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Celebrate the 16/7 Super Blue/Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse!


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January 2018 finishes with another amazing Full Moon event!

This January 31st will see Grandmother Moon gather all her beautiful energies together to activate the crown chakras of Humanity.  She will put on quite a show being as close to the Earth’s atmosphere as she can be in her orbit, making her a Super Moon; she waxes to Full for the second time in a month (January) making her a Blue Moon and she will cross into the Earth’s shadow causing a full Lunar Eclipse and turning her colour into a Blood Moon.  To top it all off the day this all coincides is 31.01.2018…added in a numerology sequence this comes to 16/7 – the karmic number for Crown Chakra activation!

When your crown chakra activates, so does the issues that were blocking it.  They need to be addressed, learnt from and the lesson you learned passed on to another.  

Cat’s years of hard-earned wisdom, her innate spiritual abilities and her education in Life Coaching come together to assist you to navigate your way through your crown chakra lessons and Lunar activation.

‘Live a lesson, learn a lesson, teach a lesson’ – Cat Edwards

16min for $16 USD – book here

2018 is an 11 Master Number year.  It’s a year for personal & spiritual challenges, growth.  The Jan 31st Lunar Event is going to activate your crown chakra and get that big 11 master year ball rolling.  

1 Question only.

This offer runs from Jan 29/30 – Feb 09/10

Offer subject to appointment availability.

Should require a longer Reading, please choose the 1/2hr or 1hr option.

16 min for $16 USD – Book Here

16min for $16 US Dollars offer sessions will be run via Facebook video chat or phone (communication cost at client’s expense)

First come, first serve.  When you have secured your spot please send Cat a private message via email or Facebook to set up a time.

Cat works Tuesdays and Saturdays, Brisbane, Australian time, which equates to Monday and Friday evenings Nth American time.   Links to Cat’s Facebook page are found in the side menu.

All sessions will be timed.

16 min for $16 USD – Book Here

Cat works Monday nights (Nth America)/ Tuesdays (Australia), Friday nights (Nth America)/ Saturdays (Australia)

Image courtesy of Graphics Mouse at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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