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ache-adult-depression-expression-41253.jpegMost Readers are empaths and as such, they tend to become energetic sponges for other people’s feelings and emotions, be they happy or sad.  When we give a Reading, we are tapping into the energy field of the client, their associates, loved ones (deceased and living) and anyone else who may be in their life circle.  On a greater level, you are accessing the collective consciousness of humankind, the collective consciousness of the spirit helpers with your clients and the collective consciousnesses of their ancestors.  That is a lot of thought energy to be dealing with. 

pexels-photo-266429.jpegLike a Babushka Doll, we are all a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.  When we are accessing the energy signatures of our clientele, we are also accessing them on many interdimensional levels.  I often like to think of it as diving into a lake and going down the different layers of water.  When we give a Reading, we immerse ourselves in all the energies.  If we don’t shake that energy off and clear ourselves at the end of the Reading, we can end up with residual  ‘stuff’ attached to our Auras.  This ‘stuff’ can begin to drain you, make you sick, give you nightmares or cause you to stop sleeping.  It’s not your energy, so your body’s energetic immune system is going to want to fight it.  This is also why many Readers become sick. 

So what do you do if you have not been clearing yourself, or if you have been trying but you are not effective?  Try another way of course!

First things first, it’s time to start a regular devotion to energetic hygiene.  You shower regularly and are in a routine of cleaning your physical body, so this is just a bit more of that but on an energetic level…I will also say that it counts towards your daily meditations as well because you need to get into that style of unfocused focus. 

  1. Take off your shoes and get your feet onto the land. Hard to do if the land is freezing cold in Winter, but if that’s the case then get some soil from a houseplantpexels-photo-785067.jpeg and put your feet into that.  You need to get your feet on Mother Earth.  Now focus on your spine and find your centre of gravity.  Let your limbs go light and let your mind go quietly.  Allow your own Chi to take over control.  Let your Chi ground into Gaia and when you feel ready, ask Gaia to remove all the auric shells attached to your aura.  Don’t name them, don’t specify that the auric shells are of clients.  Just ask for all auric shells to be removed.  This gives her permission to get rid of the lot. 
  2. During the process, she will begin to rock your Chi and your body will swing back and forth. When you are free of the auric shells you should fall slightly forwards.  Make sure you catch yourself.  You may fall backwards, but that is not optimum so you can set the intention of coming forwards when done. 
  3. Imagine your aura as a diamond. To do this, see an imaginary line through your chest plate between your heart and solar plexus.  Imagine that your aura expands france-landmark-lights-night.jpgas far as you can reach front, back and sideways. Now imagine that the walls of your aura are straight and true and about 1mtr thick.  Made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  See your Auric walls shoot up into the sky about 6 metres.  Let all 4 of them join together at in the middle to form a pyramid spire.  Now focus back on the floor of your pyramid, the line between your heart and solar plexus, imagine it’s a floor that stretches out to meet all four sides of the auric pyramid.  This square is translucent.  Now see your auric walls plummet down into the Earth 6 metres and then go deeper until you are near the centre of the Earth, bring the four walls together as a pyramid spire.  Your walls are all 1 metre thick, made of gold and encrusted with diamonds.  Now step back and realise you have encased yourself in a gold and diamond light pyramid.  Declare that only the highest unconditional love may enter your diamond aura. 
  4. Go sit somewhere and just be.

So that is a good one for clearing your energies and fortifying your Aura, but are you fully clear yet?  Most likely not.  So when it is time, repeat this exercise in the shower, use a non-slip mat if you need to and let the water cleans your aura. 

Now your are dry and your auric pyramid is gleaming, let’s call in the big guys to do a bit of housework for you.  Recently a friend helped me to clear myself and I love his suggestion.  He said to ask Arch Angel Michael to come in from the 14th chakra and bring down his light to cleans and clear you, your divination equipment, devices, car, house, café you are in ….anything really.  Just also ask him to take away any portholes that are seen or unseen, any entities that are seen or unseen, any negative energies that are seen or unseen and any energies that are not your own that are seen or unseen….in, on, under and all around you.  You can back it all up by asking the galactic family of the highest unconditional love to sweep around with Arch Mike to fortify his good work. 

I always do a muscle test to see if I am then clear, if I am not, I ask again.  If you don’t know about muscle testing, just go to YouTube and look up some tutorials on the subject.  Here’s a link to one: How to Do Self Muscle Testing ~ 7 Ways to Muscle Test Yourself


Ok, so you’ve cleared all the dross away and you are feeling pretty good.  It’s not the end.  You are an empath who’s chosen to incarnate to help others.  You need to make sure that also includes helping yourself! 

In the shower, every morning, clear your aura and set up your pyramids and diamond for the day.  By reinforcing it, you are strengthening your inner power and that translates into confidence and you being like Teflon to yucky energies.  Before you start your spiritual work for the day, go into your meditation and set the intention only the highest unconditional love may enter your office space.  You can set up your diamond aura so that it reaches far out to the external walls of your office or to the fence line of the building you are working in.  Now, in your prayer state that at the end of each Reading or healing that all deceased loved ones connected to your client will go back from whence they came and they will go with love.  All deceased beings must leave and any entities that may have come along with your client, even if they are unable to step across the threshold of your office space will be arrested by the police angels and sent to The Light.  Sounds silly I know, but do you want those yucky things hanging around? NO WAY!

At the end of each Reading as that The Great Spirit take the burden from your client, pexels-photo-378148.jpegshine the light of blessings over them, wrap them in a cloak of comfort and shine the path ahead of them, ask for their reading to be confirmed in 24 hrs and cleanse and clear yourself and your space.  This means you are not taking on their ‘stuff’ no matter how much you love them, it’s not your ‘stuff’ to deal with, you’ve got a big enough life as it is. 

I do this energy work daily, I have two children under 5 and a young adult son with autism.  If I can do it, so can you.  No excuses to look after your psychic hygiene. 

Your health is, after all, your biggest asset. 

See you in my next blog

Much love,


Thanks to Wayne Gunders for your inspiration in this clearing work

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More on Spirit Guides

This week I posed the question on my face Book Fan Page, what do you want me to talk about on this week’s spiritual comment?  Well the answer was Spirit Guides and your relationships with them.  Now I have talked before about my relationship with my spirit guides, but I feel it is an important topic and one we can certainly explore some more.

Spirit Guides
Image thanks to

For those of you who are new to the term, Spirit Guides are Benevolent Beings who guide you in life from the other side.  They can be ancestors or animals, they can be alien kind or they can be angel kind.  They can be any kind of life form that exists in the spirit realm, but they must only reside in the light.  If you think you have a spirit guide with you, but you feel that you are not guided so much as more being influenced, then you are suffering from an Influential spirit.  The Influentials do not reside in the light. They reside in the dark and shadow and very often they are

Earth bound spirits.  Now I am not going to go too deeply into Influentials today, as I want to stay on topic, but it is important to know the difference.  Spirit Guides, guide you.  Influential spirits influence you.

Now, the purpose of life, not matter what form it takes, is to learn and grow.  Even a tree must learn to hold fast in the wind and learn to encourage some creatures to live in its leaves and to discourage others.  Life must always learn adapt and grow.  So too must your spirit guides.  They are with you to help you to learn adapt and grow, but in doing so, they too are going through the same process, in their own unique lessons.    Guides may learn how best to help you, finding out that you can’t help someone so well if their head is full of music and noise, but you can say if they are doing a mundane task like mopping a floor, because their head is more empty of thoughts.  A guide who is new to the job, may choose to materialise at your bedside one night, thinking this will get your attention and then you can chat…only to find that you waken scared out of your mind and closed off to the conversation.   The job description of being a Spirit Guide has many lessons and many rewards.  Just like any other job you or I may encounter in Life.

It makes sense to me that those Benevolent Spirits who choose to become Guides would have a mentor, a more experienced Guide who will help them through the frustrations and the rewards of guiding we Humans.  Just as there are frustrations in parenting, I know that there will be many frustrations in Guiding.

Many people want to know who their Guides are and this is a valid question.  I personally don’t know the names of my guides, I just know that there a five permanent Guides who support me in this life time and they like me to call them The Old Ones.  I have incorporated them into the two books I have written, the first of which will be published in the New Year.

Really you don’t have to know their names, though it can be important for some people in making that connection permanent.  What you do need to know is that all your guides agreed to help you in life before you were born.  You and The Great Spirit and your guides and Mother Earth all had a meeting as such and certain agreements were put into place.  You would be born at a certain hour, when the stars aligned in a certain way, you would choose certain parents and therefore have a particular cultural experience and you would have a certain name that set you up for your personalities’ vibration and you would have certain Guides to help you through your Life lessons and help you to achieve your mission.  Now some Guides will have signed up to be with you all your life, like my 5 Old Ones are for me, some, however, will only be with you to help you through a particular experience or lesson, such is their expertise. Some Guides will be with you for a moment in time only, others for a year and others for only a day.  You will always have your guides with you, the permanent guides may step aside while the temporary guides do their thing, but you will never ever walk alone.

Ghostly presence
Ghostly Presence: Image thanks to

Having said that, if you choose to close off from your guides, you will run the risk of allowing Influentials to tap into your vibration and take over your sub conscious mind.  This is very important to know, because you don’t want to be influenced.  This is how you end up addicted to drugs or alcohol, or how you become irrational and violent.  Because Influentials like to tap into the dark side of your nature and cultivate it.  They like to create destruction.  Your Guides will never ever walk away from you, should this occur.  Instead they will try to harness your conscience and talk to you at a Soul level.  You will hear them in your sleep and in the time when you are almost asleep.  They will plague your conscience until you listen, trying to get you to feel and know that you need to change and get rid of those things you are doing that empower the Influentials.

Sometimes, you have a lesson in life that requires Influentials to act first.  These Influentials are carefully monitored and are there to cause you to rise above a situation and become a better person.  Remember, The Great Spirit of Life has the power of both good and bad.  It will harness both side of this power to create a balance within you if necessary.

So you want to have a relationship with your guides, but you don’t know where to start?  I want to remind you that you already know them.  It is like this.  I have a friend who I met when I was 19.  She was the girlfriend of my brother and we were friendly acquaintances.  We became a little closer during a camping trip, but as I was a medical student at the time, I was engrossed in my studies and when they broke up, it didn’t affect me.  I sort of didn’t notice, but i did care, if that makes sense.  Well, a few years passed and I saw her down at the shops, we exchanged phone numbers and talked.  Then I didn’t see her for another few years and again we bumped into each other, I gave her my business card and we parted ways.  Earlier this year, we bumped into each other again and we promised to catch up.  I couldn’t find her and I left it up to fate. She found me and we finally did catch up.  When we were sitting on her porch having coffee, I said to know, I feel like I’ve known you my whole adult life.  She said, you have.  We just haven’t ever been able to sit and really talk.  We are now close friends and we have a connection of past history  and times of brief heartfelt encounters.

Spirit Guide and Human
Spirit Guide and Human: Image thanks to

This anecdote is very much like the beginnings of a well rounded relationship between a person  and their guides.  You will know each other, you will love each other, but it will take the right time and place for it to all come together.  Then, will come the time of learning to trust each other.    That comes with you learning to tune in and listen and them trust in that you will take their guidance and direction.  Start with listening to them about traffic conditions and directions, or asking for a parking place.  Just little things when you are getting about.  Then move onto asking them to tell you how many clients you will have in a day or whose going to ring on the phone.  Build it up slowly.  Also, work on feeling them beside you.  It is like you are in the middle of a group of friends.  Fell the closeness of the friends who stand with you.  It’s not crazy if you don’t tell people who don’t get it.  But it does sound a little strange to sceptical people and psychiatrists.  So use discernment when you talk to others about your relationships with your guides.

Your guides want to teach you and show you the way.  They want to warn you about people and situations and they want to protect you.   But it’s only lip service if you don’t act on their guidance.

I am a channel and much of what I have told you today, has been channelled to you by my Guides.

I hope you got something out of it.


Benevolent Beings I’ve met.

Today I thought I’d talk to you some more about some of my spiritual experiences and in particular that of Benevolent Beings.

Benevolent of course meaning good, kind and loving in nature.  I think we must all focus on the fact that we are surrounded by Benevolent Beings, as the ghosts who drive the machines, your fellow Humans, as mostly benevolent themselves.  It is important to remember that Human Nature is for the most part Benevolent.  In this blog, however, I am talking of Benevolent Spiritual Beings.

As those of you who follow my show and Blogs will know, I had my first real encounter with a Benevolent being when I was 18, with my Spirit Guides saving me from being attacked by two Ghosts in my bedroom.  As I grew, I needed more grounding in the truth that there were Benevolent Beings, because I was so frightened of Spirit.  I grew up in a non-religious house with no real Spiritual Teachings, except for the Christian based Morals that my parents followed, as did the rest of society…these morals are really common sense, anyway.  So being Spiritual was not in my Family mould and I had no grounding as to how I would know a Benevolent Being or how to call upon one.

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
Image thanks to The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life

During my late teens I studied Medicine in Brisbane and I fell in with some people who had an Ashram dedicated to ‘Yoga in Daily Life’, I became very interested in the teachings and as I was on a life’s journey to find my spiritual purpose, I got into reading books about the spirituality of Yoga.  On Spring day, I was called up to the Ashram to meet a Swami of great importance.  He told me it was time for me to receive my Mantra, and that I had to come back to be told the Mantra by him on a particular day at a particular hour.  Well, I couldn’t make it, I had exams and if you’ve ever studied Medicine, you’ll know those exams can be very full on!  So I went to the Ashram later that week and I sat on the step.  No one was there, and I read from a Yogi book.  I felt a breeze touch my arm and then I felt a wave of goose pimples rush up my arm.  I looked up into the trees and I heard a distinct loud voice tell me my Mantra.  The voice was in my mind, but it wasn’t me and it was so very calming and yet I knew it was coming from outside of me, because I had felt the touch.  My Mantra was –

I am Self

I am Worth

I am Reason

I am Unity

I was amazed.  My dedication to the spiritual teachings had brought me this gift!  When the Yogi Nun who ran the Ashram returned I told her, but she had never had such an experience and she didn’t identify with me in that way.  So I chose to keep it to myself.

I don’t know who told me that Mantra, I guess it was my Spirit Guides, but it was an experience with a Benevolent Spirit and it was a very loving one at that.

When I was 23, I was alone, with two babies in an apartment.  I had a Bible and I used to open it and read from it at random.  One night I opened the Bible and I read this sentence that said ‘God is everything, God is both the good and the evil’…Now I had suffered at the hands of many a Ghostie during my childhood and it made me think about why they had come to me like that and what was it I was being taught and that they too were part of God.  As I pondered, my bedroom filled with the thick enclosing energy of Ghosts and I was afraid.  I called out ‘Jesus Christ be with me now!’ and my room lit up the white bright light of God, there was no glare and it was neither hot nor cold.  It was just white.  I instantly felt comforted and the bad energy was gone.  I fell asleep.

Image thanks to

During my 20’s I had another experience with a Benevolent Spirit, this time, in my heart, I knew it was an Angel.  I was 26 and I was walking out of my Homeopath’s office with her by my side, talking.  My right arm was touched by Spirit, the same breeze and then goose pimples as before.  I looked to my left and there, in the middle of the waiting room was a massive Being shining at me.  It had no face; it was just like a huge sparkler with its energy sparkling out to touch the walls of the waiting room.  I turned as if in slow motion to the Homeopath and I said there is an Angel in your office.  When I looked back it was gone.

This was such a curious and yet uplifting event for me.  I don’t know why this Angel chose to show me themselves other than to let me know they do exist.

Benevolent Beings exist everywhere.  Too often in life, we can lose sight of the truly loving ones we have around us.   When you are developing your Spiritual Gifts, remember to always call upon your Guides and Angels of the highest unconditional love.  Remember to fill your heart with love and to keep yourself grounded and close to your God.  Benevolence starts from within you and radiates out to others.  When you are ready, you too could have a spiritual experience with a Benevolent Being.


Ghostly Attachments

Since I was around 5 years of age, I have experienced Spiritual Beings. For the first part of my Life, I was unable to control my gifts and I was un-aware of how to protect myself. My parents unwittingly bought haunted houses, which meant that I had some hair-raising nights growing up.

Ghostly ApparitionBut, it wasn’t all bad. As you would know, everything in Life is an energy exchange. With each ghostly visitation, they would take some of my energy and I would take some of theirs. I just didn’t realise it at the time, but the ghosts were teaching me about themselves. I grew up knowing more and more about how the ghost ticks. What a ghost is and eventually, how to rid myself of their presence. I’ve become very pragmatic about them, where as when I was a little girl I’d be scared, now I just think, ‘so what?! You’re a dead guy.’ I realise that I am the one with the power, because I am the one who is Living. I have the occupation of the living body, the vessel for physical Life. So, you may hear me talk about ghosts or Earthbounds in a very matter of fact way. Just know that it is my past experiences that have de-mystified them for me and though I still have a healthy respect, I am aware they are just people like you and me, they just don’t occupy a body anymore.

I have had, in my time as a professional Reader, some clients who have felt a great deal of sympathy for the Earthbound Ghostie and have felt they need to ask them to come home with them or to befriend them. I feel it is important to recognise a few home truths about ghosts, so that those of us, who do feel compassionate, don’t find our good intentions end up creating our own private hell. Human Nature is mostly good. That is what my idealistic mind tells me. It is the same for those who are deceased; most of them still retain that good nature. However, if they have not been lucky enough to pass over into the light upon death, they can remain stuck in The Astral Plane, or as the Christian Faith calls it, Purgatory. We can all go there, Living or deceased; it is simply a higher vibrational dimension to Planet Earth. Many of us go there in our sleep and you can tell if you have been Astral travelling because you may wake up tired or have been dreaming of flying. But, I digress…. You see, in order to occupy an Earthly body, be it physical or Astral, you must still feed. You are bound by the laws of Earth and one of those laws is that we must consume energy (in our case food) in order for our bodies to function. Ghosts are stuck on the Astral Plane and their need is still there. However, they can’t just go to the local Supermarket and buy a loaf of bread…Their body is vibrating at a higher level than ours, so their food must also vibrate higher. That is why they haunt.

Most of them would prefer not to, I’m sure. However, it is hard to get energy out of something dormant. If they can give you a fright or a little scare, your adrenalin will kick in. Blood will rush to your limbs and you will enter fight or flight. This provides a rush of energy into your aura and it is from there that the Ghost can tap your energy field. Have you ever soon the kids’ movie ‘Monsters Inc’? Sweet little movie, hey? The concept of the Monsters jumping out of the closets of little children and bottling their screams to use as energy, is a great analogy to the way that Ghosts haunt.

Now a Ghost will attach itself to your Aura quite easily if you are sick or on drugs or depressed…Just like your immune system is vulnerable if it’s low, so is your Aura. You may not know you have an attachment, but you may find all of a sudden, you have a voice in the back of your mind telling you, for example, to smoke more Cigarettes or eat more Chocolate. I call this level of Ghostie an Influential and it is the equal and opposite to a Spirit Guide. Where as a Guide will make guided suggestions and guide your thinking, an Influential is out for itself and is only wanting to get the kick backs you can provide. Influentials are Spiritual Parasites. They tap into your Aura and therefore your energy systems and from there, they can vicariously experience the indulgences in Life they used to enjoy. Too bad id it’s wrecking your life, they’ll just dump you in time and go on to the next person.

Diamond LightbodyOk, so now I’ve totally freaked you out, I don’t want you to worry; you personally may not have Influentials. But you may know someone who has. They are the people whose personality has changed. It may seem a wonderful change in the beginning, or not, but it will be a fast change, usually and often it will lead down a destructive path. So how do we get rid of such attachments? It is good to seek out professional help to do this, and of course, a Spiritual Church or Spiritual Organisation is the best place to start. Make sure it is a Spiritually orientated place and not a Religiously orientated place…this is because Religions in this case are a great complimentary to the help, but you really need to seek the straight Spiritual Practitioner. The victim of an Influential will need an Aura Cleans and they will need to take home some exercises to do in order to reinforce the cleans. They will need to be taught Psychic Protection (see my blog on Psychic Protection June 11) and they will need to clean up their diet and sleep well. A total cleans and clear of the energy systems is in order. The Aura needs to be repaired and that can happen via the right Spiritual Practitioner and by a great diet, exercise and sleep regime. The best way to avoid Influential attachment is to practise Psychic Protection daily. To stay healthy and to keep your mind focused on the positive. By keeping your mind positive, you are reinforcing your hard outer energy shield and the Ghostie cannot attach. Think of it like a Free Range Chicken’s Egg shell…Compared to the thin shell of a Battery hen, the Egg Shell of a Free Range Chicken is hard and the yoke inside is bright yellow. We all need to have good strong Egg Shells. It sounds silly, but if we be like a Free Range Chicken, by keeping our head clean of negativity an our diet nutritious and our exercises free and often, our Aura will stay strong and impenetrable.

Ghosts are just a part of Life. They will all eventually, in the fullness of time, move on to the Light. They are stuck in the Astral Plane to learn just as we are here to learn and just as those who are in the Light also have things to learn. The growth of the Soul has many journeys. Please, do yourself a favour; if you come across a Ghost, don’t invite it back to your house or to be your friend. You will not be helping it and you will create a situation of a guest who will out stay their welcome.

Call upon the Light and ask that the Ghost be taken into the Light by those who love them. Ask that they go where no harm can come to them and where they can do no harm. Get help, if you need to in order to do this. This is the most compassionate thing we can do for our fellow Humans or Animals on their journey beyond a Bodily occupation. The Light will look after them and give them all they need, way more than any of us could. Registered & Protected


Psychic Children

Psychic Child courtesy of Indigo ChildrenA woman approached me last week with an interesting question…she wanted to know how to best help her child…Now this was no ordinary child, this child was very obviously psychic.  She told me of quiet times in her car, when the boy would pipe up and say to her the exact thing she was thinking and how he would be able to tell what his Teacher was thinking.  She became quite disconcerted, when he innocently approached a Woman in a shopping Centre and consoled her for her loss, little did the Mother know, but the woman had just lost her cat that morning.

This Mother was worried that her child would be branded a freak and that he would be forced to under go psychiatric evaluations.    She was also concerned that he may not actually learn anything for himself, but instead pick information out of his Teacher’s heads and regurgitate that back to them.

I could see her fear and frustration.  Firstly, I thanked her for recognising that her child was very obviously Telepathic.  I told her that there is nothing wrong with this; in fact, I believe that now we Humans are more aware of our own mind power, many more children will be born with marked abilities.  Because in many households, it is no longer seen as something to fear.

She had a special child.  A child that is hyper sensitive and who needs guidance in order to not expose himself to people in shopping centres.  He is one of the many children born every year, who retain their psychic abilities as they grow.

I was one such child, and one of my Sons is one too.  So, I can speak from the perspective of the child and of the parent.  I advised the Mother to get informed.  I recommended she start by reading books about telepathy and about children who display telepathic abilities.  I also advised her to talk to her son.  To put it in language he would understand, that it is not ok to approach strangers and console them in shopping centres, even if your heart goes out to them, in society, children must not do that.  I explained that maybe his telepathic abilities were a gift for him in the classroom, but I thought that she should explain to him, that he needs to practise remembering what he is learning, not just picking it out of his teacher’s head.  I showed her the concept that reading is a written form of telepathic communication, from one mind to another and that the internet is another way that minds can communicate…Although it is not techniqualy the same as true silent mind to mind contact, it is a physical manifestation of the Human ability to communicate in this manner.

Rather than having her child examined by a Psychiatrist (which does have its place with children who are traumatized etc), I suggested, that she takes him along to meet the Reverend of her local Spiritual church.  Many of these churches run self-development groups and many of the members of the Committees are well versed in psychic development and could possibly take the child on as a pupil, or point the Mother in the right direction.

So what are the signs of a psychic child?  How can you tell if your child is psychic?

Firstly, we must look at the process of the spirit entering the body.  All babies are in Spirit before they are conceived.  They have chosen their parents and therefore their culture and the fated people and experiences they will have as a child.  The choice in parents and the upbringing they receive,  will have some influence on the fated people they will meet in adult life also, as well as many by chance through the choices they make.

The layers of The Spiritual Bodies.Your child was close to you the night it was conceived.  It was floating around you in spiritual form.  The physical body has an awareness of its own and upon conception the uniting sperm and egg throw a spark of light which draws the spirit of the child into it.  Slowly as each cell grows and multiplies, each layer of the Spirit of the child is infused into the body.  The Astral body, the Mental body and the Spiritual body are all laid down into the Physical body during the process of foetal growth.

So when your child is born, it is a spiritual being, living in a physical body.  Many children retain their spiritual eyes and can see their Spirit Guides in the room with them, or deceased relatives etc.  Some children loose this ability to see and hear for various reasons, but some retain it.  They may mention the family they had before, or the teachers they had before, in another life time.  They may be able to accurately describe deceased relatives that were long gone before they were borne.  They may suffer vivid night mares as their memories from their past lives settle down and make way for this life time.  A child with Psychic abilities may also be able to pick what you are thinking about and tell you, or understand that you’re sad, even though you are not showing it.

Very often, during the process of Puberty, many girls will experience spiritual sightings and have psychic and spiritual experiences.  This is because they are going through major hormonal changes in their bodies and they are pumping out major amounts of energy into their auras.  Earth Bound Spirits especially, are attracted to auras that are not protected and that have allot of energy sparking through them.  Keep an eye on your teenage girls and make sure they learn to cleans and clear their auras and learn psychic protection.  Because Women become Mothers, and therefore need their instincts more than Men to look after the children, girls go through a psychic developmental stage during puberty.

Boys on the other hand are less likely to experience such things,(though some do) mainly because a male is orientated to the physical and is therefore less inclined to be in his head as much as a girl.  Although boys go through major hormonal changes in puberty too, Men are the providers and therefore in tribal times would have to hunt and leave the women to nurture.  Their instincts develop in different ways and this is where you get the warrior poet, the man who has instinctive reflexes.  Many boys may have psychic experiences, but it is most likely in the lines of competition and in out smarting others.  This is why, I believe the boy in the beginning of this story, was so good at Telepathic communication.

So, if you have a child or a teenager who is expressing some psychic abilities, please, check out your nearest Spiritual Church and get some advice from the Reverend.  They are there to guide the members of the public who come to them in the best manner possible.  Use your instincts and if you don’t feel right with one Spiritual Church, go to another.

Psychic children should be nurtured, not feared.  They are the Seers of the Future and with them on board, our future as Human custodians of this planet looks bright.
 Registered & Protected