The Artisans Have It!


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Do you ever visit or live in a town with a big artisan population?  I love going to these towns. Just recently, my family and I went up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to celebrate my mother’s birthday . We ate some cheese at a boutique cheese factory and enjoyed the views to the ocean from the veranda of the old Mapleton Pub.

The thing that strikes me about artisans is the love they put into their work.  I think it would be a rare artisan who is not in love with their craft.  As we all know, love is so very important in daily life, the expression of love into objects always translates into beauty.  Mother Earth gives us this all the time, with the simplest gifts of flowers and birds, butterflies and beetles.  But humans are also capable of creating love in beauty.

Artisans can teach us so much about working with love. The appreciation for the time they put into their work is unavoidable.  Take a stained glass lamp for example.  The artisan will have stained the glass and sketched a plan, they would have soldered it all together and wired it up.  Time, and love and thought goes into every piece.

How many of you find that this same process goes into your job?  Most of us hate our work and we are only there because it pays the bills.  But what if we were to change our view for just a moment?  What if we were bored out of our brains with our job, but we were to make doing the job a game?  What if we disliked our colleagues, but we were good at our job; couldn’t we play nice and feel the freedom of not being caught up in the office politics?  By putting a little love into our working lives, we too could be like the artisans and find the quality in our work.  You always have a choice and it is your choice to stay in a job that is creating a negative issue in your life.  It is simple to say, ‘no more, I am looking for a new job’. Or, ‘I am going to find out how to learn more, to get into another industry or to climb the corporate ladder’… Or ‘I am going to feel the heart in this job, so I can at least enjoy it while I am here’.

We all have to work, even those who stay at home have to work.  No one gets out of it.  For some of my day I do paid work and for some of my day, I do home duties.  This is because I have kids.  I have to be there for them.  It means I have two jobs.  I am rarely off my feet watching the TV.  Sometimes I hate cooking again or doing the washing again.  But I have chosen to put as much love into the mundane tasks in my day, as the tasks I enjoy.  I love my job, so I put allot of love into that.  I love my family so I put allot of love into the jobs that support them.

Learn from the artisans, work like you love it and love will reward you with beauty. Whatever beauty,  is for you.  Make choices about your work, that suit you and be brave enough to change your attitude to your work.  So as you can begin to love it, until it ends.

I’ll finish this spiritual comment with a quote from my ‘inspirational messages of love cards’

‘Before enlightenment – feed people and wash dishes, after enlightenment – feed people and wash dishes.

The mundane does not have to be dreary, if you put a little love into it.



I was watching a show about people losing weight recently and there was a young man on the show who didn’t know how to think like an athlete. His trainer was getting extremely frustrated with him, as it was obvious he was floundering around. When he finally asked the young man, what the bleep are you thinking when you are doing this exercise, the young guy said, I don’t know what to think!
This prompted me to look at other situations in life when people don’t actually know what to think in a situation. When I exercise, I think to my self, ok you’ve gone 5 min but you’ve ridden 1 mile so keep it up only 6 more miles to go, then after 4 and a half miles I say to myself, you are half way now, good work, push through the pain and keep going. Then I count  down the time or the miles I ride. Until I complete he task. If I’m doing resistance training it’s counting the reps and telling myself to feel the burn and push through it. I have a self talk which allows me to work through the pain of excercise in order to make the achievement of a great work out. I finish with endorphins released and fat burning away, muscles pumped and me sweating profusely. But I feel so much better for it.
So what about someone who is studying. Many of us want to take up study but as an adult, it’s a daunting task. So we have to talk ourselves through it in a similar way. Say you have two Uni assignments to do, you would tell yourself, ok time to research this assignment and brainstorm the subject. Done that, now I have to complete the essay so it make sence and applys to the requirements of the professor. Just a few more thousand words, now to spell check, ok review, done yes!
It is a great feeling when you are able to submit an assignment ahead of time, because you have talked yourself into the work and you have talked yourself through it.
We use self talk all the time, but how often do you talk to yourself as if you are going to make an achievement? How often do you give yourself set goals within the task as you are doing it to keep yourself moving? What about that great feeling when it’s done!? That is a great feeling.
The difference between winning and losing is in the self talk we encourage within ourselves. If you are always feeling like you can’t win, then learn to apply this to simple tasks like the washing up, or the folding. Take small chunks out of the pile until it’s all done. The feeling of achievement is a boost and it is a stepping stone to the next achievement and the next.
Life is just a set of tasks all set out for us each day, they may vary and they may each have different categories and challenges, but we still have them. From the time you awaken to the time you fall asleep, you have tasks to do.
How about getting yourself a little challenged today and set a new task, talk yourself through it and feel the boost of achievement.

You’ll be glad you did.


On Matters of The Heart…

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There has been a recurrent theme with my clients this week.  It has been that of un-requited love and in particular, my clients looking to their love interest to make them happy.

I have seen allot of this thinking over the years and I see it as a trap in the Human psychology.  Matters of the heart run a very fine line.  For many people it is much easier to fall in love than it is to let go.  For many, the process of letting go involves getting nasty and becoming a shadow of their former selves, full of hateful spite and bitterness.  Many people also fall into the trap of mistaking sexual desire for that of heartfelt love and this often leads to an empty relationship, which creates a lonely hole in the heart of those involved.

In my experience as a Spiritual Advisor, I have seen how looking for someone else to make a person happy, or lust mistaken for love, have created a great deal of hurt and distrust in my clients.  This style of thinking is setting you up for a fall and a big one at that.  If you think getting up and dusting yourself off and finding another person to fill in that hole in your heart will fix it, you will be sadly mistaken.  Instead of finding Wedded Bliss, you will find another rack of bad memories and heart aching moments in time.

The question of love is a major one in most people’s minds from the time they hit puberty.  It is such a serious subject, because, it is in our most intimate relationships that we are forced to learn and to grow.  Many people, including myself, end up regretting having ever met a significant person in our lives and many people, including myself, have made the mistake of taking another person on, only to realise that they too are a big mistake.  It is such a difficult thing, to use discernment when you are finding yourself attracted to a person and your mind is swirling with questions of wonder and your heart is filling with feelings of attachment.

There is a very real truth that I must remind you all of, before I go on.  No one person can make you happy.  The true path to real contentment is within your own heart and mind.  It cannot be filled by another.  They have no physical way of getting into your heart and mind and healing you.  This is and must be, your own journey.  A significant friend can support you, bolstering your spirits and believing in your progress and your ability to heal, but they cannot do it for you.  So, if you are someone who is looking to others to heal you or to make you happy, stop now.  Stop now, before you become that other person’s bad memory.  Stop now, before your neediness ruins your precious relationship or the opportunity of having a precious relationship.  Back off and go and get some counselling.  It is the only way you will heal and set yourself and everyone around you free.

Clients who come to me, having based their relationships upon desire and not upon love are often confused as to what the feeling of love is.  Often when they come to me, they are tired and they feel scattered.  They are in need of some centering and some grounding.  This is because the intimacy of the bed is a sacred space.  It is not a space for many bodies to lay.  It is a space for you to be at your most vulnerable. A space for you to be totally yourself and to be with yourself.  When we let another into this space, if it is simply for instant gratification or for the release of desire, it lessens the sacredness of this space and charges it with negative energy.  The bed becomes a place of emptiness, reflected in the heart and echoed in the soul.

For those of you who have fallen into this trap of allowing desire to rule your body and your relationships, when the time comes for the relationship to end, I recommend you have a length of time alone.  It is the most rewarding thing, to be alone for some time and to just be with yourself.  To go for walks and to channel your sexuality into your spirituality.  It is when you learn to do this, that you will regain your sacred space and you will be prepared for real love to enter into your energy field.

Lovers cooking together  Real love feels easy.  It is simple and uncomplicated.  It doesn’t make you cry or fight, it doesn’t disrespect you or make you feel used or needed too much.  Real love is uplifting.  It fills your soul with joy and peace.  It is a soft place to fall and a warm place to lay.  It is sacred and special and it is something worth waiting for.  Real love fills your heart with a feeling of warmth that can only be described in poetry and song.  That is why so many songs are written about it.  Love transcends sexuality, it is a spiritual, soulful feeling.  It doesn’t need a nightly gratification to confirm it’s place in your life.  It just is.  It longs for another, yet, it feels secure within itself, so it is never really alone.  This is how real, true love feels.

For my own life, I chose to stop, after two 2 year relationships in my twenties, and to be alone until I found someone worthy of my heart.  I chose to look at myself and to work out what it was about me, within me that was attracting these unhappy men into my life.  I didn’t want to go for another round, so I stepped back from relationships.  This period of celibacy allowed me to channel my sexual energy into my spirituality and gave me the ability to grow spiritually.  It was at times difficult and as I was out of reach, I found myself with several marriage proposals every year and declarations of love, from would be suitors.  But I had written a list of what I did want in a man and what I just wouldn’t accept and I stuck to it.  I was told that there was no such man alive and I would be forever alone.  I thought otherwise.  There are billions of men in this world, so there are billions of options and I am happy to wait for the right one.  In the end, I asked my guy out.  I was in control and I got the best.  I never settled for second best because I was lonely or bored.

If I can take control of my sexuality and my desires, then so can you.

Love is a beautiful sacred thing.  It is worth working through your issues and taking some time to be alone.  Love is worth waiting for. Registered & Protected