Media/Speaker Inquiries

Cat Edwards is available for Interviews and Speaking Events.

Cat  is now taking bookings for Radio and Television, Events and Spiritual Churches and Organisations.

To book Cat for your next Event or Interview please email her on



‘I have had the privilege of knowing Cat Edwards for over three years now, and have always been drawn to her focused attention and grounded approach to her Spiritual work.

Cat has a very well developed understanding of metaphysics and a deep and disciplined application of Spiritual practice, which she wields with sensitivity and discernment.

I have always been moved by the sincerity of the informative talks Cat shares when acting as a guest Medium. Her priority is always to share her wisdom in a way that is relevant and supportive to her audience. She is humble and attentive with all aspects of her work, which enables her to remain aligned under pressure, and aware of the greatest need in the moment.

Cat’s connection to Spirit is unquestionable. I love working with Cat, as we share Spiritual insights and our understandings of esoteric philosophy. She has such a clear, unadulterated connection, which I’ve only experienced in those who are committed to Spirit at a high level of integrity, and purity of intention. Therefore, her messages come through with accuracy and great detail.

I look forward to my ongoing association with Cat, as she gives unconditionally and enriches the lives of those she works with.

Yours faithfully,

Deborah Morgan.
Professional Counsellor
Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist
Reiki Master – Usui & Seichem
Meditation & Spiritual Development Teacher
Medium & Clairvoyant



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