.’

And the passionate say, ‘Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread.  Like the tempest she shakes the Earth beneath us and the sky above us’

The tired and the weary say, ‘Beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit.  Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow.’

But the restless say, ‘We have heard her shouting among the mountains, and with her cries came the sound of hoofs and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions.’

At night the watchmen of the city say, ‘Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the East.’

And at noontide the toilers and the wayfarers say, ‘We have seen her leaning over the Earth from the windows of the sunset.’

In winter say the snow-bound, ‘She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.’

And in the summer heat the reapers say, ‘We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair’

All these things have you said of beauty,

Yet in truth you spoke not of her, but of needs unsatisfied.

And beauty is not a need, but and ecstasy.  It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretching forth,

But rather a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted.  It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear,

But rather an image you see though you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears.

It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw,

But rather a garden forever in bloom and a flock of angels for ever in flight.

People of Orphalese, beauty is life, when life unveils her holy face.

But YOU are LIFE and YOU are the VEIL.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.

But YOU are ETERNITY and YOU are the MIRROR.