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How I Stopped a Predator from Grooming my 16yr old Son.

We have all heard of internet predators, paedophiles and people who rope children into criminal activity and people who use youngsters for their intellectual property and then profit from it.  But what if you found out that your teenager was having a friendship with an adult via the internet and in person? What if that friendship was kept secret from you and they were communicating behind your back via email and Skype?  What if that adult was in his 40’s and your son or daughter was in their mid teens,say 16? What if you found out that this adult had set up a meeting with your child and you knew where they were going to be and at what time?  This is what happened to my child and I recently and I felt the need to share how I dealt with it and how I managed to get a positive outcome.

My son, ‘Scott’ (name changed for his privacy), had a job selling fruit at a market stall in the city.  He’s a friendly fellow, tall and lean with a handsome face and a curious disposition.  About 6 weeks ago, a man (an American) approached him at work and struck up a conversation.  During that chat he found out that ‘Scott’ likes video games and is interested in writing stories and concepts for gaming. He would have also realised that ‘Scott’ is still a bit immature in his thinking and I would assume that he told this man about his life, his circumstances and his family.  Just from this initial conversation this man was able to sum up that this boy was vulnerable and a target.  He then availed himself to the boy, claiming that he could help him formulate his video game ideas and he’d edit his stories and give him some templates to start creating his games.  In return, ‘Scott’ would be helping him to understand his own children better, as they are gamers too.

So for around 4 weeks they talked over Skype and email and in person behind my back.  This man encouraged ‘Scott’ to keep their friendship a secret and he began to ring ‘Scott’ via Skype at 4am, claiming that he was already up gaming with his children who live in Chicago (the creepy man and my family all live in Brisbane, Australia). But this man was counting on ‘Scott’ being able to keep a secret and when ‘Scott’ is excited about something, he can’t keep his mouth shut! So he began to tell his grandmother about his new fantastic friend and how they talk and he shares his stories with him and he’s such a great guy, but he can’t tell his mum because he can’t trust her, she just wants to control and ruin his life….

Being the wise woman she is, my mother began to txt me about this friendship and I instantly saw it as inappropriate and headed towards my child experiencing a disaster.

So how did I deal with it?  Well the first thing I did was to look at all the facts.  Once I had done that I rang the police. I took down the name of the policeman I spoke with for my records and they advised that they didn’t have the man hours to hunt this guy down, so I had to do some detective work.  My mother and I spoke at length over the phone and it was decided that that weekend, she would take the trip into the city and accompany ‘Scott’ home from work.  Thus ensuring he didn’t go off with the creepy man.  I had originally planned on going in myself but as he was confiding in my mum at the time, we thought it best to keep that going so as  we could learn more about the man and wait for a firm meeting between the man and my son to be set up.

In the meantime, I began to search the net for any advice I could find about how to rid your child of an inappropriate friendship with an adult.  Mostly I found forums with parents all agreeing that it is not on, but there was no check list on what to do if it happens to someone you love.  I did, however, find check lists about paedophile grooming behaviour and the man fit the bill.  Even more alarmed now, I decided to remain calm and to stay centred.  This way I could keep being objective.

The next Friday my mum txted me saying that the man had set up a meeting with ‘Scott’ for Sunday during my son’s lunch break.  I decided I would now be the one to go into the markets and confront this man.  The morning of the confrontation, I was resolute.  As I drove in I felt completely separate from my emotions, in fact I honestly feel that I left my emotions at home when I drove off.  I just had steely determination in my heart and mind.  During the drive, I went over what I was going to say, being well rehearsed payed off.

When I got there, I saw where they were sitting together and I found a spot to take photographs of the man.  I took several.  Then I decided to just go up and say hello.  ‘Scott’ was genuinely pleased to see me, but funilly enough, his body language expressed relief.  He introduced me to his friend and we exchanged pleasantries.  Once that was over I looked him straight in the eyes and said ‘you must be older than me, what are you doing spending your Sunday afternoon hanging out with a 16yr old?’  He was a gasp and taken off guard.  He told me I was being too up front and I said I preferred to expose the ‘elephant in the room’ and get right to the point of why I was there.  He then tried to de-base me by talking about me being ‘in fear’.  To this I just stared at him, again right in the eyes, until he stopped.  When this tactic didn’t work he proposed that I give the word and he’d shut down his friendship with ‘Scott’ right there and then.  Now, this is when you are saying ‘yes! that’s the outcome you want, say yes!’ – well that’s not the answer I chose.  You see, I remember very clearly being a 16 year old, head strong kid.  I knew that if I told them to break it off, ‘Scott’ would take the friendship underground and they would go behind my back.  That stunk like a doomed strategy, so I instead demanded full transparency and I took the man’s phone number, full name, email address and place of work.  I told them I was to be included in all communications from now on and they were not to meet without my permission.  I then looked my son in the eyes and told him that I was there to be a guide in his life.  To protect him and to help him make good decisions.  The man did ask me about what I do, and I told him.  He could research that anyway, I was not going to reveal any private information about me to him.

My mother had told me that the creepy man was trying to get my boy to sign a contract for his gaming work and to form some kind of company with him to sell the end gaming products.  I asked ‘Scott’ about this and the creepy man chimed in and said that he wasn’t so worried about the money side of it just yet and was just trying to get ‘Scott’ to develop his ideas better.  Then to my alarm ‘Scott’ announced that the creepy man had convinced him to move to the USA to sell his ideas there, as there is a bigger market.  None of this is legal for a 16yr old to do in Australia.  There is no way I’m letting my son move to a foreign country on a whim with that stranger to sell his ideas! I remained steely silent and unresponsive to this though, as this strategy was proving to be more and more disarming to the creepy man.

As mentioned, the creepy man was an American, so I made sure that I told him I have several USA connections and proved so, when I opened up my phone and found a missed call from someone in New York City. Funnily enough, this gave me more control in the situation. Me having connections in his own country some how made me more evenly matched with him, he couldn’t posture himself as being better in some way.  I also noted that he was unusually dressed.  He wore a long sleeved blue collared work shirt with pastel coloured chequered shorts and a cap. It was like golf meets work! Later on I asked an American friend if Yankee guys in their 40’s  dresses like that, he said no and agreed it was a weird way to dress.  Certainly guys in their 40’s here in Oz don’t ever dress this way, it’s always t-shirts or polo shirts and shorts or jeans.  Even the most slovenly don’t dress this way.

Once I was satisfied with my confrontation results I left the table and moved off to a market stall within sight of them.  I didn’t leave until I knew he was gone and my son was safely back at work.  I told ‘Scott’ he had to txt me when he got back to his grandma’s that night.  ‘Scott’ was excited that I had met his friend, he thought I might like him and that we’d get along.  But I told ‘Scott’ that my concern was that the man’s intentions were evil.

The scenarios that I was most concerned about were:

a. The man drugs and rapes my son and possibly kills him

b. The man uses my son’s juvenile status and ropes him into crime.  As he is under 17, my son would be tried as a juvenile if caught.

c.  The man uses my son for his intellectual property and profits from my son innocently exchanging ideas with him. (best case scenario)

To drive home my reason for concern, I chose to only air concern A to my son.  I said that the man’s intentions were possibly to drug and rape him.  ‘Scott’s’ eyes widened.  He hadn’t thought of that.  I told ‘Scott’ he is not to meet the man at night, not to get in his car, only to meet during the day in public places and not without my permission and never ever to go to the creepy man’s house. I told my son that this was an inappropriate friendship and I was not happy about it.  But I did not at any time, word my concerns so as to alienate my child.  I made sure I came across as being on his side and as understanding about his need to have this friend. I chose not to berate him about the secrecy of the friendship.   I didn’t want to get my son off side, that was the last thing I needed.

With the confrontation complete and vital information about the man gained, I set about trying to find him on the internet.  I came up with plenty of men with his name, but not one who fit his photo or work place.  As I said, I researched about how to end the friendship, but came up with nothing there either.  So I chose to look to my community for support.  A friend’s mother, who was also a high school teacher was the first person I thought to approach.  Having only recently retired, I knew she would have been across the dangers to teenagers in today’s society and she may be able to point me to an organisation who could help.  Instead she put me onto my old high school principal, who is still active in the education system and after hearing my story he gave me the website for http://www.bravehearts.org.au (a child advocacy group) and recommended I speak with one of their councillors. I said I thought it would be good to seek out a gamers development social club for my boy, I needed to find an alternative to the ‘help’ the creepy man was giving.  The principal mentioned he has a son who is working in the gaming industry and he then organised two of his son’s friends who are also in the industry, to agree to mentor my son.  Thus making the creepy man’s ‘help’ towards my son’s aspirations redundant.

With this happening in the background, I began to receive emails between my son and the man, ‘Scott’ had CC’d me into their conversations. It was the week following the confrontation and the creepy man was suddenly off to Melbourne and would not be able to communicate with ‘Scott’ for a week.  Those emails were through Google Gmail and so, that meant the man had a G+ account. I checked it out and found that his account fit the same style as the romantic scammers’ accounts I had seen time and again on Facebook.  4 profile shots only, nothing in the ‘about’ page and random pictures of places in Australia, around 5 or 6 of them, on his wall.  That was it. You’d think that a man living in a country foreign to his birth would have nostalgic pics of his home and family up there. Not one and the pics he did have did not ever feature him in them.  Very very dodgy.  It is also worth mentioning that ‘Scott’ told me that after the confrontation, the creepy man said that I had intimidated him.  He claimed to have felt intimidated by all women because his ex-wife apparently used to beat him up.  This is classic predator behaviour, posturing himself as the victim in order to take the heat off of him and shine it right back on me.  It didn’t work, I told ‘Scott’ “Good, he should be intimidated by me!”

With all this going on, it is safe to say that I was getting nervous about the coming of the next weekend.  I was worried that the creepy man may have tried to arrange a meeting with ‘Scott’ behind my back, so I set about organising a way to keep that from happening.  I tied up ‘Scott’s’ weekend with family time and gaming with his brother.  I made sure that he was not ever left alone.

10 days after I orchestrated the confrontation, armed with all my research about this man, his supposed place of work and with the community help I had achieved, I spoke with ‘Scott’ about the man.  I pointed out that he was not employed in the gaming industry and that he was not a student of it either.  Knowing that teenagers are by nature self serving, I then asked my son if he would like to be mentored by a real gaming professional.  Of course he would!  Yes please mum!  So I told him about my old high school principal and his son’s friends.  But, I had not given my principal the go ahead yet.  Instead I used it as leverage.  I asked ‘Scott’ to agree to drop the creepy man in favour of the new real mentors.  He agreed to give up the friendship!!!

The following Friday, ‘Scott’ met with my old principal to talk about his hopes and dreams, ideas and the mentorship on offer. The Principal set the up the boundaries clearly for my boy and gave him his time and understanding, seeing before him a lad who wants to achieve, but who has some social challenges and is vulnerable.  In time, the mentors will be brought into the picture and we will all meet and move forward. There is just one more thing that has to be done to complete the circle, ‘Scott’ must write to the creepy man and officially end his friendship.  I must see that email and the creepy man’s reply.  I have thought about this and I will instruct ‘Scott’ to ring me as soon as he sees the reply and we will talk about his feeling around it and what to do.  I expect my boy will feel an energy pull to the man and this is what he will be counting on.  This is when ‘Scott’ must delete the account and move on.  The strong thing to do will to leave it at that and say nothing more to the creepy man. Luckily, the job selling fruit in the market has finished up for my boy, as the stall was running at a loss, so there is no concern about the creepy man going to find my boy at work.  It will then be unlikely that they will ever meet again….. But, I must be clear, that I have to remain realistic, that my son may still choose to keep the friendship with the creepy man going behind my back.  I still have to stay on guard, I cannot fully trust that he is still not under the creepy man’s spell.  Vigilance is key.

So to sum it up here is what I did:

  • I remained calm and sought out all the facts.
  • I rang the police with the information I had as soon as I was able to after I was made aware of the problem.  I took the name of the police officer down for my records.
  • I spoke to my son’s confidant in this matter (my mother) and made a short term plan in how to deal with the issue and keep him safe. We agreed to keep the information trickling in until there was a clear time and date set to act.
  • I researched all I could about this kind of person and sought out forums for advice.
  • I spoke to my parents and took on their advice, thus also keeping the elders of the family informed.  Having their support gave me a great sense of security in myself. (I too needed someone bigger, stronger, wiser and kinder.)
  • I looked to my community for advice and in doing so, I found a person willing to help.
  • I thought about what my child’s real motives were for this friendship and then I asked for help in finding a way to full-fill this need in a safer and better way.
  • Once I knew about a firm time and date for the next meeting of the creepy man and my son, I set my plan into motion.
  • I chose to stand in my power and to step aside from my emotions during the confrontation.  On the way to the confrontation I ran through what I was going to say to the creepy man a thousand times.  This made it very easy to say what I had to say and to come across as a strong and righteous parent.
  • I looked the creepy man in the eyes at all times and chose to never give him any personal information about me.
  • I told my son, in front of the creepy man that I was there to guide him and to help him make good decisions and to be safe, thus defusing any lies the creepy man had been feeding my son about me being the opposite.
  • I did not leave my son until the creepy man was gone and I was frank and forthright about my concerns with my son’s friendship.
  • I chose to air my concern to my son with the most shocking scenario, thus filling his mind with the full weight of the situation.
  • I continued to do more research on the company the creepy man claimed to work for and his social media presence.
  • I used the opportunity of a viable alternative to the creepy man as leverage to have my son drop him.  Thus creating a situation where my son chose to end the relationship himself and not me forcing it to end which could have led to the friendship going underground.
  • I followed through on the alternative mentors by arranging a meeting for my son to attend in order to set the mentoring up.
  • I asked for proof of the friendship being disbanded and will support my son through this.
  •  I have chosen to remain vigilant about this creepy man’s presence in my son’s life and to teach him about dodgy social media profiles and the typical grooming behaviour of paedophiles.

I feel it is worth a mention that in the process of researching what to do, I also contacted the local child youth mental health services, my local member of parliament and the department of child safety.  This way the authorities were well aware of the friendship, should a negative situation arise.  Also, to my relief, ‘Scott’ began to listen to me about the creepy man not being who he claims he is, and he made an attempt at researching the creepy man himself.  In this case, planting a seed of doubt in my child’s mind about the creepy man was a healthy thing to do.

Predators are a minority in the population, but they do still exist.  This means that all teens are at risk of being groomed by one.  If you notice your child suddenly becoming secretive and broody, doing or saying anything unusual or talking on Skype at unusual times, sound the alarms and seek answers and look into it further.  I’m glad I did and with the help of my family and my community, we have saved my boy from becoming a victim and scarred for life.

Being a parent is in some ways like having a profession, and as such you need to have on going professional development.  Do your family a favour and research the typical behaviours of a child who is being groomed and the behaviours of the groomer.  Knowledge is power.  You will then know what to look for.  Teenagers may become more independent, but they still need to have the love, guidance and support of their family as they learn to stretch their wings and fly.

I hope this blog post will help someone else, please share it around and get the conversation going.  This was not a typical on-line paedophile case.  This was a case of in-person and on-line grooming.  Each case is unique, but the outcome if not dealt with is horrifying.  For the love of our children, for the love of family, let the good people of the world work together and make a stand.

Post Script:  As I have been thinking over the intensity of those couple of weeks, I realised I forgot to mention another vital part of the community that I also spoke to about my son.  I contacted his employers.  My boy had a paid job selling fruit and a volunteer job.  I spoke with both of these employers about ‘Scott’.  The paid job employer I handled a little differently to the volunteer employer, mainly because I had an established relationship with her.  She was able to get my boy to open up to her about the creepy man and she was a vital support.  As for the other employer, I simply established a line of contact with him and told him that my boy had a few social skills challenges and he needed to be watched over a bit closer than he maybe was.  I did not want to go too deeply with this guy as I respected my son’s professional relationship with him.

As for the friendship, I am pleased to announce that my boy sent the creepy man an email stating that he no longer wanted any contact with him.  It is also important to note that ‘Scott’ only ever received one email from the creepy man after the confrontation and that was to say that he was headed to Melbourne.  ‘Scott’ has not heard from or seen him since.  Speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?  I shudder to think about the intentions of this guy and I’m so pleased we can now put it behind us.

I saw on the news yesterday that because of the previous Newman Govt’s focus on Bikies, paedophile rings have been able to run rampant in Queensland.  Be vigilant and know that the new Govt is re-routing police.  But it all takes time and we as parents need to be our children’s police in the meantime.

The names of the people involved in this article have been changed to protect their privacy and so I don’t get sued for slander.



Many of my clients come to me feeling like they are living in the middle of a Cyclonic storm.  So many issues going on at once and no way of coping with all of them effectively   This can happen to the best of us and in the past, when it has happened to me, I have found that the only thing I could really control was myself.  The great thing is, that when you are feeling in control, you see the problems at hand with fresh eyes and the solutions appear.

So, what am I talking about?  I’m talking about being centred.  Lets look at the definition of ‘being centred’ first, before we go into the whys and wherefores.  To my thinking if you are centred, your personality and your spirit are sitting squarely in your body, you are nice and grounded and you are strongly connected to Source.  When you are centred, you move your body from the core out.  You do not tend to flail your arms about of move in a weird fashion.  Being centred is physical feeling of inner strength aswell as a spiritual one.

Image thanks to toastmasters.org

The great thing about being centred is that people will feel more as ease with you.  People who are un-centred, tend to come across as unbalanced and therefore people are less likely to want to give them time or assistance.  Humans are very perceptive creatures and their instincts play a great part in their daily activities   When someone who is centred walks into the room, they exude a posture of self confidence which attracts the attention of all who are there.  They do not even have to try, people will naturally gravitate to them and will want to do business or be friendly with them.  This is why people who are well grounded and centred gain more in life.

So, how can you get centred and quickly?

Try this exercise,

In a quiet room stand in a space that has plenty of room for you to swing your arms around.   Take 3 deep breaths, drawing your arms up and over your body as you do so.

Image thanks to marshfieldclinic.org

Now, take your minds eye to your spinal chord.  Feel it if necessary with your hand, just to get it in your mind.  Your spine contains within it your central nervous system and therefore it is the power station of your body.   Imagine that your central nervous system looks like a luminous shaft of white light, or electricity.

That shaft of light is your own tool for grounding yourself, so imagine it expanding downwards and exiting from your Coccyx and into the centre of the Earth.  See it wrap around the core of The Earth 3 times and then see it shoot back up through your body and out of the crown of your head.  Like a white laser beam, see it shoot up into the sky, out of the atmosphere and into the Sun.    See it wrap itself around the core of The Sun 3 times and come back into your body.  Now your central nervous system is grounded and charged by The Source of All that Is, or you may call it God.

Feel the energy of The Sun and The Earth within you.  Feel the strength you have now that you are ‘plugged in’ to the Source.  Now, cast your minds eye into your heart.  There will will see a sacred place, only for you to know.  For some it is a tree by a stream, others it’s a cave and some others may see a rainbow and a lake.  It doesn’t matter what you see, just see your sacred place that resides within your heart.

In the sacred place there will be a box.  It is Pandora’s Box, but it is empty and the lid is open.  You have the key in the palm of your hand.  Let your mind be filled with all your hurts and insecurities and the pain from the past and the fear in the present and when you are ready, pour it all into the box.  Don’t worry, they cannot come out unless you call them.  Those feelings are trapped in there now.  When you have poured your hurts and fears into your own Pandora’s Box, close it and lock it with the key.  Place the box in a tree hollow or in a cave or wherever feels best to you within your sacred place.  When ever any new fears or hurts come up, go back into your sacred place and open the box and pour them inside.  Some people like to visualise these negative feelings to look like flys or mosquitoes, others have seen intestinal worms.  Think of a parasite that you dislike and use that image to represent your negative feelings, when you pour them into the box.

When you are done, bring your minds eye to the centre of your forehead.  This is your Third Eye and it is this eye from which you can perceive your future.  Look through your own inner oracle and see your future to be bright, see your present day to be fruitful and positive.  See that people respond to you in a more positive way.  See that you are welcome.  See that you are safe, and above all, see and feel that you are self confident.

Image thanks to skyscrapercity.com

Still looking through your third eye, I want you to imagine a giant oyster shell, it is open and the inside is an amazing Mother of Pearl colour.  Within the shell is a perfect Pearl. This is your pearl of wisdom.  It resides within your mind. It sees truth, reason and love. Go to the shell and touch the pearl.  Upon touching the pearl, be reminded of all the achievements you have made in your life time.   No matter how big or small they have been, no matter who acknowledged them or not, see each and every one of those achievements as you touch the pearl.

Let the achievements be like your favourite drink, and see them fill up a glass before you.  Drink of your successes.  The glass is never empty, as each and every day you have made an achievement   Drink and drink the achievements in until your body is filled up from your feet to your head with the feeling of success.

You can visit your pearl of wisdom any time   Go to it whenever you need guidance and wisdom in your life. Your inner truth is a very powerful friend.

Now be aware of your body again.  Look at your feet and your hands, be fascinated by them, like a 2 month old baby.  Go to the mirror and see the beauty in your face.  Look at your body as a powerful body.  See it is strong and intelligent in its own right.

Now, stamp your feet and rub your belly and say ‘I’

Image thanks to fillingthepages.com

then rub your hands together vigorously and say ‘Feel’

then do a big star jump and say ‘Great!’

Do this 3 times, or more if you are having fun.

When you are done, feel strong, feel powerful and feel centred.

If you need a re-fresher, just remember to ground yourself in The Earth and in The Sun and go to your sacred place within your heart and then to your Peal of Wisdom in your mind.   You will notice that your mind begins to quieten down the more you talk yourself through the exercises and you will begin to glow with self confidence and with centredness.

Being centred is a matter of re-connecting the heart, mind and body with the Soul.  You have done this via this exercises

Enjoy the happy consequences of your centred spirit!




This week I am going to take a closer look at psychic protection.  Now I know I have talked about it almost every time I’m on the air, but this week I am going to break it down a little for you.  So you can learn to understand the warning signs a little better.

The book, Thorsons’ Way of Psychic Protection, by Judy Hall, gives a check list of symptoms you may be feeling that indicate you need to cleans your aura and fortify it.  If you suffer from any of these things, it will be wise to consider some energy work on your aura and to learn to protect yourself psychically.

This list includes some situations that will require you to be protected, such as:

  • Working closely with other people.
  • Using recreational drugs,
  • Do people bring their troubles to you?
  • Maybe you give allot of energy to other people, or certain people or places leave you feeling drained.
  • You may be sensitive to atmospheres or you may not be very grounded in the earth and in your body,
  • Maybe you cry easily or feel low if a friend is depressed or unhappy.  Maybe there is more to that, you might even feel disturbed if a friend is angry.
  • What about accidents, have lots of those?  Maybe lots of little things have been going wrong or you lose things.
  • Poor sleep or nightmares?  Anxious and nervy allot of the time?  Maybe you are afraid to relax or you are suffering from perpetual tiredness.

(A bit more creepy now:)

  • Have you been glancing over your shoulder because you felt watched but there was no-one there?  Or did you feel invaded or somehow not yourself.
  • Maybe you’ve been sick allot recently or you are going over things again and again in your mind.
  • Maybe you feel animosity from someone towards you or you feel that they may have it in for you?
  • And finally do you find it hard to say no?

There is allot there and that’s not all that Thorsons’ Way of Psychic Protection suggest.  But what they do say is that if you answered yes to two or more of these questions, it is more than likely that you need to up your psychic protection.

Of course, it is important that if you are going through any of these issues, you seek professional medical advice,

Now, having said that, I would also suggest, that from the advanced to the novice psychic alike ,  if any of these symptoms are troubling you, you go and see a well trained energy practitioner to lift the negative energy source from your Auric field and fortify that aura.  One of my mentors from years ago, told me of a very successful spiritual professional who came to her for a Reiki treatment.  This lady had not been cleansing and clearing her aura in between readings and she had built up such a residual field of negative energy from helping people with their problems that when my mentor released it from her, it shattered her huge rock of rose quartz!

I have described how to give yourself psychic protection many times in the past.  You can find a meditation on it in the archives of my Blogs   If you need help with clarification on this subject then feel free to contact me or any other spiritual professional.  If they are ethical, they will know what to do and they will help.

 Below is a link to an archived blog that goes in depth into practising psychic protection. 

Psychic Protection (as addressed to the Deception Bay Spiritual Church,19.06.11)   http://wp.me/p1yNRK-2B


Thoughts on Spiritual Experiences

Most of you who are reading this, would have had at least one spiritual experience in your lifetime. But for those of you who havn’t had one, I feel promted to talk about it.  Spirituality is a reality,  for human beings.  Science is beginning to catch up to knowledge that many philosophers and spiritual masters have long known for a long, long time, and  it is just now that science has the technology to prove it.  So I think it would be safe to say that there are many atheistic scientist out there,  having spiritual experinces right now and they are not even awear of it.

Spiritual energy is a very subtle vibration, it is the energy in the space between atoms and nucleases and protons.  It is the most potent of all the energy in the Universe, yet it is the least visible to the human eye.  However, it is also very, very percievable to the human animal.  I call us animals here, because at our most primative level, we are hard wired to see, hear and feel spiritual energy.  We get instincts, we get bristles on the backs of our necks, we just know something and have to act.  This is all a transference of spiritual energy.

Quantum physics is now beginning to understand this and of course many of you would have seen the DVD seriese that started with ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ which came out around the same time as ‘The Secret’.

So spiritual energy is easily transfered to us and within us, but how do we know it?  Well as you know, we are the ghost that drives the machine.  We are a spiritual being in a physical body.  The scientists can measure the activity of the brain. But they cannot find the mind. Yet it exists.  It exists within a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.   Homeopathy teaches us that we have four bodies, the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body.  The mind is held in part, within each of these bodies.

So, back to a spiritual experience.  The most obvious to talk about would be the sighting of a ghost.  How many of you have seen one?  It’s a chilling thing.  We normally expect to see people in physical, not energetic form!

Parapsychology famously discribes being in the presence of a ghost as feeling a cold chill in the air.  And sometimes that is the case, but I have found not always.  Ghosts don’t care about the temperature. They want is energy. They are hungry for it.   When you see one, you may see a cloud of white or dark energy, or you may see a blob or an orb of differnt coloured energy.  Some orbs are good, some are not.  You may see an apparition or a see through person, (like a film negative), or you may not see anything at all.  Sometimes, you will feel someone looking at you, or one time I was at a friend’s place and suddenly I felt a male energy lean across the table and breath a gahstly breath in my face.   Another time, I just heard a loud and clear physical voice.    Ghosts are more often seen, heard or in my case smelt, because there are lots of them hanging around.  This kind of spiritual experince, is often what sends someone looking for more answers.

When you see your guide or an angelic being, however, you may feel frightened at first, but you very quickly beign to feel exhilarated.  They will uplift you and fill you with wonder.

I set out writting this comment with the intentions of dicribing a spiritual experince and as I’ve writen it, I’ve realised that having a spiritual experience is like tasting chocolate.  Another person can tell you it tastes nice, but they cannot discribe to you, how it will taste for you, only you can experience that.  Food science  can  prove the differnt scented notes in the chocolate, but the flavour and smell can not be tranfered into your mouth via words. So too, you must experience a spiritual encounter for yourself, in order for you to gain a full understanding.

Spiritual experinces are varied from scarey and horrid to exhillarating and amazing.  Your own life philosophy will dictate to you how you deal with it.   Odds on, in this day and age, you will have a spiritual experince or you will generate spiritual energy via meditation or thought transference. Remember to keep the knowledge,  that as the alive one,  you are in control, you have the power. Spirituality is not to be messed with.  So chose to move within the spiritual realm wisely.

Much Love

Cat Edwards


Persuasive Charity

Yesterday (28.05.12) I received a package in the mail from a charity.  Now like most people in the western world, I get bombarded by charities a lot.  I have chosen one charity to support at this time, because it makes sense to me to support them, but also, because I have  a budget.  Last Christmas I had desperate charities sending me blank Xmas cards  to use and then billing me for them, even though I hadn’t ordered the cards; I have charities ringing me up, being very firm,  in a polite way, pushing me for money and being consistently demanding.  Even the charity I do support has been asking me to commit to more money in donations.  All of this pushiness has made me feel a bit annoyed.  Like most people, I care about the recipients of my donation, that is why I do it.  However, I do not care for the at times begging  and soliciting behaviour  that some charities are conducting.  We are all hurting.  I know that in Australia, on paper there are lots of wealthy people and we got through the GFC with a big tick, but we have a massive cost of living.  For people earning 100 thousand dollars a year, who have a family, it is hard to get by, because the cost of living is so high.

Now this package I received had a Koala toy in it and some paper work along, with a bill, so I immediately thought they were soliciting money out of me and I felt outraged.  By yesterday I was all charitied out  and I was not going to have this anymore.  I told them so, too, on their Facebook page.

Well,  late last night, after a business meeting, my partner and I got home and I showed him this solicitous package.  He said, ‘Oh great it came!’ ‘I was supposed to intercept it though and give it to you myself.  I donated to them as a gift to you and this bear and certificate are yours. ‘  Well how much of a big old mean dumb bum did I feel?!!!  I made a complete ass of myself, because of the feelings I was harbouring about the behaviour of other charities.  This was a legitimate package, from a legitimate organisation.

I have aspirations myself of starting a charity, but with an eco-business funding it.  I care about the people and the animals that the donations go to, in charities everywhere.  However, the behaviour of some of those who wish to help others in need, in my opinion, needs to be reviewed, because it taints the minds of people who would genuinely be their greatest supporters.  I am not a perfect person, yesterday was proof of that.  My lovely man donated on my behalf as a gesture of love.   Last night  I took that toy koala and cuddled it in bed , because it was the right thing to do, for my partner’s sake.

How do you feel about the behaviour of charities and if you are a regular donor, who do you donate to and why?

Much Love

Cat Edwards


A Definition of Beauty

Today, I want to do something a little different.   I want to bring someone else into the Spiritual Comment.  I am not the only spiritual teacher out there and I certainly don’t say I am the most learned.  One of my favourite spiritual teachers is the late Khalil Gibran and I wanted to share with  you a passage from his book ‘The Prophet Collection’.  If you are not familiar with this book, it is the story of a prophet who is preparing to leave the town of Orphalese.  Now this town will be mentioned in the extract, so just be aware of this.

But first –

In today’s society, we are bombarded with images of perceived perfect beauty. Just yesterday, I saw a news story about a Lass in the UK who has won a competition for having the most scientifically  measured beauty in Great Britain.

So I got to thinking, what is beauty and why is it that some people can look beautiful on the outside and yet when they speak, they become ugly, while others do not possess obvious good looks, yet when they speak, they light up the room with beauty.

I think Khalil Gibran sums it up beautifully in this extract….

“And a poet said, ‘Speak to us of Beauty.’

And he answered:

‘Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?

And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?

Image thanks to neiu.edu

The aggrieved and the injured say, ‘Beauty is kind and gentle.  Like a young mother, half-shy of her own glory, she walks among us.’

And the passionate say, ‘Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread.  Like the tempest she shakes the Earth beneath us and the sky above us’

The tired and the weary say, ‘Beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit.  Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow.’

But the restless say, ‘We have heard her shouting among the mountains, and with her cries came the sound of hoofs and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions.’

At night the watchmen of the city say, ‘Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the East.’

And at noontide the toilers and the wayfarers say, ‘We have seen her leaning over the Earth from the windows of the sunset.’

In winter say the snow-bound, ‘She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.’

And in the summer heat the reapers say, ‘We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair’

All these things have you said of beauty,

Yet in truth you spoke not of her, but of needs unsatisfied.

And beauty is not a need, but and ecstasy.  It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretching forth,

But rather a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted.  It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear,

But rather an image you see though you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears.

It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw,

But rather a garden forever in bloom and a flock of angels for ever in flight.

People of Orphalese, beauty is life, when life unveils her holy face.

But YOU are LIFE and YOU are the VEIL.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.

But YOU are ETERNITY and YOU are the MIRROR.


The Artisans Have It!


Image thanks to virtualtourist.com

Do you ever visit or live in a town with a big artisan population?  I love going to these towns. Just recently, my family and I went up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to celebrate my mother’s birthday . We ate some cheese at a boutique cheese factory and enjoyed the views to the ocean from the veranda of the old Mapleton Pub.

The thing that strikes me about artisans is the love they put into their work.  I think it would be a rare artisan who is not in love with their craft.  As we all know, love is so very important in daily life, the expression of love into objects always translates into beauty.  Mother Earth gives us this all the time, with the simplest gifts of flowers and birds, butterflies and beetles.  But humans are also capable of creating love in beauty.

Artisans can teach us so much about working with love. The appreciation for the time they put into their work is unavoidable.  Take a stained glass lamp for example.  The artisan will have stained the glass and sketched a plan, they would have soldered it all together and wired it up.  Time, and love and thought goes into every piece.

How many of you find that this same process goes into your job?  Most of us hate our work and we are only there because it pays the bills.  But what if we were to change our view for just a moment?  What if we were bored out of our brains with our job, but we were to make doing the job a game?  What if we disliked our colleagues, but we were good at our job; couldn’t we play nice and feel the freedom of not being caught up in the office politics?  By putting a little love into our working lives, we too could be like the artisans and find the quality in our work.  You always have a choice and it is your choice to stay in a job that is creating a negative issue in your life.  It is simple to say, ‘no more, I am looking for a new job’. Or, ‘I am going to find out how to learn more, to get into another industry or to climb the corporate ladder’… Or ‘I am going to feel the heart in this job, so I can at least enjoy it while I am here’.

We all have to work, even those who stay at home have to work.  No one gets out of it.  For some of my day I do paid work and for some of my day, I do home duties.  This is because I have kids.  I have to be there for them.  It means I have two jobs.  I am rarely off my feet watching the TV.  Sometimes I hate cooking again or doing the washing again.  But I have chosen to put as much love into the mundane tasks in my day, as the tasks I enjoy.  I love my job, so I put allot of love into that.  I love my family so I put allot of love into the jobs that support them.

Learn from the artisans, work like you love it and love will reward you with beauty. Whatever beauty,  is for you.  Make choices about your work, that suit you and be brave enough to change your attitude to your work.  So as you can begin to love it, until it ends.

I’ll finish this spiritual comment with a quote from my ‘inspirational messages of love cards’

‘Before enlightenment – feed people and wash dishes, after enlightenment – feed people and wash dishes.

The mundane does not have to be dreary, if you put a little love into it.


Who is your Mother?

Today (the 8th of may) is my beautiful Mother’s 70th birthday and every 7 years, as the calender goes, my Mother’s birthday also falls on Mothers day.  So I thought I’d use this comment to celebrate my Mother and Mothers around the world.

We can all say what a good Mother does, but when we look at our own Mothers, I wonder how often we think about who they are?

My Mother has a name, she is named after her Aunt, but that is not who she is.  Who she is, is a good, kind generous person, who has a practical nature and a sharp and intelligent mind.  She is someone who will help a friend and a stranger, if they are in need, she is someone who loves craft and music and who bakes a mean lasagna.  She is a person who likes to travel and explore, who has fun because she got lost, and has fun finding her way back.

She is all these things, but what does she do in the world?

Well my Mum is a triple certificated Registered Nurse and Midwife.  She helped thousands of women become Mothers over her 40 year career in the UK and here in Australia.  She has delivered thousands of babies and nurtured thousands of new borns in the  humidy cribs, too sick to stay with their Mothers in the first fragile days of life.  She has educated Indigenous People about health matters and travelled to remote townships to live with them, when she taught them this vital work.  She has vaccinated thousands of children, saving their lives from the tyranny of disease.

So I know who she is and what she did, but how does she now spend her days?  Well now she is retired, she spends her days creating amazing quilts and items of clothing, by sewing and knitting.  She sells them and she gives them away.  Each piece gives her so much pleasure that she is always planning ahead to the next.  When she is not doing this, she is making music on her Piano or her Guitar.  She sometimes watches Agatha Christie murder mysteries on the TV while she sews and she loves to watch Shakespearian plays and Opera.

But when is she happiest?

I think she is happiest when she is with the people who love her most.  When she is with her family.  When she is with the people she feels most at ease with, her people.  The ones who love her back unconditionally.  She is happy when she is with her friends; she has a group of friends all who graduated Nursing at the same time, still all alive and living near each other.  These women have seen each other through life’s triumphs and tragedies and yet, they remain close and supportive of each other as they have come to the retirement years of their lives.

And so why am I telling you this?  Because I took the time to get to know my Mother.  To learn that she is not a 1 dimensional person.   She is my Mum, the one I think of when I am in distress and the one I think to call on to tell my good news to first.  She is the one person who I feel I can hold onto no matter what, she is my soft place to fall.  But she is not just that.  She didn’t just raise  my brothers and I, she also had a career and friends and interests.  She continued to learn and gain Degrees and Certifications long into her 50’s.

Sometimes it’s easy to categorise a person, in what they do for us, and to see little of whom they are apart from that.  This Mothers Day, I hope that you can see your Mother for all of her self and no matter what your relationship may be with her at this time in your lives, be grateful that she gave you the gift of life.  For the greatest gift we children can give to our Mothers, is to use the life we have been given, well and to make them proud.  For Motherhood is full of self-sacrifice for the sake of seeing your child live and thrive.  Make that sacrifice count.

I love you Mum, happy birthday.



I was watching a show about people losing weight recently and there was a young man on the show who didn’t know how to think like an athlete. His trainer was getting extremely frustrated with him, as it was obvious he was floundering around. When he finally asked the young man, what the bleep are you thinking when you are doing this exercise, the young guy said, I don’t know what to think!
This prompted me to look at other situations in life when people don’t actually know what to think in a situation. When I exercise, I think to my self, ok you’ve gone 5 min but you’ve ridden 1 mile so keep it up only 6 more miles to go, then after 4 and a half miles I say to myself, you are half way now, good work, push through the pain and keep going. Then I count  down the time or the miles I ride. Until I complete he task. If I’m doing resistance training it’s counting the reps and telling myself to feel the burn and push through it. I have a self talk which allows me to work through the pain of excercise in order to make the achievement of a great work out. I finish with endorphins released and fat burning away, muscles pumped and me sweating profusely. But I feel so much better for it.
So what about someone who is studying. Many of us want to take up study but as an adult, it’s a daunting task. So we have to talk ourselves through it in a similar way. Say you have two Uni assignments to do, you would tell yourself, ok time to research this assignment and brainstorm the subject. Done that, now I have to complete the essay so it make sence and applys to the requirements of the professor. Just a few more thousand words, now to spell check, ok review, done yes!
It is a great feeling when you are able to submit an assignment ahead of time, because you have talked yourself into the work and you have talked yourself through it.
We use self talk all the time, but how often do you talk to yourself as if you are going to make an achievement? How often do you give yourself set goals within the task as you are doing it to keep yourself moving? What about that great feeling when it’s done!? That is a great feeling.
The difference between winning and losing is in the self talk we encourage within ourselves. If you are always feeling like you can’t win, then learn to apply this to simple tasks like the washing up, or the folding. Take small chunks out of the pile until it’s all done. The feeling of achievement is a boost and it is a stepping stone to the next achievement and the next.
Life is just a set of tasks all set out for us each day, they may vary and they may each have different categories and challenges, but we still have them. From the time you awaken to the time you fall asleep, you have tasks to do.
How about getting yourself a little challenged today and set a new task, talk yourself through it and feel the boost of achievement.

You’ll be glad you did.



As a spiritual person, do you ever come across conceited attitudes from others, who think that they are somehow better than you, because they don’t subscribe to your beliefs?
In the past I have often experience this attitude, although it used to really bother me at first, these days I find it to be quite amusing.
Should you ever meet me and you didn’t know what I do, then I would not be going out of my way to tell you. Simply because I don’t like to display who I am and what I do on my sleeve. I keep myself to myself and allow this part of who I am to be slowly revealed over time. It is at that time, that I find out if I’m dealing with a person who can cope with me or a person who needs to put up a barrier of conceit and make out I am less than in order for them to feel they are not being challenged in any way. I havn’t just had this expression put upon me because of my beliefs either, sometimes it’s because I didn’t finish my degree, or because I have kids with special needs, sometimes it’s because of the car I drive or because of my country of birth.
I don’t really care where the attitude comes from, I just know that if you come across a person who is projecting an attitude that they are better than you, it’s time to feel even more solid in who you are. In that moment, you cannot allow their attitude to affect you. You need to believe in who you are, know in yourself how far you have come and stand strong in that. You don’t need to buy into a conversation about it or even acknowledge their attitude, just be quietly confident and self accepting.

Of course later on, you may need to vent. You may need to re-group and you may need to even cry. But don’t let that attitude of conceit affect you in the moment that it hits. This is an attitude that is projected by people who don’t understand or havn’t taken the time to learn. They feel something inside themselves that is inadequate and they need to project that onto you.

Image thanks to theglamlife.net

You are perfect in this moment and in this moment; you are the person with the power of you. Don’t let anyone else affect you. …… Continue on your path of self evolution and believe in your rightful place on this earth.



Today I’m thinking of my good friends Sue and Roy who lost their beautiful dog yesterday.

Bella was a little Dog with a big heart, but she was more than a dog, she was family.

As Humans, sometimes we can forget that the other life forms on this planet are just as important as us, we can forget that they love and that they have emotions, thoughts and capabilities that can go beyond our bodies own capacities.

Animals may not occupy a Human form, but this makes them no lesser than us.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’ve met some very upstanding citizens who occupy animal bodies, who could put some Humans to shame in their expression of who they are and what their values in life are for them.

Getting back to families, I have a big family, but only 4 of the members of my family are human kind.  The other family members are Fish kind, Feline kind, K9 kind, Bird kind and reptile kind.  This is an inter-species family and I know my family is not the only one. Many homes throughout the world have animals who are daughters and sons to the human parents also.  This is no more apparent than when you have a Dog.  The pup needs toilet trained, disciplined and taught manners, it needs to be trained commands and how to play nicely.  The dog needs most of all love.  And I think this is for me, the biggest gift  any of my non-human family members have for me.  Love, unconditional love.  It is oozing out of them.  They want for nothing but food, shelter and love.  They don’t care about the latest gadgets, who’s on TV or what you are wearing.  I think they probably think we look a bit strange because we don’t have any fur or feathers and have so much more work to keep ourselves clean and clothed than they do.  But they don’t care, they just want to love us anyway.  Because to them, we humans are their pack, their flock, their school, we are their pride.  We are their family, so why do so many people forget that and think of themselves as higher up than the animals who are in their homes?  Why do they think of them as outside of their families?  Why?  I don’t understand why, because to me, it’s obvious that they have just as much right to be here as me, they have just as much of a beautiful heart and mind as any of my Human children and they have just as active a mind and feelings as any Human I know.

You know, not all Humans can be themselves all day, every day, un ashamedly…Animals can.

My animal children have taught me about love, humility, friendship, death,  kindness and compassion.   My house is no home without them and my life would simply be incomplete without the love of my family.  Tonight, my friends grieve for their Dog Daughter Bella.  She couldn’t live as long as them, but her life was so significant, that she has enriched them in ways they cannot explain and she has touched the hearts of all who knew her.  How many animal children do you know who are in your family or the family of someone you know?  Love knows no boundaries, no one body type has the monopoly on it and love and life are the most precious gifts we have for each other, in whatever body we occupy at the time.



We all have differing values and morals in life.  Working as a Funeral Celebrant I see this in motion, at times when people are in the most pain and therefore holding up less of a guard.   In this kind of environment, stereotypes are often broken as people from all walks of life must enter the chapel.

This situation of values and morals was no more evident to me than during a week of back to back Funerals and memorial services, that I performed.  During this week, I met three families, all from diverse backgrounds.  One had a father who had passed away in a far off town and the children couldn’t get to him for the funeral, so they held a memorial service for him.  The next was a family who lost a middle-aged daughter to the complications of diabetes.  The third was a club of Bikies, who lost a brother in arms to a brain tumour.

Of the three services I did that week, who would you think showed the most respect to their fallen loved one?  The children with the memorial, the family with the diabetic daughter, or the Bikies with their brother in arms?

Most people would point a finger and say ‘the children didn’t even get up to say goodbye to their Dad, they must have been rude and hard to deal with’, or they may think the Bikies are often organised crime people, so they would have been drunk or on illicit drugs.  Well, would it surprise you to know that in fact the Bikie funeral was the biggest of the three services and it was the one that was treated with the most respect?  All the people there were dressed in their finery and they were all sombre and respectful of the staff conducting the service, including me and to their lost brother.    By contrast, the family who lost their daughter to diabetes were rude and loud.  With people in the back row of the chapel calling out and disrupting the service.  Many of them arrived in the clothes they slept in, with stains and crinkles on their shirts.

The memorial service, was a quiet affair, with the adult children dressed appropriately and the mood was of laughter and tears, as a good memorial or funeral should be.

That week in my life, showed me that you cannot ever judge a book by its cover.  Bikies get a lot of bad press, but when it comes to the rites of passage in life and in death, they uphold the highest of morals and values.  Children who cannot make it to their Father’s graveside, still love their Father and choose to remember him well, but families who never held much respect for themselves and their own will always show that side to themselves when the time comes to say goodbye.

Funerals are about the living, in as much as, the living are the ones left behind.  They are about honouring the life well lived and the person who was living that life.  They are a time to remember yourself and keep your values and morals in check.  Many family arguments erupt around the time of the passing of a loved one.  Should you find yourself involved in this situation, ask yourself, would my deceased loved one want this to be happening?

We all must face this passage, be it to farewell another or to be farewelled, how you conduct yourself is not about your socio-economic status, your religion or your culture, it is about your personal values and your morals, inside of you.  And believe me; they will be on display for all to see.



If you are a regular Reader of my Blogs, you would have seen me make mention of enlightenment recently.  It’s a bit of a popular word to throw around these days, so I want to get real about enlightenment and how we can each achieve it.

So what is enlightenment?  It is the illumination of the heart and mind to new information and to understanding.  It is the knowledge of facts and of truths that give us new perspective and allow us to advance either as individuals or as a species.

Through the ages there have been different stages of enlightenment.  In Scotland there was an enlightenment period, where people realised that education should be for all the citizens and that it was no longer in the best interest of the people to persecute others who questioned religion.  People began to grow in their minds and hearts, because they were educated, and this is one of the reasons, so many engineers came out of Scotland.

France too went through a period of enlightenment, Europe as a whole had the Renaissance Period & in the 20th Century, the advancement of technology saw us launch into the 21st century, out of the industrial age and into the information age.  This time in our history, is an exciting time to be alive, because humans are en-mass seeking more and more enlightenment.  As we grow in knowledge, as we continue to educate our children and as we are able to heal the sick and wounded and move away from war, we are coming into the time when we will no longer just dominate the planet, but we as a species may even dominate our galaxy.  What then?  Where will we go?  How do we get there?

In the spiritual comment I made on Armistice Day, last year, I mentioned that the human beings today would look like Gods and Goddesses to the human beings of 500 years ago, in this same vein, the human beings today would view the human beings of 500 years in the future, as gods and goddesses if we were to meet them now.  We are headed to some amazing and mind boggling advancement.

But everything comes with a cost.  We have a choice and that choice is to either embrace one another as brothers and sisters or to continue to fight amongst ourselves.  You see, we will never advance into our potential if we continue to fight.  We will never see what we can be.  We must sacrifice our habit of negativity toward one another, or we will go the way of so many lost civilizations in the past.

Enlightenment is a growth process and in this growth process, we must hit stages of critical mass in thinking, recognition and understanding.  I will talk about individual enlightenment in a minute, however, as a species; I feel we are beginning to see the critical mass stage coming into fruition.  More and more people are embracing the differences in others and less and less people are driven by fear.  If we are to heal the hurts of the middle east for example, we must look at the hurts face on, we must take them out and shine a light on them, know them and take responsibility for them.  We must do this as a total human race and not just look to one section of the human society to do this.  It must be everyone.  Because, if i were to have a DNA sample taken and the origins of my bloodline traced, I would find I  have Middle Eastern blood, North American blood, Asian blood, European blood, Australian Aboriginal blood, African blood, I would find that I have blood lines from all corners of the Earth, just as you do, because we are all one human family.

As individuals, enlightenment can only begin as we shine knowledge into our souls.  Knowledge from education and spiritual growth, and the knowledge of our hurts.  We must unveil the truth of the darkness and boot it out of our minds and hearts.  There needs to be time with people trained to help us go through this, but it is important not to bury your hurts any longer, spread light over them.  Do not keep them a secret anymore, because just like a leaky pipe in a building, quietly and secretly dripping water every day and night, that hurt will soon create a big mess that you have to find a way to clean up.  That hurt may lead you to places you never imagined you’d ever be.  That hurt could lead you to make decisions you never imagined you’d find yourself doing. And the longer that hurt stays in the dark, dripping it’s acid into your soul, the longer you remain undermined by it.

Ask yourself, what would it take to uncover all my hurts and for me to deal with them, overcome them and leave them behind in the past forever?  What would it take for me to deal with hurts as they face me in my life and deal with them in the moment, so I don’t ever find myself burying them inside of me again?  What would it take for me to release all my negative attachments?  Because once those negative attachments are released, I will become a fully enlightened being.  I will spend each and every day and night in a state of love.  I will be able to reach my full potential.  I will be able to lead others to enlightenment also and together, as a human race, we will reach critical mass with enlightened individuals and we will take the next step to becoming the future gods and goddesses, our present day selves can only dream of.



TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brend...
TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brenda : God Rest Her Soul. (Photo credit: tommypatto ~ IMAGINE.)

Spiritual growth is important for all of us and a major part of spiritual growth involves the simple act of contemplation.  Contemplation is the time we spend in reflection or silent observation, when we deeply consider a situation, an action or words of wisdom.  There have been many hours in my life, when I have naturally fallen into contemplation.  Sometimes, it was because people were doing hurtful things to me and I needed to have time to think.  Sometimes I was going through a period of rapid spiritual growth and through the act of contemplation, I would have a series of revelations.
Contemplation is a form of meditation, because you still your mind upon a subject, a one line or a moment in time and instead of running your mind over all the actions and words and people that surround it, you quite simply step out of the situation and observe it from the third person.  This may seem difficult if you find yourself in a situation like I did at 23 with key people betraying me and conversations that hurt me hitting my mind.  But in taking that time to use the power of my mind to sit quietly and step back away from the situation and see everyone in it as actors on a stage, I was able to see the motives behind other people’s actions and the answers to what was going on, became clearer.  At 23,I was in possession of a, not yet mature brain, so I still made mistakes, but this act of contemplation served me well, because it helped me to, not fly off the handle or say things I’d regret.

Contemplation has given me a series of revelations or epiphanies too.  It is simple and easy to spend time in contemplation and here is a little two sentence contemplation I have for you today, from my deck of ‘Inspirational Messages of Love’ cards…

‘Don’t love your suffering and hurts only.  Love the moment when everything is all right.’

I’ll leave you to contemplate that one and to consider it, allow yourself to feel the truth within it and the deeper message about being in the moment.



Lets talk about your state of mind.  You know that when your state of mind is positive the world looks brighter and when it is negative, the world looks dull and you too will look dull to others.  In fact if you continuously have a negative state of mind, you will actually age faster than your peers and etch lines on your face to add to the effect.

Image thanks to deafpagancrossroads.com

State of mind is such a powerful thing.  I was at a life coaching seminar one year and they were teaching us about state of mind, they just called it ‘state’.  They fired us all up and got us pumped with high energy music and dancing and a feel good atmosphere and then they produced a 3cm thick board and they told us to hit the board and break it in half.  Now I’d only ever seen this done by black belt karate dudes on TV, so I certainly didn’t think someone like me could smash a board, but you know, in that state of mind, I put my fist through it like it was just a flimsy piece of plastic.  Then they pulled out an arrow and held it to the little dint in our throat, you know the vulnerable windpipe spot?  We got mega pumped and they told us to walk our bodies into the arrow and break it.  It took me a few goes, because the fact was it intimidated me to do this insane thing. But I just went to the back of the line and jumped around like a little kid and got even more fired up and then I found myself in this mind set where I could actually see flames in my inner eye. In that state of mind I just walked through the arrow and snapped it – falling onto the poor lady holding it up!  Then I went off, jumping around like a jack in the box even more because I did it!

That seminar taught me that I could do whatever I had to,  to get the job done.  It told me to focus and create a headspace that was for winning and then go for whatever I wanted because I can.  I have to say, I was on an absolute high for a week after that weekend, I loved it.  If you can get yourself to a life coaching seminar, I fully recommend it.

But we aren’t talking about seminars here; we are talking about state of mind.  I’ve met quite a few people of late who are stuck in a victim mentality.  You know it, we’ve all been there, the poor me, everyone hurts me, I’m always last, I can’t love myself, I don’t know how.  Everything bad always happens to me, I am not worth it, I have nothing to show for my life, I hate my job, everyone at work hates me…yada yada yada…yep, it’s a toxic combination and it can be addictive.  Silly how things that make you feel really bad, can be addictive, hey?  At first, you are genuinely the victim, you’ve been hurt by someone significant or been in a situation of trauma, but it never really resolves itself and you spiral into a mud puddle in your mind.

The body, as we all know is made up of 70% water and as we all know water holds emotions.  Well those emotions poison that water in your body, if they vibrate at the energy of unhappy for too long.  Especially if your mind is cut off from your feelings and the emotions are stored inside, without the flow of tears to release those emotions and feelings, your appearance will prune up.  Soon you’ll be 40 looking 50!  Don’t do it to yourself, people who genuinely care, will find it hard to be around you.  It’s not good.  Counselling and working through it are the best ways.  For me, I found doing martial arts forced me to hit some major emotional barriers.  Because when I had to do kata’s in sequence with others, it transported my mind back to when I was 13 and all the kids were laughing at me in Physical education class because I couldn’t do a task.  I hadn’t even thought about it, all these years, until that moment when I suddenly felt the emotions wrap me up and squeeze the tears out.  I had to go to the loos, so embarrassing.  But it’s better out than in.  You know?

How are you feeling?  Is there some issue that is affecting your state of mind?  It’s a process of peeling the emotional onion to get the core of those emotions and set yourself free.  I think that at that point, you will feel the freedom of enlightenment, because in my mind, enlightenment is when you no longer have emotional attachments to negative experiences or people and therefore, you no longer have a vulnerability to  negative state of mind.

State of mind can be changed with determination, just by putting on a funny movie, or getting in some exercise, playing with a loving animal or doing something creative.  You are never going to change your state of mind, by doing a task that is ho hum and boring like the laundry, unless you love laundry that is, believe it or not I have met people who love to wash clothes!

Be aware of your state of mind.  Be aware of the things you say about yourself and to others.  Catch yourself saying negatives about yourself or about life.  Write down what those catch phrases are, it may be a phrase like…’it makes me feel angry when’, or ‘I can’t’, or ’ I don’t’ think I can’, or ‘I never get what I want’… whatever the catch phrase is, it’s time to name and shame that little sucker, because it’s sucking the life right out of you.

People, who live in a positive state of mind, sometimes have to work hard to stay up there.  No one said being positive all the time is easy and if we were all bouncing around like I was at the seminar, well we’d all be locked up in the insanity ward.  But it is easy to make it a conscious habit of saying to yourself, I am worthy.  I am happy, I am good enough, I am kind, I am a person who has a purpose and a reason for living.  I am loved.

Say it to yourself until you believe it and it becomes a habit to say these positives about you and your life. Then and only then, will you come to the realisation that you have achieved a new, happier state of mind.



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Somebody asked me recently how to make things right in their life, how to bring about more blessings and good fortune.  I thought back to a time when I had visited a church and to something I heard the preacher say.  He said that we have to position ourselves for blessings.  I think that this is right.  You really do make your own luck in life, to some extent.  I do believe also that luck can be random, but over all I think it is a positioning thing.

So how do we position ourselves for good luck or good blessings in our lives?

Firstly we must consider our intentions toward others and life in general.  For it is more likely that you will find good luck flowing to you, if you have a good heart and a kind mind.  You see, the Universe will always take the easier path, like water flowing to the sea, it will carve that path if it has to, but it will be the path that functions to serve the purpose best.  So we too must carve our path, but go with the path that flows the easiest.  We must choose to go with our lives and not to fight the reality of who we are or what position we may find our lives to be in.  For even in the darkest of hours, there can be a light.  You know what I mean?  I watched that show ‘Hoarders’ recently and I saw a lovely kind hearted lady who had allowed her need to gather belongings and pets to overwhelm her family.  She has a condition and this is to be treated with compassion, but in that darkest hour, when her children were removed from her custody and her pets were taken away, she was given the blessing of helpers to change her life.

Image thanks to joshpage.deviantart.com

Blessings come in many ways and for many reasons.  Most often though they come because there is some good in you, that attracts good to you.  I realised this simple truth years ago, and as a poverty stricken medical student, I used to donate my silver change to charities as I walked to the bus or ferry to get to school.  I knew that I couldn’t do much more than that at the time, but that I was going to receive help in kind when the time was right.  I will never forget how it came to pass that the help manifest into my life.  I went to visit a friend 3 years later and my car’s gear box lost it’s ability to work in reverse.  This was bad news, because I was stuck in a dead end street and I was in the middle of a three point turn when it happened.  I got out to try and shift the car, but I couldn’t move it.  The streets were deserted and I felt very sorry for myself, that I didn’t have an automobile club to call and get some help.  So I said a little prayer to Mother Earth to send me help.  Within minutes as nice strong boy walked up to me and offered me a hand.  We got my car moving and I was on my way.  I never knew his name and I may never see him again, but he was the blessing I needed at that time.

Often, when we are walking our authentic path in life, we will find that doors open and people appear who can help us in our journey.  It is wonderful, to see that.  But it is also a reward for hard work.  Because, if you are walking in your authentic path in life, living your dream, guaranteed you have had many late nights working hard and much focus on what it is you want to achieve.  This is the way to position yourself for blessings and good luck to come into your life.

Remember, when an opportunity for a blessing comes up, explore it, learn about it and take it if it is right for you.  The key is to strike when the iron is hot, though.  Don’t leave it for weeks and then respond.  The blessing will have floated away with the wind.

Blessings are wonderful and they are the gift of good fortune that other human beings can give to each other.  We allow energies to flow through us all the time, so set yourself up to accept the energy of blessings today!


Body Image, Relationships &Gratitude

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Sometimes I think people put too much pressure on themselves to be of a so called perfect body shape in order to attract a partner.   Those people that I have known who buy into having to be super slim to get a man or a woman to fancy  them, tend to end up with people who are superficial and who only want to see that outer beauty and not the real beauty of a person, the beauty within.  ‘Time stops for no man’ they say and this is so true in regards to the shape of your body.  Bodies change; bodies grow and evolve as we grow older.  They never stay static and believe me, you won’t look the same way you did a 25 when you are 50, so why stress so much about body image, just to land a partner?  In fact, in regards to women and their idea of body image, I haven’t met one man yet who doesn’t think curves rock!  They love them.  It’s only the fashion designers who despise curves.  They need to sell clothing and so they keep the clothes small.  Here in Australia, the average size of a woman is size 12.  That equates to size 8 in the USA and a size 10 in the UK.   This is a healthy weight, a weight range to be happy with and in doing so, you will find that everything changes for you.

When I met my partner, I had put on a little weight because I had gone through a major period in my life full of struggle and hardship and I had become burnt out and depressed.  So I wasn’t exercising as much and food became a comfort for me.  I was a size 14 in Aussie clothing and he still fancied me.  He still liked what he saw and he still wanted to get to know me.  In fact, now I am a little chubbier, because that time of being burnt out made me sedentary and then I ended up with some health issues and I couldn’t get back to the gym.  Guess what?  He’s still here.  With my pot belly and flabby arms, he’s still hanging around.

It’s because he is able to see beyond my imperfections and he realises that I am motivated to change when the time is right and really, if I didn’t care and I was happy with the way I am he’d be happy too.  He just isn’t worried so much, because he thinks curves rock.  He’s not super slim, either.  But I don’t care because when I look at him, I see a beautiful person and I like him just the way he is.

True love transcends all the superficial stuff.  True love doesn’t care that you’ve just had a baby and your belly is a bit floppy and your boobs are huge.  True love doesn’t mind that you have chubby thighs or that your nose has a hook in it.  True love only sees the heart and the heart, personality  compatibility and communication are what make a relationship tick.

I spent many years in my adult life alone, without a partner.  Many of these years were by choice I must admit, because I didn’t want to find I’d made a bad choice and regret entangling my life with someone who was wrong for me.  So when I did meet someone, it meant that I had the perspective of knowing that I have been alone and I like not being alone now.  It means that I never take him for granted.

Relationship in a Rut
Relationship in a Rut: Image thanks to http://www.sheknows.com

Too many relationships end up in a rut where each person is going through the motions of the day and they forget to stop and remember why they are with that person and why it is wonderful to have them around.  We get caught up in the rat race too easily and this can take over the joy of the little things.  If you are in a relationship, try and remember to stop and be grateful for the one you are with every day and if you can, let your heart be filled with gratitude that they have chosen to stick around and be with you.  This choice of gratitude will make up some of the glue that keeps you together.  I think it’s also important to put yourself in the other person’s shoes once in a while and to reiterate to them what you have observed.  So that they know that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate their efforts.  This is also important in keeping the relationship glued together.

In doing these things, in loving the body your partner occupies and in loving your own, in accepting the imperfections of each other and in allowing yourself to stop and feel the gratitude for the life you have together, you will not overload your love with demands.  Because love soars when it is not overloaded with demands.  How can a bird fly if it is covered in oil?  Its feathers are overloaded and it cannot take off.  Love cannot fly either if you demand it to be skinny or to earn more money or be more sociable or whatever the issue may be.  If you were to back off from what is annoying and encourage what is wonderful, your love will grow to heights you could never expect or even dream of.

For those of you who are reading this and you are single.  Do not worry, your time will come.  There are billions of people in this world and therefore billions of possibilities for love.  Just remember that you are at your most attractive when you are happy with yourself.  When you have no pressure on yourself to be a certain way.  Just allow yourself to be free.  Of course if your Dr says lose weight, you should do so, but this may be the key to you feeling that freedom.  But if you are chasing perfection, let it go and just love yourself in this moment, for the reasons that brought you here and make the choices to live within that sense of freedom, to find yourself and find the love you deserve, within yourself,  for who you are.  Then, when the time is right, your one true love, may just meet you and a new life together can begin.

Easy to Love You
Easy to Love You: Image thanks to http://www.misscarlyrenee13.deviantart.com

When you are with The One, that togetherness is easy.  There is no regular tears or fighting, there is no regular dramas or hassles.  There is just the ebb and flow of life and all that entails.  It is a wonderful and fulfilling experience to be with another person who is your best friend, your lover and your confident.  If you have that, never take it for granted, don’t’ place pressure on it and never hold on too tight for fear of losing it either.  Just love it with all your heart and soul.  True love is awesome and I wish for each and every one of you the opportunity to experience it.




Some Life Force for ya!

This past week (Feb 01 2012-Feb 07 2012) I have been recovering from an operation and I as the week progressed I began to feel the life drain out of my body.  This Operation removed an infection that was pressing on my brain and was threatening to cause meningitis.  It was a very unpleasant operation.  By the 3rd day after I’d come home, I couldn’t hold myself up, I needed to use the walls and others to help me walk.  I was so weak I felt no interest in food or entertainment. My body had begun to shut down and go into healing crisis mode.  I had no choice but to stay in bed.  However, my mind was not so interested in being sick.  I continued to focus on the prise…health.

Life-Force: Image thanks to http://www.loddymicucci.com

To me it was this bright golden orb in my minds eye and it beconed me closer every day.  With this attitude I began to fight the good fight and by Saturday morning I was interested in food.  My partner made me some of my favourite food and I munched on it over several hours.  By Saturday night, I was only leaning on walls occassionaly and I was back, yelling at my kids to get to bed.  I felt a surge of energy fill my body and I became acutely  awear of my own Life Force.  It is an amazing feeling to be so drained and then to be so full of vigour.  I can only describe it as my body filling itself with that light I had kept in my mind.  Like the light I saw was the life force energy I was looking at the entire time.

Life force is the energy that drives all the functions of the Universe.  When it becomes extinct in an animal or plant, it never ceases to exist, it only takes a new shape or form.  It is an energy that likes to stick around, it doesn’t want to leave it’s host.  It is fuled by love and driven by the desire to grow and learn and evolve.  It is an all consuming cloud of energy that has spread to the far and wide reaches of the Universe and it exists with in you and I.  I think this is the God head or the God image that many religious and spiritual teachers have seen within us and have captured this ideal as in, that we are made in the image of their holy diety.  We are, because we are all charged with life force and it is in everything and it is all that is and therefore it’s any deity you like to love aswell.

Life force is proven by science and known to be real and true by spiritualists and religious believers and loved by every living thing that is held in the grip of survival.  It is truley the most precious gift we could ever have.  I am on a mission to nurture mine back to full steam.  How about we all find a way to bring our life force up to full power today?


About Meditation…

Lately when I think about what to talk to you about I get one word inspirations, today is meditation.  Now I don’t profess to be the world expert on this subject.  For me, meditation had  been a struggle in the past and not for only the usual reasons, like trying to quieten the mind.  When I was younger, if I meditated, I would just blaze open my mind to more of my gifts and I would not be able to gain control of them again for a while.  I learnt to meditate at a Yogi Ashram and through meditation classes run by a Buddhist Monk.  I was learning to meditate, yes, but I wasn’t learning to control my gifts or to psychically protect myself.  Back in the mid Nineties in Brisbane, being spiritual was still very much a religious thing and to say you saw ghosts or that you had spiritual experiences was really frowned on.  So I didn’t feel I could talk to any of these people about my knowledge.  I felt quite alone.

Meditation was something I practised occasionally until I got a handle of my gifts.  I would experience psychic attack from ghosts after meditation, often. So it scared me.
But, I think, if I had been given instruction on how to handle my gifts and how to protect myself, I would have meditated everyday throughout my adult life.  It is for this reason, that I urge you to use psychic protection as part of your pre-meditation ritual.  Get yourself in a comfortable position, maybe light a candle, burn some oils and put on some peaceful music.  Then, close your eyes and visualise yourself being psychically protected.  Then go into your meditation.

Many people teach this, but many don’t aswell.  So I expect this is why I am being urged to talk to you about it today, as a reminder.

Meditation is the gateway to your spiritual gifts.  It opens you up to those gifts that lay dormant and it helps you to fine tune the ones you are working with already.  It gives you the space to take a moment and breathe correctly.  It gives the body a much needed rest and if you can, it will help you to still your mind.  This is the key to being able to use your psychic abilities.  I expect that if you asked every professional psychic out there, if they had a still mind when they received a channelled message, they would agree.  It is very hard to receive it any other way.  Maybe this ability to have a still mind is what makes them gifted in comparison to others, or maybe it enhances their gifts…I don’t know, that is an individual thing, but I do know that for me, meditation before I do any creative or spiritual work allows me to put aside the worries of the day and to clear my mind so it looks like a blank page.  Then I can fill it up with whatever creative or spiritual endeavour I may be pursuing at the time.

Meditation doesn’t have to a seated or rested experience either.  I have spoken to you in the past about movement meditation, where you allow your body to move itself and this then rests the mind.  This can actually be very enchanting and powerful; dance is another form of mediation, along with chanting a mantra.  I often meditate when I’m doing mundane tasks.  I sort of put my body on auto-pilot and, wash the dishes, for example, while my mind ponders or contemplates.  This is a very simple way to meditate that anyone can do.

If you find it hard to still your mind when you are meditating, then try some of these other techniques.  It is very simple.  Just remember to visualise yourself being psychically protected and of course, go with what feels right for you.

Meditation is a good daily habit to get into, think about how you can incorporate it into your daily life.


My Puppy Dog & a Spiritual Song

Today I was doing the washing up, just thinking about life and then my mind fell upon what I was going to talk with you about today.  I looked over at my sleeping hound dog and I thought about how perfect he is for my family and as I looked at him more, I remembered the process I went through to find a dog in the first place.  I had a specific set of parameters I wanted in a dog.  I had boys, so I needed a dog that could handle the rough and tumble of life with brothers; I was alone at the time, so I needed a dog that would protect me and my home.  I was also a single mother, so that meant I couldn’t afford vet fees, so I needed a dog that was a cross breed, who thrived on very little medical care and rarely got sick.  I wanted a dog that would be loyal and loving, a dog that wouldn’t bark unless there was a good reasons and a dog that was smart enough to be trained with both vocal commands and hand signals.  I searched the net for ages and then I searched the pounds for a suitable puppy.  I needed a puppy because I had cats and birds and I couldn’t trust an older dog in my home, I needed a young one who could happily grow up around these other animals and not eat them.

Jasper in his Jumper
Jasper in his Jumper

After a while of searching, I let it go.  I’d had enough of looking and other things struck my attention as being more important.  Then, one day, I on the way home from my son’s drumming lessons I got this strong urge to call into a particular pet store.  I thought I would be buying some bottom feeder fish for my aquarium, but, instead there was a little waggy tailed puppy.  My son fell in love and I ummed and ahhed.  They said he was a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever.  Both very similar breeds, one is short haired and one long.  I though, ok, this dog won’t get too big, I don’t want a horse of a dog…Well we took him home and called him Jasper.  Jasper grew  and grew and grew…pretty soon it was clear he was not a Labrador crossed with a retriever, he was crossed with either a ridge back or a mastiff.  He is now 3 yrs old and 40 kg or 88 pounds!  Yep, he’s a big boy.

Jasper being good.
Jasper being good.

He is everything I asked for in a dog and more.  But the point of this Spiritual Comment is not that I got what i asked Mother Earth for, it’s that the animal came to me.   It’s that the dog was a true friend waiting for him family.  He is a brother to my sons and a child to me.  Yet he is a dog.

As I was thinking about all of this during the mundane task of washing up, I began to think back to a time when I was 18, when I was friends with a lady who was into exploring all aspects of spirituality.  She was a bit older than me and she owned a spiritual shop.  She gave Readings and she had many spiritual experiences along side of me.  She understood me.  We found a clearing out near a manmade lake, in the outback of Queensland and there we would do very earthy rituals and commune with mother earth.  She got into shamanism and we went out there one time to do a shamanistic ritual for beginners.  We had to sort of stomp and dance in a circle and chant.  We had lit a fire in the middle and we were getting right into it, when suddenly a rush of energy came over me and I heard every voice of every animal that existed on the planet at that time.  It was a totally spiritual experience.  It was better than any human intimacy I had ever experienced.  It was like my mind was filled with the luminosity of gold.  My friend got spooked, I don’t know what she experienced, but she broke the connection for me and then I didn’t hear it anymore.  But I was left this knowing sense that Humans are the sum of all the creatures on the planet.  Our bodies are made up of all the most efficient workings of all the other bodies and our personalities can reflect all the aspects of each and every one of those animals that walk this planet with us.  With that knowledge firmly implanted in my mind, I hear the sound of wings above my head and I looked, only to see nothing.  It was a spirit bird I could hear.  I hear the beating wings maybe three times and then a song.  I didn’t know the language at the time, but i knew it was sacred.  I have since sung it to a few trusted people, who have told me it sounds very Native American.  I don’t know if some of the words are real or not, I don’t know what the words mean…I just know that when I sing this song, I feel so much closer to my soul and so much closer to Mother Earth.  I can only write it phonetically so here it is…

OOsha balah hayo

Oosha bala heya a

Oosha bala heyo

Monai o haro haya

Oosha bala heyo

Oosha bala heya a

Oosha bala heyo

Monai o haro heya

I call this song my ‘sacred blessing’ because it came to me in such a way.

I have had many wonderful experiences with animals, both wild and domestic.  I think it’s important to recognise that they do represent aspects of ourselves if they come to you, because they are reflecting themselves in you.  Just as we mirror ourselves onto other humans.  Animals are our teachers as much as we are teachers to each other.  I personally never use terms like ‘you filthy animal’ because I don’t think of myself as above animals.  I am at the top of my pack as far as my dog, jasper is concerned, but that is because he has a huge mouth and if he thought he was top dog we’d all get bitten and my cats would be his lunch.

Jasper busted on the couch!
Jasper busted on the couch!

This brings me back to Jasper, he is my loyal companion.  I realised that I am a loyal friend too.  I realised that I stick around for quite a while and I turn the other cheek allot before I choose to walk away from a friend.  I still love them though, even if the time together has run it’s course.  Just like a loving loyal dog would with a human who chose not to love it back.  During the time that I adopted jasper, I had been betrayed by three people and I was healing from that hurt.  He reminded me that I was a good person and that I was loving and loyal, even if I had suffered this set back.

Animals come to us for many reasons.  They usually come to us to teach us something about ourselves, because we are the sum of all the animals here on the planet and as such, we have the most to learn about who we are.  We are the Human Animal.  We must take responsibility for that.


A More Peaceful You.

As I was meditating on what to talk to you about tonight, I heard a simple word in my mind….Peace.  It is one of the foundations of love that we have been discussing and it is a vital force for good.  But where does peace come from and how is it expressed.

Peace - Image thanks to giftsweoverlook.blogspot.com

Peace is the feeling of quiet in your mind and in your heart.  It is a stillness that brings an apathy toward negativity and a confirmation of love.  It dwells within us all, even those who are the most evil of mind and heart have moments of peace wash over them as they concentrate or go about mundane tasks.   The arrested criminal walks peacefully with the Policeman to the finger printing counter and answers the routine questions.  The misogynistic dictator eats peacefully his meal while he ponders the passing clouds in the sky.

We all experience peace.

Like Love, peace cannot be forced or manufactured; it cannot be taken or given it must rise up within the heart and mind of the beholder.  Some of us, dwell less in peace within our inner lives and more in chaos.  We let hurtful self talk bruise our minds and curdle our hearts.  We allow the nasty words of others to penetrate our hearts and minds and poison us away from peace.  But it still dwells there.  Within the troubled mind, it is still accessible.  It takes only the light to be turned off of the room with the hurts and the door to close and the light to be turned on to the room that holds your inner peace and the door to be opened.  We compartmentalise our lives in general anyway, we like to label and put things in little boxes.  Why not visualise putting your hurts and upsetting words into a room in your mind?  A room you could choose first to visualise and make real for you.  You could even paint it or draw it.  You could staple the painting to another piece of paper to create and envelope and write down each of the sentences and regrets and angry words and names that conjure up pain and cut them into little strips of paper and put them into the envelope that represents the door to your hurts in your mind.  Then you could staple it shut.  Keep it shut if you like.  Or choose to bring something out and deal with it, that  is up to you.  But create  another  room in your mind and heart, for the inner peace you were born with to rise up and envelope your inner world.  Like a warm blanket and hot coco on a cold winter’s night, peace comes with a good measure of comfort and love.

Practise being peaceful every day.  Pin point what it is that stresses you the most about life and consciously choose to not let it affect you so much.  For me, it’s the mess my kids make in my kitchen and their apathy towards keeping the kitchen clean.  It invites a felling like I’m walking through spiders webs, when my kitchen is a mess.  I hate it!  But I have resigned myself to working on my kids doing one small part of the process of keeping it clean each day and building on that.  It’s working.  Because I’m being peaceful, I am not stressing myself out or my children.

It means I am less stressed when driving or when people come over to visit, I am less stressed on the phone or when I am in the office at the computer.  Just that one identified thing, and a change in attitude to be more peaceful about it has changed my world.   What is the one thing that stresses you out the most?  Is it a colleague at work or the commute to work?  Is it something someone does around you or  a way that someone speaks to you?  Try to make a conscious choice to be more peaceful about it.

Try this…Close your eyes and see in your mind a chair.  Go and sit in the chair and let your body go heavy.  Be as heavy and as comfortable in that chair as you like.  Throw your legs over the arm of the chair, imagine you have a yummy meal to eat while you are in the chair, just be in that chair.  Now look up and see the clouds in the sky gently moving and changing in the the breeze.  See the tree leaves sway.  Hear the birds sing.  Hear Nature’s music in their song.  Now, let you mind go blank as you just zone out and stare.  Keep your mind in this place for as long as you like.  This is a peaceful state of mind and it works.  Whenever you are getting stressed, just go back to your comfy chair in your mind and stare at the clouds.  Ahhh

Peace within oneself is a beautiful thing.  It creates a state of being that is more open to love and communication.  It is apathetic towards negativity and choosing to be peaceful even for one minute a day is way better for your complexion.

Imagine how much more beautiful we Humans would be, radiating from the inside out, if we all chose to take the time to be in a conscious state of peace.


Self Love

When you were a child at primary school, did the other kids ever taunt you and tell you that you ‘love yourself’?  Like that meant you were supposed to be full of yourself and your ego would explode on the walls?  I remember kids saying that to each other all the time.

I remember getting sucked into it and telling other kids this mean thing aswell.  It was seen as wrong to love yourself, because they didn’t understand there is a difference between being full of your own self worth and having self love.

self love
self love

These days, I can proudly say that yes, I do love myself.  But I am not very good at keeping an inflated ego, (I just wouldn’t fit through the door frames) so I keep my self love to myself .  It shows to others in the way I act and present myself both in person and online.  It’s easy and when I think back to those times when I found that I felt I had to reject myself for whatever reasons, I remember that I was always so very stressed out.  Self rejection takes allot of work.   I think it does, you know.  I think rejecting yourself is a full time job that can consume your mind and can harden your heart to the softer, more colourful experiences life has to offer.  I am not perfect, I am still hard on myself and I still feel down about myself sometimes.  But there is always something I can think about that makes me feel happy about me again and something I can focus on that gives me a sense of self worth.

When I was 17, I attempted to commit suicide.  I couldn’t see that I was loved and that anyone cared.  I felt that there was no point anymore and that I was ugly.  I had begun to drink and smoke too much and I was an occasional drug user.  I found that when I was sober, I couldn’t string two words together, I had lost my confidence to speak.  I began to seep away from the world in to the black cave in the very back of my mind and there, I hid and hoped that someone would find me.  But all that found me was more pain and it was allot of hard work to stay there.  I had to believe I deserved to be there, I had to convince myself that no one wanted me in the light, I had to convince myself that I was invisible.

This state of mind led me to taking some sleeping pills.  I slept all day and in the afternoon, I was disappointed that I awoke to the sound of a knock on my door.  It was a friend of mine, who had been suffering from terrible regular migraines.  She was also in the play at the local theatre that I was in and she came to pick me up to go to a theatre troop party.  I knew she held me in high esteem, I had laid my hands on her several times and literally drawn the pain energy out of her body, I would then go and hug a tree and transfer it into the trees at the front of her house…her trees grew very green!  When I had drawn enough of the pain energy out of her body, she would relax and sleep, wake up pain free.  I knew all this was between us, but I was selfish enough to think that my little dark cave was the best place for me.


Self Love Hands
Self Love Hands

I didn’t tell her what I had tried to do.  I went with her to the party and watched and listened as all the other theatre members grew excited about Opening night the following week.  I was a key member of the cast.  Not the lead, but a key member, just the same.  Had I taken too many of those sleeping pills, I would have finished the play and hurt all those people.

Later that night, we all went out to a night club, we lived in the outback town of Mt Isa, so everybody knew everybody…I was greeted by all these friendly acquaintances.  People who wanted to know how I was and what I was doing.  If my plan to take my life had come through, I would have hurt them too, because from a distance, my life mattered to them.

Even though all this information was passing into my brain, it wasn’t registering as I say it to you now.  What did register was that, I wasn’t actually serious about taking my life, and I wasn’t meant to die that day.  I was mean to live.  So I chose to live.  I chose to find a way out of that cave and into the light again.  It took me years and years.  I began to take notice of the things I said about myself, to myself and to others.  I began to look for why I was sad and to find a way to change it.  I began to see that I was worthy of love and that I was a worthy person to live and to breathe.  I began to realise I could achieve and that all along I had been making achievements.

Waves of Self Love
Waves of Self Love

My self love is not built on my own self importance.  I’m a mother, that is kind of put to one side in favour of the importance of my family.  My self love is based on my ability to see myself as a worthy person.  As a person who can and does achieve and contribute to the world, even if it is in a very small way.

It has been hard to see this for many reasons, but one big one has been that, because I was feeling so low, I was prey for the predator called narcissist.  These predators come in the disguise of friend, or lover, they can be a boss or a co-worker.  They are not very self loving actually, because they want to make someone else miserable to make themselves feel better…thus they lack self love.  But they can be very manipulative and controlling. Very charming in the beginning and very much make themselves out to be the teacher or the mentor you the sad one, is seeking.   When you have low self-esteem, you are an easy target for the likes of these predators.

If you are someone with low self-esteem and felling sad and lost.  Be aware that you are leaving yourself open to the narcissists of the world to prey on you and keep you down.

Better to begin a plan to bring yourself out of the conundrum of lacking self love and back into the light.  Better to find each day 10 min to tell yourself you are a good person and to take that time to see what you have achieved that day.  Better to feel good about that small achievement and build on that for the next day and so on until most of your private thoughts are filled with positive messages.  Then you will not be touched by the likes of a narcissist, because they cannot find a way to hook in a happy person.  A happy person is not vulnerable to the lies and the manipulations of a narcissist.  A happy person is free.

Self love is a choice and it is your birth right.  It is a natural gift each of us has to ourselves and to the rest of the world.  If we don’t practise self love more and more, we will never find our way into the light.  Imagine the world of Humans if we were all self loving creatures.  We would radiate so much love for ourselves and each other, that we would be truly sentient and peaceful.  There would never be any need for war again.

Do yourself a favour today, tell yourself ‘I love you’ and mean it.


Respect – A Foundation of Love

I want to tell you about something that happened to me and my 14yr old son the other day, and why respect plays a part in that. In Australia, my home town is Redcliffe, it’s a seaside village near Brisbane and although I don’t live there anymore, I still go from time to time to conduct business or meet with friends. It’s only a half hour drive from my house. Earlier this week my son and I had gone into Redcliffe to run some errands and we stopped at a cafe for some refreshments once we were done. It was late in the afternoon and most of the shops were shut on the esplanade as we went for a stroll together to get some fresh air. Sitting on the footpath, his back against a shop window, was a man in a wheel chair. An amputee, he had only one leg. He was begging for spare change. He would have been in his 50’s and he smelt like he was homeless. He frightened my son, who has autism, and is not used to seeing people like him…(mainly because of my son’s condition and the fact that we don’t venture out much. He likes to be in his home range.) I could see this was a man who had a story and I felt compassion for him. However, I didn’t give him any of my change. I felt a strong pull in my gut not to. Now I must respect my instincts. Should I go against them, 9 times out of 10, I will regret it later, so I stayed back and I said ‘Sorry, no’. My son was upset with me, but I told him that I donate money to a charity that helps people like him, because I know that anyone could end up in a wheel chair with a spinal injury or an amputation ect. and I like to think, this way I am helping people like this man. I wished him a Merry Christmas and we walked on.

A Beggars Hands
A Beggars Hands - Image thanks to http://www.maristmessenger.co.nz

When I was younger, I gave away my last 5 cents to beggars. But, you don’t tend to see them so much anymore. In Australia, there certainly are homeless people and there are many reasons for that homelessness. I used to know a gentleman who worked in the science museum as the exhibit co-ordinator, who slept in the park, because he couldn’t stand walls around him. There are people who have lost their housing, because the cost of living here is ginormous and there are people who have mental illnesses…these are just some of the reasons. I knew in my gut that this gentleman that day, was looked after and known by those people who care. I could see his clothes were clean and that he had some fat on his bones. He was well fed and he was cared for by someone.
This is an anicdote, not about so much my interaction with the homeless amputee, but about the respect I gave to myself firstly and then to my son and the gentleman. Sometimes, you have to listen to your gut and say no. Sometimes your gut says go for it and you do. My child was afraid and my gut said no. I didn’t speak rudely to the man though. He in turn was not rude towards me.
I expect he will not remember me, but I have thought about him since and I have sent him my feelings of love and hope for his future. Our state of minds place us in situations, be them begging on the street or surfing in the ocean. Our states of minds govern our lives.
Respect and being respectful, is a big foundation of love, because it allows us to interact with each other with more ease. Now there are ways and there are ways of getting respect. You can choose to force others to respect you by using fear. But you will never win their true love, or you can command respect from authority, enforced by a firm but gentle hand, in which case, you will be loved. You can gain respect by proving to yourself and to others that you have what it takes, or you can manipulate the minds of others with lies in order to acquire respect without earning it.
Should you choose the dark path to respect, you will find that the foundation of love will not be there. You will find that once your house of cards has fallen, and it will, you will see that in choosing this path, you firstly disrespected yourself, and then others. You will find that there are consequences to your actions that have a ripple effect going on for a long time afterwards and that will always be something you cannot deny.
Should you choose to gain respect through kindness, loyalty, friendship and authority, you will find that there will be a foundation of love built in your honour. You will be held in genuine esteem and you will be remembered for all the right reasons long after you are gone. People  generally don’t have streets or parks named after them, if they were an abuser of respect. Love and respect go hand in hand.

Respect Yourself First
Respect Yourself First - Image thanks to http://www.sourcesofinsight.com

Respect always starts with you. If you are disrespecting others, then first and foremost, you are disrespecting yourself, then the other person and then anyone else who may be indirectly involved.
Be aware of your motives and your reasoning for choosing to go ahead with decisions around respect. When you first meet someone, give them respect, if they chose to dishonour that, then remove it from their energy field. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a ride. Even if someone seems to be in a position of poverty. Have a good look at them. Take it all in. I did, when I saw that gentleman, I knew the area and I know that it is full of church groups just bursting with love for people like him. I could see he was fed well and his clothes were clean.
Self love, also involves self respect. So respect starts with the way you view you. Others will pick up on it too, and most will afford you respect simply because they can see you respect yourself.
What do we do if someone is disrespecting us?
Well that is a topic for another Spiritual comment.


More on Spirit Guides

This week I posed the question on my face Book Fan Page, what do you want me to talk about on this week’s spiritual comment?  Well the answer was Spirit Guides and your relationships with them.  Now I have talked before about my relationship with my spirit guides, but I feel it is an important topic and one we can certainly explore some more.

Spirit Guides
Image thanks to oracleandtarotgoddess.wordpress.com

For those of you who are new to the term, Spirit Guides are Benevolent Beings who guide you in life from the other side.  They can be ancestors or animals, they can be alien kind or they can be angel kind.  They can be any kind of life form that exists in the spirit realm, but they must only reside in the light.  If you think you have a spirit guide with you, but you feel that you are not guided so much as more being influenced, then you are suffering from an Influential spirit.  The Influentials do not reside in the light. They reside in the dark and shadow and very often they are

Earth bound spirits.  Now I am not going to go too deeply into Influentials today, as I want to stay on topic, but it is important to know the difference.  Spirit Guides, guide you.  Influential spirits influence you.

Now, the purpose of life, not matter what form it takes, is to learn and grow.  Even a tree must learn to hold fast in the wind and learn to encourage some creatures to live in its leaves and to discourage others.  Life must always learn adapt and grow.  So too must your spirit guides.  They are with you to help you to learn adapt and grow, but in doing so, they too are going through the same process, in their own unique lessons.    Guides may learn how best to help you, finding out that you can’t help someone so well if their head is full of music and noise, but you can say if they are doing a mundane task like mopping a floor, because their head is more empty of thoughts.  A guide who is new to the job, may choose to materialise at your bedside one night, thinking this will get your attention and then you can chat…only to find that you waken scared out of your mind and closed off to the conversation.   The job description of being a Spirit Guide has many lessons and many rewards.  Just like any other job you or I may encounter in Life.

It makes sense to me that those Benevolent Spirits who choose to become Guides would have a mentor, a more experienced Guide who will help them through the frustrations and the rewards of guiding we Humans.  Just as there are frustrations in parenting, I know that there will be many frustrations in Guiding.

Many people want to know who their Guides are and this is a valid question.  I personally don’t know the names of my guides, I just know that there a five permanent Guides who support me in this life time and they like me to call them The Old Ones.  I have incorporated them into the two books I have written, the first of which will be published in the New Year.

Really you don’t have to know their names, though it can be important for some people in making that connection permanent.  What you do need to know is that all your guides agreed to help you in life before you were born.  You and The Great Spirit and your guides and Mother Earth all had a meeting as such and certain agreements were put into place.  You would be born at a certain hour, when the stars aligned in a certain way, you would choose certain parents and therefore have a particular cultural experience and you would have a certain name that set you up for your personalities’ vibration and you would have certain Guides to help you through your Life lessons and help you to achieve your mission.  Now some Guides will have signed up to be with you all your life, like my 5 Old Ones are for me, some, however, will only be with you to help you through a particular experience or lesson, such is their expertise. Some Guides will be with you for a moment in time only, others for a year and others for only a day.  You will always have your guides with you, the permanent guides may step aside while the temporary guides do their thing, but you will never ever walk alone.

Ghostly presence
Ghostly Presence: Image thanks to myspacepimper.com

Having said that, if you choose to close off from your guides, you will run the risk of allowing Influentials to tap into your vibration and take over your sub conscious mind.  This is very important to know, because you don’t want to be influenced.  This is how you end up addicted to drugs or alcohol, or how you become irrational and violent.  Because Influentials like to tap into the dark side of your nature and cultivate it.  They like to create destruction.  Your Guides will never ever walk away from you, should this occur.  Instead they will try to harness your conscience and talk to you at a Soul level.  You will hear them in your sleep and in the time when you are almost asleep.  They will plague your conscience until you listen, trying to get you to feel and know that you need to change and get rid of those things you are doing that empower the Influentials.

Sometimes, you have a lesson in life that requires Influentials to act first.  These Influentials are carefully monitored and are there to cause you to rise above a situation and become a better person.  Remember, The Great Spirit of Life has the power of both good and bad.  It will harness both side of this power to create a balance within you if necessary.

So you want to have a relationship with your guides, but you don’t know where to start?  I want to remind you that you already know them.  It is like this.  I have a friend who I met when I was 19.  She was the girlfriend of my brother and we were friendly acquaintances.  We became a little closer during a camping trip, but as I was a medical student at the time, I was engrossed in my studies and when they broke up, it didn’t affect me.  I sort of didn’t notice, but i did care, if that makes sense.  Well, a few years passed and I saw her down at the shops, we exchanged phone numbers and talked.  Then I didn’t see her for another few years and again we bumped into each other, I gave her my business card and we parted ways.  Earlier this year, we bumped into each other again and we promised to catch up.  I couldn’t find her and I left it up to fate. She found me and we finally did catch up.  When we were sitting on her porch having coffee, I said to her..you know, I feel like I’ve known you my whole adult life.  She said, you have.  We just haven’t ever been able to sit and really talk.  We are now close friends and we have a connection of past history  and times of brief heartfelt encounters.

Spirit Guide and Human
Spirit Guide and Human: Image thanks to in5d.com

This anecdote is very much like the beginnings of a well rounded relationship between a person  and their guides.  You will know each other, you will love each other, but it will take the right time and place for it to all come together.  Then, will come the time of learning to trust each other.    That comes with you learning to tune in and listen and them trust in that you will take their guidance and direction.  Start with listening to them about traffic conditions and directions, or asking for a parking place.  Just little things when you are getting about.  Then move onto asking them to tell you how many clients you will have in a day or whose going to ring on the phone.  Build it up slowly.  Also, work on feeling them beside you.  It is like you are in the middle of a group of friends.  Fell the closeness of the friends who stand with you.  It’s not crazy if you don’t tell people who don’t get it.  But it does sound a little strange to sceptical people and psychiatrists.  So use discernment when you talk to others about your relationships with your guides.

Your guides want to teach you and show you the way.  They want to warn you about people and situations and they want to protect you.   But it’s only lip service if you don’t act on their guidance.

I am a channel and much of what I have told you today, has been channelled to you by my Guides.

I hope you got something out of it.


Feed Your Mind

Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey : Image thanks to schoolofthinking.org

I am the kind of person who is always out to learn something.  I want to know and I want to listen.  I take my time when I have to, before I respond to something, because I see the value in thinking things over and I think allot.  I find that choosing to sit and think about things is like a contemplative meditation.  It gives me time and space to absorb how I’m feeling and how I’m affecting others.  It gives me time and space to see how the other person is thinking and feeling and how they are affecting me.

I love to be informed.  Information to me is the most interesting thing, because, with the knowledge of something new, I am able to form more rounded opinions and perspectives.  I like to listen to the news and learn about what is going on in my community and in the world.  I choose to watch World News, not just National news.  Because I know that even though there are people who have no idea that I exist out there, if I know about something good or bad in their lives, I feel more connected to them.  In feeling connected to others, I feel connected to myself.

I got my thirst for knowledge growing up with two academic parents.  Both of them have 11 life path numbers, which in Numerological terms means that they are people who love to learn.  I grew up watching documentaries and the news.  I grew up learning about as many cultures as I could and about politics.  I think it’s important to know about politics.

Head in the sand
Head in the sand: Image thanks to innoconnects.net

Too many people seem to fear politics or are angry at it.  I come across many people who don’t understand it and they feel overwhelmed by it.  Politics is important to learn about, because you are then going to understand the systems of government in your country.  You are going to be able to make more informed decisions and be able to have your say in who runs your town, your state and your country.  It is important to know who your political leaders are and it is important to know who are the leaders of other countries.  Guaranteed your Prime Minister or President knows each of them.  They will have met them at conferences and at meetings.  These are the people representing the nations that your country trades with.  These are the people representing the countries that your tourism dollars may go to, your retail dollar and even sometimes your food dollars etc.

Too many people glaze over, when the news starts talking politics, and this plays into the hands of those who are in power and who may have ill intentions.  You know, I don’t think you can really escape politics, even if you are working in a small office. There is still going to be some politics.  Who’s the boss of who, who is in agreement of decisions and who opposes and why.  Sound familiar?

I have a personal policy that I spend most of my TV viewing time watching documentaries and the news.  I spend maybe only 2-3 hours a week watching actual tv shows.  This is because I am so very busy that when I sit down to watch something on TV, I want to be informed.  I want to then take that information away and use it to strike up a conversation with someone.  In this way, I utilise my television viewing to enhance my relationships with others.  I also use it to bond with my children more.  Because we have interesting conversation, my children can then go out into the world and use the knowledge gained to strike up interesting conversations with others.

Think about it.  It is limiting to talk to a new acquaintance about an old re-run of Friends, but talk to them about the current ‘Occupy’ movement (for example) and they will be throwing ideas and opinions around like badminton with you for ages!

Newspaper Reading
Newspaper Reading: Image thanks to mtlchs.org

Television is not the only way I choose to be informed.  I also read the newspaper, read books and study.    The more I use my mind, the better it becomes at absorbing new information and the sharper I am in my thinking and in my spiritual abilities.

Did you ever contemplate a position another person has found themselves in?  Did you ever hear of an injustice against another person and feel outraged on behalf of that person you’ve never met?  Have you ever considered why different cultures have different ways of doing things and in that, what caused those ways to come about?

Feeding your mind and thinking broadly, taking an interest in everything around you will make you good company to yourself and to others.  If you are not actively feeding your mind, stop what you are doing and choose to spend 30 min a day catching up on what you have missed.

If you can, travel, to learn more.  If you can’t, jump on the Net and look things up.  If your news service is not telling you about the rest of the world, over ride it by going onto the internet and streaming some news that matters into your computer.

Being an informed person is a matter of great importance to your success in life.  It feeds into your self confidence and into your ability to think with an open mind.  You don’t have to agree with everything that you see and hear.  But you can always wonder how and why.  You can always investigate more and learn more for yourself.

The more open minded you are, the more opportunities will be able to come your way.

And that is a wonderful thing.


Religious Attitudes/ Spiritual Thinking

Father and Son in Prayer
Father and Son in Prayer: Image thanks to sharewhy.com

Spirituality is expressed in many forms of religious and non religious practise.  We see that some of these practises have become popular and religions like Christianity, Islam and Hindu are deeply set into many cultures.  Religion is at its roots a spiritual expression of the worshipping of something perceived to be greater than ourselves.  However, spiritual teachings like Buddhism, say that this worship also includes ourselves, in that we are all part of this greater spiritual force.

What matters is that you are able to feel your spiritual connection to All That Is, how you choose to seek that connection is up to you.  In today’s society, it is more important than ever that we all realise and seek this connection and that we show our children that there is such a thing.  So many people are choosing to turn their backs on religion, mainly from what I can see, because they see some of  the organisations that run the religions as being corrupt.  The activities of certain priests and clerics are upsetting to reasonable minded people and they don’t wish to take part in any organisation that sweeps this kind of behaviour under the carpet.  This is understandable.  Human nature is, as I have always said to you, at its core benevolent.  Human nature is not going to wish to work with corruption of morals and of power for long before it says ‘No’.  Religion is an understanding and a philosophical lifestyle, a belief system,  it is not an organisation or a single corrupt individual, unfortunately people don’t always view it this way.

More upsetting for many people is the attitude that some religious organisations express, that there way is the only way and everyone else is wrong and they are going to either hurt others into submission or persecute them for having a different view.  This attitude is not spiritual.  It is not an attitude that is loving, nor is it an attitude that invites willing new participants into the fold.  All roads lead to home.  Part of the magic of freewill, is the path we each choose to find our way home.  For some of us, we already know we are home and we just wish to radiate that feeling to others.

Many religious organisations have a part of their book of knowledge that states that divination is wrong and that anyone who practises it is evil.   Should you care to look, however, you would see that other parts of their book of knowledge states that each person has spiritual gifts and they are welcome to use them.  I feel it is important to address this issue, as I myself have gone through a re-birthing ritual with the Heavenly Spirit and I felt my spiritual gifts were enhanced.  Yet, for years, certain religious people would accuse me of being an evil doer and persecute me for using these gifts.  I cannot say I liked them, but I never felt they were evil themselves for taking the time out of their day to seek out another peaceful person and deliberately disrupt them.  I have felt angry and upset in the past by it.  I have felt the rise and tightening feeling of anger, but I haven’t lashed out physically or even answered them back.  What would that prove?  That would only play into their fantasy of me being a wrong person who needs to atone for my sins by being persecuted.

In my years of Spiritual service,(this is how I see my body of work), I have had more people from a Christian background than people of a non religious background, seek my help.  I have discovered this very private, yet very universal feeling that lays inside those who have sat with me for my guidance.  They all love their God, yet they feel they cannot seek a priest for council, because they all feel more of a spiritual connection with their God than a religious one.

Church Group Serving Humanity
Church Group Serving Humanity: Image thanks to habitatforhumanityofdaviesscounty.com

This is the crux of what I am trying to say.  Religion is and always has been, a vehicle for seekers of All That Is, God or the many Gods and Goddesses.  It has provided a foundation for teaching morals and respect, it has provided a foundation of community and of philanthropy, religion has given many people comfort in the difficult times and friendship in the good times.  These reasons and many more, I’m sure you can think of, are why religion is good.  But the negative aspects of it are causing the attitude of those who wish to worship to change.  Religion is spiritual.  And Spirituality is the naked truth of religion.  By embracing those who seek a simple spiritual path and by embracing those who seek a religious path, religion will survive.

It will be interesting to see how the good, kind, loving natured Humans of Mother Earth choose to evolve their religious practises over the next 100 years, as we as a species hit the quickening and evolve spiritually en mass.  In the mean time, if you are a spiritual person who is talked to rudely be a religious person, because they think you are doing something wrong.  Do not fight them.  Do not respond to them until you look at them deeply in their eyes and seek to find that part of their Soul which is connected to their God and tell them ‘I can see you feel angry and you feel outraged.  It’s ok.  I understand.  I love God too.  We can be Brothers or Sisters.   I care about your heart.’  Should they reject that.  Just walk away, knowing you are still the peaceful soul you always were and wish them the time and space to realise this too.

Love, Life, All that Is, is always going to be here.  Long after all the arguments over it have passed.



A Description of Love.

Little Baby From God
Little Baby From God: Image thanks to http://www.hiren.com

When a baby is born, it is a creature full of potential.  Potential is like power, it does not vibrate in the light or in the dark.  It just is.  Potential is possibility, the future growth, the magical wonder of what could be.  In order for that potential to be allowed to become fulfilled it needs one vital ingredient… Love.  You can give a child food and water and clothing and shelter, you can give them toys and games and education and discipline, but that child will remain an empty vessel never ever able to reach its full potential without love.  It is the vital ingredient to growing a happy healthy and well-rounded Human Being.  It is so vital in fact that science has taken note of it.  Studies have been done on the difference that touch makes to premature infants.  Even Autism advocate and Bovine expert, Temple Grandin, found a way to experience the physical comfort of love, by creating a machine that could hold her body in a light squeeze.  Thus releasing the vital chemicals in her brain she needed in order to be a happier person.

Love is expressed both spiritually and sexually, it is expressed via the heart and via the head, and it is expressed through actions and through thinking.  It is, in its pure form, a compassionate act.  An act of service and of kindness.  Love grows within the bearer as well as within the recipient every time it is expressed.  It goes beyond emotions, love is a feeling.  It knows no boundaries of time and space, no fence lines, no barriers of country or language.  Love does not care what colour you are, what religion you are, what species you are.  It doesn’t even care if you have style and flair, or if you prefer to dress for comfort.  Love just is.  Love just wants to grow.  It is like a perpetual motion machine.  Like an ancient tree, living for eternity, flowering and going to fruit, spreading its seeds in the hearts and minds of all who breathe in the oxygen it produces.

Love is the essence of a new born baby.  A chick hatching from an egg, a Joey kangaroo climbing up its mother’s fury tummy to finish it’s gestation within her pouch.

Love is the willingness to stop, wait, listen and consider another.

Love is generous.  It gives for the sake of giving.  Knowing that in giving love, it will grow in love and it will then spread more love and where there is love, there is light and freedom and courage.  Love respects others; it stands back and allows others their space.  It shows itself respect by respecting others too.  Love considers the needs and wants of others, it considers the belongings of others and what others find to be of importance.  Love wants to learn about those things and to grow from that learning.

Lady Beetle
Lady Beetle: Image thanks to ritholtz.com

Love delights in the little things: in a Lady Beetle gliding over a blade of grass, in the light in a child’s eyes when they see something for the first time.  Love delights in delight.  For delight is an enlightening joy in the heart of the delighted and love is at the centre of that delight.  It is the spark that creates that feeling of joy and wonder within.

Love is kind and considerate.  Love says, how you are or how was your day.  Love offers to pick up a dropped item or serve another with a drink of water to quench their thirst.  Love is kindness and kindness is love because, One cannot be kind without first feeling the pull of love to act.  Love creates the urge to be kind and to act on that urge.  Love is noble in kindness.

Love is forgiving, for love knows that only in the making of mistakes, can a heart or mind fully learn the lessons it needs in order to grow.  A seed must break the surface tension of the soil, in order to feel the sun’s rays upon its skin.  So too must a heart and mind face challenges and grow, in order to bask in the light of love.  Love has the capacity to forgive, because it is aware of this fact and it knows how far love itself has come.

A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love: Image thanks to crocodilian.com

Love is committed to being loving and spreading love.  Love is a contagious virus that infects the heart even before it is born and is essential in the proper growth of an animal child.  Even some snakes nurture their young.  The jaws of a Crocodile may offer death to many who encounter them, but to that of a new born baby Crock they are a safe haven, mother’s tongue gently pressing them against her palate, as she carefully places them into the water.  Not all animals are nurtured by their parents, but all are loved, because love is radiated from Mother Earth Herself.  She gives love to all Her children, She permeates Her love to those animals who are abandoned by their parents and She provides them shelter and food and warmth.  Even a desert lizard is given a drink of water from the morning dew, via the boundless energy of love…as is understood by environmental science.

Love inspires the heart and mind to grow.  It gives the heart a platform to speak and the mind an outlet to perform.  Love encourages the potential to be teased out of the heart and mind, creating a dynamic that expands them to their full capacity, whatever that capacity may be.  Love inspires the brush of paint on a canvas or the stroke of a pen on a page.  Love is the muse who encourages the inventor to continue on his quest and or the poet to write his song.  Love inspires love to be spread by love and to be expressed by love. Love is inspirational.

The foundations of love are respect, delight, kindness, generosity, forgiveness and inspiration.

Like a spectrum of love, each of these words has a colour and a vibration.  Should we paint the colours of these words onto a spectrum wheel and spin it fast, we would see how each of these words merges into the next to form the white light of love.   Thus, love can become visible to the naked eye.  Dr Emoto found this out when he photographed a molecule of water after he had meditated over it chanting the word ‘love’.  The snow flake like appearance of the water molecule, is a thing of beauty and wonder, in itself.  Love is worth the effort of prayer and meditation.

Hands of Love
Hands of Love : Image thanks to dearonelovegod.blogspot.com

You are a vessel of water.  A vessel of water that has the potential to feel and give and believe and express love.  You have the choice to be loving and to dwell your mind in delight.  You have the choice to be a loving and kind person, a person who is brave enough to forgive and kind enough to be generous.  You are a person who has the capacity to be inspired by others and to be an inspiration.   Love is your true guide in life.  Embrace it, it is your birth right.  Love is free and it is within your true nature. Love is natural.


Occasional Self Doubt.

So how are you coping with life just now?  How’s your personal journey travelling?  There is so much change and uncertainty around, it is not a wonder that the running theme with my clients this week has been that of self doubt.  I am not immune to this internal menace.  Self doubt can be crippling and if you let it, it can overrule your life and prevent you from moving forward and taking opportunities.

Self-Doubt: image thanks to miller-mccune.com

I went through a period of about a year and half of self doubt around 4 years ago.  I had been successful in my work, I was growing my reputation as a Funeral Celebrant and I had people flying interstate just to have a Reading with me.  Everything was going smoothly, or so I thought.  There were issues in my life around my nuclear family which were beginning to take their toll and were unable, at the time to be resolved.  Because of this, my mind-set was a little crumpled and more and more as I stepped out into he outside world, I was feeling beaten down by the competitive nature of others in my industry.  I began to feel I wasn’t as good as them, I began to think that my abilities were not as powerful and not as accurate.  I couldn’t take the cattiness of women and the mind games of co-workers.  Normally, I’d just ignore this kind of behaviour and rise above it, or just don’t get involved, but during this time, I let myself get affected by it.

Self doubt had begun to win.  I stopped working as a professional clairvoyant, I took less and less funeral jobs and I began to hide from the world.  I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough and that my abilities were not all I’d thought they were.

This went on for a good 18 months.  Until one day, a woman rang me in a state of confusion and grief.  She asked if I could counsel her and help her to get her head around her life.  I felt badly for this person and I agreed.  However, that day, I also received another phone call.  This one was from a Dr, to tell me the results of some tests.  I was told that one of my children had a special need.  I now had to get my head around both of my children having been diagnosed with a disability.  My emotional state, was a heavy low.  I needed some time out and my Mother came and took me for a coffee.  The woman I’d agreed to help rang me several times.  She wanted to see me earlier, she was a mess.    Eventually, I picked myself up and took myself home.

Counselling session
Image thanks to tharagayhouse.co.za

I greeted my client and sat down with her, I drew a map of her life and we discussed what was out of balance and what was in need of some more attention.  I gave her a plan and I made her a cup of tea and I let her talk.  In the end I told her why I hadn’t answered my phone and she was humbled.  She hadn’t considered that I would have had my own issues to deal with that day, and that was ok.

From that time on, more people began to ring me and seek out my expertise.  I didn’t advertise and I hadn’t told many people what I did.  They were recommended to me or my card mysteriously jumped out of their bookshelf. I’d get phone calls from people who’d seen me at a big festival 6 months before and they wanted to thank me for the advice I’d given them.  I was being propped up, by my Guides.  My guides were showing me that my abilities were real and that I was good enough.

My Guides and the people who I’d Read for in the past, were slowly showing me, it was all going to be ok and that it was just fine for me to believe in myself.  They were showing me that they needed me to believe in myself again.  They were showing me that if I did believe in myself I could be successful at what I do.  So, after a while, I did.  I chose to let go of the faces in my mind whose eyes were piercing at me, telling me I wasn’t as good as them.  I realised that more than likely I was a threat to them and that is why they treated me so.  I let go of the words “I’m not good enough’ and I replaced them with the words ‘I am good enough’ and ‘I can do it’.

I started to allow myself to feel good about whom I am and to embrace my life once and for all.  I think this was the key to the big change.  I really just said ‘stuff it, stuff all the attitudes that I’ve encountered.  They don’t represent me.  They are not who I am.  I am me and I deserve my place in life.’

So I over came that period of self doubt and I began to grow in my strength.

I still sometimes hear words of self doubt in my mind.  But when that happens, I choose to remind myself of all the achievements I’ve made.  I think of all the good things I have going and all the blessings I have.

There is always going to be someone better than you and someone lesser than you.  But you are also that someone who is better than another and lesser than another.  That is why we are here to teach each other.  Life would be boring if we were all growing at the same speed.

Lady in the garden.
Lady in the Garden: image thanks to blog.travelpod.com

Self doubt is a dark pace to dwell.  If you are feeling low and your mind is filled with the lies that self-doubt speaks, turn it around by stepping out into the garden and looking at the things you know are real.  The grass under foot, the sky above.  The bird in a tree.  Then remind yourself of the things you know are real and good about you.  Your achievements, your good heart and your blessings.  Each time self doubt creeps back, choose to prove it wrong by learning more and being more and living more.  Don’t let it win.  You will find the cold dark cave of self doubt is no place for a beautiful kind soul like yourself.


11. 11. 11 Remembrance Day

The master number 11 is the number of the apprentice, learning their craft, readying to surpass the master/mentor they have before them.  As is in human nature, our advancement rests on the backs of those achievements that have come before.  As the achievements speed up to completion, more can be made and a quickening, if you like, occurs.  This is what we have been seeing over the past 150 years.  A slow and steady momentum rising into a quickening.  We Humans are evolving faster now than ever before, but where are we going to evolve to?  What are we to become?

The world wide spiritual awakening is the next process in the quickening.  It will bring many people together, who once before may have opposed each other.  It is why we are seeing existing financial structures in ruins, why would we want to go back to a dominating force for greed, when we are awakening to the fact that we are all interconnected and that our decisions impact upon our planet.

Mother Earth
Image thanks to celestiamotherlode.net

Nothing happens without her, without Mother Gaia, Mother Earth – we are not here.  We can fight about religion and the unseen force that we’ve humanised as a Great Father all we like, but in spirit, this Great Heavenly Father has no physical form.  In the physical our Great Heavenly Mother, upon which we dwell, does.

In the coming weeks and months, we are going to witness more power brokers and heads of state fall from grace, we are going to see more men in suits be stripped naked of their mystique and be revealed for who and what they are.  We are going to see more people begin to wake up, literally, awaken out  of the trance they were lulled into by the fat cats who foresaw that if they could suppress the masses and cover their eyes with myths and fear, they could control them and they could exploit them.

‘There is enough for everyone.’  This is no original statement, but it is true, none the less.  We are the generation who will see the future of Human kind rise or fall.  Because we are the ones with the power.  A wise man said to me, yesterday, there is only 1 degree of separation when it comes to the Human spirit.  That one degree is only the separation of the bubble of consciousness of each individual soul.  If those souls were to fall away from each other, there would be a black hole, a vortex.  We are the fabric of the universe.  Our minds, our spirits, and not just those of the human, but of all living things and of those things that exist to support life.  All these things have a consciousness on some level and are interwoven.

Australian Serviceman Image thanks to greatwar.co.uk
Image thanks to greatwar.co.uk

Remembrance day is a day of reflection for the fallen soldiers.  Those who sacrificed their lives to uphold the safety and the ideals of the ones that they love.  This is a noble thing.  I totally acknowledge the fallen ones and those who still stand.  I myself have two cousins in the armed forces, one in the U.K and one in the USA.

However, I cannot see an enlightened human race needing to have arms, needing to have battles, needing to have war.  An enlightened human race, would be aware of the need for co-operation and of communication.  Of the lessons that a greedy leader may have to learn or an angry politician.  An enlightened human race, will know that their beautiful sons and daughters do not have to die or sacrifice their sanity or their limbs to fight on behalf of some man in a suit, who is not brave enough to step up to his opponent and look them in the eye.

I see this as the way of the future.  That as humans awaken more and more, they will demand peace.  They will demand that politicians and war mongers deal with their issues personally.  That they leave the beautiful sons and daughters to till the fields and create more abundance for all, not sacrifice their lives, so as these men in suits can sit in air conditioned offices, sipping latte’s and commanding others to do their dirty work.

We all believe in love, even if we don’t realise it.  Even the most evil person will have their heart tripped, with the wonder of a child, over a thing of beauty.  Love is the driving force behind the en mass awakening.  Love is what will guide the way.  It will not be easy, but neither is raising my teenage sons.  They are feisty and smelly and they create a mess, but they are good people inside, in their hearts they are sweet innocent children.  This is how Mother Gaia and Father Sky see you, see us, see the human race. Metaphorically speaking the Human Race is in its Teens, all squabbling over who looks the best and who’s the sexiest and who’s got the most bling.  But in the end, the teenagers who reads the most and enriches their mind, learns from their mistakes and moves forward in a positive mind-set, is the one who has the most to teach as an Adult.

Over  the coming 100 years, we are going to become Adult Beings.  Our potential will begin to be realised.  Our abilities will be revealed to us on many levels, not just in the physical, but in the mental and the spiritual aswell.  We will hit a young adult stage and then, realistically, by around the 23rd century, our souls will be fully awakened in our physical bodies.  We will be the equivalent of a 40 something fully grown human.  This is how the Physical Beings who are occupying Human bodies will be.  They will be like Gods to us if we were to meet the now, yet they are our children to come.  Just as we would be like Gods to those who lived in the 15th Century,  our ancestors.

Reflecting on Life, image thanks to kevinryates.com
Reflecting on Life, image thanks to kevinryates.com

Today, on this Remembrance Day, we can choose to look to the past and dwell there, or we can choose to look to the past and learn from all those mistakes and grow.  Grow like a flower reaching for the sun.  Embrace the quickening and allow our hearts and minds to awaken out of the greed and superficiality induced trance, cast on us by our would be suppressors.   We can choose to turn our backs on anger and evil and hurt and embrace love and passion and compassion.  Do not weep for those who have fallen, but stand strong in the knowledge that in their sacrifice, we will learn to be better humans and that nothing of their lives will have been spent in vein.

Bring on the awakening, the quickening, bring on the change.


Head Space and Environment

Image thanks to jagrimes.blogspot.com
Image thanks to jagrimes.blogspot.com

I am in the middle of a big Spring Clean at the moment and it prompted me to ask the question of you…how is your environment?  We worry about the environmental impacts of roads and mining and of industry on the Worlds flora and fauna, but we must also remember to think about our own home environments, too.  A wise man once said to me that your environment is a direct reflection of your head space.  So if your head space is all cluttered, chances are that your environment is too.

Like many Mums, I work from home.  It is difficult when your house is not quite big enough and there isn’t enough storage.  My office has soon become the dumping ground for paper work and computer cables, old shoes and things I just cannot describe.  So today, I got three big boxes out of my garage and I piled all this… stuff… into them and put it all out of my office.  Now I can think again.

I just cannot conduct business in a work space that is messy.  It feels like I have spiders webs in my hair, or I’m wearing a dirty old coat…you know the feeling?

Your environment is so important to your state of mental health too.  As we get to know each other, you will find that I will be talking more and more about mental health, because I think it is such an important part of a Human’s over all wellbeing and a topic that has been really abused and misconstrued for too long by so many.

Image thanks to robertgbarrett.com.au
Image thanks to robertgbarrett.com.au

If you are feeling low and have been suffering from say, anxiety, or depression, or another mental health issue…try the simple act of having a big clean out.  Get a garbage bag and throw out all the things you think are just rubbish.  Get a box and place in it, all the things you don’t need and you are happy to donate, and store away all the things that you can use, but you don’t need to have laying about.  This may take a long time.  I took a whole year, once.  I went through all my things and I made a massive pile of rubbish outside in my car port.  Then, one weekend, I hired a Skip/bin and my kids and I piled it all in there.  The man came along and took it all to the dump and I felt like I had whittled my life down to the bare essentials.  It was liberating!

It’s amazing, though, just how much stuff you can accumulate over a few short years.  Because, here I am almost three years later, with a big clean up necessary and this time I’m in a different house, so I don’t have a car port I can store it in, till I’m ready.  I do have a station wagon though, so I’m doing my dump trips and I’m feeling more and more awake and inspired, with each trip.

Image thanks to hillaryrubin.com
Image thanks to hillaryrubin.com

When two people move in together, inevitably, you will find there is way more gear in the house than there ever was before.  That is what has happened for me.  I think it’s important to recognise that some things that you may think are junk, are important to the other person.  So, there needs to be negotiation and there needs to be re-organisation of storage areas.

My mission statement is to Honour Life and to Encourage Success.  That starts with my home environment first, then my work environment and then my car environment and then I can reach that statement out into the rest of the world.

What is your mission statement?  Does it align up with your home and work environment?  Now just may be the time to get stuck in and do something about it, before your family descends upon you at Christmas time and you are left red faced with a big mess that you just cannot hide.


The Importance of Manners

Etiquette - image thanks to  famous2.all.co.uk
Etiquette - image thanks to famous2.all.co.uk

Something that I am very conscientious of is manners.  It is a central part of the way I interact with others and it is something I work hard to instil into my Sons.

I cannot speak for other societies, because I don’t live in them, but for the Australian Society, I have noticed a massive decline in the use of manners.  There are certainly many people who value manners here and speak out about the use of them, like well know Journalist Ita Buttrose, but for the most part, common courtesy has been laid away.  Maybe  it started with the fear that if someone knew your last name, they could look you up in the phone book and come to your house and ‘get ya’.  The the idea of first name basis moved into the Hospitals and Nurses were no longer given the title of ‘Sister’.

Something most disturbing to me, happened somewhere in the 90’s…A friend of mine’s Son was going to a High School where all the teachers and the Principal were on a first name basis with the kids!  This was a Christian High School, now; I would have thought that a religious school would have kept up the manners, but no.  It was gone.

Then more erosion came through, with Road Rage appearing with Drivers and people beginning to forget to even say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, let alone teaching their children such ‘old fashioned’ techniques of interaction!

Well I just can’t stand it.  Call me old fashioned, but in my Spiritual Ethics, I am someone who has manners.  I say ‘May I’ and ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’ and I call strangers Sir or Madam.  I was brought up to use an adult’s title when I addressed them and so I make my children do the same.

It never ceases to amaze me how, when I am introduced to a person, their last name is kept a secret and when I want to introduce my children to them, I have to ask and sometimes insist that they give me their last name, so as my sons can address them appropriately and with the respect they deserve.

One of my Brother’s friends complained when I introduced him to my son as ‘Mr Davis…he said, I am not Mr Davis, that is my Father…he’s Mr Davis.’  I said, ‘Mate, you are over 21 and you are an Adult, this is the way I am raising my sons and to them YOU are Mr Davis.  Take the respect, one day you’ll be as old as your Dad.’  He thought about it and he agreed, in fact, I think it made him feel good to be put back into a position of being respected by children.

"From Refresh Your Table Manners", by Luella Cuming, 1964 Family Circle. kitschy-kitschy-coo.com
Image thanks to kitschy-kitschy-coo.com

If you ever dine with me, you will know I am the ‘Manners Nazi’.  I have a real dislike for a lack of self control around food.  You make your Dog sit and wait before he eats, so it is only polite to wait for everyone to be seated and served before you start also.  At restaurants, we wait until everyone has been served before we eat.  There is nothing worse than being famished and having to watch someone else eat in front of you.  So we just don’t do it.  If the Restaurant is taking ages and is staggering the food, we ask for the first plates to be kept hot.

When driving, a simple wave to the driver behind you, who let you merge into traffic, goes a long way.  In fact, easing back to let another person in is a big one.  It is only polite.  You are in a line of traffic and you’ll get there eventually, so why do you have to be first?

I should write a book on manners, I am so big on them, because I like to feel that I am respected by others.  I like to feel I am worthy and that I am given time.  So, of course, I am going to pass that feeling on to everybody I interact with.  I am not perfect; there may be the odd occasion when I slip up.  But I feel it is only right to then own up and apologise for making an ass of myself.

As I’ve thought more on this subject, I have come to the conclusion that one of the reasons manners have declined, is because Humans are beginning to realise that we are all inter connected.  Humans have for some 20 years now, become more aware that each and every one of us is made up of the same mould.  For example, we no longer up hold Royalty as being like demigods; they are seen as people who hold an ‘office’.

In Australia especially, there is just no discernible class system.  We are more categorised by the way we act and hold ourselves and dress, not by how much money we have or by what family we come from.

As minds mingle and connect over the Internet, more and more boundaries are being torn down.  But we still need to interact on a physical level in the street and in the home.  We still need to be able to co-operate and to communicate effectively as a species.  Manners allow us to do that and they give children the boundaries they needed to aspire to be an adult worthy of respect.

Who doesn’t like being respected?  Being a person of manners starts with respecting yourself, then it will be easy to respect others in kind.  Think about it, how often to you experience good manners during your daily activities with others?  You can begin to change it around, with a smile, a wave, a thank you and a ‘may I please’…You’ll feel all the better for it.


Saving Animals

I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and as I talk to you, my audience about respecting all life, I often observe that with the things that I do as I get on with my day.  One of the habits I have formed since I was around 14, is to save stricken animals from the side of the road.

My boyfriend has now banned me from saving snakes, but until he came along, I was pulling lizards, turtles,snakes, kangaroos and birds off the road on a regular basis.   Now a days, I just sneak the snake off the road and hope to God, my kids don’t blab!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else help snakes, but I love them just as much as all the others.

Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.
Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.

Yesterday, I was driving my son to school and I saw what looked like a dead bird in a turning lane off of an intersection.  My son said it looked dead, but my instincts kicked in and I drove back by the bird on my way home.  I parked and went up to the road and scooped up a baby Top Notch Pigeon off the intersection and into my safe warm hands.  I took it to the nearest Vet and photographed it, before I handed it in.  Such a little sweetie.  If I hadn’t have done that, the little darling would be dead by now, trampled by a passing car.

Because I have made this my habit, I kind of scan the roadsides and the main part of the road for animals aswell as just for general traffic.  Sometimes I make an idiot of myself in order to save a stricken little friend.  Like the time, a few months ago, I came up to an intersection and saw a big bearded dragon lizard in the middle of the road.  I pulled up and ran out into the path of oncoming traffic, jumping up and down like a lunatic so they’d stop, before I lifted him off the road and put him up a tree.  I could literally feel, all the people who saw me, laughing at the way I looked when I was jumping and waving at them!

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved
The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved

At the beginning of this year, you may remember that Queensland was suffering from some terrible flooding.  The night before Brisbane was hit by the worst floods since 1974, I was driving along a country road after dark and I saw an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.  It was huge and it was headed for the middle of the road and an oncoming 4WD.  I ran out and picked it up.  It had a long neck; like a snake and I was a bit freaked out that it would bite me.  My poor 14 yr old son had to have it in his foot well of the car, so as to keep an eye on it as I drove around looking for a body of water to release it into.

I took it down to the Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, near where I live and let it go.  The next day, the Caboolture River flooded and I have often hoped that the turtle survived.

Today I saw a Fruit bat on the side of the road.  Because I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not, I swung the car around and got a cloth bag out in order to pick it up.  I found it was dead, so I moved it off the road and I said this little prayer over its body…It is the same prayer I say to all the ones I couldn’t save.

‘May the Angels fly The home,

Blessed be.’

I know, it’s from the movie ‘Merlin’, but it is a beautiful little prayer, so I have adopted it for the animals.

The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.
The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.

Animals are so important.  If all the Humans die out, most of them would survive just nicely, but if all the animals died out, we Humans would not stand a chance.

Being Spiritual is about living a spiritual life and that includes looking after all those who are dependent on you.  We built the roads and drive on them, so we are responsible to the animals who fall prey to the roads too.

If you do come across one that has passed away, and if you have time, pull it off the road.  Give it the dignity to have its body return to the Earth, via the soil.  As I say to my sons, you can’t save them all, but you can save their dignity.

Mother Earth is a living planet, with a consciousness that is aware of you.  Tell her you are grateful for her love, by looking after her children, you will feel a better person for it.




I had a dream last night, that involved someone who’s actions 15 years ago, have had negative repercussions on me and my family ever since.  This dream has been playing on my mind all day, because it involved me working on the process of forgiveness.

Emotion released into forgiveness
Image thanks to reconnections.net

Forgiveness is an easy thing to say and a not so easy thing to do.  In fact, a lot of people I’ve met feel it’s easier not to forgive and to feel that perpetual hurt.  I know of many people who hold a grudge and seek revenge.  But never have I heard of someone feeling that warm silence of inner peace because of their inability to forgive.

I chose to start the process of forgiving others a long time ago.  I’m no saint, I’m sure there are people who need to forgive me too.  We all make mistakes in life.  But if you are a good person and you can’t sleep at night, because of issues of forgiving others, you need to get on top of it.

Being angry at another person only affects their lives if you lash out.  They will energetically feel it if you don’t lash out, yes.  But more often than not, they will continue to go about their days not even thinking about you and what has peeved you off.  So, holding onto anger is toxic to you first and foremost, then it is toxic to those close to you and then to the people you deal with in daily life and finally to the person you have an issue with.  How can you succeed in life, if you are putting out all this anger to the world?  With a great deal of persistence and heartache, I expect.   There has to be an easier way…and yes, that way is forgiveness….but how do you forgive?

I have some examples for you.  One I’ve succeeded with, one I’m working on and one I’d love to see put into action.  So, we’ll start with the one that worked for me.

When I was a little girl, I was taken away from all the family I knew and loved and moved to another country.  There was grownups making all the decisions and creating all the changes.  All my life, until I was 32, I felt hurt by this action.  Even when I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, the little girl inside of me was crying.  It manifested in chest pain, which was very frightening.  When I was 32, I went back to Scotland, the land of my birth and I spoke with one of the people who were involved in that fateful scenario.  I wanted to know why.  I wanted to know their version of events and I wanted them to take their share of personal responsibility for those actions.  Then I spoke with some other key players who were watching from the side lines.  I eased my mind about how they saw things, I eased my mind about why that person did what they did, and I eased my mind about the hurt of the little girl inside my heart.  I did get a bit heated once or twice, while I was going through this issue.  I did let the person know how I felt, but I didn’t ask them to take on my hurt.  Instead, I told myself that now I knew it all, I was ready to let it go.  And I did.  The chest pain stopped.  The hurt in my heart stopped and my mind slowed down.  I had come to make my peace with this issue and that meant I was able to say to the people involved, I forgive you.

Now, what if you can’t communicate with the people involved in the situation that has hurt you?  For whatever reason that may be, you can still have that communication, but in a more spiritual way.  This brings me to my work in progress and the dream I had last night.  There is a person who had been a major player in my life some years ago, who has been like a thorn in my side.  I don’t wish to ever see or speak to them again, but I do need to forgive them, in order to create a happier life for myself and for my family.  I had tried many ways to do this, including the act of being baptised in the Holy Spirit and passing on the forgiveness act to Jesus…nice try, but those feelings are mine, not his.  So, I still felt like crap!

I chose to stop picturing that person in my mind.  To stop talking about that person as much as possible, to stop myself when I thought about that person and to visualize the energetic ties to that person being cut.  Now I come to my dream.  I communicated to that person on a Spiritual level last night.  In my dream, I created three big posters with the story of what that person did and an illustration beside it.  I found myself at their house and I showed these posters to them.  I insisted that they take on board what I saw the situation to be and I asked them to take personal responsibility for their actions.  It was partly successful.  I saw the person acknowledge the deeds that had wronged me.  But they wanted to destroy my posters, so I know that still they are not ready to take that next step.  However, progress was made and I woke feeling like I’d kicked a goal toward my own inner peace.  By connecting with them in dream state, I allowed myself to be in control and to be physically safe.  I cannot say I have forgiven this person today.  I can say that I am one step closer and that is what counts.

You can do this too, you can choose to go into a daydream and visualise yourself communicating with the person who has wronged you.  It is not wise to argue or fight with anyone on this level. Be warned, Spiritual energy is very potent, you are only going to make things worse if you do that.  Be peaceful about it.  Ask your questions and accept the current response.  Work on cutting the energetic chords that bind your energies together and consciously stop thinking and talking about the situation.  Change the story to one of triumph and of peaceful outcome in your mind.  This is imperative in the process of achieving the inner peace of forgiveness.

Before I go on, I wish to express that to forgive someone does not mean you have to let that person back in your life nor have left yourself be open to becoming a victim.  The Corrs wrote a song ‘ Forgiven not forgotten‘, to forgive is not to forget, but to remove your emotions from that memory and that person.  The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  It is in this state of non-emotion that you will find peace.  Always consider the lessons you have learnt about the situation and person you have dealt with, so you never have to got through that again.  Above all, believe in yourself, so you don’t fall into the same traps or issues.

So, we come to my final scenario.  The one I wish to see.  It goes beyond you and me, to the greater World of Humans.  When we have learnt to forgive and move on from those who have wronged us personally, we must turn to moving on from those who are wronging others on a grand scale, like dictators and terrorists.  Many of the people who love to war need to have the publicity that goes along with it.  There is a deep sadness in my heart for all the innocent victims of this attitude.

Here no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil
Image thanks to fungopher.com

However, if we all choose to turn our backs and not watch the terrorist stories on television, not listen to it on the radio.  If we choose to allow the process of the authorities quietly and swiftly dealing with the issue, without learning who and why that drama was created…we leave no platform for those who choose to commit evil acts to further their cause.  Evil acts only cheapen their cause.  You do not give attention to a tantruming child, lest you risk feeding the tantrum, so don’t give energy and focus to the evil acts either.  Yes focus on the people involved who need love and support.  Yes, be there for them, but walk away from the focus on those who wish to capture your attention.  This way, we can all begin to heal and forgive.  We as a Human Nation can evolve.  I know this is idealistic, but ideals are worth considering and they are what a lot of people live and die for.   World peace is and always will be an act of forgiveness on a grand scale.  We’ve got to start somewhere.

So Forgiveness in an act that brings inner peace.  It is a decision and it is a process.  Who do you need to forgive in order for you to have a happier life?  Who are you ready to forgive and who are you needing more time to deal with in your mind and heart, before you will be ready?  It’s ok to be at different stages in forgiveness, as long as it’s you goal, you will find it and you will sleep more peacefully from then on.


Spiritual Exercise

For some people exercise is a chore.  It is an inconvenience to them and it seems to be something that is worthy of putting off, for another day.  However, each day you put it aside is a day closer to a life full of medical complications because of a lack of exercise.

Why am I talking about this in a spiritual Blog?  Because the links between exercise and good spiritual health have long been known.  The panicle of this lays in the East with the disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi and some martial arts.

Family walking
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Medical professionals will tell you that if you are feeling sad, you are best to go for a walk.  The simple act of walking is enough to centre the mind and to release endorphins to help you feel happy and to help you to feel more relaxed.  Exercise is the key to living a full life, it is the key to feeling strong and it is the key to mental and spiritual health.

You can be the most profoundly, spiritually, wisdom filled person, yet if you are not physically healthy, your knowledge will be wasted to your sick bed.  It is hard to start exercising if you are not in the habit of doing it.  It can seem daunting and it can feel very painful too.  But if you see this as a test of character, to find a way around your obstacle of time for exercise and to push through the pain…you will discover a brighter day.  A body that is strong and slimmer.  A body that rewards you in unexpected ways.   There is more pleasure in intimacy, there is more pleasure in food, and there is more pleasure in moving about.  A couple of years ago, I was walking in a part of Brisbane called ‘Spring Hill’ with my Mother and Brother.  If any of you know this part of town, you’ll know it is hilly and I mean steep hilly!  We found a car park at the bottom of a steep hill and had to walk to the top to go into a building.  I had been consistently exercising for around 6 months at the time and I just moved up the hill with ease.  It didn’t hurt my legs and I didn’t even puff.  When I got to the top, I spun around wondering where everyone else was and found that they were still at the bottom of the hill, moving up at a slow and painful pace.  I didn’t even know my own strength!

I am currently convalescing from the devastation of complete burn out.  I was told that it will take me around 5 years to regain my full strength and to have my inner batteries re-charged…I am a patient person, but not that patient!  Exercise is the key for me to be feeling so strong so soon…I am not 100% yet.  But I am certainly much better.  I can sustain 1-2 hours of exercise every day.  Seeing me get out there has inspired my son to get off the couch and to come for bike rides with me!  It is a win-win, really, because he is a much happier boy and so our relationship is better.  I am a much happier Mum and so my family is working more in unison.

Because I am getting fitter, I am finding my meditations are clearer too.   I can see my energy field easier and I am back to doing my own movement meditations.  This is something I’d like to teach you.   If you are not exercising or you’d like to get into Yoga or Tai Chi sometime and maybe there isn’t a class nearby, try this…

Movement Meditation
Image thanks to blogmyway.org

In a sitting position, call in your Guides and psychically protect yourself.  Always do this before any spiritual work.  Now stand and bring your arms up above your head and then let them drop slowly and let them just hang.  Don’t be thinking too much about how you look or anything, just sort of hang there.  Now with your eyes closed, concentrate on the beating of your heart and let your mind step back from your body.  Just let your body be the boss.  Now realise that in this state you are in meditation and allow your body to move in a fluid fashion.  Your arms and legs will want to move, let them.  Don’t be too interested as to how they are moving just allow the fluid motion of your body to take over.  This is the movement of your Chi, your life force.  Your body has a consciousness all of its own and this meditation allows your conscious mind to connect with the consciousness of your body.  So, do this meditation until you feel it is time to stop.   Don’t push yourself to get it right the first time.  You will feel it, when it kicks in.

After a few times doing this kind of meditation, you will feel more in touch with your body.  You will feel more in tune with your gut feelings and your instincts.  This is a great way to introduce physical meditation into your life.  Should you want to expand on it, go to Tai Chi or Yoga, get into martial Arts.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Like all machines it needs a grease and oil change regularly and it needs to be taken out for a drive.  Try and fit some sort of exercise into your day, every day and take the time to get back in touch with your body through meditation and movement.

The spiritual disciple needs to feel that they have lived a full and complete life, moving your body is an important part of that.


Family Feuds & Forgiveness

Image thanks to myarticles.over-blog.com
Image thanks to myarticles.over-blog.com

When I was 17 I attended a tertiary college to study secretarial skills…Office work was and has never been a subject I enjoy, however it has proven to be the foundation of my business skills, so for that, I am grateful…One morning, before class a lady approached me while I was sitting on a bench, minding my own business. She introduced herself and began to talk…She was in her late 30’s, re-training now her kids were older and she was very sad and very alone…but not because of her change in life…She felt this way because of an unresolved family feud, resulting in unfinished business and the lost chance to say ‘I love You’ to her Father before he died.
She was so very sad as she recounted having found out that her Father was in his death bed and that she had been deliberately left out of the Family call around for the gathering to say goodbye. When she arrived at the Hospital, it was too late. Her Father had gone and he died a bitter man towards his beautiful girl… Here sat before me, a broken Woman. A woman who could never say ‘I forgive you’ or ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me’, a woman who would die herself one day with that unhealed heart. I was 17, I did not have the emotional maturity or life skills to counsel her. I just sat with her and let her talk…I felt very sad for her and I thought to myself ‘No matter what, I’m never going to let a chance go by, to tell my family that I love them’.
My Mother told me that I had a very trustworthy face, because the more I ventured out into the world, the more strangers would seek me out to confess their sins or tell me their storeys of regret. It was a burden for me, because I just didn’t know how to deal with it, but it was a release for them, because they felt they were connecting with someone who cared…and I did care, that is why I felt it was a burden. I didn’t know how to help these people and I just didn’t know why they were all coming to me.
However, looking back on those times, I now know why they chose me…Because I was born to give others Spiritual Counsel. It is in my capacity as a Funeral Celebrant, that I find myself wishing I had met some of these people long before the death of their loved one. Because it never ceases to sadden me to see the hurt and disappointment of family members estranged, never to speak again and cursed with this decision as one of them dies.
The institution of Family is a major part of every Human’s life. It is a fundamental part of your creation to be a member of a family unit, a Clan or a Tribe. When that institution breaks down, for one reason or another…it is imperative that the family members re-unite under a common umbrella. They need to rise above the issue and see that love is more important. Because you never know when your time is up, or when it is theirs.
I have family members who live in different locations around Brisbane and Queensland, Scotland, England and the USA. After that conversation with that lady, all those years ago, I realised that if I had to drive for two hours to spend 5 minutes with a Family member, it was worth it. If I travelled half way around the world and only got a window of an hour with someone in my family, no matter how emotionally close they are to me, or not…I would be grateful for every second. Because they are your blood. Your ancestors, your DNA. They are more important than money, material goods, popularity or power.
When I give a Funeral Service, I often find that there are one or two people in the official party, who want to make the day ‘all about them’. They ignore the proceedings of the day and create a sideline event, or they dress inappropriately or they are loud and rude during the service. These people have forgotten what the meaning of Family is. They have forgotten their own hearts too. They have been drawn into the illusion of the instant gratification culture, the meanness of ‘give me, give me, give me.’ And they have created for themselves a day of regret. It may not dawn on them that day, or later that month…but it will hit them hard when it does. Because, at the heart of it all, Family is there. Deep within your Soul, there is a connection that is forged in the White Light of the Source of All There Is.

Forgiveness card
Image thanks to enjoythefun-life.blogspot.com

The band ‘Mike and the Mechanics’ wrote a song about this subject, you may have heard it on the Radio – ‘In the Living years’. It is a song that always brings a tear to my eye, because I have witnessed the results of so many family feuds, over the time I have been a Spiritual Adviser and Funeral Celebrant.

Is there someone in your family who doesn’t see eye to eye with you? Is there someone you are angry with or who you just can’t face because of whatever reason? Don’t let that bad feeling sit and fester for another second. Write them a note. Send them a card. Tell them that no matter what has gone on before, you love them dearly and you are always going to be their champion, tell them you forgive them…
Because one day, one of you will die, and for the one left behind it will be too late.


Benevolent Beings I’ve met.

Today I thought I’d talk to you some more about some of my spiritual experiences and in particular that of Benevolent Beings.

Benevolent of course meaning good, kind and loving in nature.  I think we must all focus on the fact that we are surrounded by Benevolent Beings, as the ghosts who drive the machines, your fellow Humans, as mostly benevolent themselves.  It is important to remember that Human Nature is for the most part Benevolent.  In this blog, however, I am talking of Benevolent Spiritual Beings.

As those of you who follow my show and Blogs will know, I had my first real encounter with a Benevolent being when I was 18, with my Spirit Guides saving me from being attacked by two Ghosts in my bedroom.  As I grew, I needed more grounding in the truth that there were Benevolent Beings, because I was so frightened of Spirit.  I grew up in a non-religious house with no real Spiritual Teachings, except for the Christian based Morals that my parents followed, as did the rest of society…these morals are really common sense, anyway.  So being Spiritual was not in my Family mould and I had no grounding as to how I would know a Benevolent Being or how to call upon one.

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
Image thanks to The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life

During my late teens I studied Medicine in Brisbane and I fell in with some people who had an Ashram dedicated to ‘Yoga in Daily Life’, I became very interested in the teachings and as I was on a life’s journey to find my spiritual purpose, I got into reading books about the spirituality of Yoga.  On Spring day, I was called up to the Ashram to meet a Swami of great importance.  He told me it was time for me to receive my Mantra, and that I had to come back to be told the Mantra by him on a particular day at a particular hour.  Well, I couldn’t make it, I had exams and if you’ve ever studied Medicine, you’ll know those exams can be very full on!  So I went to the Ashram later that week and I sat on the step.  No one was there, and I read from a Yogi book.  I felt a breeze touch my arm and then I felt a wave of goose pimples rush up my arm.  I looked up into the trees and I heard a distinct loud voice tell me my Mantra.  The voice was in my mind, but it wasn’t me and it was so very calming and yet I knew it was coming from outside of me, because I had felt the touch.  My Mantra was –

I am Self

I am Worth

I am Reason

I am Unity

I was amazed.  My dedication to the spiritual teachings had brought me this gift!  When the Yogi Nun who ran the Ashram returned I told her, but she had never had such an experience and she didn’t identify with me in that way.  So I chose to keep it to myself.

I don’t know who told me that Mantra, I guess it was my Spirit Guides, but it was an experience with a Benevolent Spirit and it was a very loving one at that.

When I was 23, I was alone, with two babies in an apartment.  I had a Bible and I used to open it and read from it at random.  One night I opened the Bible and I read this sentence that said ‘God is everything, God is both the good and the evil’…Now I had suffered at the hands of many a Ghostie during my childhood and it made me think about why they had come to me like that and what was it I was being taught and that they too were part of God.  As I pondered, my bedroom filled with the thick enclosing energy of Ghosts and I was afraid.  I called out ‘Jesus Christ be with me now!’ and my room lit up the white bright light of God, there was no glare and it was neither hot nor cold.  It was just white.  I instantly felt comforted and the bad energy was gone.  I fell asleep.

Image thanks to http://www.instructables.com

During my 20’s I had another experience with a Benevolent Spirit, this time, in my heart, I knew it was an Angel.  I was 26 and I was walking out of my Homeopath’s office with her by my side, talking.  My right arm was touched by Spirit, the same breeze and then goose pimples as before.  I looked to my left and there, in the middle of the waiting room was a massive Being shining at me.  It had no face; it was just like a huge sparkler with its energy sparkling out to touch the walls of the waiting room.  I turned as if in slow motion to the Homeopath and I said there is an Angel in your office.  When I looked back it was gone.

This was such a curious and yet uplifting event for me.  I don’t know why this Angel chose to show me themselves other than to let me know they do exist.

Benevolent Beings exist everywhere.  Too often in life, we can lose sight of the truly loving ones we have around us.   When you are developing your Spiritual Gifts, remember to always call upon your Guides and Angels of the highest unconditional love.  Remember to fill your heart with love and to keep yourself grounded and close to your God.  Benevolence starts from within you and radiates out to others.  When you are ready, you too could have a spiritual experience with a Benevolent Being.


The Great Mystery,Gratitude, Giving Thanks

Family saying GraceMost often, when my Family and I sit down for a meal together, we give thanks for our food.  Giving thanks is a small thing that has wider implications in One’s Life.  Through the simple act of giving thanks for your food, you are acknowledging the sacrifices of others so that your life may be sustained.  You are saying to the Universe and to Mother Earth that you appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating the food, from farm, to market to the table.  The ripple effect of giving thanks for your food is like a radio wave, going out to the World and enlivening those who are in direct collision with your life, either anonymously or not.

The prayer we say is this:

“We thank The Great Spirit for the meal we are about to eat. 

We thank Mother Earth for providing the conditions for the food to come to our table.

We thank the Great Mystery, the many hands that brought our food to us.

We thank the plants and animals who sacrificed themselves in order for us to live on.

We give thanks to The Great Spirit and to Mother Earth for all the blessings in our lives and for all the blessings yet to come.

So be it.”

This simple prayer, said every meal time, re-enforces within the family unit that we are a grateful family and that we recognise the efforts of others.  Most of the prayer speaks for itself.  We must always acknowledge the sacrifice of the plants and animals, without them, we would simply perish.  Mother Earth is our home and she is our physical provider and The Great Spirit of Life, the force with which we are animated and of which we, as Spiritual Beings, recognise to be greater than us.  But what of ‘The Great Mystery’?  This is a concept I first came across when I was 28, working as a Clairvoyance Consultant in Caloundra, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  A colleague of mine was reading ‘Jesus’ Course in Miracles’ and he talked to me of The Great Mystery.  Later, I began to have an awareness of Native Americans also knowing of this concept.  In Australia, many of us revere the Native Americans and their spiritual knowledge.  I have learnt much from studying them and feel very honoured to have been a student of this culture.

My grasp of The Great Mystery, is, simply put…The many hands that bring you your belongings, food and transport.  All of the necessities and comforts of Life are created by someone.  It would boggle the mind to remember each name or each occupation which makes up the Great Mystery, but it is still there.

Nice ChairTake a chair for example.  This simple piece of furniture, common to almost every home on the planet, was created by many Human Beings.  Now presuming, you or a friend doesn’t make the furniture yourselves…we could easily contemplate The Great Mystery surrounding the Chair.  Looking at the materials it is made from, steel, wood, fabric, foam, nails, screws, plastic, rubber for the feet…who harvested the raw materials?  A miner, a wood farmer, a cotton grower, a rubber tree plantation worker, an oil refinery worker…who then took the raw materials and turned them into  products that could be used to build a chair? Who transported these products from their raw place of origin to the next stage in their lives?  Who packed them for transport?  Who inspected them so they were of a standard?  Who then took the materials and manufactured the chair?  Who tested the chair to meet government standards?  Who packed it?  Who transported it?  Who placed it in the show room?  Who priced it?  Who sold it to you and who transported it to your home?  A new chair.

Yes, your chair has had many, many hands in its creation and delivery to you.  This is an example of The Great Mystery.  It is the many hands that create all the things that surround your life.

You are an individual in a massive Human Community, which spans the Globe and holds within it the power to do or create anything.  You have the power, within your thanks and contemplation, to tap into this Great Mystery and to awaken your life within it.  By taking the time to contemplate The Great Mystery, you are taking the time to contemplate Gratitude.  Gratitude goes hand in hand with The Great Mystery in my experience.

Family giving thanks for their food.So often in Life, we can find ourselves caught up in the rat race and stressed, taking things for granted, because we are too dizzy with the fast pace to stop and gather our feet.  However, we all eat.  We all have the need for sustenance.  You take the time to enjoy your food and not to eat too quickly, so you don’t get indigestion.  Take a minute more to stave off your hunger, before the meal and to give thanks and to acknowledge the sacrifices’ of those who make up your food itself and The Great Mystery, the many hands who brought your food to you.

The Great Mystery is one of life’s magical wonders.  I hope this inspires you to dwell in gratitude and to contemplate the Great Mystery that surrounds you.

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On Matters of The Heart…

romanctic leisure..!!
Image by Soumyadipto Ghose via Flickr

There has been a recurrent theme with my clients this week.  It has been that of un-requited love and in particular, my clients looking to their love interest to make them happy.

I have seen allot of this thinking over the years and I see it as a trap in the Human psychology.  Matters of the heart run a very fine line.  For many people it is much easier to fall in love than it is to let go.  For many, the process of letting go involves getting nasty and becoming a shadow of their former selves, full of hateful spite and bitterness.  Many people also fall into the trap of mistaking sexual desire for that of heartfelt love and this often leads to an empty relationship, which creates a lonely hole in the heart of those involved.

In my experience as a Spiritual Advisor, I have seen how looking for someone else to make a person happy, or lust mistaken for love, have created a great deal of hurt and distrust in my clients.  This style of thinking is setting you up for a fall and a big one at that.  If you think getting up and dusting yourself off and finding another person to fill in that hole in your heart will fix it, you will be sadly mistaken.  Instead of finding Wedded Bliss, you will find another rack of bad memories and heart aching moments in time.

The question of love is a major one in most people’s minds from the time they hit puberty.  It is such a serious subject, because, it is in our most intimate relationships that we are forced to learn and to grow.  Many people, including myself, end up regretting having ever met a significant person in our lives and many people, including myself, have made the mistake of taking another person on, only to realise that they too are a big mistake.  It is such a difficult thing, to use discernment when you are finding yourself attracted to a person and your mind is swirling with questions of wonder and your heart is filling with feelings of attachment.

There is a very real truth that I must remind you all of, before I go on.  No one person can make you happy.  The true path to real contentment is within your own heart and mind.  It cannot be filled by another.  They have no physical way of getting into your heart and mind and healing you.  This is and must be, your own journey.  A significant friend can support you, bolstering your spirits and believing in your progress and your ability to heal, but they cannot do it for you.  So, if you are someone who is looking to others to heal you or to make you happy, stop now.  Stop now, before you become that other person’s bad memory.  Stop now, before your neediness ruins your precious relationship or the opportunity of having a precious relationship.  Back off and go and get some counselling.  It is the only way you will heal and set yourself and everyone around you free.

Clients who come to me, having based their relationships upon desire and not upon love are often confused as to what the feeling of love is.  Often when they come to me, they are tired and they feel scattered.  They are in need of some centering and some grounding.  This is because the intimacy of the bed is a sacred space.  It is not a space for many bodies to lay.  It is a space for you to be at your most vulnerable. A space for you to be totally yourself and to be with yourself.  When we let another into this space, if it is simply for instant gratification or for the release of desire, it lessens the sacredness of this space and charges it with negative energy.  The bed becomes a place of emptiness, reflected in the heart and echoed in the soul.

For those of you who have fallen into this trap of allowing desire to rule your body and your relationships, when the time comes for the relationship to end, I recommend you have a length of time alone.  It is the most rewarding thing, to be alone for some time and to just be with yourself.  To go for walks and to channel your sexuality into your spirituality.  It is when you learn to do this, that you will regain your sacred space and you will be prepared for real love to enter into your energy field.

Lovers cooking together  Real love feels easy.  It is simple and uncomplicated.  It doesn’t make you cry or fight, it doesn’t disrespect you or make you feel used or needed too much.  Real love is uplifting.  It fills your soul with joy and peace.  It is a soft place to fall and a warm place to lay.  It is sacred and special and it is something worth waiting for.  Real love fills your heart with a feeling of warmth that can only be described in poetry and song.  That is why so many songs are written about it.  Love transcends sexuality, it is a spiritual, soulful feeling.  It doesn’t need a nightly gratification to confirm it’s place in your life.  It just is.  It longs for another, yet, it feels secure within itself, so it is never really alone.  This is how real, true love feels.

For my own life, I chose to stop, after two 2 year relationships in my twenties, and to be alone until I found someone worthy of my heart.  I chose to look at myself and to work out what it was about me, within me that was attracting these unhappy men into my life.  I didn’t want to go for another round, so I stepped back from relationships.  This period of celibacy allowed me to channel my sexual energy into my spirituality and gave me the ability to grow spiritually.  It was at times difficult and as I was out of reach, I found myself with several marriage proposals every year and declarations of love, from would be suitors.  But I had written a list of what I did want in a man and what I just wouldn’t accept and I stuck to it.  I was told that there was no such man alive and I would be forever alone.  I thought otherwise.  There are billions of men in this world, so there are billions of options and I am happy to wait for the right one.  In the end, I asked my guy out.  I was in control and I got the best.  I never settled for second best because I was lonely or bored.

If I can take control of my sexuality and my desires, then so can you.

Love is a beautiful sacred thing.  It is worth working through your issues and taking some time to be alone.  Love is worth waiting for.


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The Connection of Creativity and Spirituality.

A long long time ago, a human picked up a stone and ran it across a rock face.  When they saw it would leave a mark, they began to draw.  This led to the Cave Painting, Lascaux, France  15 000-10 000BCevolution of self expression via symbols.  Soon animals and weapons were being depicted and people began to utilise this new form of technology for the purposes of communication.    Out of this came a solidity, of our cultures and finally a set of symbols that represented vocal sounds, which became an alphabet and the written word.

The ability to pass on knowledge was forever preserved in this, one of the greatest triumphs in Human evolution, reading and writing.  Alongside this phenomenon was the amazing evolution of drawing and painting; and with that came the need to express this creativity through more third dimensional means like sculpture and textiles.  The Human need to be creative and to express ourselves via creativity has been a long and well established medium.

Since before Humans could draw on cave walls, we have been aware of our Spirituality, our sense of there being more than us.  A greater force at play than ourselves, has always been an integral part of tribal life. Passed on in song and story, it was at the very fabric of tribal culture.

The merging of spirituality, in the evolution of creativity was inevitable.  Symbols to express the meaning of different spiritual concepts were formed and books with spiritual doctrines were written.  Without creativity, spirituality would still be that of a place of wonder and of concepts, kept to small pockets of tribal life.

So in this, we can see, that to be creative and to be spiritual are at the very heart of each and every Human soul, from primitive times to now.   It always makes me wonder, knowing this, that so many people say they are not creative.  That they make no art what so ever in their lives.

Outdoor mural and patio.To be in a culture, you must be in interaction with art.  Art is for most people an inner expression, produced on the outer.  It is a gift from one soul’s voice to another’s.  Art, to me, is a pure expression of where that person is at  spiritually.  It gives the onlooker an overview of this person’s soul-voice.

As we know, art is not confined to the canvass, nor is it confined to sculpture.  Art can be created for an eternity or for a second.  It can be in the presentation and flavour of food, or in the 3 minute uplifting feeling of a song.  Art is everywhere.

So, why are we talking about this?  I have had some clients who are suffering from depression and melancholia.  Having been in this sad place myself, I have found that via the use of art and spirituality, I have been able to rise out of my dark place and regain the light in my mind.

Most recently, for me, I hit absolute burn out.  A place where the body, mind and emotions are all spent, totally exhausted, you have no choice but to sleep and work through your pain.

I don’t feel it is important to discuss why I got to that point, but rather to discuss how I managed to revive and come through it.  For me, it was singing and creative writing.  These two forms of creative expression gave me that ability to tap into my soul and the vast resource of energy that my soul enjoys.  It gave me the ability to uplift my spirits and to regain the capacity to cry, laugh and feel again.

When I was 23, I found myself alone with two babies, having suffered the ultimate betrayal, that a man could do to a woman.  This was not a fun time in my life and I could not stop and dwell in it, either.  I had a round the clock job to do, which consumed almost all my waking moments…except for between the hours of 7:30- 11pm.  Those hours were mine.  With both babies asleep, I began to paint statues.  They were no more than 40 cm high, and I would sit and paint night after night, lovingly bringing each mould to life.  I would decide who I’d be giving them to and why, and then I would put my love for that person into my mind and then pour that love into the statue.  During the day, when there was mess and mischief at my feet, I’d lose myself in the statue, staring at it, thinking about how I would enhance it some more later that night.  Those statues saw me through a very difficult time in my life.

It has long been known that the coupling of art with therapy is a wonderful way to alleviate issues of the heart and mind.  I am living proof that it works.  But as I said before, I come across many people who say they are not creative.  If you are a person who feels this way, yet you are feeling disconnected with your spirit and you are feeling sad, try this little exercise:

Imagine you are a young child again.  No more than 6 years of age.  You are in a back yard, it doesn’t matter whose, yard, you are safe, so you are happy.  At Mud Pies!your feet is a pool of slushy slimy mud and there are some digging tools and some buckets.    What is your naturally reaction to this situation?  9 out of 10 people would plonk themselves down and start playing in the mud!  Wouldn’t you?  I certainly used to!  Now, what are you going to make?  How’s about some mud pies..yummy!  Or you could make some mud people and some mud dogs.    Then, when you are bored with that, you could just stare into the grass happily squishing mud between your fingers and toes singing your favourite song….la la la…

Yes, you are a creative being at heart.  So, if you could do it at age 6, you can go down to the local $2 shop and pick up some art supplies and create wonderful soul fulfilling art now.  You can buy your favourite music and sing along, you can do anything, as long as it is within the law and your soul is set free.

Being spiritual isn’t just all about meditation and burning incense, it’s about being connected to your spirit, your soul and your essence and then it’s about connecting in with others.  Being all that you are and then realising you are a part of all that is.  Next time you are sad, use your inner child and your creativity to help you out of that dark place. Use your creativity to reconnect with your spirit and then with others’.  Use your creativity and spirituality to find the light.

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Fate – Totally Random or all part of God’s Plan?

Like many people, I am always trying to improve aspects of my Life.  Earlier this year, I attended a small business seminar.  At Morning Tea, I met a young lady who was very interested in my occupation and in particular my thoughts on Fate.  In fact she hit me with a barrage of questions…from ‘Is it true that you chose your parents?’  To – ‘are we meant to meet certain people or go to certain places, or is that all just random and coincidental?’

Now, I have a Christian friend, who explains Fate as a well orchestrated element of God’s plan, and I have a Sceptic, Atheist friend, who says that Fate is not at all even a reality of Life.  That all the events in a person’s life are a net result of their past decisions and of total, random coincidence.

Well, I guess I sit somewhere in between these two explanations…because I do think that parts of our lives are meant to be and I also agree that the decisions of the past dictate the events of our future and also that random coincidence plays it’s part.

I do believe that we all have the power to create our own Fate, by changing our thinking patterns and by taking more of a conscious role in the development of how our life plays out.  But for the purposes of this Blog, I am just going to focus on the decisions you laid down, before you chose to Incarnate.

So, getting back to my story… I said to the young lady; let’s start at the beginning of all the Human lifetimes of your Soul.

White Board ChartBefore you chose to incarnate as a Human Being, it makes sense to me that you would make a map of your Life.   I imagine you would work it out on a big white board.  On the left hand side of the board you would have the goals you have set for what lessons you would like to learn, on the right hand side, you would have the goals you have set for what skills you would like to learn.  Now, you are a new Incarnation, so you won’t have too many relationship goals, probably just to get along with everyone and for everyone to do the same with you.  We are all positive creatures in our purest form.

In the centre of the white board, you would have written what culture you would like to be a part of, and what gender you wish to be, this is important.    Should you choose to be a Female say in a culture that is fundamentally paternal, you will be setting your lifetime up to be full of bondage and restriction.  Thus your lessons will be very hard.   Should you choose to be a female in a culture that is very moderate toward the genders; you will find you have a freer existence.  It goes without saying that, with your parents’ culture, comes your parents’ religion.  This will play a major part in how you view the world and how you perceive, the world views the likes of you.

So, you’ve chosen your culture, religion and your gender, now, you need to choose some parents.  There are billions of people of breeding age in the Planet?  How would a new soul do that?  It makes sense to me that there would be a mentor there with the new soul.  A guide who would help them to lock onto the kind of parents they need.  It also makes sense to me that they would look into an Orical of sorts.  A spiritual divination device if you will, in order to ‘see’ all the possible combinations of parents out there.

Before I go on, I want to add, that I don’t believe that all the people who suffer from famine and extreme hardships in 3rd world countries are first time incarnations.  It makes sense to me that there would be incarnations in that situation there from many stages in the soul’s evolution.  This environment would force a Human to grow.  It may be a place for karmic punishment or for karmic greatness, depending on the will of the soul who has chosen this culture.  ( I felt I needed to add this point, as it is an often asked question by clients, who wish to discuss this subject.)

So, now you have chosen your parents, you will be bound to the abundance of or, lack thereof siblings, that will come along with those two individuals as parents.  You will be bound to the circle of family and the circle of friends who are linked into those parents’ lives.  You will be now bound to your parents’ fate.  Your parent’s decisions about their family before they were born.  You will be bound to the talents they have and the interest or lack thereof, from them to share their knowledge with you. You will be bound to your parents’ financial circumstances.  You are now on a fateful path.  But there is more…You have a list of things you wish to learn.  There is only so much your parents can teach you.  Because of this list, you will find yourself placed in a particular school and therefore, you will meet particular people as school chums or enemies and teachers.  You may not go to formal school, but find teachers along the way…You will have a unique to you school experience.

There is also a list of skills you wish to learn.  It is from this list that your soul will drive your mind to seek these interests out.  Because of these interests and because of your circumstances and the decisions of your parents, you will meet particular people who will guide you on your path to new skills.

Family with child in wheelchairLessons can be about anything.  One of your lessons as a new soul may be to overcome Illness, so as you can keep a healthy mindset in the following lifetimes and enjoy a healthy body for a few lifetimes.  So, you may choose to incarnate with heart condition or cerebral palsy.  Thus your decision to choose these particular parents, changes the course of their destiny.  It cuts both ways.  Of course there are many reasons why you may choose to come back as disabled or to become disabled during that lifetime…but this is just an example.

Then there are the random events, well some of them are anyway.  Sometimes you are just walking along and something bad happens and it’s just a random thing…Like when I was working with the Psychic Extravaganza (a business that operates out of shopping centres in Brisbane) and I was on my lunch break.  The shopping Centre was packed with teenagers, because it was school holidays.  I had only a short break and I was on a mission to get to the Chemist.  I walked past a clothing shop and a girl fainted in front of me right under my foot, mid stride.  I had no choice but to step over her or I was on my face too!  When I had found my feet and I turned to help, there were many people already holding her and calling an ambulance.  I was not needed.  That was totally random!

But then there was the circumstance of me becoming gravely ill when I was 19 and my parents insisting I come home to them for a rest.   I was a young woman and I wanted to get out of the house.  AC/DC were playing a concert and some of my friends were going and they arranged with me to meet them at a club afterward.  I went to the club, but they didn’t show.  Instead I met a man and I began a friendship with him.  He was later to become the father of my children and one of the biggest regrets of my life.  Now I’m certain, that meeting him was not totally random.  That was fate.

Where things begin to get complicated is when you, The Soul, are deeper into your incarnation journey.  You have been on the Earth plane for a few lifetimes and you have begun to form attachments to certain other Souls and thus you are part of a circle of people who are bound to meet again and again in order to play out their karma until they grow enough to move on to the next circle.  Each circle of Souls is like a family, and in that family there is good and bad relationships.   So, you see, as your Soul grows, so does the entwining of others into the path of the Soul.  It is inevitable that dramas must be played out and most of this is agreed upon before reincarnation.

Now, what if there is one who is going to incarnate into the circle after most have already been born?  This is when the Souls meet while the living sleep.  Because when we sleep, our body goes into a stasis, thus leaving our Spirit to move about freely.  This is when some people Astral Travel and it is when the Souls of those who are in a Soul Circle will be able to confer and make agreements as to who plays what part in who’s lessons.      Or, what if there is a Soul who is to incarnate before all the others are ready, say after the 4th generation of the circle has finally passed away, back to spirit?  They will be the trail blazer for the others to follow and this will all be planned out, in spirit before that reincarnation takes place…the others, may stay back and Guide the trail blazer and then one by one reincarnate in turn.

If you would like to read about fate  further and form your own opinion, please have a look at Neal Donald Walsh’s book Tomorrow’s God.  He has a wonderful explanation of Reincarnation and fate.  Arthur Guirdham has written an amazing book called ‘We are One Another’  which describes how a group of people, who had lived together as Cathars in France yr 1242, reincarnated in England in the 20th Century.  It is a very spiritual and methodical approach to this subject.  It is also a book full of the history of this sometime forgotten sect of Christianity..The Cathars.

Fate is not your enemy or some conspiracy from God in his master plan.  It is not really all just random and coincidence either.  It is a carefully constructed map of people, cultures and places that you need to be a part of, in order for you to achieve your soul’s goals that you and your mentor set out all those years ago, while you were still in spirit.

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My Relationship with my Spirit Guides

Like most people, I wasn’t aware of my Spirit Guides for quite some time and I really didn’t have any kind of conscious interaction with them until I was 18.  At that time, I was friendly with a Woman who ran the local Spiritual Shop and she lent me a book about Spirit Guides.  I didn’t really read it, instead I held onto it and hoped the words inside would somehow protect me and I slept holding it…I kind of wrecked the book, doing that..Oops…Anyway, she said I needed to make contact with them and she was right.  During that period in my life, I was experiencing a heightened spiritual awareness and I was often visited by Ghosts, looking for some fun at my expense.

Now, I will touch on some of what has happened between me and my Spirit Guides in past Blogs, so please forgive me if I go over familiar ground….I’ll never forget the first time I met my Guides and the help that they gave me.   Laying in bed, age 18, frightened for weeks by shadow dwelling spirits, who were stealing my energy and preventing me from sleeping.  I was a total mess.  I called out one night, and I asked for help.  Two Spirits had been zapping my Solar Plexus and I was at the end of rope!  My bed lit up the brightest white light I have ever seen, bright, but no glare.  The spirits retreated and left me alone.  For the first time I felt comforted by another Spiritual Being.  I felt safe and I slept.

Spirit Heart

My Guides came to me, because I surrendered my Worldly beliefs and I called out in pure Faith.  I was a young Woman, and I was scared.  They came, but they didn’t stay so close I could access them all the time.  They chose to stand back and let me make my mistakes.  They were my Guardians, but not my keepers.  So many spiritual events happened to me during that time in my life; it would take a book to tell you of them all.  But it was this one incident that taught me that just as there is those who dwell in shadow, there is also those who dwell in the Light.  It is The Light which contains The Power of Life and therefore, it is The Light which is the most powerful and loving Spiritual Force I could know.

My Life’s journey took me to fateful people and places, so I’ll fast forward to age 23.  At that time, I was a Single Mother of two baby boys, living in Townsville (far north Queensland, Australia).  I was spending time with a Family Friend and she introduced me to a group of older people who got together to meditate every Wednesday Morning.  So I joined her, but I was not going to Meditate…No way.  I had, in the past learnt Meditation and I had, unknowingly opened my Clairvoyance and Mediumship up and I was vulnerable to Spirits attacking me, so I just didn’t do it.

My Spirituality was such a burden for me to bear at the time, So many years of it just frightening me!  At the time, I felt it was a curse.  So, I stayed wide eyed while everyone else closed theirs and they began to meditate.  A wondrous thing happened; I saw, with my physical eyes, the room filling with Spirit Guides.  All Purple and Gold, they were a comforting presence and a great relief to my battle weary mind.   After the Meditation I told the ladies what I had seen.  They felt it was time for me to learn more and they gave me the book ‘Angel Speak’ to read.  I learnt how to contact my Guides and I learnt how to protect myself psychically.  I was at the beginning of my side of the Relationship with my Guides.  And that is what it is, it’s a relationship.

As I learnt to trust what I was receiving, they learnt to trust me that I’d receive it.  I chose to do Automatic Writing with them in the beginning.  It felt safer and I  felt more in control.  Anyone who has learnt this technique of Spirit Communication, will know it can be very tiring and I soon graduated to just writing down what came into my head.

Then came the messages about which route to take when I was driving my car and where to find a parking space.  It’s all very small stuff, but it helped our relationship to grow.

So when it came time for me to start my career as a Professional Reader, the following year, it was my Guides who directed me to the right business and to the right boss.  It was my Guides who gave me the confidence to ring up and ask for the job.  It was my Guides who took me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world.

I began to feel like I was walking with a group, even though I was the only visible one.    Obviously, I didn’t express this feeling to many people, they’d think I was off the planet!  No matter, it helped me to cement my relationship with them and for us to become family.  I have always attributed my ability to give a good Reading to my relationship with my Guides.  They, after all are a major part of the team in spirit who sit with me, when I sit with a Client.

SilhouetteAlthough I’ve asked many times, my Guides have never told me their individual names.  I know there are five and I have seen them together as head and shoulders outlined in silhouette, outlined in white light.  They have only one name – The Old Ones.   That suits me; many Indigenous cultures look to their ancestors for guidance and wisdom…so do I.

Spirit Guides are usually deceased people who have crossed over into the Light.  They have chosen to Guide you through your Life.  I don’t’ believe they are all here to stay with you throughout your Lifetime; some may only be with you for one crucial day and others for a stage in your Life.  And yes, some are there for the long haul.  They chose to skip a Reincarnation and instead to learn from Guiding You.  They are in a Personal Growth stage, just as you are.  Life is after all about Learning.  Even though they are in spirit, doesn’t exempt them from that.  I’m certain they make mistakes and have off days.  But they have the advantage of being in spirit, so they don’t have to deal with sickness, or time.  They just have to watch and help where necessary.

With that in mind, it is sobering to contemplate that each of us may have been a Spirit Guide or have the potential to become one.

I love my Guides, the Old Ones.  They are my team of buddies who help me to help you.  Without them, I would not be a Successful Spiritual Teacher and Reader.  I owe them my Career and I owe them my Spiritual safety.  They have been there all along, I just needed to turn around and see them.

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Being a Psychic Person

Over the years I have had to deal with some varied preconceptions about who I am, because I have a Psychic ability.  For the longest time, it really got to me that for the most part, people thought I was someone who had no grounding in reality and that I was making my gifts up…It was so difficult for me to fathom why, anyone would want to make a claim that they have these gifts when if they don’t, people will find them out and make their life hard.  Why on earth would you do that?  I mean, really, you are opening yourself up to so much scrutiny and criticism.  There is a massive negative stereotype out there about the humble spiritual practitioner.

In the beginning, when I first became a Professional Psychic, I had to ‘come out’ in the same uncomfortable way that many of my Gay friends have had to ‘come out’ with their families.  I had to endure the leering and the jokes.  I found myself a minority in a world of professional people, who secretly came to see me for my services, but made out to others that they did not believe.

Presenting HandsThen there were the BBQ’s and the party’s where there was the inevitable question asked of me…’so, what do you do?’  I quickly learned to say Civil Celebrant and not Clairvoyant.  Because if I did tell them that side of my profession, they would immediately put their hand out and say Read my palm or tell me something about myself.  I was there to socialise, not work and I’m not a Palmist, though I am fascinated by it, I haven’t learnt all there is to know about that yet.  So, I’d make a joke and try to change the subject….  Some would say ‘oh, you are one of Those’…like I was a Leper and then there are the ones who think I will know what has been going on in their life just by standing next to them and they think I have read their mind; or the ones, who, (if they’ve found out, what I do first and I ask them, what they do) laugh at me and tell me I should already know, because I’m Psychic… So, I’d avoid talking about me at all and try to get the other person to talk about themselves instead.  Thus saving myself the social awkwardness, of finding myself the centre of attention and being looked upon as a novelty side show, or a person to be feared.  I am neither, just a Woman trying to make a living.

It took me around 5 years, before I was totally comfortable in my own Profession.  I found that being on this path was exciting and soul satisfying.  I found that I was helping people in ways I hadn’t imagined I’d ever do, often learning a life lesson and literally the next day going to work and teaching my hard earned wisdom to a grateful client.  I don’t dressed as a Gypsy or as a Fortune Teller.  I don’t use smoke and mirrors and I don’t have catch phrases, like ‘all is good in the world and the oceans are still’…I just get the message and deliver it.

I have, at times tried to get away from my profession and start a new…I’ve had several career crisis and no matter how hard I have tried, I still end up back at this profession.  In the end I just gave up the fight and embraced my Life and who I am.  I have no shame in what I do anymore, not, in fact for quite some time.

Woman Feeling FreeSince I began to really let go of how I perceived others thought of me, I have felt a relieving freedom within my soul.  To my delight, I have connected with many other people who are also Energy or Spiritual Practitioners.  People who see me as valued and important in the World.  People who show me respect.  It is from their view of me, that I have taken comfort.

For many of you who listen in to my Radio Station (A1R Radio – http://www.ask1radio.com) and others like it, who are not Spiritual Practitioners, people like me may seem mystical and far-reaching.  We may seem separate from you and a little scary.  Let me assure you we are just trying to make it in the World, just like you.

Personally, I have to get myself into the zone of doing Readings or being outwardly spiritual with another person.  I have learnt not to have it open at all times; so if I meet you in the street, I’m not picking up on whether or not you just broke your diet or if you forgot to flush the toilet this morning.  In fact, I don’t really want to know, though rest assured I do care about you.  I have my own set of issues and problems to deal with, and more often than not, when I’m not in my Reader Zone, I’m thinking about them.  I’m thinking about picking up my kids, or what I’m going to make for dinner…just mundane stuff, like everyone one else.

Should you come to me for a Reading, I will be in the zone.  But even then, I will only be given the information that is most suitable for you to hear at that time in your life.  If you are having an affair, for example, and it’s not the life lesson you need to deal with just now, I’m not going to pick it up…I’m going to focus on what your Guides are guiding my mind to see.

I am an energy Reader, not a mind reader…I pick up on your energy and I get messages from your Aura, I get messages from your Guides and Angels and I get messages from mine.

Spiritual Work is sacred and special.  It is not for everyone and if someone is called to do it, they will find it is extremely rewarding.   I feel it is about time that the greater public be aware that people like me are not something to fear or to mock.  We are The Seers; we have the gift of foresight and of communion with Spirit.  We are Spiritual Teachers and in that sense, we deserve the same respect of any Rabbi or Priest.  We are after all, here to do God’s work and to help heal the World of Humans.

Psychic People enrich our culture and are not to be feared.  Next time you meet someone who is on this path, remember to afford them the same respect you expect them to afford you.

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Ghostly Attachments

Since I was around 5 years of age, I have experienced Spiritual Beings. For the first part of my Life, I was unable to control my gifts and I was un-aware of how to protect myself. My parents unwittingly bought haunted houses, which meant that I had some hair-raising nights growing up.

Ghostly ApparitionBut, it wasn’t all bad. As you would know, everything in Life is an energy exchange. With each ghostly visitation, they would take some of my energy and I would take some of theirs. I just didn’t realise it at the time, but the ghosts were teaching me about themselves. I grew up knowing more and more about how the ghost ticks. What a ghost is and eventually, how to rid myself of their presence. I’ve become very pragmatic about them, where as when I was a little girl I’d be scared, now I just think, ‘so what?! You’re a dead guy.’ I realise that I am the one with the power, because I am the one who is Living. I have the occupation of the living body, the vessel for physical Life. So, you may hear me talk about ghosts or Earthbounds in a very matter of fact way. Just know that it is my past experiences that have de-mystified them for me and though I still have a healthy respect, I am aware they are just people like you and me, they just don’t occupy a body anymore.

I have had, in my time as a professional Reader, some clients who have felt a great deal of sympathy for the Earthbound Ghostie and have felt they need to ask them to come home with them or to befriend them. I feel it is important to recognise a few home truths about ghosts, so that those of us, who do feel compassionate, don’t find our good intentions end up creating our own private hell. Human Nature is mostly good. That is what my idealistic mind tells me. It is the same for those who are deceased; most of them still retain that good nature. However, if they have not been lucky enough to pass over into the light upon death, they can remain stuck in The Astral Plane, or as the Christian Faith calls it, Purgatory. We can all go there, Living or deceased; it is simply a higher vibrational dimension to Planet Earth. Many of us go there in our sleep and you can tell if you have been Astral travelling because you may wake up tired or have been dreaming of flying. But, I digress…. You see, in order to occupy an Earthly body, be it physical or Astral, you must still feed. You are bound by the laws of Earth and one of those laws is that we must consume energy (in our case food) in order for our bodies to function. Ghosts are stuck on the Astral Plane and their need is still there. However, they can’t just go to the local Supermarket and buy a loaf of bread…Their body is vibrating at a higher level than ours, so their food must also vibrate higher. That is why they haunt.

Most of them would prefer not to, I’m sure. However, it is hard to get energy out of something dormant. If they can give you a fright or a little scare, your adrenalin will kick in. Blood will rush to your limbs and you will enter fight or flight. This provides a rush of energy into your aura and it is from there that the Ghost can tap your energy field. Have you ever soon the kids’ movie ‘Monsters Inc’? Sweet little movie, hey? The concept of the Monsters jumping out of the closets of little children and bottling their screams to use as energy, is a great analogy to the way that Ghosts haunt.

Now a Ghost will attach itself to your Aura quite easily if you are sick or on drugs or depressed…Just like your immune system is vulnerable if it’s low, so is your Aura. You may not know you have an attachment, but you may find all of a sudden, you have a voice in the back of your mind telling you, for example, to smoke more Cigarettes or eat more Chocolate. I call this level of Ghostie an Influential and it is the equal and opposite to a Spirit Guide. Where as a Guide will make guided suggestions and guide your thinking, an Influential is out for itself and is only wanting to get the kick backs you can provide. Influentials are Spiritual Parasites. They tap into your Aura and therefore your energy systems and from there, they can vicariously experience the indulgences in Life they used to enjoy. Too bad id it’s wrecking your life, they’ll just dump you in time and go on to the next person.

Diamond LightbodyOk, so now I’ve totally freaked you out, I don’t want you to worry; you personally may not have Influentials. But you may know someone who has. They are the people whose personality has changed. It may seem a wonderful change in the beginning, or not, but it will be a fast change, usually and often it will lead down a destructive path. So how do we get rid of such attachments? It is good to seek out professional help to do this, and of course, a Spiritual Church or Spiritual Organisation is the best place to start. Make sure it is a Spiritually orientated place and not a Religiously orientated place…this is because Religions in this case are a great complimentary to the help, but you really need to seek the straight Spiritual Practitioner. The victim of an Influential will need an Aura Cleans and they will need to take home some exercises to do in order to reinforce the cleans. They will need to be taught Psychic Protection (see my blog on Psychic Protection June 11) and they will need to clean up their diet and sleep well. A total cleans and clear of the energy systems is in order. The Aura needs to be repaired and that can happen via the right Spiritual Practitioner and by a great diet, exercise and sleep regime. The best way to avoid Influential attachment is to practise Psychic Protection daily. To stay healthy and to keep your mind focused on the positive. By keeping your mind positive, you are reinforcing your hard outer energy shield and the Ghostie cannot attach. Think of it like a Free Range Chicken’s Egg shell…Compared to the thin shell of a Battery hen, the Egg Shell of a Free Range Chicken is hard and the yoke inside is bright yellow. We all need to have good strong Egg Shells. It sounds silly, but if we be like a Free Range Chicken, by keeping our head clean of negativity an our diet nutritious and our exercises free and often, our Aura will stay strong and impenetrable.

Ghosts are just a part of Life. They will all eventually, in the fullness of time, move on to the Light. They are stuck in the Astral Plane to learn just as we are here to learn and just as those who are in the Light also have things to learn. The growth of the Soul has many journeys. Please, do yourself a favour; if you come across a Ghost, don’t invite it back to your house or to be your friend. You will not be helping it and you will create a situation of a guest who will out stay their welcome.

Call upon the Light and ask that the Ghost be taken into the Light by those who love them. Ask that they go where no harm can come to them and where they can do no harm. Get help, if you need to in order to do this. This is the most compassionate thing we can do for our fellow Humans or Animals on their journey beyond a Bodily occupation. The Light will look after them and give them all they need, way more than any of us could.

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Mother Earth’s Messengers.

Today I was sitting quietly in my office and I heard a Crow outside singing in the way only Crows can. It’s not the most beautiful of songs, but it is none the less a very powerful voice. The Crow reminded me of how Mother Earth often communicates with me, via the animals. This may sound a bit strange, we often don’t think of the Planet we occupy as a living Being, but I always have and I know that many others do too.

There have been many times in my life, that I have been honoured to have had a wild animal commune with me and bring me a message, usually of comfort and sometimes of warning. Animals are very pure in their souls and they are easily directed by Mother Earth to speak to her Human Children. I feel it is a pity that some Humans have forgotten our deep connection with the Earth. Although we study the way She and the Universe function through Science and some of us worship the Creator of all things via Religion, we forget to remember that we are here because of Her.

Pacific Barn owl by wattol – Christopher Watson

When I was 20, I rented a flat in an inner-city suburb of Brisbane, while I was going to Med School. It was there that I was doing a Reading for one of my Brothers, one afternoon. I will never forget it, just as I came up to the part about how he would become aware of someone’s impending death, an Owl flew into my flat, through the open sliding glass door. It locked eyes with me and smacked right into the wall. When it got up, it flew out and sat in the tree opposite my flat, staring in. We were totally amazed that an Owl would appear in my flat, just at that moment in the Reading and in the middle of the day! I felt it was an Omen and I told my Brother, he would know of someone’s passing, but it wouldn’t be a shock. Later that year, he rang me to tell me that a boy who I went to school with had passed away from Skin Cancer. My brother knew him from work and everyone was aware that he had a terminal illness for about 6 months. The Owl was an amazing gift from Mother Earth, bearing a message of peace for my Brother and a message of trust for me. At the time, I was not aspiring to become a Professional Reader, I was aspiring to become a Homeopathic Dr This was not the last Owl to be sent to me for support. Later that year, I went out west to live in a house on an 80-acre property with my then Fiancé. Times were tough and every time things were feeling scary the Owls would hoot. They were so silent when our lives were smooth, but they would hoot in a chorus during times of stress.

There was a 60km drive between our house and the nearest town and along the way, Dingo’s (Australia’s Wild Dogs) would appear on the side of the road if there was a hazard up ahead. Without fail, if I had to be aware of something, I would sight a Dingo. Now anyone who knows about these Dogs, will know that they a solitary and shy. They will only go to the roadside if there is Carrion and then they will be careful not to be seen. Dingos became my warning sign from Mother Earth that things were not safe.

Feathers are a symbol of spirituality, so many of us identify with them in that way. I am no exception. I used to come across feathers often when I was younger. They gave me a feeling of reassurance that I was on the right path and they confirmed to me that my Guides were present and willing to communicate with me. I still have my favourite feather, a Red Tailed Black Cockatoo Feather, that came to me one day while I was fueling up my car. It symbolises my friendship with my Guides.

black and white bird
Photo by Freddie Ramm on Pexels.com

The Crow too has been a great friend to me over the years. Crows have always come to me when I was due a turn for the better. I would especially know it was really good luck if I saw the Crow eating. However, the one time I really needed Crow was when I was looking for a new home. I had been looking for a specific house. One I could run Spiritual Gatherings from and still be able to have my family around. I was beginning to get desperate and I had just applied for a house and was waiting for the answer. That day, I came out of the shops to find a Crow sitting on a pole opposite my car. It began to sing a definite song, not just ‘ark ark ark’ but a real Crow song. I was enthralled and I stood and watched. It moved around the car park to get closer to me and was soon sitting on the nearest pole only two feet away from my car looking directly at me singing. I felt so inspired and so grateful that Mother Earth had given me a message of hope via her Crow. A man gave it a fright and it flew away, but the inspiration was given and I left feeling hopeful and settled. The next morning I received a phone call…I had the house and I could move in on the weekend.

Everything on this Planet comes through Mother Earth. She animates all creatures with Life. She is the scientifically proven creator of our bodies. Our blood and flesh contain all her elements. As you go about your business, remember to consider Her in your day. Take the time to observe your surroundings and be aware of any animals that may cross your path, take comfort in their presence and listen to your inner voice when they appear. We are all Children of Mother Earth, it is to our benefit to remember to listen to our Animal cousins and to hear Mother Earth’s voice in their message.

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Righteous Anger


I was watching the news last night and I saw a brief interview with The Dalia Lama.  During the interview, he mentioned that at times he too does get grumpy.   I thought that this is an important thing to consider, as in today’s New Age culture, many people are led to believe that a truly spiritual person feels no anger or frustration.  In fact, in my experience, I have come across some New Age teachers who imply that to be a truly spiritual person; you must never let yourself feel any negative emotions at all.  I can see how, in theory, this idea has it’s merit…We are all looking to be more    comfortable in ourselves and that means we must look to remove the issues that reside within us that are negative.   But to say that you must live in total serenity, is to give a person a ticket to complete indifference and numbness or total love and peace…there would never be the full scope of the human experience and therefore no room to grow.

I spoke with a Pentecostal Christian Priest around 2 months ago who told me that Jesus experienced Righteous Anger.  He said that this was the anger Jesus felt when he went to the synagogue and turned up all the tables.  He was right to be angry.  In our history, Jesus is the most famous of all the highly evolved Spiritual Masters that have walked this Earth.  He did not only live in love and indifference.  He also experienced anguish and therefore, his life was not totally serene..He too had come here to learn, aswell as to teach others.

So, how does this all relate to you, the reader?  Well, you are a Spiritual Being who occupies a body.  Through that body, you are experiencing your own unique reality and learning your own unique lessons.   In order for you to learn these lessons, you must at times experience negative emotions.  It is the purpose of these emotions, just like physical pain, to let you know something is not right.  The purpose is to tell your Spirit, to stop, reassess and move back to a state of balance.  The trick is to allow yourself to experience the emotion and to learn from it and as soon as possible, move on.  The danger of negative emotions is that they can be powerful and they can seduce the person into remaining within that state of mind.  This only leads to more negative experiences and more negative emotions.

Recently I had an experience with some old friends where they wanted me to organise a gathering.  I felt I would enjoy the challenge and I agreed…but deep in my gut, I felt like saying no.  I had a twinge within me and I ignored it, because I wanted to help out.  I soon learnt why I should have listened to my gut.  I began to argue with the other people in the group and I became very upset.  In the end, I backed out.  I gave my position of organiser to another person and I politely vented my feelings in private to the people who had frustrated me the most.  Thus completing the lesson and enabling me to move on.   What a learning experience that was!

I had negative emotions and feelings about this situation and I knew I had to back away.  If I had struggled on, I would have made life much worse for myself and now the scenario is finished, I am able to communicate nicely with everyone again.  Because we dealt with it like adults.  But if I had listened to my gut, to that initial negative feeling I had, I would have never gone into that situation and never had to learn from it… I would have shown myself to have been more evolved.

So, anger and negative emotions have their place.  They are ok, if you control them and not let them control you.  You will be able to move on from an experience and grow from the lessons it dealt you.  Rather than dwell within it and hurt on.

I believe the Spiritual Person is the one who recognises the issues around them and seeks a positive resolve.  They choose to look at life with positive eyes and choose to dwell in positive thoughts.  But it is impossible to be in complete serenity at all times.  However, it is possible, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, to step outside of it for a moment and to choose to find a positive attitude toward restoring balance.

The Dalia Lama gets grumpy sometimes, Jesus got angry in the synagogue, these are two of the most evolved souls in our history, one alive, one deceased..but both are telling you..it’s ok to be human..and it’s ok to be a spiritual person and to get grumpy sometimes..just move through it with a positive attitude.

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Realistic Spirtiuality

Realistic Spirituality

I recently had a conversation with an older Lady, who is a neighbour of mine, Mrs Potts…She had been reading some books by a couple of well-known Mediums, who had made some claims about the afterlife which didn’t sit well with her.

Mrs Potts asked me  what I thought about the idea that all our deceased relatives are at peace and find comfort in   We –  the living, and what about how some famous mediums claim that those who are dead are all good people now, who are thoughtful and kind,..she said ‘ that just doesn’t make sense to me.’

…I thought for a moment and I said..’Well do you want the trumped-up cute and fluffy answer or do you want me to be realistic?’  She replied. ’.I’m too old to care for cute and fluffy, just tell me how it is.’

So I said, well lets look at Life and the After Life this way…as above, so below…as there are good people in amongst the living, there are good people in amongst the dead.  As there are bad people amongst the living, there are bad people amongst the dead.  There are a percentage of people who pass over and don’t go into the light, for various reasons, some don’t know they are dead, some couldn’t find the light because they were so upset and confused when they died, some know they are dead, but they don’t want to move on  and there are some others, that are just too dark hearted to be able to walk in the light until they have grown in their souls.  Of course there are many more reasons not to cross into the light, but these are some examples.  So if your loved one passed over and they were an angry sour puss when they were alive, chances are they are the same way dead.  They are not going to miraculously change into some saintly figure.’

Mrs Potts thought on this for a while and she said ‘ My nephew suicided about 20 years ago…I’ve always wondered how he went on in the after life…do you think he has found his way?’

I felt a little uncomfortable at talking about such a hurtful subject, but I answered as honestly as I could…’ logic tells me that if you are having troubles, it doesn’t matter where you run to, they will follow.  I could move to the other side of the planet and my troubles will still catch me.  It is, in my humble opinion, it’s the same way for those who suicide…they still have the essence of  the issues follow them.  They still have to work through what was upsetting them so much in the first place.

Suicide only takes away the physical pressures One must endure, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling the emotional and mental anguish.  However, being dead does give you the power of reflection.  Once you have come to terms with the drama surrounding your departure and the hurt that others have felt from your choice to leave…I think you can definitely learn and grow from this…however, the life lessons that brought you to taking your own life are still unresolved.  And for that to change, you must reincarnate and go through the frustration of being a baby and a young child again, but this time, you will have a deeper perspective of the lessons and you will, hopefully, grow through it and come out a stronger more resolute soul…I believe on every soul’s journey, there will have to be at least one lifetime ended in suicide.

Mrs Potts was very open minded and took what I had to say on board.  She then asked me a final question…She had read in a recently published book, by a well known Psychic, that he believed all people born with a disability are human angels, put here on earth to teach others lessons…She wanted to know if this was in my opinion the truth..

Mrs Potts knows I have two sons who have disabilities and so she knew I would be taken back a little.  I remembered back into my childhood, when my Mother, a Registered Nurse, would take my brothers and I into her Nursing Unit to meet her severally disabled patients.  She wanted us to grow in compassion and to see the results of failed attempted suicide and motor vehicle accidents.

I remembered asking her if all the people in the beds and wheel chairs were nice..She was frank, she said, no, not all of them.  She said some of them have a positive outlook and they are easy to Nurse, but some are predators on the staff and want to lash out and hurt us.  We have to watch them…

I remember asking her if that was the patients who had been in hospital all their lives and she said, no, most of them were looking for a positive in their situation.  They had come to a peace with their circumstances.  It was some of the ones who had been able-bodied before hand, that  they had to watch…

My mind came back into the present and  I then thought about my own sons and how they are coping with their special needs…and I realised, although they find themselves to be different, they too are making peace with this situation.

So I answered Mrs Potts by saying this…I don’t believe that it is only for disabled people to be here to teach others.  I think disabled people are disabled because they have their own lessons to learn and the body they occupy is the vehicle for those specific lessons.  Life is about learning after all.

I said that to imagine that One incarnates only to serve others is not practical…humans need to incarnate in order to grow and learn, helping others is a big part of that and ultimately the soul will no longer need to occupy this Earth Plane and will move on to another Soul School.

This Psychic has half the story in mind, the half that makes everyone all fluffy and warm…but reality isn’t like that, and Mrs Potts, I prefer to live in the Reality that I know is to be true.

I really enjoyed that conversation with Mrs Potts.  It made me think and I hope you learned something from it too.  Be aware of the information you are reading out there as you take up your Spiritual Journey, remember that Science and Fiction only mix in the movies and in books.  Spirituality and Science mix very well, but we must always err on the side of the practical and logical in order to think with truth reason and love.

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In our daily lives we can find ourselves distracted by the mundane and routine issues we come across. It can take our minds away from centre and make us feel listless and grumpy. It is in those times that we need to find the self awareness to remember to keep focused on the prise. Whatever that goal you have in mind is. It must be a light in your mind while you get up early, still tired and feed the kids, do a load of watching and get ready for work, while you are driving and then working and when you come home to eat and relax only to do it all again tomorrow.
The feeling of striving for something gives life some purpose and some direction, but when we look closely, what is it that is underpinning the heart’s intent? It is essentially that which underpins all the good in this world. I am speaking of that which is Honour. For honour to yourself is why you strive for goals and make achievements and it is honour to your loved ones that compels you to help them and care for them. It is honour to your fellow Humans that guides you to trust in others and to enjoy their company and to respect them. For in order to give reverence to Life, one must first give honour.
I groom myself, therefore I give myself honour. I present myself to others well groomed and so I give them the honour of my seeing them to be worthy of me taking such an effort to be in their company. I give myself honour, by listening to my inner feelings and allowing myself to say no or yes, as per what feels right to me. In doing so, I set boundaries for others to respect about me, so as they can feel comfortable knowing where they stand and how it is best to interact with me.
I give honour to life by taking the time to love the life I have been given and to teach my children to love their lives also. I honour my planet by marvelling at her creatures and learning about them, so I may take my part in being a caretaker of this Earth, just as we all are as Humans.
I honour my parents, by respecting their opinions and listening to them talk about their lives, for they have passed on many skills to me, that I have in turn used to raise my children. Our Parents are the champions of our lives, when our lives are at their most vulnerable, for that, they must always be honoured.
And I honour myself by believing in myself and my opinions and by allowing my mind to expand and learn from the beliefs and opinions of others. For it is only in the sharing of information and experiences that we can grow closer to the Source of Life that so many of us worship, that which some call God, and I call The Great Spirit.
Honour is the ethic which underpins love and respect, truth and reason. Without honour, much of the achievements of others would go unnoticed and left in despair. Honour gives us light and light empowers us to grow. If you are a spiritual seeker of the enlightenment of God, then remember that in your daily life, by having a lifestyle of Spirituality and by serving others you too are giving Honour. For there is honour in service to others and in consciously choosing this lifestyle you are living in honour.

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Spiritual Service Part 2

Spiritual Service part 2 by Cat Edwards

I didn’t always want to work as a Clairvoyant t Medium and a Civil Celebrant; there was a time when I was studying to be a Homeopathic Dr. I was born in Scotland and my dream was to do my post Grad in Glasgow at one of the Homeopathic Hospitals there. I would then go on the get my Doctorate in Medicine at one of the Glasgow Universities and in the mean time; I would be there for my elderly relatives.
But life got in the way of my dream and I became gravely ill with a mysterious illness. I became morbidly sick and I needed some drastic intervention to survive. I was only 19. After having been to see many Dr’s I ended up at Naturopath’s office where he gave me a finger prick test and found I had many nasty microbes living in my blood.
I was given the necessary treatment and I began my convalescence. I had to give up my Uni for the time being and I moved back home to my Parents’ house in Mt Isa in outback Queensland. There I met and man and fell in love. I ended up having babies and I had to give my Glasgow dream away.
But my drive to give to others did not die. I suddenly found myself alone with two babies and in my early twenties, strong again and ambitious. So I fell back on my gifts and talents and began to develop them. I became a professional Reader and I gained some success. Fast forward 4 years and I studied to become a Justice of the Peace in Queensland and then I studied hard and became a Civil Celebrant.
Throughout it all, I had two boys with special needs to raise and my own personal issues of hurt to deal with. But in my work I found sanctuary. I found that in counselling others, in helping them to see their life direction, or in giving mourners a chance to give their loved ones a beautiful send off, I was empowering my own heart and soul.
Through the act of compassion I was able to heal my hurts and let go of my regrets from the past. There is an element of risk involved in what I do; I can never get it wrong the first time around. There is no second chance to give a Funeral service or to Read for someone. There is no second chance to sit at the bedside of a dying man and read to him his Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

If I get my car serviced and they do a bad job, I can take it back, but if I lose a loved one and the celebrant gives a bad funeral service, there is no taking it back. It is always all or nothing when you are the front person, the person bearing the most responsibility for the grief or goodwill of others.
I totally embrace that responsibility and I see it as my gift from God. I see that I have been given the honour to serve others and therefore I see the honour in the service that others give me.
Spiritual Service for me has become my occupation, but it is and always will be, my way of Life.

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Spiritual Service Part 1

Spiritual Service by Cat Edwards

As a Lay Person, looking out at the World, you may see those in Spiritual Service to be Ministers, Priests, Nuns and Monks…But have you ever considered that you too can and do act in Spiritual Service from time to time?
For those of you who consider yourselves to be a Light Worker, you may already consciously act in Spiritual Service, but many who are testing their toes in the Spiritual Path may find this knowledge to be of great interest on their journey.
It is a Historical fact that Humans have always been spiritual creatures. If we explore the records as far back into time as we can go, we shall see evidence of this. In this respect, nothing has changed over the eons; in today’s society, with the diversity of religious and spiritual beliefs we have, we can also see this evident.
In my experience as a Funeral Celebrant, even those who declare they are Agnostic or Atheist, find themselves clinging to a hope that their beloved, who has crossed over will be ‘watching over them’.
So what is Spiritual Service and how can I express it without going to Ministers College? It is very simple…Acts of the Spirit are those that come from the heart and soul. They are the acts of true kindness, without any thought of payment in return.
I have met many believers, from the Pagan to the Muslim and to the Jew and the Light Worker…they all have the same saying..There is Honour in Service. When you serve someone out of the goodness of your heart, you are giving Spiritual Service. Even if you serve in your occupation, and you use your heart and soul to give to others during your work hours, you are in Spiritual Service.
We may see the difference when we are in Hospital laying helpless and vulnerable and a Dr gruffly looks us over and mumbles under his breath and walks off as if you had put him out in some way…and the Nurse walks in and sharply insists that you take your medicine. At this stage, you are feeling less than healed, until the Lunch Lady appears, with a smile and a kind word. She pulls out your tray and helps you to sit up. She takes the lid off your food and blesses your sustenance with her wishes.
Now, please don’t think I believe all Drs and Nurses are gruff and have terrible bedside manner, in fact the majority do give Spiritual Service in their working lives, but you get the picture.
But, it doesn’t have to be a health professional or a person in the Hospitality industry who is in Spiritual service… It could be a friend who calls in on you when you have been sick, or it could be you when you are in a car park and you see a Mother struggling to pack her kids in the car and all her groceries.
There are as many ways to give Spiritual Service as there are to be Spiritual. If you remember my message from last week, you will know I had said that to be Spiritual is a as much a lifestyle as it is a decision. You must take the time to walk with your own Higher Self, and thereby form a close bond with you Guides and your God. In doing so, you will allow many opportunities of Spiritual service to come your way, both expressed by you and given to you by others.
For…There is great Honour in Spiritual Service.

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Religion and Spirituality, working together…

Message to the Listeners of The Spiritual Workshop  with Cat Edwards, A1R Radio

The Dalai Lama posted this quote on Facebook last night and it inspired me to write this article:

“Some people automatically associate morality and altruism with a religious vision of the world. But I believe it is a mistake to think that morality is an attribute only of religion. We can imagine two types of spirituality: one tied to religion, while the other arises spontaneously in the human heart as an expression of love for our neighbours and a desire to do them good.”  His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Recently I became involved with a talented and spiritual woman who is a Pentecostal Christian.  I embraced her spirituality and decided to learn about her ways.  I knew that it is not in my heart to become religious, however, I was at the time, very broken from some events that had transpired and I felt I needed a safe haven from the World in the form of a Church.  I loved that she too had the understanding of Spiritual Gifts and that she and her fellow Christians used them to better the lives of others and of themselves.  I loved that they said affirmations and practised Spiritual protection via the blood of Christ.

When I went to my first Church service, they were open armed and very kind towards me.  They used rock music to praise God and their hymns catchy and fun.  The more time I spent with my friend and her Church, the more I became attuned to the fact that they were similar, yet different to me.  Similar in that they are spiritual and loving of their fellow  man.  Different in that they choose to worship in a congregation and in a set format with The Bible as their one document of Holiness.

I have spent much time pondering upon the similarities of our two worlds.  They call the Highest source God, I call it The Great Spirit of Life.  They love Jesus and see him as the Human version of God.  I have always felt a connection with him too.  They believe in Faith and I have always held faith in my heart.  They respect the Angels and I love and respect them too.

Because I have become involved with Christianity in this way, I am feeling open to learning more about this religion.  I have been reading the bible  again and I have been pondering on the wisdom within the book.  However, I am a free spirit, I cannot attach myself to one religion or another, I can only love and learn from each of them.

For in my heart lies a simple truth, that Spirituality is a state of being.  It is a state of thinking and a lifestyle, to be chosen by the seeker of peace and compassion.  It is in wisdom and knowledge that we feed our Souls, and Religion can certainly pass on much of that.   It is the path of the true seeker of wisdom, to learn from many schools of thought and to sum them up in their minds and heart.  To take that which rings true and add it to the banks of kindness within the Soul and to discard that which is not settling well.

For the seeker of Spiritual fulfilment, shall always be shown a path of strength and a path of weakness.  There are many pitfalls out there and there is much trickery and deception in the realm of Spirit.  Humans will always find themselves seeking love and wisdom, no matter how far into the dark they fall.  For the void of the deceiver is an empty place and it is in that empty place that we are given the key to arise and be freed.  It takes courage and at times self sacrifice to emerge from a spiritual void, but in doing so, the seeker shall be stronger and wiser.  They shall be forgiven and be released from the fury of those who have been wronged.

Both Religion and simple Spirituality have a light and dark side.  To those of you on the path, I say to you, remember to listen to your inner guidance, be strong in your mind and heart.  Do not allow others to influence your mission to be close to your God.

The Dalai Lama speaks of morality and altruism as being seen as a religious vision.  I see that it is, however, lets expand that thinking as he suggests and see it as a Spiritual vision.  To be spiritual is to be kind of heart and good in nature.  To be loving and compassionate and to extend a loving and welcoming hand.  This is something I see practised in many religious organisations.  How wonderful the world would be, if those of us who are simply spiritual are recognised as  also organising ourselves to express this vision as well.   In this great time of change, we Humans cannot afford to remain separated by our teachings.  We must remember to respect one another and to learn from each and every school of thought we are presented with.  We must remember to negate the objective to immerse others into our ways and instead allow others to share their ways with us.  For it is in sharing that we will find a true spiritual connection and a religious and spiritual common ground.

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ache-adult-depression-expression-41253.jpegMost Readers are empaths and as such, they tend to become energetic sponges for other people’s feelings and emotions, be they happy or sad.  When we give a Reading, we are tapping into the energy field of the client, their associates, loved ones (deceased and living) and anyone else who may be in their life circle.  On a greater level, you are accessing the collective consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness of the spirit helpers with your clients and the collective consciousnesses of their ancestors.  That is a lot of thought energy to be dealing with. 

pexels-photo-266429.jpegLike a Babushka Doll, we are all a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.  When we are accessing the energy signatures of our clientele, we are also accessing them on many interdimensional levels.  I often like to think of it as diving into a lake and going down the different layers of water.  When we give a Reading, we immerse ourselves in all the energies.  If we don’t shake that energy off and clear ourselves at the end of the Reading, we can end up with residual  ‘stuff’ attached to our Auras.  This ‘stuff’ can begin to drain you, make you sick, give you nightmares or cause you to stop sleeping.  It’s not your energy, so your body’s energetic immune system is going to want to fight it.  This is also why many Readers become sick. 

So what do you do if you have not been clearing yourself, or if you have been trying but you are not effective?  Try another way of course!

First things first, it’s time to start a regular devotion to energetic hygiene.  You shower regularly and are in a routine of cleaning your physical body, so this is just a bit more of that but on an energetic level…I will also say that it counts towards your daily meditations as well because you need to get into that style of unfocused focus. 

  1. Take off your shoes and get your feet onto the land. Hard to do if the land is freezing cold in Winter, but if that’s the case then get some soil from a houseplantpexels-photo-785067.jpeg and put your feet into that.  You need to get your feet on Mother Earth.  Now focus on your spine and find your centre of gravity.  Let your limbs go light and let your mind go quietly.  Allow your own Chi to take over control.  Let your Chi ground into Gaia and when you feel ready, ask Gaia to remove all the auric shells attached to your aura.  Don’t name them, don’t specify that the auric shells are of clients.  Just ask for all auric shells to be removed.  This gives her permission to get rid of the lot. 
  2. During the process, she will begin to rock your Chi and your body will swing back and forth. When you are free of the auric shells you should fall slightly forwards.  Make sure you catch yourself.  You may fall backwards, but that is not optimum so you can set the intention of coming forwards when done. 
  3. Imagine your aura as a diamond. To do this, see an imaginary line through your chest plate between your heart and solar plexus.  Imagine that your aura expands france-landmark-lights-night.jpgas far as you can reach front, back and sideways. Now imagine that the walls of your aura are straight and true and about 1mtr thick.  Made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  See your Auric walls shoot up into the sky about 6 metres.  Let all 4 of them join together at in the middle to form a pyramid spire.  Now focus back on the floor of your pyramid, the line between your heart and solar plexus, imagine it’s a floor that stretches out to meet all four sides of the auric pyramid.  This square is translucent.  Now see your auric walls plummet down into the Earth 6 metres and then go deeper until you are near the centre of the Earth, bring the four walls together as a pyramid spire.  Your walls are all 1 metre thick, made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  Now step back and realise you have encased yourself in a gold and diamond light pyramid.  Declare that only the highest unconditional love may enter your diamond aura. 
  4. Go sit somewhere and just be.

So that is a good one for clearing your energies and fortifying your Aura, but are you fully clear yet?  Most likely not.  So when it is time, repeat this exercise in the shower, use a non-slip mat if you need to and let the water cleans your aura. 

Now your are dry and your auric pyramid is gleaming, let’s call in the big guys to do a bit of housework for you.  Recently a friend helped me to clear myself and I love his suggestion.  He said to ask Arch Angel Michael to come in from the 14th chakra and bring down his light to cleans and clear you, your divination equipment, devices, car, house, café you are in ….anything really.  Just also ask him to take away any portholes that are seen or unseen, any entities that are seen or unseen, any negative energies that are seen or unseen and any energies that are not your own that are seen or unseen….in, on, under and all around you.  You can back it all up by asking the galactic family of the highest unconditional love to sweep around with Arch Mike to fortify his good work. 

I always do a muscle test to see if I am then clear, if I am not, I ask again.  If you don’t know about muscle testing, just go to YouTube and look up some tutorials on the subject.  Here’s a link to one: How to Do Self Muscle Testing ~ 7 Ways to Muscle Test Yourself


Ok, so you’ve cleared all the dross away and you are feeling pretty good.  It’s not the end.  You are an empath who’s chosen to incarnate to help others.  You need to make sure that also includes helping yourself! 

In the shower, every morning, clear your aura and set up your pyramids and diamond for the day.  By reinforcing it, you are strengthening your inner power and that translates into confidence and you being like Teflon to yucky energies.  Before you start your spiritual work for the day, go into your meditation and set the intention only the highest unconditional love may enter your office space.  You can set up your diamond aura so that it reaches far out to the external walls of your office or to the fence line of the building you are working in.  Now, in your prayer state that at the end of each Reading or healing that all deceased loved ones connected to your client will go back from whence they came and they will go with love.  All deceased beings must leave and any entities that may have come along with your client, even if they are unable to step across the threshold of your office space will be arrested by the police angels and sent to The Light.  Sounds silly I know, but do you want those yucky things hanging around? NO WAY!

At the end of each Reading as that The Great Spirit take the burden from your client, pexels-photo-378148.jpegshine the light of blessings over them, wrap them in a cloak of comfort and shine the path ahead of them, ask for their reading to be confirmed in 24 hrs and cleanse and clear yourself and your space.  This means you are not taking on their ‘stuff’ no matter how much you love them, it’s not your ‘stuff’ to deal with, you’ve got a big enough life as it is. 

I do this energy work daily, I have two children under 5 and a young adult son with autism.  If I can do it, so can you.  No excuses to look after your psychic hygiene. 

Your health is, after all, your biggest asset. 

See you in my next blog

Much love,


Thanks to Wayne Gunders for your inspiration in this clearing work

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