Benevolent Beings I’ve met.

Today I thought I’d talk to you some more about some of my spiritual experiences and in particular that of Benevolent Beings.

Benevolent of course meaning good, kind and loving in nature.  I think we must all focus on the fact that we are surrounded by Benevolent Beings, as the ghosts who drive the machines, your fellow Humans, as mostly benevolent themselves.  It is important to remember that Human Nature is for the most part Benevolent.  In this blog, however, I am talking of Benevolent Spiritual Beings.

As those of you who follow my show and Blogs will know, I had my first real encounter with a Benevolent being when I was 18, with my Spirit Guides saving me from being attacked by two Ghosts in my bedroom.  As I grew, I needed more grounding in the truth that there were Benevolent Beings, because I was so frightened of Spirit.  I grew up in a non-religious house with no real Spiritual Teachings, except for the Christian based Morals that my parents followed, as did the rest of society…these morals are really common sense, anyway.  So being Spiritual was not in my Family mould and I had no grounding as to how I would know a Benevolent Being or how to call upon one.

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
Image thanks to The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life

During my late teens I studied Medicine in Brisbane and I fell in with some people who had an Ashram dedicated to ‘Yoga in Daily Life’, I became very interested in the teachings and as I was on a life’s journey to find my spiritual purpose, I got into reading books about the spirituality of Yoga.  On Spring day, I was called up to the Ashram to meet a Swami of great importance.  He told me it was time for me to receive my Mantra, and that I had to come back to be told the Mantra by him on a particular day at a particular hour.  Well, I couldn’t make it, I had exams and if you’ve ever studied Medicine, you’ll know those exams can be very full on!  So I went to the Ashram later that week and I sat on the step.  No one was there, and I read from a Yogi book.  I felt a breeze touch my arm and then I felt a wave of goose pimples rush up my arm.  I looked up into the trees and I heard a distinct loud voice tell me my Mantra.  The voice was in my mind, but it wasn’t me and it was so very calming and yet I knew it was coming from outside of me, because I had felt the touch.  My Mantra was –

I am Self

I am Worth

I am Reason

I am Unity

I was amazed.  My dedication to the spiritual teachings had brought me this gift!  When the Yogi Nun who ran the Ashram returned I told her, but she had never had such an experience and she didn’t identify with me in that way.  So I chose to keep it to myself.

I don’t know who told me that Mantra, I guess it was my Spirit Guides, but it was an experience with a Benevolent Spirit and it was a very loving one at that.

When I was 23, I was alone, with two babies in an apartment.  I had a Bible and I used to open it and read from it at random.  One night I opened the Bible and I read this sentence that said ‘God is everything, God is both the good and the evil’…Now I had suffered at the hands of many a Ghostie during my childhood and it made me think about why they had come to me like that and what was it I was being taught and that they too were part of God.  As I pondered, my bedroom filled with the thick enclosing energy of Ghosts and I was afraid.  I called out ‘Jesus Christ be with me now!’ and my room lit up the white bright light of God, there was no glare and it was neither hot nor cold.  It was just white.  I instantly felt comforted and the bad energy was gone.  I fell asleep.

Image thanks to

During my 20’s I had another experience with a Benevolent Spirit, this time, in my heart, I knew it was an Angel.  I was 26 and I was walking out of my Homeopath’s office with her by my side, talking.  My right arm was touched by Spirit, the same breeze and then goose pimples as before.  I looked to my left and there, in the middle of the waiting room was a massive Being shining at me.  It had no face; it was just like a huge sparkler with its energy sparkling out to touch the walls of the waiting room.  I turned as if in slow motion to the Homeopath and I said there is an Angel in your office.  When I looked back it was gone.

This was such a curious and yet uplifting event for me.  I don’t know why this Angel chose to show me themselves other than to let me know they do exist.

Benevolent Beings exist everywhere.  Too often in life, we can lose sight of the truly loving ones we have around us.   When you are developing your Spiritual Gifts, remember to always call upon your Guides and Angels of the highest unconditional love.  Remember to fill your heart with love and to keep yourself grounded and close to your God.  Benevolence starts from within you and radiates out to others.  When you are ready, you too could have a spiritual experience with a Benevolent Being.


Being a Psychic Person

Over the years I have had to deal with some varied preconceptions about who I am, because I have a Psychic ability.  For the longest time, it really got to me that for the most part, people thought I was someone who had no grounding in reality and that I was making my gifts up…It was so difficult for me to fathom why, anyone would want to make a claim that they have these gifts when if they don’t, people will find them out and make their life hard.  Why on earth would you do that?  I mean, really, you are opening yourself up to so much scrutiny and criticism.  There is a massive negative stereotype out there about the humble spiritual practitioner.

In the beginning, when I first became a Professional Psychic, I had to ‘come out’ in the same uncomfortable way that many of my Gay friends have had to ‘come out’ with their families.  I had to endure the leering and the jokes.  I found myself a minority in a world of professional people, who secretly came to see me for my services, but made out to others that they did not believe.

Presenting HandsThen there were the BBQ’s and the party’s where there was the inevitable question asked of me…’so, what do you do?’  I quickly learned to say Civil Celebrant and not Clairvoyant.  Because if I did tell them that side of my profession, they would immediately put their hand out and say Read my palm or tell me something about myself.  I was there to socialise, not work and I’m not a Palmist, though I am fascinated by it, I haven’t learnt all there is to know about that yet.  So, I’d make a joke and try to change the subject….  Some would say ‘oh, you are one of Those’…like I was a Leper and then there are the ones who think I will know what has been going on in their life just by standing next to them and they think I have read their mind; or the ones, who, (if they’ve found out, what I do first and I ask them, what they do) laugh at me and tell me I should already know, because I’m Psychic… So, I’d avoid talking about me at all and try to get the other person to talk about themselves instead.  Thus saving myself the social awkwardness, of finding myself the centre of attention and being looked upon as a novelty side show, or a person to be feared.  I am neither, just a Woman trying to make a living.

It took me around 5 years, before I was totally comfortable in my own Profession.  I found that being on this path was exciting and soul satisfying.  I found that I was helping people in ways I hadn’t imagined I’d ever do, often learning a life lesson and literally the next day going to work and teaching my hard earned wisdom to a grateful client.  I don’t dressed as a Gypsy or as a Fortune Teller.  I don’t use smoke and mirrors and I don’t have catch phrases, like ‘all is good in the world and the oceans are still’…I just get the message and deliver it.

I have, at times tried to get away from my profession and start a new…I’ve had several career crisis and no matter how hard I have tried, I still end up back at this profession.  In the end I just gave up the fight and embraced my Life and who I am.  I have no shame in what I do anymore, not, in fact for quite some time.

Woman Feeling FreeSince I began to really let go of how I perceived others thought of me, I have felt a relieving freedom within my soul.  To my delight, I have connected with many other people who are also Energy or Spiritual Practitioners.  People who see me as valued and important in the World.  People who show me respect.  It is from their view of me, that I have taken comfort.

For many of you who listen in to my Radio Station (A1R Radio – and others like it, who are not Spiritual Practitioners, people like me may seem mystical and far-reaching.  We may seem separate from you and a little scary.  Let me assure you we are just trying to make it in the World, just like you.

Personally, I have to get myself into the zone of doing Readings or being outwardly spiritual with another person.  I have learnt not to have it open at all times; so if I meet you in the street, I’m not picking up on whether or not you just broke your diet or if you forgot to flush the toilet this morning.  In fact, I don’t really want to know, though rest assured I do care about you.  I have my own set of issues and problems to deal with, and more often than not, when I’m not in my Reader Zone, I’m thinking about them.  I’m thinking about picking up my kids, or what I’m going to make for dinner…just mundane stuff, like everyone one else.

Should you come to me for a Reading, I will be in the zone.  But even then, I will only be given the information that is most suitable for you to hear at that time in your life.  If you are having an affair, for example, and it’s not the life lesson you need to deal with just now, I’m not going to pick it up…I’m going to focus on what your Guides are guiding my mind to see.

I am an energy Reader, not a mind reader…I pick up on your energy and I get messages from your Aura, I get messages from your Guides and Angels and I get messages from mine.

Spiritual Work is sacred and special.  It is not for everyone and if someone is called to do it, they will find it is extremely rewarding.   I feel it is about time that the greater public be aware that people like me are not something to fear or to mock.  We are The Seers; we have the gift of foresight and of communion with Spirit.  We are Spiritual Teachers and in that sense, we deserve the same respect of any Rabbi or Priest.  We are after all, here to do God’s work and to help heal the World of Humans.

Psychic People enrich our culture and are not to be feared.  Next time you meet someone who is on this path, remember to afford them the same respect you expect them to afford you. Registered & Protected


Spiritual gifts in Daily Life

Over the years, many people have crossed my path who have expected my Gifts to have won me the Lotto by now.  It always amuses me when they say this and I know that some of them are very genuine.  The fact is, if having Spiritual Gifts was going to win me Lotto, then  wouldn’t everyone who has these gifts would be multi-millionaires!  It just doesn’t work like that.  Spiritual Gifts are there for the beholder to use sparingly for themselves and willingly for others.   Often when they are in play for yourself, it is with an amazing force and not to be disregarded.  Though, at times, you may do so, and then you have to pay the price for not listening…

Here are some examples in my life of when I listened to my gifts, ignored them and when I acted on them.

'Tails' the Bearded Dragon
'Tails' the Bearded Dragon

Just last Monday, my Son’s pet Bearded Dragon Lizard was lost somewhere in the house.   Her name is ‘Tails’ and we had left her on the Kitchen bench, on some paper, to sun herself…in the morning rush, we forgot to put her back in her Terrarium…Well you can imagine the heartache and disappointment we all felt when we came home to find her missing.  My initial reaction was to examine the physical evidence, where she had left a scat and what had been moved.  From there it was just speculation and hope that she didn’t get out under the Garage door.  Logic told me she wouldn’t have gone that way, as it is drafty.   So I went to my room to meditate and to use my ability of Remote Viewing to see if I could track her.  Only problem was that I was succumbing to the Flu fast  and I wasn’t able to hold my concentration long enough between sneezes to accurately see.   So I had to trust the information that was coming to me.  I could sense she was still alive. I could clearly see her face under something.  She was moving about under there, but where?  That was all I could get out of my concerted efforts…except one niggling thing that came over me, very quietly…every time I entered my bedroom I got a Gut Feeling she was in there.  Normally I would act on that feeling, but I was just too sick to do anything and so I spent most of this week in my bed.

This morning, I was feeling much brighter, and I said to my Son, she is in the house somewhere and I will find her…I kept getting a flash in my mind, of me coming across her and so I trusted.   I am lucky enough to have an Ensuite  adjoining my bedroom and with a busy schedule ahead of me, I jumped in the shower.  Something made me turn around and look down at the floor just outside the shower cubicle and there, poking her head out of the pile of washing, was Tails!  Just as I had seen in my vision earlier in the week, she was indeed alive,  I saw her face and she was under something and able to move about.  Such a relief and so worth the look of delight on my little boy’s face when I handed him back his friend.

So, my Spiritual Gifts didn’t make me millions on the Lotto this week, but they did reunite two friends and heal each of their anxious, precious little hearts.

IlluminatedWhen I was younger, I used to lack self confidence.  I was working as a Clairvoyant in a new Age Gift Store in Townsville (Far North Queensland) and I went for lunch with the owner…half way through the lunch my Radar kicked in and I got a feeling I had to return to the shop…but because I was not comfortable enough in myself to speak up, I remained with them.  When we returned, the Assistant told me a lady had come in to see me for a Reading, but she only had a small window of time and I had missed her.   This is a simple example of how ignoring your Spiritual Gifts does not serve you or others.  Suffice to say, I had allot of work to do on my Self Esteem and I knew it, so I began to practise speaking up until I felt I could with conviction.

A few years later when I was living alone with my boys.  I had been shopping that afternoon and I came home around 4pm with kids and groceries in tow.  It was hectic getting everything organised and I was on a mission to put everything away and sit down, put my feet up and have a nice cup of coffee.  However, a loud and clear voice came into my head, it said ‘Check your answering machine’, I ignored it and went about my duties…’check your answering machine’…I thought, no I’ve got too much on, I’ll do it tonight…again the message came to me three more times…’Check you Answering machine’.  I just couldn’t ignore it anymore and around an hour after I had heard it the first time, I checked my answering machine for messages.  There was just the one.  It was from a person I had an estranged relationship with, a person I did not wish to hear from, but none the less he had left a message saying he was in town and he’d be coming over that night!  I put the phone down, thanked my Guides and apologised to them all at once and said to my kids..’Who wants ice-cream?’  We went out and avoided that person’s visit.  If I hadn’t listened to my Guides, I would have had an unwelcome visitor on my doorstep that night and it would have not been a nice experience.

We all get Gut Feelings and we all have a sixth sense.  If you learn to trust it, it will serve you well in daily life.  It can help you to dodge situations or put certain things in place.  It can give you peace of mind in times of uncertainty and it can tell you when you are needed or when someone you love had passed on etc.    Spiritual Gifts are an extension of the Human Experience.  Embrace them, but don’t be too worried if they don’t help you to win the next big Lotto jack pot.  Some things are, after all, just left up to chance. Registered & Protected


The difference between Psychic Powers and Spiritual Gifts.

Spiritual GiftsWhat is the difference between having Spiritual gifts, or Psychic Powers?  I am frequently asked this question by  my clients.

In my mind, psychic powers are the basic platform for  spiritual gifts.  What makes the difference between them?   Between being raw psychic or the deeper spiritual, the answer  dwells in the heart of the holder of the gifts.    Most higher  creatures are Psychic.  Because these creatures have Instincts and the ability to communicate via Telepathy.  Telepathy is the basis of Psychic abilities.  The Power of the Mind to communicate with others via mind to mind contact.  This happens all the time in the wild.    How else do the Wolf Packs in Canada hunt?  They can’t exactly call out, ‘hey Frank you fall to the back, Gertrude, you sneak around the side and I’ll surprise them from that bush over there!’  No way, they communicate via body language, vocal noises, scent and telepathy.

TelepathyJust like Animals, Humans too communicate via body language, vocal noises, scent and telepathy.  You ever heard the expression “you could cut the air with a knife” that expression comes from the awareness of the atmosphere another person’s mind is creating.  They are expanding their aura with messages in thought form to anyone who comes close and that message is – I am not happy!  You may also have heard people say that someone’s house has a lovely feel to it.  That is because that person has enriched their surroundings with their feelings of love and happiness.  The thought energy has infused into the air and furniture, it has coloured the home with a light that cannot be replicated by the Sun or by light bulbs.  It is the light of the Mind and Heart.

Psychic gifts range from the ability to See, hear, feel or smell and sometimes taste Spirit energy.  You could have the Psychic gift of Prophesy or of Healing.  You may be able to perceive energy at a much higher vibration than others and so, be able to see Auras.  Or you may have the ability to connect with another’s energy and gather information about them.  Of course you may have a combination of any or all of these gifts.  I have a combination of them, too.

So the Psychic gifts are there, but as I mentioned, they don’t become Spiritual gifts unless there is something special in the heart of the beholder.  So how is that?  Well let’s say that my neighbour, Mrs Potts is Psychic, but if she uses her gifts for her own gains and not for the help of others, her Psychic gifts will remain stunted.  She will never feel them transform into a higher vibration.  Not that Mrs Potts would do that, but you get the idea.  I believe we all have Psychic Gifts , but only those who are of a kind heart and who use their gifts to benefit Humanity, experience their Psychic Powers in the heightened state of Spiritual Gifts.

We could look at it this way.  You take two living people.  On the same day they both die.  One chooses to stay in the Astral and remain on the Earth Plain, the other turns and trusts and goes into the Light.  Both are deceased, but one now has to fight to survive, having to turn to haunting the living to regain energy, while the other is powered by the source, and only returns to the Earth plain to Guide and Love the Living, having no need to take from them.  So we could say that the person who is in the Astral is in his basic Ghostly form and the person who is in the light is in his higher Spirit form.

Or another way to think on it is that if  we can see that two living people who have the same Psychic gifts can be powered in the two different fashions..  Those who choose to use their gifts to only serve themselves and who are afraid to Trust in God, must always be bound to a more difficult, lower  vibration.  They must find ways to compensate for the holes in their energy and in their  abilities. Yes, they may become powerful, but at what price?  Yet the person who uses their gifts for the benefit of others, may still go through a time of difficulty with their gifts, but they end up powered by The Great Spirit of Life, by all of the Universe, they are enlivened by their abilities and they become stronger.  Their abilities become easier to access and the experience is that of a much higher vibration.

Thus I think of it as Psychic is the base of the knowledge, Spiritual is the filler and the cream.

Being Psychic is everyone’s gift.  But being Spiritual, is the higher vibration of Psychic  and that is only reserved for those who wish to do good in this World.  Is that you?  If you are willing to use your gifts to help others, in time, you will feel amazing.   Remember also, that what you put out there is what you will get back, so while you are using your Spiritual gifts to help Humanity, others in turn, will use their spiritual gifts to help you!  It really is that simple and that rewarding.

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In our daily lives we can find ourselves distracted by the mundane and routine issues we come across. It can take our minds away from centre and make us feel listless and grumpy. It is in those times that we need to find the self awareness to remember to keep focused on the prise. Whatever that goal you have in mind is. It must be a light in your mind while you get up early, still tired and feed the kids, do a load of watching and get ready for work, while you are driving and then working and when you come home to eat and relax only to do it all again tomorrow.
The feeling of striving for something gives life some purpose and some direction, but when we look closely, what is it that is underpinning the heart’s intent? It is essentially that which underpins all the good in this world. I am speaking of that which is Honour. For honour to yourself is why you strive for goals and make achievements and it is honour to your loved ones that compels you to help them and care for them. It is honour to your fellow Humans that guides you to trust in others and to enjoy their company and to respect them. For in order to give reverence to Life, one must first give honour.
I groom myself, therefore I give myself honour. I present myself to others well groomed and so I give them the honour of my seeing them to be worthy of me taking such an effort to be in their company. I give myself honour, by listening to my inner feelings and allowing myself to say no or yes, as per what feels right to me. In doing so, I set boundaries for others to respect about me, so as they can feel comfortable knowing where they stand and how it is best to interact with me.
I give honour to life by taking the time to love the life I have been given and to teach my children to love their lives also. I honour my planet by marvelling at her creatures and learning about them, so I may take my part in being a caretaker of this Earth, just as we all are as Humans.
I honour my parents, by respecting their opinions and listening to them talk about their lives, for they have passed on many skills to me, that I have in turn used to raise my children. Our Parents are the champions of our lives, when our lives are at their most vulnerable, for that, they must always be honoured.
And I honour myself by believing in myself and my opinions and by allowing my mind to expand and learn from the beliefs and opinions of others. For it is only in the sharing of information and experiences that we can grow closer to the Source of Life that so many of us worship, that which some call God, and I call The Great Spirit.
Honour is the ethic which underpins love and respect, truth and reason. Without honour, much of the achievements of others would go unnoticed and left in despair. Honour gives us light and light empowers us to grow. If you are a spiritual seeker of the enlightenment of God, then remember that in your daily life, by having a lifestyle of Spirituality and by serving others you too are giving Honour. For there is honour in service to others and in consciously choosing this lifestyle you are living in honour. Registered & Protected


Religion and Spirituality, working together…

Message to the Listeners of The Spiritual Workshop  with Cat Edwards, A1R Radio

The Dalai Lama posted this quote on Facebook last night and it inspired me to write this article:

“Some people automatically associate morality and altruism with a religious vision of the world. But I believe it is a mistake to think that morality is an attribute only of religion. We can imagine two types of spirituality: one tied to religion, while the other arises spontaneously in the human heart as an expression of love for our neighbours and a desire to do them good.”  His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Recently I became involved with a talented and spiritual woman who is a Pentecostal Christian.  I embraced her spirituality and decided to learn about her ways.  I knew that it is not in my heart to become religious, however, I was at the time, very broken from some events that had transpired and I felt I needed a safe haven from the World in the form of a Church.  I loved that she too had the understanding of Spiritual Gifts and that she and her fellow Christians used them to better the lives of others and of themselves.  I loved that they said affirmations and practised Spiritual protection via the blood of Christ.

When I went to my first Church service, they were open armed and very kind towards me.  They used rock music to praise God and their hymns catchy and fun.  The more time I spent with my friend and her Church, the more I became attuned to the fact that they were similar, yet different to me.  Similar in that they are spiritual and loving of their fellow  man.  Different in that they choose to worship in a congregation and in a set format with The Bible as their one document of Holiness.

I have spent much time pondering upon the similarities of our two worlds.  They call the Highest source God, I call it The Great Spirit of Life.  They love Jesus and see him as the Human version of God.  I have always felt a connection with him too.  They believe in Faith and I have always held faith in my heart.  They respect the Angels and I love and respect them too.

Because I have become involved with Christianity in this way, I am feeling open to learning more about this religion.  I have been reading the bible  again and I have been pondering on the wisdom within the book.  However, I am a free spirit, I cannot attach myself to one religion or another, I can only love and learn from each of them.

For in my heart lies a simple truth, that Spirituality is a state of being.  It is a state of thinking and a lifestyle, to be chosen by the seeker of peace and compassion.  It is in wisdom and knowledge that we feed our Souls, and Religion can certainly pass on much of that.   It is the path of the true seeker of wisdom, to learn from many schools of thought and to sum them up in their minds and heart.  To take that which rings true and add it to the banks of kindness within the Soul and to discard that which is not settling well.

For the seeker of Spiritual fulfilment, shall always be shown a path of strength and a path of weakness.  There are many pitfalls out there and there is much trickery and deception in the realm of Spirit.  Humans will always find themselves seeking love and wisdom, no matter how far into the dark they fall.  For the void of the deceiver is an empty place and it is in that empty place that we are given the key to arise and be freed.  It takes courage and at times self sacrifice to emerge from a spiritual void, but in doing so, the seeker shall be stronger and wiser.  They shall be forgiven and be released from the fury of those who have been wronged.

Both Religion and simple Spirituality have a light and dark side.  To those of you on the path, I say to you, remember to listen to your inner guidance, be strong in your mind and heart.  Do not allow others to influence your mission to be close to your God.

The Dalai Lama speaks of morality and altruism as being seen as a religious vision.  I see that it is, however, lets expand that thinking as he suggests and see it as a Spiritual vision.  To be spiritual is to be kind of heart and good in nature.  To be loving and compassionate and to extend a loving and welcoming hand.  This is something I see practised in many religious organisations.  How wonderful the world would be, if those of us who are simply spiritual are recognised as  also organising ourselves to express this vision as well.   In this great time of change, we Humans cannot afford to remain separated by our teachings.  We must remember to respect one another and to learn from each and every school of thought we are presented with.  We must remember to negate the objective to immerse others into our ways and instead allow others to share their ways with us.  For it is in sharing that we will find a true spiritual connection and a religious and spiritual common ground. Registered & Protected