My Puppy Dog & a Spiritual Song

Today I was doing the washing up, just thinking about life and then my mind fell upon what I was going to talk with you about today.  I looked over at my sleeping hound dog and I thought about how perfect he is for my family and as I looked at him more, I remembered the process I went through to find a dog in the first place.  I had a specific set of parameters I wanted in a dog.  I had boys, so I needed a dog that could handle the rough and tumble of life with brothers; I was alone at the time, so I needed a dog that would protect me and my home.  I was also a single mother, so that meant I couldn’t afford vet fees, so I needed a dog that was a cross breed, who thrived on very little medical care and rarely got sick.  I wanted a dog that would be loyal and loving, a dog that wouldn’t bark unless there was a good reasons and a dog that was smart enough to be trained with both vocal commands and hand signals.  I searched the net for ages and then I searched the pounds for a suitable puppy.  I needed a puppy because I had cats and birds and I couldn’t trust an older dog in my home, I needed a young one who could happily grow up around these other animals and not eat them.

Jasper in his Jumper
Jasper in his Jumper

After a while of searching, I let it go.  I’d had enough of looking and other things struck my attention as being more important.  Then, one day, I on the way home from my son’s drumming lessons I got this strong urge to call into a particular pet store.  I thought I would be buying some bottom feeder fish for my aquarium, but, instead there was a little waggy tailed puppy.  My son fell in love and I ummed and ahhed.  They said he was a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever.  Both very similar breeds, one is short haired and one long.  I though, ok, this dog won’t get too big, I don’t want a horse of a dog…Well we took him home and called him Jasper.  Jasper grew  and grew and grew…pretty soon it was clear he was not a Labrador crossed with a retriever, he was crossed with either a ridge back or a mastiff.  He is now 3 yrs old and 40 kg or 88 pounds!  Yep, he’s a big boy.

Jasper being good.
Jasper being good.

He is everything I asked for in a dog and more.  But the point of this Spiritual Comment is not that I got what i asked Mother Earth for, it’s that the animal came to me.   It’s that the dog was a true friend waiting for him family.  He is a brother to my sons and a child to me.  Yet he is a dog.

As I was thinking about all of this during the mundane task of washing up, I began to think back to a time when I was 18, when I was friends with a lady who was into exploring all aspects of spirituality.  She was a bit older than me and she owned a spiritual shop.  She gave Readings and she had many spiritual experiences along side of me.  She understood me.  We found a clearing out near a manmade lake, in the outback of Queensland and there we would do very earthy rituals and commune with mother earth.  She got into shamanism and we went out there one time to do a shamanistic ritual for beginners.  We had to sort of stomp and dance in a circle and chant.  We had lit a fire in the middle and we were getting right into it, when suddenly a rush of energy came over me and I heard every voice of every animal that existed on the planet at that time.  It was a totally spiritual experience.  It was better than any human intimacy I had ever experienced.  It was like my mind was filled with the luminosity of gold.  My friend got spooked, I don’t know what she experienced, but she broke the connection for me and then I didn’t hear it anymore.  But I was left this knowing sense that Humans are the sum of all the creatures on the planet.  Our bodies are made up of all the most efficient workings of all the other bodies and our personalities can reflect all the aspects of each and every one of those animals that walk this planet with us.  With that knowledge firmly implanted in my mind, I hear the sound of wings above my head and I looked, only to see nothing.  It was a spirit bird I could hear.  I hear the beating wings maybe three times and then a song.  I didn’t know the language at the time, but i knew it was sacred.  I have since sung it to a few trusted people, who have told me it sounds very Native American.  I don’t know if some of the words are real or not, I don’t know what the words mean…I just know that when I sing this song, I feel so much closer to my soul and so much closer to Mother Earth.  I can only write it phonetically so here it is…

OOsha balah hayo

Oosha bala heya a

Oosha bala heyo

Monai o haro haya

Oosha bala heyo

Oosha bala heya a

Oosha bala heyo

Monai o haro heya

I call this song my ‘sacred blessing’ because it came to me in such a way.

I have had many wonderful experiences with animals, both wild and domestic.  I think it’s important to recognise that they do represent aspects of ourselves if they come to you, because they are reflecting themselves in you.  Just as we mirror ourselves onto other humans.  Animals are our teachers as much as we are teachers to each other.  I personally never use terms like ‘you filthy animal’ because I don’t think of myself as above animals.  I am at the top of my pack as far as my dog, jasper is concerned, but that is because he has a huge mouth and if he thought he was top dog we’d all get bitten and my cats would be his lunch.

Jasper busted on the couch!
Jasper busted on the couch!

This brings me back to Jasper, he is my loyal companion.  I realised that I am a loyal friend too.  I realised that I stick around for quite a while and I turn the other cheek allot before I choose to walk away from a friend.  I still love them though, even if the time together has run it’s course.  Just like a loving loyal dog would with a human who chose not to love it back.  During the time that I adopted jasper, I had been betrayed by three people and I was healing from that hurt.  He reminded me that I was a good person and that I was loving and loyal, even if I had suffered this set back.

Animals come to us for many reasons.  They usually come to us to teach us something about ourselves, because we are the sum of all the animals here on the planet and as such, we have the most to learn about who we are.  We are the Human Animal.  We must take responsibility for that.


Saving Animals

I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and as I talk to you, my audience about respecting all life, I often observe that with the things that I do as I get on with my day.  One of the habits I have formed since I was around 14, is to save stricken animals from the side of the road.

My boyfriend has now banned me from saving snakes, but until he came along, I was pulling lizards, turtles,snakes, kangaroos and birds off the road on a regular basis.   Now a days, I just sneak the snake off the road and hope to God, my kids don’t blab!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else help snakes, but I love them just as much as all the others.

Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.
Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.

Yesterday, I was driving my son to school and I saw what looked like a dead bird in a turning lane off of an intersection.  My son said it looked dead, but my instincts kicked in and I drove back by the bird on my way home.  I parked and went up to the road and scooped up a baby Top Notch Pigeon off the intersection and into my safe warm hands.  I took it to the nearest Vet and photographed it, before I handed it in.  Such a little sweetie.  If I hadn’t have done that, the little darling would be dead by now, trampled by a passing car.

Because I have made this my habit, I kind of scan the roadsides and the main part of the road for animals aswell as just for general traffic.  Sometimes I make an idiot of myself in order to save a stricken little friend.  Like the time, a few months ago, I came up to an intersection and saw a big bearded dragon lizard in the middle of the road.  I pulled up and ran out into the path of oncoming traffic, jumping up and down like a lunatic so they’d stop, before I lifted him off the road and put him up a tree.  I could literally feel, all the people who saw me, laughing at the way I looked when I was jumping and waving at them!

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved
The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved

At the beginning of this year, you may remember that Queensland was suffering from some terrible flooding.  The night before Brisbane was hit by the worst floods since 1974, I was driving along a country road after dark and I saw an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.  It was huge and it was headed for the middle of the road and an oncoming 4WD.  I ran out and picked it up.  It had a long neck; like a snake and I was a bit freaked out that it would bite me.  My poor 14 yr old son had to have it in his foot well of the car, so as to keep an eye on it as I drove around looking for a body of water to release it into.

I took it down to the Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, near where I live and let it go.  The next day, the Caboolture River flooded and I have often hoped that the turtle survived.

Today I saw a Fruit bat on the side of the road.  Because I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not, I swung the car around and got a cloth bag out in order to pick it up.  I found it was dead, so I moved it off the road and I said this little prayer over its body…It is the same prayer I say to all the ones I couldn’t save.

‘May the Angels fly The home,

Blessed be.’

I know, it’s from the movie ‘Merlin’, but it is a beautiful little prayer, so I have adopted it for the animals.

The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.
The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.

Animals are so important.  If all the Humans die out, most of them would survive just nicely, but if all the animals died out, we Humans would not stand a chance.

Being Spiritual is about living a spiritual life and that includes looking after all those who are dependent on you.  We built the roads and drive on them, so we are responsible to the animals who fall prey to the roads too.

If you do come across one that has passed away, and if you have time, pull it off the road.  Give it the dignity to have its body return to the Earth, via the soil.  As I say to my sons, you can’t save them all, but you can save their dignity.

Mother Earth is a living planet, with a consciousness that is aware of you.  Tell her you are grateful for her love, by looking after her children, you will feel a better person for it.


Family Feuds & Forgiveness

Image thanks to
Image thanks to

When I was 17 I attended a tertiary college to study secretarial skills…Office work was and has never been a subject I enjoy, however it has proven to be the foundation of my business skills, so for that, I am grateful…One morning, before class a lady approached me while I was sitting on a bench, minding my own business. She introduced herself and began to talk…She was in her late 30’s, re-training now her kids were older and she was very sad and very alone…but not because of her change in life…She felt this way because of an unresolved family feud, resulting in unfinished business and the lost chance to say ‘I love You’ to her Father before he died.
She was so very sad as she recounted having found out that her Father was in his death bed and that she had been deliberately left out of the Family call around for the gathering to say goodbye. When she arrived at the Hospital, it was too late. Her Father had gone and he died a bitter man towards his beautiful girl… Here sat before me, a broken Woman. A woman who could never say ‘I forgive you’ or ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me’, a woman who would die herself one day with that unhealed heart. I was 17, I did not have the emotional maturity or life skills to counsel her. I just sat with her and let her talk…I felt very sad for her and I thought to myself ‘No matter what, I’m never going to let a chance go by, to tell my family that I love them’.
My Mother told me that I had a very trustworthy face, because the more I ventured out into the world, the more strangers would seek me out to confess their sins or tell me their storeys of regret. It was a burden for me, because I just didn’t know how to deal with it, but it was a release for them, because they felt they were connecting with someone who cared…and I did care, that is why I felt it was a burden. I didn’t know how to help these people and I just didn’t know why they were all coming to me.
However, looking back on those times, I now know why they chose me…Because I was born to give others Spiritual Counsel. It is in my capacity as a Funeral Celebrant, that I find myself wishing I had met some of these people long before the death of their loved one. Because it never ceases to sadden me to see the hurt and disappointment of family members estranged, never to speak again and cursed with this decision as one of them dies.
The institution of Family is a major part of every Human’s life. It is a fundamental part of your creation to be a member of a family unit, a Clan or a Tribe. When that institution breaks down, for one reason or another…it is imperative that the family members re-unite under a common umbrella. They need to rise above the issue and see that love is more important. Because you never know when your time is up, or when it is theirs.
I have family members who live in different locations around Brisbane and Queensland, Scotland, England and the USA. After that conversation with that lady, all those years ago, I realised that if I had to drive for two hours to spend 5 minutes with a Family member, it was worth it. If I travelled half way around the world and only got a window of an hour with someone in my family, no matter how emotionally close they are to me, or not…I would be grateful for every second. Because they are your blood. Your ancestors, your DNA. They are more important than money, material goods, popularity or power.
When I give a Funeral Service, I often find that there are one or two people in the official party, who want to make the day ‘all about them’. They ignore the proceedings of the day and create a sideline event, or they dress inappropriately or they are loud and rude during the service. These people have forgotten what the meaning of Family is. They have forgotten their own hearts too. They have been drawn into the illusion of the instant gratification culture, the meanness of ‘give me, give me, give me.’ And they have created for themselves a day of regret. It may not dawn on them that day, or later that month…but it will hit them hard when it does. Because, at the heart of it all, Family is there. Deep within your Soul, there is a connection that is forged in the White Light of the Source of All There Is.

Forgiveness card
Image thanks to

The band ‘Mike and the Mechanics’ wrote a song about this subject, you may have heard it on the Radio – ‘In the Living years’. It is a song that always brings a tear to my eye, because I have witnessed the results of so many family feuds, over the time I have been a Spiritual Adviser and Funeral Celebrant.

Is there someone in your family who doesn’t see eye to eye with you? Is there someone you are angry with or who you just can’t face because of whatever reason? Don’t let that bad feeling sit and fester for another second. Write them a note. Send them a card. Tell them that no matter what has gone on before, you love them dearly and you are always going to be their champion, tell them you forgive them…
Because one day, one of you will die, and for the one left behind it will be too late.


The Great Mystery,Gratitude, Giving Thanks

Family saying GraceMost often, when my Family and I sit down for a meal together, we give thanks for our food.  Giving thanks is a small thing that has wider implications in One’s Life.  Through the simple act of giving thanks for your food, you are acknowledging the sacrifices of others so that your life may be sustained.  You are saying to the Universe and to Mother Earth that you appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating the food, from farm, to market to the table.  The ripple effect of giving thanks for your food is like a radio wave, going out to the World and enlivening those who are in direct collision with your life, either anonymously or not.

The prayer we say is this:

“We thank The Great Spirit for the meal we are about to eat. 

We thank Mother Earth for providing the conditions for the food to come to our table.

We thank the Great Mystery, the many hands that brought our food to us.

We thank the plants and animals who sacrificed themselves in order for us to live on.

We give thanks to The Great Spirit and to Mother Earth for all the blessings in our lives and for all the blessings yet to come.

So be it.”

This simple prayer, said every meal time, re-enforces within the family unit that we are a grateful family and that we recognise the efforts of others.  Most of the prayer speaks for itself.  We must always acknowledge the sacrifice of the plants and animals, without them, we would simply perish.  Mother Earth is our home and she is our physical provider and The Great Spirit of Life, the force with which we are animated and of which we, as Spiritual Beings, recognise to be greater than us.  But what of ‘The Great Mystery’?  This is a concept I first came across when I was 28, working as a Clairvoyance Consultant in Caloundra, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  A colleague of mine was reading ‘Jesus’ Course in Miracles’ and he talked to me of The Great Mystery.  Later, I began to have an awareness of Native Americans also knowing of this concept.  In Australia, many of us revere the Native Americans and their spiritual knowledge.  I have learnt much from studying them and feel very honoured to have been a student of this culture.

My grasp of The Great Mystery, is, simply put…The many hands that bring you your belongings, food and transport.  All of the necessities and comforts of Life are created by someone.  It would boggle the mind to remember each name or each occupation which makes up the Great Mystery, but it is still there.

Nice ChairTake a chair for example.  This simple piece of furniture, common to almost every home on the planet, was created by many Human Beings.  Now presuming, you or a friend doesn’t make the furniture yourselves…we could easily contemplate The Great Mystery surrounding the Chair.  Looking at the materials it is made from, steel, wood, fabric, foam, nails, screws, plastic, rubber for the feet…who harvested the raw materials?  A miner, a wood farmer, a cotton grower, a rubber tree plantation worker, an oil refinery worker…who then took the raw materials and turned them into  products that could be used to build a chair? Who transported these products from their raw place of origin to the next stage in their lives?  Who packed them for transport?  Who inspected them so they were of a standard?  Who then took the materials and manufactured the chair?  Who tested the chair to meet government standards?  Who packed it?  Who transported it?  Who placed it in the show room?  Who priced it?  Who sold it to you and who transported it to your home?  A new chair.

Yes, your chair has had many, many hands in its creation and delivery to you.  This is an example of The Great Mystery.  It is the many hands that create all the things that surround your life.

You are an individual in a massive Human Community, which spans the Globe and holds within it the power to do or create anything.  You have the power, within your thanks and contemplation, to tap into this Great Mystery and to awaken your life within it.  By taking the time to contemplate The Great Mystery, you are taking the time to contemplate Gratitude.  Gratitude goes hand in hand with The Great Mystery in my experience.

Family giving thanks for their food.So often in Life, we can find ourselves caught up in the rat race and stressed, taking things for granted, because we are too dizzy with the fast pace to stop and gather our feet.  However, we all eat.  We all have the need for sustenance.  You take the time to enjoy your food and not to eat too quickly, so you don’t get indigestion.  Take a minute more to stave off your hunger, before the meal and to give thanks and to acknowledge the sacrifices’ of those who make up your food itself and The Great Mystery, the many hands who brought your food to you.

The Great Mystery is one of life’s magical wonders.  I hope this inspires you to dwell in gratitude and to contemplate the Great Mystery that surrounds you. Registered & Protected


Spiritual Service Part 2

Spiritual Service part 2 by Cat Edwards

I didn’t always want to work as a Clairvoyant t Medium and a Civil Celebrant; there was a time when I was studying to be a Homeopathic Dr. I was born in Scotland and my dream was to do my post Grad in Glasgow at one of the Homeopathic Hospitals there. I would then go on the get my Doctorate in Medicine at one of the Glasgow Universities and in the mean time; I would be there for my elderly relatives.
But life got in the way of my dream and I became gravely ill with a mysterious illness. I became morbidly sick and I needed some drastic intervention to survive. I was only 19. After having been to see many Dr’s I ended up at Naturopath’s office where he gave me a finger prick test and found I had many nasty microbes living in my blood.
I was given the necessary treatment and I began my convalescence. I had to give up my Uni for the time being and I moved back home to my Parents’ house in Mt Isa in outback Queensland. There I met and man and fell in love. I ended up having babies and I had to give my Glasgow dream away.
But my drive to give to others did not die. I suddenly found myself alone with two babies and in my early twenties, strong again and ambitious. So I fell back on my gifts and talents and began to develop them. I became a professional Reader and I gained some success. Fast forward 4 years and I studied to become a Justice of the Peace in Queensland and then I studied hard and became a Civil Celebrant.
Throughout it all, I had two boys with special needs to raise and my own personal issues of hurt to deal with. But in my work I found sanctuary. I found that in counselling others, in helping them to see their life direction, or in giving mourners a chance to give their loved ones a beautiful send off, I was empowering my own heart and soul.
Through the act of compassion I was able to heal my hurts and let go of my regrets from the past. There is an element of risk involved in what I do; I can never get it wrong the first time around. There is no second chance to give a Funeral service or to Read for someone. There is no second chance to sit at the bedside of a dying man and read to him his Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

If I get my car serviced and they do a bad job, I can take it back, but if I lose a loved one and the celebrant gives a bad funeral service, there is no taking it back. It is always all or nothing when you are the front person, the person bearing the most responsibility for the grief or goodwill of others.
I totally embrace that responsibility and I see it as my gift from God. I see that I have been given the honour to serve others and therefore I see the honour in the service that others give me.
Spiritual Service for me has become my occupation, but it is and always will be, my way of Life. Registered & Protected