Who is your Mother?

Today (the 8th of may) is my beautiful Mother’s 70th birthday and every 7 years, as the calender goes, my Mother’s birthday also falls on Mothers day.  So I thought I’d use this comment to celebrate my Mother and Mothers around the world.

We can all say what a good Mother does, but when we look at our own Mothers, I wonder how often we think about who they are?

My Mother has a name, she is named after her Aunt, but that is not who she is.  Who she is, is a good, kind generous person, who has a practical nature and a sharp and intelligent mind.  She is someone who will help a friend and a stranger, if they are in need, she is someone who loves craft and music and who bakes a mean lasagna.  She is a person who likes to travel and explore, who has fun because she got lost, and has fun finding her way back.

She is all these things, but what does she do in the world?

Well my Mum is a triple certificated Registered Nurse and Midwife.  She helped thousands of women become Mothers over her 40 year career in the UK and here in Australia.  She has delivered thousands of babies and nurtured thousands of new borns in the  humidy cribs, too sick to stay with their Mothers in the first fragile days of life.  She has educated Indigenous People about health matters and travelled to remote townships to live with them, when she taught them this vital work.  She has vaccinated thousands of children, saving their lives from the tyranny of disease.

So I know who she is and what she did, but how does she now spend her days?  Well now she is retired, she spends her days creating amazing quilts and items of clothing, by sewing and knitting.  She sells them and she gives them away.  Each piece gives her so much pleasure that she is always planning ahead to the next.  When she is not doing this, she is making music on her Piano or her Guitar.  She sometimes watches Agatha Christie murder mysteries on the TV while she sews and she loves to watch Shakespearian plays and Opera.

But when is she happiest?

I think she is happiest when she is with the people who love her most.  When she is with her family.  When she is with the people she feels most at ease with, her people.  The ones who love her back unconditionally.  She is happy when she is with her friends; she has a group of friends all who graduated Nursing at the same time, still all alive and living near each other.  These women have seen each other through life’s triumphs and tragedies and yet, they remain close and supportive of each other as they have come to the retirement years of their lives.

And so why am I telling you this?  Because I took the time to get to know my Mother.  To learn that she is not a 1 dimensional person.   She is my Mum, the one I think of when I am in distress and the one I think to call on to tell my good news to first.  She is the one person who I feel I can hold onto no matter what, she is my soft place to fall.  But she is not just that.  She didn’t just raise  my brothers and I, she also had a career and friends and interests.  She continued to learn and gain Degrees and Certifications long into her 50’s.

Sometimes it’s easy to categorise a person, in what they do for us, and to see little of whom they are apart from that.  This Mothers Day, I hope that you can see your Mother for all of her self and no matter what your relationship may be with her at this time in your lives, be grateful that she gave you the gift of life.  For the greatest gift we children can give to our Mothers, is to use the life we have been given, well and to make them proud.  For Motherhood is full of self-sacrifice for the sake of seeing your child live and thrive.  Make that sacrifice count.

I love you Mum, happy birthday.


Occasional Self Doubt.

So how are you coping with life just now?  How’s your personal journey travelling?  There is so much change and uncertainty around, it is not a wonder that the running theme with my clients this week has been that of self doubt.  I am not immune to this internal menace.  Self doubt can be crippling and if you let it, it can overrule your life and prevent you from moving forward and taking opportunities.

Self-Doubt: image thanks to

I went through a period of about a year and half of self doubt around 4 years ago.  I had been successful in my work, I was growing my reputation as a Funeral Celebrant and I had people flying interstate just to have a Reading with me.  Everything was going smoothly, or so I thought.  There were issues in my life around my nuclear family which were beginning to take their toll and were unable, at the time to be resolved.  Because of this, my mind-set was a little crumpled and more and more as I stepped out into he outside world, I was feeling beaten down by the competitive nature of others in my industry.  I began to feel I wasn’t as good as them, I began to think that my abilities were not as powerful and not as accurate.  I couldn’t take the cattiness of women and the mind games of co-workers.  Normally, I’d just ignore this kind of behaviour and rise above it, or just don’t get involved, but during this time, I let myself get affected by it.

Self doubt had begun to win.  I stopped working as a professional clairvoyant, I took less and less funeral jobs and I began to hide from the world.  I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough and that my abilities were not all I’d thought they were.

This went on for a good 18 months.  Until one day, a woman rang me in a state of confusion and grief.  She asked if I could counsel her and help her to get her head around her life.  I felt badly for this person and I agreed.  However, that day, I also received another phone call.  This one was from a Dr, to tell me the results of some tests.  I was told that one of my children had a special need.  I now had to get my head around both of my children having been diagnosed with a disability.  My emotional state, was a heavy low.  I needed some time out and my Mother came and took me for a coffee.  The woman I’d agreed to help rang me several times.  She wanted to see me earlier, she was a mess.    Eventually, I picked myself up and took myself home.

Counselling session
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I greeted my client and sat down with her, I drew a map of her life and we discussed what was out of balance and what was in need of some more attention.  I gave her a plan and I made her a cup of tea and I let her talk.  In the end I told her why I hadn’t answered my phone and she was humbled.  She hadn’t considered that I would have had my own issues to deal with that day, and that was ok.

From that time on, more people began to ring me and seek out my expertise.  I didn’t advertise and I hadn’t told many people what I did.  They were recommended to me or my card mysteriously jumped out of their bookshelf. I’d get phone calls from people who’d seen me at a big festival 6 months before and they wanted to thank me for the advice I’d given them.  I was being propped up, by my Guides.  My guides were showing me that my abilities were real and that I was good enough.

My Guides and the people who I’d Read for in the past, were slowly showing me, it was all going to be ok and that it was just fine for me to believe in myself.  They were showing me that they needed me to believe in myself again.  They were showing me that if I did believe in myself I could be successful at what I do.  So, after a while, I did.  I chose to let go of the faces in my mind whose eyes were piercing at me, telling me I wasn’t as good as them.  I realised that more than likely I was a threat to them and that is why they treated me so.  I let go of the words “I’m not good enough’ and I replaced them with the words ‘I am good enough’ and ‘I can do it’.

I started to allow myself to feel good about whom I am and to embrace my life once and for all.  I think this was the key to the big change.  I really just said ‘stuff it, stuff all the attitudes that I’ve encountered.  They don’t represent me.  They are not who I am.  I am me and I deserve my place in life.’

So I over came that period of self doubt and I began to grow in my strength.

I still sometimes hear words of self doubt in my mind.  But when that happens, I choose to remind myself of all the achievements I’ve made.  I think of all the good things I have going and all the blessings I have.

There is always going to be someone better than you and someone lesser than you.  But you are also that someone who is better than another and lesser than another.  That is why we are here to teach each other.  Life would be boring if we were all growing at the same speed.

Lady in the garden.
Lady in the Garden: image thanks to

Self doubt is a dark pace to dwell.  If you are feeling low and your mind is filled with the lies that self-doubt speaks, turn it around by stepping out into the garden and looking at the things you know are real.  The grass under foot, the sky above.  The bird in a tree.  Then remind yourself of the things you know are real and good about you.  Your achievements, your good heart and your blessings.  Each time self doubt creeps back, choose to prove it wrong by learning more and being more and living more.  Don’t let it win.  You will find the cold dark cave of self doubt is no place for a beautiful kind soul like yourself.


Psychic Children

Psychic Child courtesy of Indigo ChildrenA woman approached me last week with an interesting question…she wanted to know how to best help her child…Now this was no ordinary child, this child was very obviously psychic.  She told me of quiet times in her car, when the boy would pipe up and say to her the exact thing she was thinking and how he would be able to tell what his Teacher was thinking.  She became quite disconcerted, when he innocently approached a Woman in a shopping Centre and consoled her for her loss, little did the Mother know, but the woman had just lost her cat that morning.

This Mother was worried that her child would be branded a freak and that he would be forced to under go psychiatric evaluations.    She was also concerned that he may not actually learn anything for himself, but instead pick information out of his Teacher’s heads and regurgitate that back to them.

I could see her fear and frustration.  Firstly, I thanked her for recognising that her child was very obviously Telepathic.  I told her that there is nothing wrong with this; in fact, I believe that now we Humans are more aware of our own mind power, many more children will be born with marked abilities.  Because in many households, it is no longer seen as something to fear.

She had a special child.  A child that is hyper sensitive and who needs guidance in order to not expose himself to people in shopping centres.  He is one of the many children born every year, who retain their psychic abilities as they grow.

I was one such child, and one of my Sons is one too.  So, I can speak from the perspective of the child and of the parent.  I advised the Mother to get informed.  I recommended she start by reading books about telepathy and about children who display telepathic abilities.  I also advised her to talk to her son.  To put it in language he would understand, that it is not ok to approach strangers and console them in shopping centres, even if your heart goes out to them, in society, children must not do that.  I explained that maybe his telepathic abilities were a gift for him in the classroom, but I thought that she should explain to him, that he needs to practise remembering what he is learning, not just picking it out of his teacher’s head.  I showed her the concept that reading is a written form of telepathic communication, from one mind to another and that the internet is another way that minds can communicate…Although it is not techniqualy the same as true silent mind to mind contact, it is a physical manifestation of the Human ability to communicate in this manner.

Rather than having her child examined by a Psychiatrist (which does have its place with children who are traumatized etc), I suggested, that she takes him along to meet the Reverend of her local Spiritual church.  Many of these churches run self-development groups and many of the members of the Committees are well versed in psychic development and could possibly take the child on as a pupil, or point the Mother in the right direction.

So what are the signs of a psychic child?  How can you tell if your child is psychic?

Firstly, we must look at the process of the spirit entering the body.  All babies are in Spirit before they are conceived.  They have chosen their parents and therefore their culture and the fated people and experiences they will have as a child.  The choice in parents and the upbringing they receive,  will have some influence on the fated people they will meet in adult life also, as well as many by chance through the choices they make.

The layers of The Spiritual Bodies.Your child was close to you the night it was conceived.  It was floating around you in spiritual form.  The physical body has an awareness of its own and upon conception the uniting sperm and egg throw a spark of light which draws the spirit of the child into it.  Slowly as each cell grows and multiplies, each layer of the Spirit of the child is infused into the body.  The Astral body, the Mental body and the Spiritual body are all laid down into the Physical body during the process of foetal growth.

So when your child is born, it is a spiritual being, living in a physical body.  Many children retain their spiritual eyes and can see their Spirit Guides in the room with them, or deceased relatives etc.  Some children loose this ability to see and hear for various reasons, but some retain it.  They may mention the family they had before, or the teachers they had before, in another life time.  They may be able to accurately describe deceased relatives that were long gone before they were borne.  They may suffer vivid night mares as their memories from their past lives settle down and make way for this life time.  A child with Psychic abilities may also be able to pick what you are thinking about and tell you, or understand that you’re sad, even though you are not showing it.

Very often, during the process of Puberty, many girls will experience spiritual sightings and have psychic and spiritual experiences.  This is because they are going through major hormonal changes in their bodies and they are pumping out major amounts of energy into their auras.  Earth Bound Spirits especially, are attracted to auras that are not protected and that have allot of energy sparking through them.  Keep an eye on your teenage girls and make sure they learn to cleans and clear their auras and learn psychic protection.  Because Women become Mothers, and therefore need their instincts more than Men to look after the children, girls go through a psychic developmental stage during puberty.

Boys on the other hand are less likely to experience such things,(though some do) mainly because a male is orientated to the physical and is therefore less inclined to be in his head as much as a girl.  Although boys go through major hormonal changes in puberty too, Men are the providers and therefore in tribal times would have to hunt and leave the women to nurture.  Their instincts develop in different ways and this is where you get the warrior poet, the man who has instinctive reflexes.  Many boys may have psychic experiences, but it is most likely in the lines of competition and in out smarting others.  This is why, I believe the boy in the beginning of this story, was so good at Telepathic communication.

So, if you have a child or a teenager who is expressing some psychic abilities, please, check out your nearest Spiritual Church and get some advice from the Reverend.  They are there to guide the members of the public who come to them in the best manner possible.  Use your instincts and if you don’t feel right with one Spiritual Church, go to another.

Psychic children should be nurtured, not feared.  They are the Seers of the Future and with them on board, our future as Human custodians of this planet looks bright.
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