If you are a regular Reader of my Blogs, you would have seen me make mention of enlightenment recently.  It’s a bit of a popular word to throw around these days, so I want to get real about enlightenment and how we can each achieve it.

So what is enlightenment?  It is the illumination of the heart and mind to new information and to understanding.  It is the knowledge of facts and of truths that give us new perspective and allow us to advance either as individuals or as a species.

Through the ages there have been different stages of enlightenment.  In Scotland there was an enlightenment period, where people realised that education should be for all the citizens and that it was no longer in the best interest of the people to persecute others who questioned religion.  People began to grow in their minds and hearts, because they were educated, and this is one of the reasons, so many engineers came out of Scotland.

France too went through a period of enlightenment, Europe as a whole had the Renaissance Period & in the 20th Century, the advancement of technology saw us launch into the 21st century, out of the industrial age and into the information age.  This time in our history, is an exciting time to be alive, because humans are en-mass seeking more and more enlightenment.  As we grow in knowledge, as we continue to educate our children and as we are able to heal the sick and wounded and move away from war, we are coming into the time when we will no longer just dominate the planet, but we as a species may even dominate our galaxy.  What then?  Where will we go?  How do we get there?

In the spiritual comment I made on Armistice Day, last year, I mentioned that the human beings today would look like Gods and Goddesses to the human beings of 500 years ago, in this same vein, the human beings today would view the human beings of 500 years in the future, as gods and goddesses if we were to meet them now.  We are headed to some amazing and mind boggling advancement.

But everything comes with a cost.  We have a choice and that choice is to either embrace one another as brothers and sisters or to continue to fight amongst ourselves.  You see, we will never advance into our potential if we continue to fight.  We will never see what we can be.  We must sacrifice our habit of negativity toward one another, or we will go the way of so many lost civilizations in the past.

Enlightenment is a growth process and in this growth process, we must hit stages of critical mass in thinking, recognition and understanding.  I will talk about individual enlightenment in a minute, however, as a species; I feel we are beginning to see the critical mass stage coming into fruition.  More and more people are embracing the differences in others and less and less people are driven by fear.  If we are to heal the hurts of the middle east for example, we must look at the hurts face on, we must take them out and shine a light on them, know them and take responsibility for them.  We must do this as a total human race and not just look to one section of the human society to do this.  It must be everyone.  Because, if i were to have a DNA sample taken and the origins of my bloodline traced, I would find I  have Middle Eastern blood, North American blood, Asian blood, European blood, Australian Aboriginal blood, African blood, I would find that I have blood lines from all corners of the Earth, just as you do, because we are all one human family.

As individuals, enlightenment can only begin as we shine knowledge into our souls.  Knowledge from education and spiritual growth, and the knowledge of our hurts.  We must unveil the truth of the darkness and boot it out of our minds and hearts.  There needs to be time with people trained to help us go through this, but it is important not to bury your hurts any longer, spread light over them.  Do not keep them a secret anymore, because just like a leaky pipe in a building, quietly and secretly dripping water every day and night, that hurt will soon create a big mess that you have to find a way to clean up.  That hurt may lead you to places you never imagined you’d ever be.  That hurt could lead you to make decisions you never imagined you’d find yourself doing. And the longer that hurt stays in the dark, dripping it’s acid into your soul, the longer you remain undermined by it.

Ask yourself, what would it take to uncover all my hurts and for me to deal with them, overcome them and leave them behind in the past forever?  What would it take for me to deal with hurts as they face me in my life and deal with them in the moment, so I don’t ever find myself burying them inside of me again?  What would it take for me to release all my negative attachments?  Because once those negative attachments are released, I will become a fully enlightened being.  I will spend each and every day and night in a state of love.  I will be able to reach my full potential.  I will be able to lead others to enlightenment also and together, as a human race, we will reach critical mass with enlightened individuals and we will take the next step to becoming the future gods and goddesses, our present day selves can only dream of.



TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brend...
TO CONTEMPLATION : Photo of Tom taken by Brenda : God Rest Her Soul. (Photo credit: tommypatto ~ IMAGINE.)

Spiritual growth is important for all of us and a major part of spiritual growth involves the simple act of contemplation.  Contemplation is the time we spend in reflection or silent observation, when we deeply consider a situation, an action or words of wisdom.  There have been many hours in my life, when I have naturally fallen into contemplation.  Sometimes, it was because people were doing hurtful things to me and I needed to have time to think.  Sometimes I was going through a period of rapid spiritual growth and through the act of contemplation, I would have a series of revelations.
Contemplation is a form of meditation, because you still your mind upon a subject, a one line or a moment in time and instead of running your mind over all the actions and words and people that surround it, you quite simply step out of the situation and observe it from the third person.  This may seem difficult if you find yourself in a situation like I did at 23 with key people betraying me and conversations that hurt me hitting my mind.  But in taking that time to use the power of my mind to sit quietly and step back away from the situation and see everyone in it as actors on a stage, I was able to see the motives behind other people’s actions and the answers to what was going on, became clearer.  At 23,I was in possession of a, not yet mature brain, so I still made mistakes, but this act of contemplation served me well, because it helped me to, not fly off the handle or say things I’d regret.

Contemplation has given me a series of revelations or epiphanies too.  It is simple and easy to spend time in contemplation and here is a little two sentence contemplation I have for you today, from my deck of ‘Inspirational Messages of Love’ cards…

‘Don’t love your suffering and hurts only.  Love the moment when everything is all right.’

I’ll leave you to contemplate that one and to consider it, allow yourself to feel the truth within it and the deeper message about being in the moment.



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Somebody asked me recently how to make things right in their life, how to bring about more blessings and good fortune.  I thought back to a time when I had visited a church and to something I heard the preacher say.  He said that we have to position ourselves for blessings.  I think that this is right.  You really do make your own luck in life, to some extent.  I do believe also that luck can be random, but over all I think it is a positioning thing.

So how do we position ourselves for good luck or good blessings in our lives?

Firstly we must consider our intentions toward others and life in general.  For it is more likely that you will find good luck flowing to you, if you have a good heart and a kind mind.  You see, the Universe will always take the easier path, like water flowing to the sea, it will carve that path if it has to, but it will be the path that functions to serve the purpose best.  So we too must carve our path, but go with the path that flows the easiest.  We must choose to go with our lives and not to fight the reality of who we are or what position we may find our lives to be in.  For even in the darkest of hours, there can be a light.  You know what I mean?  I watched that show ‘Hoarders’ recently and I saw a lovely kind hearted lady who had allowed her need to gather belongings and pets to overwhelm her family.  She has a condition and this is to be treated with compassion, but in that darkest hour, when her children were removed from her custody and her pets were taken away, she was given the blessing of helpers to change her life.

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Blessings come in many ways and for many reasons.  Most often though they come because there is some good in you, that attracts good to you.  I realised this simple truth years ago, and as a poverty stricken medical student, I used to donate my silver change to charities as I walked to the bus or ferry to get to school.  I knew that I couldn’t do much more than that at the time, but that I was going to receive help in kind when the time was right.  I will never forget how it came to pass that the help manifest into my life.  I went to visit a friend 3 years later and my car’s gear box lost it’s ability to work in reverse.  This was bad news, because I was stuck in a dead end street and I was in the middle of a three point turn when it happened.  I got out to try and shift the car, but I couldn’t move it.  The streets were deserted and I felt very sorry for myself, that I didn’t have an automobile club to call and get some help.  So I said a little prayer to Mother Earth to send me help.  Within minutes as nice strong boy walked up to me and offered me a hand.  We got my car moving and I was on my way.  I never knew his name and I may never see him again, but he was the blessing I needed at that time.

Often, when we are walking our authentic path in life, we will find that doors open and people appear who can help us in our journey.  It is wonderful, to see that.  But it is also a reward for hard work.  Because, if you are walking in your authentic path in life, living your dream, guaranteed you have had many late nights working hard and much focus on what it is you want to achieve.  This is the way to position yourself for blessings and good luck to come into your life.

Remember, when an opportunity for a blessing comes up, explore it, learn about it and take it if it is right for you.  The key is to strike when the iron is hot, though.  Don’t leave it for weeks and then respond.  The blessing will have floated away with the wind.

Blessings are wonderful and they are the gift of good fortune that other human beings can give to each other.  We allow energies to flow through us all the time, so set yourself up to accept the energy of blessings today!


Some Life Force for ya!

This past week (Feb 01 2012-Feb 07 2012) I have been recovering from an operation and I as the week progressed I began to feel the life drain out of my body.  This Operation removed an infection that was pressing on my brain and was threatening to cause meningitis.  It was a very unpleasant operation.  By the 3rd day after I’d come home, I couldn’t hold myself up, I needed to use the walls and others to help me walk.  I was so weak I felt no interest in food or entertainment. My body had begun to shut down and go into healing crisis mode.  I had no choice but to stay in bed.  However, my mind was not so interested in being sick.  I continued to focus on the prise…health.

Life-Force: Image thanks to

To me it was this bright golden orb in my minds eye and it beconed me closer every day.  With this attitude I began to fight the good fight and by Saturday morning I was interested in food.  My partner made me some of my favourite food and I munched on it over several hours.  By Saturday night, I was only leaning on walls occassionaly and I was back, yelling at my kids to get to bed.  I felt a surge of energy fill my body and I became acutely  awear of my own Life Force.  It is an amazing feeling to be so drained and then to be so full of vigour.  I can only describe it as my body filling itself with that light I had kept in my mind.  Like the light I saw was the life force energy I was looking at the entire time.

Life force is the energy that drives all the functions of the Universe.  When it becomes extinct in an animal or plant, it never ceases to exist, it only takes a new shape or form.  It is an energy that likes to stick around, it doesn’t want to leave it’s host.  It is fuled by love and driven by the desire to grow and learn and evolve.  It is an all consuming cloud of energy that has spread to the far and wide reaches of the Universe and it exists with in you and I.  I think this is the God head or the God image that many religious and spiritual teachers have seen within us and have captured this ideal as in, that we are made in the image of their holy diety.  We are, because we are all charged with life force and it is in everything and it is all that is and therefore it’s any deity you like to love aswell.

Life force is proven by science and known to be real and true by spiritualists and religious believers and loved by every living thing that is held in the grip of survival.  It is truley the most precious gift we could ever have.  I am on a mission to nurture mine back to full steam.  How about we all find a way to bring our life force up to full power today?


A Description of Love.

Little Baby From God
Little Baby From God: Image thanks to

When a baby is born, it is a creature full of potential.  Potential is like power, it does not vibrate in the light or in the dark.  It just is.  Potential is possibility, the future growth, the magical wonder of what could be.  In order for that potential to be allowed to become fulfilled it needs one vital ingredient… Love.  You can give a child food and water and clothing and shelter, you can give them toys and games and education and discipline, but that child will remain an empty vessel never ever able to reach its full potential without love.  It is the vital ingredient to growing a happy healthy and well-rounded Human Being.  It is so vital in fact that science has taken note of it.  Studies have been done on the difference that touch makes to premature infants.  Even Autism advocate and Bovine expert, Temple Grandin, found a way to experience the physical comfort of love, by creating a machine that could hold her body in a light squeeze.  Thus releasing the vital chemicals in her brain she needed in order to be a happier person.

Love is expressed both spiritually and sexually, it is expressed via the heart and via the head, and it is expressed through actions and through thinking.  It is, in its pure form, a compassionate act.  An act of service and of kindness.  Love grows within the bearer as well as within the recipient every time it is expressed.  It goes beyond emotions, love is a feeling.  It knows no boundaries of time and space, no fence lines, no barriers of country or language.  Love does not care what colour you are, what religion you are, what species you are.  It doesn’t even care if you have style and flair, or if you prefer to dress for comfort.  Love just is.  Love just wants to grow.  It is like a perpetual motion machine.  Like an ancient tree, living for eternity, flowering and going to fruit, spreading its seeds in the hearts and minds of all who breathe in the oxygen it produces.

Love is the essence of a new born baby.  A chick hatching from an egg, a Joey kangaroo climbing up its mother’s fury tummy to finish it’s gestation within her pouch.

Love is the willingness to stop, wait, listen and consider another.

Love is generous.  It gives for the sake of giving.  Knowing that in giving love, it will grow in love and it will then spread more love and where there is love, there is light and freedom and courage.  Love respects others; it stands back and allows others their space.  It shows itself respect by respecting others too.  Love considers the needs and wants of others, it considers the belongings of others and what others find to be of importance.  Love wants to learn about those things and to grow from that learning.

Lady Beetle
Lady Beetle: Image thanks to

Love delights in the little things: in a Lady Beetle gliding over a blade of grass, in the light in a child’s eyes when they see something for the first time.  Love delights in delight.  For delight is an enlightening joy in the heart of the delighted and love is at the centre of that delight.  It is the spark that creates that feeling of joy and wonder within.

Love is kind and considerate.  Love says, how you are or how was your day.  Love offers to pick up a dropped item or serve another with a drink of water to quench their thirst.  Love is kindness and kindness is love because, One cannot be kind without first feeling the pull of love to act.  Love creates the urge to be kind and to act on that urge.  Love is noble in kindness.

Love is forgiving, for love knows that only in the making of mistakes, can a heart or mind fully learn the lessons it needs in order to grow.  A seed must break the surface tension of the soil, in order to feel the sun’s rays upon its skin.  So too must a heart and mind face challenges and grow, in order to bask in the light of love.  Love has the capacity to forgive, because it is aware of this fact and it knows how far love itself has come.

A Mother's Love
A Mother's Love: Image thanks to

Love is committed to being loving and spreading love.  Love is a contagious virus that infects the heart even before it is born and is essential in the proper growth of an animal child.  Even some snakes nurture their young.  The jaws of a Crocodile may offer death to many who encounter them, but to that of a new born baby Crock they are a safe haven, mother’s tongue gently pressing them against her palate, as she carefully places them into the water.  Not all animals are nurtured by their parents, but all are loved, because love is radiated from Mother Earth Herself.  She gives love to all Her children, She permeates Her love to those animals who are abandoned by their parents and She provides them shelter and food and warmth.  Even a desert lizard is given a drink of water from the morning dew, via the boundless energy of love…as is understood by environmental science.

Love inspires the heart and mind to grow.  It gives the heart a platform to speak and the mind an outlet to perform.  Love encourages the potential to be teased out of the heart and mind, creating a dynamic that expands them to their full capacity, whatever that capacity may be.  Love inspires the brush of paint on a canvas or the stroke of a pen on a page.  Love is the muse who encourages the inventor to continue on his quest and or the poet to write his song.  Love inspires love to be spread by love and to be expressed by love. Love is inspirational.

The foundations of love are respect, delight, kindness, generosity, forgiveness and inspiration.

Like a spectrum of love, each of these words has a colour and a vibration.  Should we paint the colours of these words onto a spectrum wheel and spin it fast, we would see how each of these words merges into the next to form the white light of love.   Thus, love can become visible to the naked eye.  Dr Emoto found this out when he photographed a molecule of water after he had meditated over it chanting the word ‘love’.  The snow flake like appearance of the water molecule, is a thing of beauty and wonder, in itself.  Love is worth the effort of prayer and meditation.

Hands of Love
Hands of Love : Image thanks to

You are a vessel of water.  A vessel of water that has the potential to feel and give and believe and express love.  You have the choice to be loving and to dwell your mind in delight.  You have the choice to be a loving and kind person, a person who is brave enough to forgive and kind enough to be generous.  You are a person who has the capacity to be inspired by others and to be an inspiration.   Love is your true guide in life.  Embrace it, it is your birth right.  Love is free and it is within your true nature. Love is natural.




I had a dream last night, that involved someone who’s actions 15 years ago, have had negative repercussions on me and my family ever since.  This dream has been playing on my mind all day, because it involved me working on the process of forgiveness.

Emotion released into forgiveness
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Forgiveness is an easy thing to say and a not so easy thing to do.  In fact, a lot of people I’ve met feel it’s easier not to forgive and to feel that perpetual hurt.  I know of many people who hold a grudge and seek revenge.  But never have I heard of someone feeling that warm silence of inner peace because of their inability to forgive.

I chose to start the process of forgiving others a long time ago.  I’m no saint, I’m sure there are people who need to forgive me too.  We all make mistakes in life.  But if you are a good person and you can’t sleep at night, because of issues of forgiving others, you need to get on top of it.

Being angry at another person only affects their lives if you lash out.  They will energetically feel it if you don’t lash out, yes.  But more often than not, they will continue to go about their days not even thinking about you and what has peeved you off.  So, holding onto anger is toxic to you first and foremost, then it is toxic to those close to you and then to the people you deal with in daily life and finally to the person you have an issue with.  How can you succeed in life, if you are putting out all this anger to the world?  With a great deal of persistence and heartache, I expect.   There has to be an easier way…and yes, that way is forgiveness….but how do you forgive?

I have some examples for you.  One I’ve succeeded with, one I’m working on and one I’d love to see put into action.  So, we’ll start with the one that worked for me.

When I was a little girl, I was taken away from all the family I knew and loved and moved to another country.  There was grownups making all the decisions and creating all the changes.  All my life, until I was 32, I felt hurt by this action.  Even when I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, the little girl inside of me was crying.  It manifested in chest pain, which was very frightening.  When I was 32, I went back to Scotland, the land of my birth and I spoke with one of the people who were involved in that fateful scenario.  I wanted to know why.  I wanted to know their version of events and I wanted them to take their share of personal responsibility for those actions.  Then I spoke with some other key players who were watching from the side lines.  I eased my mind about how they saw things, I eased my mind about why that person did what they did, and I eased my mind about the hurt of the little girl inside my heart.  I did get a bit heated once or twice, while I was going through this issue.  I did let the person know how I felt, but I didn’t ask them to take on my hurt.  Instead, I told myself that now I knew it all, I was ready to let it go.  And I did.  The chest pain stopped.  The hurt in my heart stopped and my mind slowed down.  I had come to make my peace with this issue and that meant I was able to say to the people involved, I forgive you.

Now, what if you can’t communicate with the people involved in the situation that has hurt you?  For whatever reason that may be, you can still have that communication, but in a more spiritual way.  This brings me to my work in progress and the dream I had last night.  There is a person who had been a major player in my life some years ago, who has been like a thorn in my side.  I don’t wish to ever see or speak to them again, but I do need to forgive them, in order to create a happier life for myself and for my family.  I had tried many ways to do this, including the act of being baptised in the Holy Spirit and passing on the forgiveness act to Jesus…nice try, but those feelings are mine, not his.  So, I still felt like crap!

I chose to stop picturing that person in my mind.  To stop talking about that person as much as possible, to stop myself when I thought about that person and to visualize the energetic ties to that person being cut.  Now I come to my dream.  I communicated to that person on a Spiritual level last night.  In my dream, I created three big posters with the story of what that person did and an illustration beside it.  I found myself at their house and I showed these posters to them.  I insisted that they take on board what I saw the situation to be and I asked them to take personal responsibility for their actions.  It was partly successful.  I saw the person acknowledge the deeds that had wronged me.  But they wanted to destroy my posters, so I know that still they are not ready to take that next step.  However, progress was made and I woke feeling like I’d kicked a goal toward my own inner peace.  By connecting with them in dream state, I allowed myself to be in control and to be physically safe.  I cannot say I have forgiven this person today.  I can say that I am one step closer and that is what counts.

You can do this too, you can choose to go into a daydream and visualise yourself communicating with the person who has wronged you.  It is not wise to argue or fight with anyone on this level. Be warned, Spiritual energy is very potent, you are only going to make things worse if you do that.  Be peaceful about it.  Ask your questions and accept the current response.  Work on cutting the energetic chords that bind your energies together and consciously stop thinking and talking about the situation.  Change the story to one of triumph and of peaceful outcome in your mind.  This is imperative in the process of achieving the inner peace of forgiveness.

Before I go on, I wish to express that to forgive someone does not mean you have to let that person back in your life nor have left yourself be open to becoming a victim.  The Corrs wrote a song ‘ Forgiven not forgotten‘, to forgive is not to forget, but to remove your emotions from that memory and that person.  The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  It is in this state of non-emotion that you will find peace.  Always consider the lessons you have learnt about the situation and person you have dealt with, so you never have to got through that again.  Above all, believe in yourself, so you don’t fall into the same traps or issues.

So, we come to my final scenario.  The one I wish to see.  It goes beyond you and me, to the greater World of Humans.  When we have learnt to forgive and move on from those who have wronged us personally, we must turn to moving on from those who are wronging others on a grand scale, like dictators and terrorists.  Many of the people who love to war need to have the publicity that goes along with it.  There is a deep sadness in my heart for all the innocent victims of this attitude.

Here no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil
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However, if we all choose to turn our backs and not watch the terrorist stories on television, not listen to it on the radio.  If we choose to allow the process of the authorities quietly and swiftly dealing with the issue, without learning who and why that drama was created…we leave no platform for those who choose to commit evil acts to further their cause.  Evil acts only cheapen their cause.  You do not give attention to a tantruming child, lest you risk feeding the tantrum, so don’t give energy and focus to the evil acts either.  Yes focus on the people involved who need love and support.  Yes, be there for them, but walk away from the focus on those who wish to capture your attention.  This way, we can all begin to heal and forgive.  We as a Human Nation can evolve.  I know this is idealistic, but ideals are worth considering and they are what a lot of people live and die for.   World peace is and always will be an act of forgiveness on a grand scale.  We’ve got to start somewhere.

So Forgiveness in an act that brings inner peace.  It is a decision and it is a process.  Who do you need to forgive in order for you to have a happier life?  Who are you ready to forgive and who are you needing more time to deal with in your mind and heart, before you will be ready?  It’s ok to be at different stages in forgiveness, as long as it’s you goal, you will find it and you will sleep more peacefully from then on.


Benevolent Beings I’ve met.

Today I thought I’d talk to you some more about some of my spiritual experiences and in particular that of Benevolent Beings.

Benevolent of course meaning good, kind and loving in nature.  I think we must all focus on the fact that we are surrounded by Benevolent Beings, as the ghosts who drive the machines, your fellow Humans, as mostly benevolent themselves.  It is important to remember that Human Nature is for the most part Benevolent.  In this blog, however, I am talking of Benevolent Spiritual Beings.

As those of you who follow my show and Blogs will know, I had my first real encounter with a Benevolent being when I was 18, with my Spirit Guides saving me from being attacked by two Ghosts in my bedroom.  As I grew, I needed more grounding in the truth that there were Benevolent Beings, because I was so frightened of Spirit.  I grew up in a non-religious house with no real Spiritual Teachings, except for the Christian based Morals that my parents followed, as did the rest of society…these morals are really common sense, anyway.  So being Spiritual was not in my Family mould and I had no grounding as to how I would know a Benevolent Being or how to call upon one.

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
Image thanks to The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life

During my late teens I studied Medicine in Brisbane and I fell in with some people who had an Ashram dedicated to ‘Yoga in Daily Life’, I became very interested in the teachings and as I was on a life’s journey to find my spiritual purpose, I got into reading books about the spirituality of Yoga.  On Spring day, I was called up to the Ashram to meet a Swami of great importance.  He told me it was time for me to receive my Mantra, and that I had to come back to be told the Mantra by him on a particular day at a particular hour.  Well, I couldn’t make it, I had exams and if you’ve ever studied Medicine, you’ll know those exams can be very full on!  So I went to the Ashram later that week and I sat on the step.  No one was there, and I read from a Yogi book.  I felt a breeze touch my arm and then I felt a wave of goose pimples rush up my arm.  I looked up into the trees and I heard a distinct loud voice tell me my Mantra.  The voice was in my mind, but it wasn’t me and it was so very calming and yet I knew it was coming from outside of me, because I had felt the touch.  My Mantra was –

I am Self

I am Worth

I am Reason

I am Unity

I was amazed.  My dedication to the spiritual teachings had brought me this gift!  When the Yogi Nun who ran the Ashram returned I told her, but she had never had such an experience and she didn’t identify with me in that way.  So I chose to keep it to myself.

I don’t know who told me that Mantra, I guess it was my Spirit Guides, but it was an experience with a Benevolent Spirit and it was a very loving one at that.

When I was 23, I was alone, with two babies in an apartment.  I had a Bible and I used to open it and read from it at random.  One night I opened the Bible and I read this sentence that said ‘God is everything, God is both the good and the evil’…Now I had suffered at the hands of many a Ghostie during my childhood and it made me think about why they had come to me like that and what was it I was being taught and that they too were part of God.  As I pondered, my bedroom filled with the thick enclosing energy of Ghosts and I was afraid.  I called out ‘Jesus Christ be with me now!’ and my room lit up the white bright light of God, there was no glare and it was neither hot nor cold.  It was just white.  I instantly felt comforted and the bad energy was gone.  I fell asleep.

Image thanks to

During my 20’s I had another experience with a Benevolent Spirit, this time, in my heart, I knew it was an Angel.  I was 26 and I was walking out of my Homeopath’s office with her by my side, talking.  My right arm was touched by Spirit, the same breeze and then goose pimples as before.  I looked to my left and there, in the middle of the waiting room was a massive Being shining at me.  It had no face; it was just like a huge sparkler with its energy sparkling out to touch the walls of the waiting room.  I turned as if in slow motion to the Homeopath and I said there is an Angel in your office.  When I looked back it was gone.

This was such a curious and yet uplifting event for me.  I don’t know why this Angel chose to show me themselves other than to let me know they do exist.

Benevolent Beings exist everywhere.  Too often in life, we can lose sight of the truly loving ones we have around us.   When you are developing your Spiritual Gifts, remember to always call upon your Guides and Angels of the highest unconditional love.  Remember to fill your heart with love and to keep yourself grounded and close to your God.  Benevolence starts from within you and radiates out to others.  When you are ready, you too could have a spiritual experience with a Benevolent Being.


The Great Mystery,Gratitude, Giving Thanks

Family saying GraceMost often, when my Family and I sit down for a meal together, we give thanks for our food.  Giving thanks is a small thing that has wider implications in One’s Life.  Through the simple act of giving thanks for your food, you are acknowledging the sacrifices of others so that your life may be sustained.  You are saying to the Universe and to Mother Earth that you appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating the food, from farm, to market to the table.  The ripple effect of giving thanks for your food is like a radio wave, going out to the World and enlivening those who are in direct collision with your life, either anonymously or not.

The prayer we say is this:

“We thank The Great Spirit for the meal we are about to eat. 

We thank Mother Earth for providing the conditions for the food to come to our table.

We thank the Great Mystery, the many hands that brought our food to us.

We thank the plants and animals who sacrificed themselves in order for us to live on.

We give thanks to The Great Spirit and to Mother Earth for all the blessings in our lives and for all the blessings yet to come.

So be it.”

This simple prayer, said every meal time, re-enforces within the family unit that we are a grateful family and that we recognise the efforts of others.  Most of the prayer speaks for itself.  We must always acknowledge the sacrifice of the plants and animals, without them, we would simply perish.  Mother Earth is our home and she is our physical provider and The Great Spirit of Life, the force with which we are animated and of which we, as Spiritual Beings, recognise to be greater than us.  But what of ‘The Great Mystery’?  This is a concept I first came across when I was 28, working as a Clairvoyance Consultant in Caloundra, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  A colleague of mine was reading ‘Jesus’ Course in Miracles’ and he talked to me of The Great Mystery.  Later, I began to have an awareness of Native Americans also knowing of this concept.  In Australia, many of us revere the Native Americans and their spiritual knowledge.  I have learnt much from studying them and feel very honoured to have been a student of this culture.

My grasp of The Great Mystery, is, simply put…The many hands that bring you your belongings, food and transport.  All of the necessities and comforts of Life are created by someone.  It would boggle the mind to remember each name or each occupation which makes up the Great Mystery, but it is still there.

Nice ChairTake a chair for example.  This simple piece of furniture, common to almost every home on the planet, was created by many Human Beings.  Now presuming, you or a friend doesn’t make the furniture yourselves…we could easily contemplate The Great Mystery surrounding the Chair.  Looking at the materials it is made from, steel, wood, fabric, foam, nails, screws, plastic, rubber for the feet…who harvested the raw materials?  A miner, a wood farmer, a cotton grower, a rubber tree plantation worker, an oil refinery worker…who then took the raw materials and turned them into  products that could be used to build a chair? Who transported these products from their raw place of origin to the next stage in their lives?  Who packed them for transport?  Who inspected them so they were of a standard?  Who then took the materials and manufactured the chair?  Who tested the chair to meet government standards?  Who packed it?  Who transported it?  Who placed it in the show room?  Who priced it?  Who sold it to you and who transported it to your home?  A new chair.

Yes, your chair has had many, many hands in its creation and delivery to you.  This is an example of The Great Mystery.  It is the many hands that create all the things that surround your life.

You are an individual in a massive Human Community, which spans the Globe and holds within it the power to do or create anything.  You have the power, within your thanks and contemplation, to tap into this Great Mystery and to awaken your life within it.  By taking the time to contemplate The Great Mystery, you are taking the time to contemplate Gratitude.  Gratitude goes hand in hand with The Great Mystery in my experience.

Family giving thanks for their food.So often in Life, we can find ourselves caught up in the rat race and stressed, taking things for granted, because we are too dizzy with the fast pace to stop and gather our feet.  However, we all eat.  We all have the need for sustenance.  You take the time to enjoy your food and not to eat too quickly, so you don’t get indigestion.  Take a minute more to stave off your hunger, before the meal and to give thanks and to acknowledge the sacrifices’ of those who make up your food itself and The Great Mystery, the many hands who brought your food to you.

The Great Mystery is one of life’s magical wonders.  I hope this inspires you to dwell in gratitude and to contemplate the Great Mystery that surrounds you. Registered & Protected


Fate – Totally Random or all part of God’s Plan?

Like many people, I am always trying to improve aspects of my Life.  Earlier this year, I attended a small business seminar.  At Morning Tea, I met a young lady who was very interested in my occupation and in particular my thoughts on Fate.  In fact she hit me with a barrage of questions…from ‘Is it true that you chose your parents?’  To – ‘are we meant to meet certain people or go to certain places, or is that all just random and coincidental?’

Now, I have a Christian friend, who explains Fate as a well orchestrated element of God’s plan, and I have a Sceptic, Atheist friend, who says that Fate is not at all even a reality of Life.  That all the events in a person’s life are a net result of their past decisions and of total, random coincidence.

Well, I guess I sit somewhere in between these two explanations…because I do think that parts of our lives are meant to be and I also agree that the decisions of the past dictate the events of our future and also that random coincidence plays it’s part.

I do believe that we all have the power to create our own Fate, by changing our thinking patterns and by taking more of a conscious role in the development of how our life plays out.  But for the purposes of this Blog, I am just going to focus on the decisions you laid down, before you chose to Incarnate.

So, getting back to my story… I said to the young lady; let’s start at the beginning of all the Human lifetimes of your Soul.

White Board ChartBefore you chose to incarnate as a Human Being, it makes sense to me that you would make a map of your Life.   I imagine you would work it out on a big white board.  On the left hand side of the board you would have the goals you have set for what lessons you would like to learn, on the right hand side, you would have the goals you have set for what skills you would like to learn.  Now, you are a new Incarnation, so you won’t have too many relationship goals, probably just to get along with everyone and for everyone to do the same with you.  We are all positive creatures in our purest form.

In the centre of the white board, you would have written what culture you would like to be a part of, and what gender you wish to be, this is important.    Should you choose to be a Female say in a culture that is fundamentally paternal, you will be setting your lifetime up to be full of bondage and restriction.  Thus your lessons will be very hard.   Should you choose to be a female in a culture that is very moderate toward the genders; you will find you have a freer existence.  It goes without saying that, with your parents’ culture, comes your parents’ religion.  This will play a major part in how you view the world and how you perceive, the world views the likes of you.

So, you’ve chosen your culture, religion and your gender, now, you need to choose some parents.  There are billions of people of breeding age in the Planet?  How would a new soul do that?  It makes sense to me that there would be a mentor there with the new soul.  A guide who would help them to lock onto the kind of parents they need.  It also makes sense to me that they would look into an Orical of sorts.  A spiritual divination device if you will, in order to ‘see’ all the possible combinations of parents out there.

Before I go on, I want to add, that I don’t believe that all the people who suffer from famine and extreme hardships in 3rd world countries are first time incarnations.  It makes sense to me that there would be incarnations in that situation there from many stages in the soul’s evolution.  This environment would force a Human to grow.  It may be a place for karmic punishment or for karmic greatness, depending on the will of the soul who has chosen this culture.  ( I felt I needed to add this point, as it is an often asked question by clients, who wish to discuss this subject.)

So, now you have chosen your parents, you will be bound to the abundance of or, lack thereof siblings, that will come along with those two individuals as parents.  You will be bound to the circle of family and the circle of friends who are linked into those parents’ lives.  You will be now bound to your parents’ fate.  Your parent’s decisions about their family before they were born.  You will be bound to the talents they have and the interest or lack thereof, from them to share their knowledge with you. You will be bound to your parents’ financial circumstances.  You are now on a fateful path.  But there is more…You have a list of things you wish to learn.  There is only so much your parents can teach you.  Because of this list, you will find yourself placed in a particular school and therefore, you will meet particular people as school chums or enemies and teachers.  You may not go to formal school, but find teachers along the way…You will have a unique to you school experience.

There is also a list of skills you wish to learn.  It is from this list that your soul will drive your mind to seek these interests out.  Because of these interests and because of your circumstances and the decisions of your parents, you will meet particular people who will guide you on your path to new skills.

Family with child in wheelchairLessons can be about anything.  One of your lessons as a new soul may be to overcome Illness, so as you can keep a healthy mindset in the following lifetimes and enjoy a healthy body for a few lifetimes.  So, you may choose to incarnate with heart condition or cerebral palsy.  Thus your decision to choose these particular parents, changes the course of their destiny.  It cuts both ways.  Of course there are many reasons why you may choose to come back as disabled or to become disabled during that lifetime…but this is just an example.

Then there are the random events, well some of them are anyway.  Sometimes you are just walking along and something bad happens and it’s just a random thing…Like when I was working with the Psychic Extravaganza (a business that operates out of shopping centres in Brisbane) and I was on my lunch break.  The shopping Centre was packed with teenagers, because it was school holidays.  I had only a short break and I was on a mission to get to the Chemist.  I walked past a clothing shop and a girl fainted in front of me right under my foot, mid stride.  I had no choice but to step over her or I was on my face too!  When I had found my feet and I turned to help, there were many people already holding her and calling an ambulance.  I was not needed.  That was totally random!

But then there was the circumstance of me becoming gravely ill when I was 19 and my parents insisting I come home to them for a rest.   I was a young woman and I wanted to get out of the house.  AC/DC were playing a concert and some of my friends were going and they arranged with me to meet them at a club afterward.  I went to the club, but they didn’t show.  Instead I met a man and I began a friendship with him.  He was later to become the father of my children and one of the biggest regrets of my life.  Now I’m certain, that meeting him was not totally random.  That was fate.

Where things begin to get complicated is when you, The Soul, are deeper into your incarnation journey.  You have been on the Earth plane for a few lifetimes and you have begun to form attachments to certain other Souls and thus you are part of a circle of people who are bound to meet again and again in order to play out their karma until they grow enough to move on to the next circle.  Each circle of Souls is like a family, and in that family there is good and bad relationships.   So, you see, as your Soul grows, so does the entwining of others into the path of the Soul.  It is inevitable that dramas must be played out and most of this is agreed upon before reincarnation.

Now, what if there is one who is going to incarnate into the circle after most have already been born?  This is when the Souls meet while the living sleep.  Because when we sleep, our body goes into a stasis, thus leaving our Spirit to move about freely.  This is when some people Astral Travel and it is when the Souls of those who are in a Soul Circle will be able to confer and make agreements as to who plays what part in who’s lessons.      Or, what if there is a Soul who is to incarnate before all the others are ready, say after the 4th generation of the circle has finally passed away, back to spirit?  They will be the trail blazer for the others to follow and this will all be planned out, in spirit before that reincarnation takes place…the others, may stay back and Guide the trail blazer and then one by one reincarnate in turn.

If you would like to read about fate  further and form your own opinion, please have a look at Neal Donald Walsh’s book Tomorrow’s God.  He has a wonderful explanation of Reincarnation and fate.  Arthur Guirdham has written an amazing book called ‘We are One Another’  which describes how a group of people, who had lived together as Cathars in France yr 1242, reincarnated in England in the 20th Century.  It is a very spiritual and methodical approach to this subject.  It is also a book full of the history of this sometime forgotten sect of Christianity..The Cathars.

Fate is not your enemy or some conspiracy from God in his master plan.  It is not really all just random and coincidence either.  It is a carefully constructed map of people, cultures and places that you need to be a part of, in order for you to achieve your soul’s goals that you and your mentor set out all those years ago, while you were still in spirit. Registered & Protected


Spiritual gifts in Daily Life

Over the years, many people have crossed my path who have expected my Gifts to have won me the Lotto by now.  It always amuses me when they say this and I know that some of them are very genuine.  The fact is, if having Spiritual Gifts was going to win me Lotto, then  wouldn’t everyone who has these gifts would be multi-millionaires!  It just doesn’t work like that.  Spiritual Gifts are there for the beholder to use sparingly for themselves and willingly for others.   Often when they are in play for yourself, it is with an amazing force and not to be disregarded.  Though, at times, you may do so, and then you have to pay the price for not listening…

Here are some examples in my life of when I listened to my gifts, ignored them and when I acted on them.

'Tails' the Bearded Dragon
'Tails' the Bearded Dragon

Just last Monday, my Son’s pet Bearded Dragon Lizard was lost somewhere in the house.   Her name is ‘Tails’ and we had left her on the Kitchen bench, on some paper, to sun herself…in the morning rush, we forgot to put her back in her Terrarium…Well you can imagine the heartache and disappointment we all felt when we came home to find her missing.  My initial reaction was to examine the physical evidence, where she had left a scat and what had been moved.  From there it was just speculation and hope that she didn’t get out under the Garage door.  Logic told me she wouldn’t have gone that way, as it is drafty.   So I went to my room to meditate and to use my ability of Remote Viewing to see if I could track her.  Only problem was that I was succumbing to the Flu fast  and I wasn’t able to hold my concentration long enough between sneezes to accurately see.   So I had to trust the information that was coming to me.  I could sense she was still alive. I could clearly see her face under something.  She was moving about under there, but where?  That was all I could get out of my concerted efforts…except one niggling thing that came over me, very quietly…every time I entered my bedroom I got a Gut Feeling she was in there.  Normally I would act on that feeling, but I was just too sick to do anything and so I spent most of this week in my bed.

This morning, I was feeling much brighter, and I said to my Son, she is in the house somewhere and I will find her…I kept getting a flash in my mind, of me coming across her and so I trusted.   I am lucky enough to have an Ensuite  adjoining my bedroom and with a busy schedule ahead of me, I jumped in the shower.  Something made me turn around and look down at the floor just outside the shower cubicle and there, poking her head out of the pile of washing, was Tails!  Just as I had seen in my vision earlier in the week, she was indeed alive,  I saw her face and she was under something and able to move about.  Such a relief and so worth the look of delight on my little boy’s face when I handed him back his friend.

So, my Spiritual Gifts didn’t make me millions on the Lotto this week, but they did reunite two friends and heal each of their anxious, precious little hearts.

IlluminatedWhen I was younger, I used to lack self confidence.  I was working as a Clairvoyant in a new Age Gift Store in Townsville (Far North Queensland) and I went for lunch with the owner…half way through the lunch my Radar kicked in and I got a feeling I had to return to the shop…but because I was not comfortable enough in myself to speak up, I remained with them.  When we returned, the Assistant told me a lady had come in to see me for a Reading, but she only had a small window of time and I had missed her.   This is a simple example of how ignoring your Spiritual Gifts does not serve you or others.  Suffice to say, I had allot of work to do on my Self Esteem and I knew it, so I began to practise speaking up until I felt I could with conviction.

A few years later when I was living alone with my boys.  I had been shopping that afternoon and I came home around 4pm with kids and groceries in tow.  It was hectic getting everything organised and I was on a mission to put everything away and sit down, put my feet up and have a nice cup of coffee.  However, a loud and clear voice came into my head, it said ‘Check your answering machine’, I ignored it and went about my duties…’check your answering machine’…I thought, no I’ve got too much on, I’ll do it tonight…again the message came to me three more times…’Check you Answering machine’.  I just couldn’t ignore it anymore and around an hour after I had heard it the first time, I checked my answering machine for messages.  There was just the one.  It was from a person I had an estranged relationship with, a person I did not wish to hear from, but none the less he had left a message saying he was in town and he’d be coming over that night!  I put the phone down, thanked my Guides and apologised to them all at once and said to my kids..’Who wants ice-cream?’  We went out and avoided that person’s visit.  If I hadn’t listened to my Guides, I would have had an unwelcome visitor on my doorstep that night and it would have not been a nice experience.

We all get Gut Feelings and we all have a sixth sense.  If you learn to trust it, it will serve you well in daily life.  It can help you to dodge situations or put certain things in place.  It can give you peace of mind in times of uncertainty and it can tell you when you are needed or when someone you love had passed on etc.    Spiritual Gifts are an extension of the Human Experience.  Embrace them, but don’t be too worried if they don’t help you to win the next big Lotto jack pot.  Some things are, after all, just left up to chance. Registered & Protected