Spiritual Development Courses

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Learn simple, fast and effective meditation techniques to meet and communicate with your Spirit Helpers: 




Many of us have experienced the old method of a long, detailed, guided meditation to meet & communicate with Spirit Helpers, however, this is not practical for daily practice.  As you become more adept in your spiritual path, you need to be able to tune into your Spirit Helpers quickly and effectively.  Cat has created a simple, easy and effective method of tuning into your Spirit Helpers so that you can hear, feel or see their guidance (depending on how your gifts work with them) at any time.  During the workshop, Cat will also tune into some participants Spirit Helpers and assist people in recognising them.  

This Workshop is useful for beginner to intermediate spiritual adepts.  


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DEEPER KNOWING Spiritual development workshop

The Deeper Knowing Workshop is for anyone who wants to walk the self-mastered spiritual path.  As the name suggests, this workshop will delve deeper into spiritual subjects such as raising your consciousness and learning techniques to assist you to live in a state habitual peaceful thought.  Both of these states go hand in hand to bring you into a deeper state of knowing your Soul.

During this workshop, Cat will facilitate meditation and mindset methods she’s developed to assist you to:

*Get off the Karma/Drama Wheel & into Self-Love & Healing.

* Understand Consciousness, Divine Magnetism & your unique energy signature.

*Learn to recognise the energetic sensation of a positive spirit helper, such as a Spirit Guide, Angel or Ancestor.

*Learn the warning signs of having an obsessor spirit & what to do if you have one.

*Discover your dominant Clair (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognisance) – if you already know. Cat will teach you how to develop it in a deeper way. Utilise this Clair to help you speak your truth.

*How to access Universal Knowledge using breathwork and meditation.

If you are serious about your spiritual path and want to work with a group of like-minded people to increase your ability to access your Soul’s inner wisdom and Universal Knowledge, then come along to the Deeper Knowledge Workshop, facilitated by Cat Edwards.

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