About Meditation…

Lately when I think about what to talk to you about I get one word inspirations, today is meditation.  Now I don’t profess to be the world expert on this subject.  For me, meditation had  been a struggle in the past and not for only the usual reasons, like trying to quieten the mind.  When I was younger, if I meditated, I would just blaze open my mind to more of my gifts and I would not be able to gain control of them again for a while.  I learnt to meditate at a Yogi Ashram and through meditation classes run by a Buddhist Monk.  I was learning to meditate, yes, but I wasn’t learning to control my gifts or to psychically protect myself.  Back in the mid Nineties in Brisbane, being spiritual was still very much a religious thing and to say you saw ghosts or that you had spiritual experiences was really frowned on.  So I didn’t feel I could talk to any of these people about my knowledge.  I felt quite alone.

Meditation was something I practised occasionally until I got a handle of my gifts.  I would experience psychic attack from ghosts after meditation, often. So it scared me.
But, I think, if I had been given instruction on how to handle my gifts and how to protect myself, I would have meditated everyday throughout my adult life.  It is for this reason, that I urge you to use psychic protection as part of your pre-meditation ritual.  Get yourself in a comfortable position, maybe light a candle, burn some oils and put on some peaceful music.  Then, close your eyes and visualise yourself being psychically protected.  Then go into your meditation.

Many people teach this, but many don’t aswell.  So I expect this is why I am being urged to talk to you about it today, as a reminder.

Meditation is the gateway to your spiritual gifts.  It opens you up to those gifts that lay dormant and it helps you to fine tune the ones you are working with already.  It gives you the space to take a moment and breathe correctly.  It gives the body a much needed rest and if you can, it will help you to still your mind.  This is the key to being able to use your psychic abilities.  I expect that if you asked every professional psychic out there, if they had a still mind when they received a channelled message, they would agree.  It is very hard to receive it any other way.  Maybe this ability to have a still mind is what makes them gifted in comparison to others, or maybe it enhances their gifts…I don’t know, that is an individual thing, but I do know that for me, meditation before I do any creative or spiritual work allows me to put aside the worries of the day and to clear my mind so it looks like a blank page.  Then I can fill it up with whatever creative or spiritual endeavour I may be pursuing at the time.

Meditation doesn’t have to a seated or rested experience either.  I have spoken to you in the past about movement meditation, where you allow your body to move itself and this then rests the mind.  This can actually be very enchanting and powerful; dance is another form of mediation, along with chanting a mantra.  I often meditate when I’m doing mundane tasks.  I sort of put my body on auto-pilot and, wash the dishes, for example, while my mind ponders or contemplates.  This is a very simple way to meditate that anyone can do.

If you find it hard to still your mind when you are meditating, then try some of these other techniques.  It is very simple.  Just remember to visualise yourself being psychically protected and of course, go with what feels right for you.

Meditation is a good daily habit to get into, think about how you can incorporate it into your daily life.


Respect – A Foundation of Love

I want to tell you about something that happened to me and my 14yr old son the other day, and why respect plays a part in that. In Australia, my home town is Redcliffe, it’s a seaside village near Brisbane and although I don’t live there anymore, I still go from time to time to conduct business or meet with friends. It’s only a half hour drive from my house. Earlier this week my son and I had gone into Redcliffe to run some errands and we stopped at a cafe for some refreshments once we were done. It was late in the afternoon and most of the shops were shut on the esplanade as we went for a stroll together to get some fresh air. Sitting on the footpath, his back against a shop window, was a man in a wheel chair. An amputee, he had only one leg. He was begging for spare change. He would have been in his 50’s and he smelt like he was homeless. He frightened my son, who has autism, and is not used to seeing people like him…(mainly because of my son’s condition and the fact that we don’t venture out much. He likes to be in his home range.) I could see this was a man who had a story and I felt compassion for him. However, I didn’t give him any of my change. I felt a strong pull in my gut not to. Now I must respect my instincts. Should I go against them, 9 times out of 10, I will regret it later, so I stayed back and I said ‘Sorry, no’. My son was upset with me, but I told him that I donate money to a charity that helps people like him, because I know that anyone could end up in a wheel chair with a spinal injury or an amputation ect. and I like to think, this way I am helping people like this man. I wished him a Merry Christmas and we walked on.

A Beggars Hands
A Beggars Hands - Image thanks to

When I was younger, I gave away my last 5 cents to beggars. But, you don’t tend to see them so much anymore. In Australia, there certainly are homeless people and there are many reasons for that homelessness. I used to know a gentleman who worked in the science museum as the exhibit co-ordinator, who slept in the park, because he couldn’t stand walls around him. There are people who have lost their housing, because the cost of living here is ginormous and there are people who have mental illnesses…these are just some of the reasons. I knew in my gut that this gentleman that day, was looked after and known by those people who care. I could see his clothes were clean and that he had some fat on his bones. He was well fed and he was cared for by someone.
This is an anicdote, not about so much my interaction with the homeless amputee, but about the respect I gave to myself firstly and then to my son and the gentleman. Sometimes, you have to listen to your gut and say no. Sometimes your gut says go for it and you do. My child was afraid and my gut said no. I didn’t speak rudely to the man though. He in turn was not rude towards me.
I expect he will not remember me, but I have thought about him since and I have sent him my feelings of love and hope for his future. Our state of minds place us in situations, be them begging on the street or surfing in the ocean. Our states of minds govern our lives.
Respect and being respectful, is a big foundation of love, because it allows us to interact with each other with more ease. Now there are ways and there are ways of getting respect. You can choose to force others to respect you by using fear. But you will never win their true love, or you can command respect from authority, enforced by a firm but gentle hand, in which case, you will be loved. You can gain respect by proving to yourself and to others that you have what it takes, or you can manipulate the minds of others with lies in order to acquire respect without earning it.
Should you choose the dark path to respect, you will find that the foundation of love will not be there. You will find that once your house of cards has fallen, and it will, you will see that in choosing this path, you firstly disrespected yourself, and then others. You will find that there are consequences to your actions that have a ripple effect going on for a long time afterwards and that will always be something you cannot deny.
Should you choose to gain respect through kindness, loyalty, friendship and authority, you will find that there will be a foundation of love built in your honour. You will be held in genuine esteem and you will be remembered for all the right reasons long after you are gone. People  generally don’t have streets or parks named after them, if they were an abuser of respect. Love and respect go hand in hand.

Respect Yourself First
Respect Yourself First - Image thanks to

Respect always starts with you. If you are disrespecting others, then first and foremost, you are disrespecting yourself, then the other person and then anyone else who may be indirectly involved.
Be aware of your motives and your reasoning for choosing to go ahead with decisions around respect. When you first meet someone, give them respect, if they chose to dishonour that, then remove it from their energy field. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a ride. Even if someone seems to be in a position of poverty. Have a good look at them. Take it all in. I did, when I saw that gentleman, I knew the area and I know that it is full of church groups just bursting with love for people like him. I could see he was fed well and his clothes were clean.
Self love, also involves self respect. So respect starts with the way you view you. Others will pick up on it too, and most will afford you respect simply because they can see you respect yourself.
What do we do if someone is disrespecting us?
Well that is a topic for another Spiritual comment.


Saving Animals

I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and as I talk to you, my audience about respecting all life, I often observe that with the things that I do as I get on with my day.  One of the habits I have formed since I was around 14, is to save stricken animals from the side of the road.

My boyfriend has now banned me from saving snakes, but until he came along, I was pulling lizards, turtles,snakes, kangaroos and birds off the road on a regular basis.   Now a days, I just sneak the snake off the road and hope to God, my kids don’t blab!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else help snakes, but I love them just as much as all the others.

Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.
Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.

Yesterday, I was driving my son to school and I saw what looked like a dead bird in a turning lane off of an intersection.  My son said it looked dead, but my instincts kicked in and I drove back by the bird on my way home.  I parked and went up to the road and scooped up a baby Top Notch Pigeon off the intersection and into my safe warm hands.  I took it to the nearest Vet and photographed it, before I handed it in.  Such a little sweetie.  If I hadn’t have done that, the little darling would be dead by now, trampled by a passing car.

Because I have made this my habit, I kind of scan the roadsides and the main part of the road for animals aswell as just for general traffic.  Sometimes I make an idiot of myself in order to save a stricken little friend.  Like the time, a few months ago, I came up to an intersection and saw a big bearded dragon lizard in the middle of the road.  I pulled up and ran out into the path of oncoming traffic, jumping up and down like a lunatic so they’d stop, before I lifted him off the road and put him up a tree.  I could literally feel, all the people who saw me, laughing at the way I looked when I was jumping and waving at them!

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved
The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved

At the beginning of this year, you may remember that Queensland was suffering from some terrible flooding.  The night before Brisbane was hit by the worst floods since 1974, I was driving along a country road after dark and I saw an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.  It was huge and it was headed for the middle of the road and an oncoming 4WD.  I ran out and picked it up.  It had a long neck; like a snake and I was a bit freaked out that it would bite me.  My poor 14 yr old son had to have it in his foot well of the car, so as to keep an eye on it as I drove around looking for a body of water to release it into.

I took it down to the Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, near where I live and let it go.  The next day, the Caboolture River flooded and I have often hoped that the turtle survived.

Today I saw a Fruit bat on the side of the road.  Because I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not, I swung the car around and got a cloth bag out in order to pick it up.  I found it was dead, so I moved it off the road and I said this little prayer over its body…It is the same prayer I say to all the ones I couldn’t save.

‘May the Angels fly The home,

Blessed be.’

I know, it’s from the movie ‘Merlin’, but it is a beautiful little prayer, so I have adopted it for the animals.

The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.
The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.

Animals are so important.  If all the Humans die out, most of them would survive just nicely, but if all the animals died out, we Humans would not stand a chance.

Being Spiritual is about living a spiritual life and that includes looking after all those who are dependent on you.  We built the roads and drive on them, so we are responsible to the animals who fall prey to the roads too.

If you do come across one that has passed away, and if you have time, pull it off the road.  Give it the dignity to have its body return to the Earth, via the soil.  As I say to my sons, you can’t save them all, but you can save their dignity.

Mother Earth is a living planet, with a consciousness that is aware of you.  Tell her you are grateful for her love, by looking after her children, you will feel a better person for it.


Spiritual Exercise

For some people exercise is a chore.  It is an inconvenience to them and it seems to be something that is worthy of putting off, for another day.  However, each day you put it aside is a day closer to a life full of medical complications because of a lack of exercise.

Why am I talking about this in a spiritual Blog?  Because the links between exercise and good spiritual health have long been known.  The panicle of this lays in the East with the disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi and some martial arts.

Family walking
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Medical professionals will tell you that if you are feeling sad, you are best to go for a walk.  The simple act of walking is enough to centre the mind and to release endorphins to help you feel happy and to help you to feel more relaxed.  Exercise is the key to living a full life, it is the key to feeling strong and it is the key to mental and spiritual health.

You can be the most profoundly, spiritually, wisdom filled person, yet if you are not physically healthy, your knowledge will be wasted to your sick bed.  It is hard to start exercising if you are not in the habit of doing it.  It can seem daunting and it can feel very painful too.  But if you see this as a test of character, to find a way around your obstacle of time for exercise and to push through the pain…you will discover a brighter day.  A body that is strong and slimmer.  A body that rewards you in unexpected ways.   There is more pleasure in intimacy, there is more pleasure in food, and there is more pleasure in moving about.  A couple of years ago, I was walking in a part of Brisbane called ‘Spring Hill’ with my Mother and Brother.  If any of you know this part of town, you’ll know it is hilly and I mean steep hilly!  We found a car park at the bottom of a steep hill and had to walk to the top to go into a building.  I had been consistently exercising for around 6 months at the time and I just moved up the hill with ease.  It didn’t hurt my legs and I didn’t even puff.  When I got to the top, I spun around wondering where everyone else was and found that they were still at the bottom of the hill, moving up at a slow and painful pace.  I didn’t even know my own strength!

I am currently convalescing from the devastation of complete burn out.  I was told that it will take me around 5 years to regain my full strength and to have my inner batteries re-charged…I am a patient person, but not that patient!  Exercise is the key for me to be feeling so strong so soon…I am not 100% yet.  But I am certainly much better.  I can sustain 1-2 hours of exercise every day.  Seeing me get out there has inspired my son to get off the couch and to come for bike rides with me!  It is a win-win, really, because he is a much happier boy and so our relationship is better.  I am a much happier Mum and so my family is working more in unison.

Because I am getting fitter, I am finding my meditations are clearer too.   I can see my energy field easier and I am back to doing my own movement meditations.  This is something I’d like to teach you.   If you are not exercising or you’d like to get into Yoga or Tai Chi sometime and maybe there isn’t a class nearby, try this…

Movement Meditation
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In a sitting position, call in your Guides and psychically protect yourself.  Always do this before any spiritual work.  Now stand and bring your arms up above your head and then let them drop slowly and let them just hang.  Don’t be thinking too much about how you look or anything, just sort of hang there.  Now with your eyes closed, concentrate on the beating of your heart and let your mind step back from your body.  Just let your body be the boss.  Now realise that in this state you are in meditation and allow your body to move in a fluid fashion.  Your arms and legs will want to move, let them.  Don’t be too interested as to how they are moving just allow the fluid motion of your body to take over.  This is the movement of your Chi, your life force.  Your body has a consciousness all of its own and this meditation allows your conscious mind to connect with the consciousness of your body.  So, do this meditation until you feel it is time to stop.   Don’t push yourself to get it right the first time.  You will feel it, when it kicks in.

After a few times doing this kind of meditation, you will feel more in touch with your body.  You will feel more in tune with your gut feelings and your instincts.  This is a great way to introduce physical meditation into your life.  Should you want to expand on it, go to Tai Chi or Yoga, get into martial Arts.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Like all machines it needs a grease and oil change regularly and it needs to be taken out for a drive.  Try and fit some sort of exercise into your day, every day and take the time to get back in touch with your body through meditation and movement.

The spiritual disciple needs to feel that they have lived a full and complete life, moving your body is an important part of that.


Family Feuds & Forgiveness

Image thanks to
Image thanks to

When I was 17 I attended a tertiary college to study secretarial skills…Office work was and has never been a subject I enjoy, however it has proven to be the foundation of my business skills, so for that, I am grateful…One morning, before class a lady approached me while I was sitting on a bench, minding my own business. She introduced herself and began to talk…She was in her late 30’s, re-training now her kids were older and she was very sad and very alone…but not because of her change in life…She felt this way because of an unresolved family feud, resulting in unfinished business and the lost chance to say ‘I love You’ to her Father before he died.
She was so very sad as she recounted having found out that her Father was in his death bed and that she had been deliberately left out of the Family call around for the gathering to say goodbye. When she arrived at the Hospital, it was too late. Her Father had gone and he died a bitter man towards his beautiful girl… Here sat before me, a broken Woman. A woman who could never say ‘I forgive you’ or ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me’, a woman who would die herself one day with that unhealed heart. I was 17, I did not have the emotional maturity or life skills to counsel her. I just sat with her and let her talk…I felt very sad for her and I thought to myself ‘No matter what, I’m never going to let a chance go by, to tell my family that I love them’.
My Mother told me that I had a very trustworthy face, because the more I ventured out into the world, the more strangers would seek me out to confess their sins or tell me their storeys of regret. It was a burden for me, because I just didn’t know how to deal with it, but it was a release for them, because they felt they were connecting with someone who cared…and I did care, that is why I felt it was a burden. I didn’t know how to help these people and I just didn’t know why they were all coming to me.
However, looking back on those times, I now know why they chose me…Because I was born to give others Spiritual Counsel. It is in my capacity as a Funeral Celebrant, that I find myself wishing I had met some of these people long before the death of their loved one. Because it never ceases to sadden me to see the hurt and disappointment of family members estranged, never to speak again and cursed with this decision as one of them dies.
The institution of Family is a major part of every Human’s life. It is a fundamental part of your creation to be a member of a family unit, a Clan or a Tribe. When that institution breaks down, for one reason or another…it is imperative that the family members re-unite under a common umbrella. They need to rise above the issue and see that love is more important. Because you never know when your time is up, or when it is theirs.
I have family members who live in different locations around Brisbane and Queensland, Scotland, England and the USA. After that conversation with that lady, all those years ago, I realised that if I had to drive for two hours to spend 5 minutes with a Family member, it was worth it. If I travelled half way around the world and only got a window of an hour with someone in my family, no matter how emotionally close they are to me, or not…I would be grateful for every second. Because they are your blood. Your ancestors, your DNA. They are more important than money, material goods, popularity or power.
When I give a Funeral Service, I often find that there are one or two people in the official party, who want to make the day ‘all about them’. They ignore the proceedings of the day and create a sideline event, or they dress inappropriately or they are loud and rude during the service. These people have forgotten what the meaning of Family is. They have forgotten their own hearts too. They have been drawn into the illusion of the instant gratification culture, the meanness of ‘give me, give me, give me.’ And they have created for themselves a day of regret. It may not dawn on them that day, or later that month…but it will hit them hard when it does. Because, at the heart of it all, Family is there. Deep within your Soul, there is a connection that is forged in the White Light of the Source of All There Is.

Forgiveness card
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The band ‘Mike and the Mechanics’ wrote a song about this subject, you may have heard it on the Radio – ‘In the Living years’. It is a song that always brings a tear to my eye, because I have witnessed the results of so many family feuds, over the time I have been a Spiritual Adviser and Funeral Celebrant.

Is there someone in your family who doesn’t see eye to eye with you? Is there someone you are angry with or who you just can’t face because of whatever reason? Don’t let that bad feeling sit and fester for another second. Write them a note. Send them a card. Tell them that no matter what has gone on before, you love them dearly and you are always going to be their champion, tell them you forgive them…
Because one day, one of you will die, and for the one left behind it will be too late.


My Reiki Experience

If you didn’t know already, I’m all over the internet.  One of my social networking pages is called Spiritual  There I met a lady who is a Reiki master.  She is in Canada and she sent me a message and now we are Facebook buddies too.   Her being a Reiki master prompted me to say that I had received mixed experiences from Reiki  sessions over the years and that I practise simple spiritual healing…I went on the clarify, that I don’t think simple spiritual healing is any better or worse than Reiki.  I guess I wanted to open up a conversation about my experiences with spiritual healing in general.

Spiritual HealingMy first experience with Reiki was when I was 18, I was still very naive about allot of things in life and Reiki was no exception.  I went along to an older lady and she began to work her magic.  Little did she know, but I had been under psychic attack all my life from earth bound spirits, and as I was not brought up in a house where parents were educated about this, I was unaware of how to deal with it all.  I had worked out some of my own methods of protecting myself, mainly cowering under my bed sheets and hoping they would go away.
So, when she laid her hands on me, she found herself removing the attachments of many spirits from my aura.  She had created a massive energy shift in my body and she had found herself frightened by the experience.  It was unnerving for her.  One spirit in particular, chose to leave me via my solar plexus and through hers and out in the form of etheric fire.  In the end, without my consultation, she used her Reiki to shut down my Spiritual eyes.  She thought that if i couldn’t see them, then I couldn’t attract them.  I left being spiritually blind, having all my life at least being able to see who or what was trying to attack me.  I now could only feel and hear them.  Now bear in mind, I spent my teenage years in the Queensland outback mining town of Mt Isa.  There were many a deceased Miner who had not crossed over, plus many folk who had died in road smashes ect…It was a town full of earth bound spirits, looking for someone to help them find the light, the way home and I was a blearing beacon…unable to control my gift, now blind to the spirits I came in contact with and desperately trying to find another way to see them.

I did re-learn to see them, but I have never seen spirits in the same way.  I used to see, with open physical eyes, ghosts like a transparent person, now, I see them( with open physical eyes)  in their higher, energetic form.  I taught myself, out of necessity, to see them this way.  In the beginning, I would only see orbs of light.  I didn’t know if they were good or bad.  Just orbs of light.  Then I began to see the more subtle vibrations of these orbs of light and after a couple of scary experiences, I began to discern that those orbs that vibrated steadily were good and those that swirled were not.  Once I had passed this test, I began to see the spirits in their energetic bodily form.

Ghost JoggingOne time, I was walking home late at night and I saw a man, jogging, he was in complete energetic form.  I investigated later about that road and found a man had died jogging along there a few years earlier.

The evolution of my spiritual sight grew as I became more adept at reading what I was looking at.  When I was a student, I lived in an old run down house with my eldest brother and a bunch of other students.  There was definitely a spirit in the house who was attacking us and the visiting girlfriends of my house mates would often report having hair raising experiences.  I was also getting frightened.  I would have my solar plexus zapped, and every time it was zapped, it would feel like an electric shock and my body would be lifted just a little off the bed.  The spirit who was responsible would wait until I reached my most vulnerable moment, the twighlight between being awake and asleep.

I told a woman at college about it and she suggested that I visualise my solar plexus to be covered by a shield and to be armed with silver swords that I could catapult out into the spirit with my mind’s eye.   So, armed with this knowledge, I went home that afternoon and made out I was going to have a nap.  I lay there, waiting and I could feel the presence come over my aura.  I let my eyes slit open and I could see a red energy cloud above me.  I willed myself to relax deeper and just as I felt my relaxation slump, I opened my eyes and pumped silver swords into the spirit above me.  Just in time too, because what I saw was an energetic red coloured arm reaching down to touch my solar plexus.  When I ambushed it, I saw a man’s face protrude through the red energy cloud and express shock.  I had won the battle, but it would take me years to win the war.

So, going back to Reiki.  I haven’t learnt this form of spiritual healing for only two reasons.  Time and money.  I have been too busy with two boys with special needs to have the time to take off to learn it and because I have had two boys with special needs, my money has had to go into their specialist appointments and their requirements…not into things I’d like to do…I’m sure many parents can relate to that one.

I learnt Spiritual Healing over a 5 week period at my Home Spiritual Church in Brisbane.  It was free and I was amazed at how I was able to channel the energy.

For those of you who are Spiritual healers and for those of you who want to be, I would like to say this…after my experience, please consult with your client, before you decide to change their gifts.  Please don’t be frightened of them, if they have some attachments, they may not know how to deal with it and please consider what is going on in your life before you do a healing.  Take the time to separate your personal life from your professional, so your healing is not tainted by the issues you are encountering.  It is hard to keep this professional distance when working on an energetic level, but for your client’s sake, it is imperative.

For those of you who want to get a Spiritual healing treatment, whether it be Reiki or another method, remember to listen to your instincts when choosing a practitioner and keep solid in your mind during the treatment, that you will only accept the healing that is for your higher good.  That way, if the practitioner you are working with is having an off day, their work will be just as good for you as any other day.  It cuts both ways when you are working on an energetic level.

Spiritual Healing is both powerful and mysterious.  It is a wonderful thing that we Humans can tap into the Great Spirit of Life, the energetic Life Force at will.

Remember that after a healing you must eat and drink to get grounded and fill your mind with positive thoughts, to keep the beautiful healing energies active. Registered & Protected