Special Offers

Celebrate 2018/11 with Cat!

extended january offer

Click Here to Book Now

Offer Extended By Popular Demand Until Saturday, January 13th!

Whether you are a David Clark listener or not, if you have a burning question, Cat can assist you with the guidance you are seeking.  

Did you miss out on having your burning question answered by Cat Edwards tonight on “Different Strokes for Different Folks” with David Clark?  Or were you one of the lucky ones who spoke with Cat on the Air, but you want a little deeper info?

Until January 13th, have 11min with Cat for $11 USD!

11min for $11 USD – book here

Cat loves Numerology and 2018 adds up to an 11year.  It’s going to be a year of deep insights and awakenings, so why not kick it off with a Reading from Cat?

1 Question only.

This offer runs from Dec 29/30 – Jan 12/13

Offer subject to appointment availability

11 min for $11 USD – Book Here

11min for $11 USD offer sessions will be run via Facebook video chat or phone (communication cost at client’s expense)

First come, first serve.  When you have secured your spot please send Cat a private message via email or Facebook to set up a time.

Cat works Tuesdays and Saturdays, Brisbane, Australian time, which equates to Monday and Friday evenings Nth American time.   Links to Cat’s Facebook page are found in the side menu.

All sessions will be timed.

11 min for $11 USD – Book Here

Cat works Monday nights (Nth America)/ Tuesdays (Australia), Friday nights (Nth America)/ Saturdays (Australia)


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