Thoughts on Spiritual Experiences

Most of you who are reading this, would have had at least one spiritual experience in your lifetime. But for those of you who havn’t had one, I feel promted to talk about it.  Spirituality is a reality,  for human beings.  Science is beginning to catch up to knowledge that many philosophers and spiritual masters have long known for a long, long time, and  it is just now that science has the technology to prove it.  So I think it would be safe to say that there are many atheistic scientist out there,  having spiritual experinces right now and they are not even awear of it.

Spiritual energy is a very subtle vibration, it is the energy in the space between atoms and nucleases and protons.  It is the most potent of all the energy in the Universe, yet it is the least visible to the human eye.  However, it is also very, very percievable to the human animal.  I call us animals here, because at our most primative level, we are hard wired to see, hear and feel spiritual energy.  We get instincts, we get bristles on the backs of our necks, we just know something and have to act.  This is all a transference of spiritual energy.

Quantum physics is now beginning to understand this and of course many of you would have seen the DVD seriese that started with ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ which came out around the same time as ‘The Secret’.

So spiritual energy is easily transfered to us and within us, but how do we know it?  Well as you know, we are the ghost that drives the machine.  We are a spiritual being in a physical body.  The scientists can measure the activity of the brain. But they cannot find the mind. Yet it exists.  It exists within a body, within a body, within a body, within a body.   Homeopathy teaches us that we have four bodies, the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body.  The mind is held in part, within each of these bodies.

So, back to a spiritual experience.  The most obvious to talk about would be the sighting of a ghost.  How many of you have seen one?  It’s a chilling thing.  We normally expect to see people in physical, not energetic form!

Parapsychology famously discribes being in the presence of a ghost as feeling a cold chill in the air.  And sometimes that is the case, but I have found not always.  Ghosts don’t care about the temperature. They want is energy. They are hungry for it.   When you see one, you may see a cloud of white or dark energy, or you may see a blob or an orb of differnt coloured energy.  Some orbs are good, some are not.  You may see an apparition or a see through person, (like a film negative), or you may not see anything at all.  Sometimes, you will feel someone looking at you, or one time I was at a friend’s place and suddenly I felt a male energy lean across the table and breath a gahstly breath in my face.   Another time, I just heard a loud and clear physical voice.    Ghosts are more often seen, heard or in my case smelt, because there are lots of them hanging around.  This kind of spiritual experince, is often what sends someone looking for more answers.

When you see your guide or an angelic being, however, you may feel frightened at first, but you very quickly beign to feel exhilarated.  They will uplift you and fill you with wonder.

I set out writting this comment with the intentions of dicribing a spiritual experince and as I’ve writen it, I’ve realised that having a spiritual experience is like tasting chocolate.  Another person can tell you it tastes nice, but they cannot discribe to you, how it will taste for you, only you can experience that.  Food science  can  prove the differnt scented notes in the chocolate, but the flavour and smell can not be tranfered into your mouth via words. So too, you must experience a spiritual encounter for yourself, in order for you to gain a full understanding.

Spiritual experinces are varied from scarey and horrid to exhillarating and amazing.  Your own life philosophy will dictate to you how you deal with it.   Odds on, in this day and age, you will have a spiritual experince or you will generate spiritual energy via meditation or thought transference. Remember to keep the knowledge,  that as the alive one,  you are in control, you have the power. Spirituality is not to be messed with.  So chose to move within the spiritual realm wisely.

Much Love

Cat Edwards


Saving Animals

I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and as I talk to you, my audience about respecting all life, I often observe that with the things that I do as I get on with my day.  One of the habits I have formed since I was around 14, is to save stricken animals from the side of the road.

My boyfriend has now banned me from saving snakes, but until he came along, I was pulling lizards, turtles,snakes, kangaroos and birds off the road on a regular basis.   Now a days, I just sneak the snake off the road and hope to God, my kids don’t blab!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else help snakes, but I love them just as much as all the others.

Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.
Baby Top Notch Pigeon I saved from an intersection.

Yesterday, I was driving my son to school and I saw what looked like a dead bird in a turning lane off of an intersection.  My son said it looked dead, but my instincts kicked in and I drove back by the bird on my way home.  I parked and went up to the road and scooped up a baby Top Notch Pigeon off the intersection and into my safe warm hands.  I took it to the nearest Vet and photographed it, before I handed it in.  Such a little sweetie.  If I hadn’t have done that, the little darling would be dead by now, trampled by a passing car.

Because I have made this my habit, I kind of scan the roadsides and the main part of the road for animals aswell as just for general traffic.  Sometimes I make an idiot of myself in order to save a stricken little friend.  Like the time, a few months ago, I came up to an intersection and saw a big bearded dragon lizard in the middle of the road.  I pulled up and ran out into the path of oncoming traffic, jumping up and down like a lunatic so they’d stop, before I lifted him off the road and put him up a tree.  I could literally feel, all the people who saw me, laughing at the way I looked when I was jumping and waving at them!

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved
The Eastern Long Neck Turtle my son and I saved

At the beginning of this year, you may remember that Queensland was suffering from some terrible flooding.  The night before Brisbane was hit by the worst floods since 1974, I was driving along a country road after dark and I saw an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.  It was huge and it was headed for the middle of the road and an oncoming 4WD.  I ran out and picked it up.  It had a long neck; like a snake and I was a bit freaked out that it would bite me.  My poor 14 yr old son had to have it in his foot well of the car, so as to keep an eye on it as I drove around looking for a body of water to release it into.

I took it down to the Centenary Lakes in Caboolture, near where I live and let it go.  The next day, the Caboolture River flooded and I have often hoped that the turtle survived.

Today I saw a Fruit bat on the side of the road.  Because I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not, I swung the car around and got a cloth bag out in order to pick it up.  I found it was dead, so I moved it off the road and I said this little prayer over its body…It is the same prayer I say to all the ones I couldn’t save.

‘May the Angels fly The home,

Blessed be.’

I know, it’s from the movie ‘Merlin’, but it is a beautiful little prayer, so I have adopted it for the animals.

The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.
The Baby King Fisher my partner and I saved.

Animals are so important.  If all the Humans die out, most of them would survive just nicely, but if all the animals died out, we Humans would not stand a chance.

Being Spiritual is about living a spiritual life and that includes looking after all those who are dependent on you.  We built the roads and drive on them, so we are responsible to the animals who fall prey to the roads too.

If you do come across one that has passed away, and if you have time, pull it off the road.  Give it the dignity to have its body return to the Earth, via the soil.  As I say to my sons, you can’t save them all, but you can save their dignity.

Mother Earth is a living planet, with a consciousness that is aware of you.  Tell her you are grateful for her love, by looking after her children, you will feel a better person for it.


Spiritual Exercise

For some people exercise is a chore.  It is an inconvenience to them and it seems to be something that is worthy of putting off, for another day.  However, each day you put it aside is a day closer to a life full of medical complications because of a lack of exercise.

Why am I talking about this in a spiritual Blog?  Because the links between exercise and good spiritual health have long been known.  The panicle of this lays in the East with the disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi and some martial arts.

Family walking
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Medical professionals will tell you that if you are feeling sad, you are best to go for a walk.  The simple act of walking is enough to centre the mind and to release endorphins to help you feel happy and to help you to feel more relaxed.  Exercise is the key to living a full life, it is the key to feeling strong and it is the key to mental and spiritual health.

You can be the most profoundly, spiritually, wisdom filled person, yet if you are not physically healthy, your knowledge will be wasted to your sick bed.  It is hard to start exercising if you are not in the habit of doing it.  It can seem daunting and it can feel very painful too.  But if you see this as a test of character, to find a way around your obstacle of time for exercise and to push through the pain…you will discover a brighter day.  A body that is strong and slimmer.  A body that rewards you in unexpected ways.   There is more pleasure in intimacy, there is more pleasure in food, and there is more pleasure in moving about.  A couple of years ago, I was walking in a part of Brisbane called ‘Spring Hill’ with my Mother and Brother.  If any of you know this part of town, you’ll know it is hilly and I mean steep hilly!  We found a car park at the bottom of a steep hill and had to walk to the top to go into a building.  I had been consistently exercising for around 6 months at the time and I just moved up the hill with ease.  It didn’t hurt my legs and I didn’t even puff.  When I got to the top, I spun around wondering where everyone else was and found that they were still at the bottom of the hill, moving up at a slow and painful pace.  I didn’t even know my own strength!

I am currently convalescing from the devastation of complete burn out.  I was told that it will take me around 5 years to regain my full strength and to have my inner batteries re-charged…I am a patient person, but not that patient!  Exercise is the key for me to be feeling so strong so soon…I am not 100% yet.  But I am certainly much better.  I can sustain 1-2 hours of exercise every day.  Seeing me get out there has inspired my son to get off the couch and to come for bike rides with me!  It is a win-win, really, because he is a much happier boy and so our relationship is better.  I am a much happier Mum and so my family is working more in unison.

Because I am getting fitter, I am finding my meditations are clearer too.   I can see my energy field easier and I am back to doing my own movement meditations.  This is something I’d like to teach you.   If you are not exercising or you’d like to get into Yoga or Tai Chi sometime and maybe there isn’t a class nearby, try this…

Movement Meditation
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In a sitting position, call in your Guides and psychically protect yourself.  Always do this before any spiritual work.  Now stand and bring your arms up above your head and then let them drop slowly and let them just hang.  Don’t be thinking too much about how you look or anything, just sort of hang there.  Now with your eyes closed, concentrate on the beating of your heart and let your mind step back from your body.  Just let your body be the boss.  Now realise that in this state you are in meditation and allow your body to move in a fluid fashion.  Your arms and legs will want to move, let them.  Don’t be too interested as to how they are moving just allow the fluid motion of your body to take over.  This is the movement of your Chi, your life force.  Your body has a consciousness all of its own and this meditation allows your conscious mind to connect with the consciousness of your body.  So, do this meditation until you feel it is time to stop.   Don’t push yourself to get it right the first time.  You will feel it, when it kicks in.

After a few times doing this kind of meditation, you will feel more in touch with your body.  You will feel more in tune with your gut feelings and your instincts.  This is a great way to introduce physical meditation into your life.  Should you want to expand on it, go to Tai Chi or Yoga, get into martial Arts.

Your body is an amazing machine.  Like all machines it needs a grease and oil change regularly and it needs to be taken out for a drive.  Try and fit some sort of exercise into your day, every day and take the time to get back in touch with your body through meditation and movement.

The spiritual disciple needs to feel that they have lived a full and complete life, moving your body is an important part of that.


The Connection of Creativity and Spirituality.

A long long time ago, a human picked up a stone and ran it across a rock face.  When they saw it would leave a mark, they began to draw.  This led to the Cave Painting, Lascaux, France  15 000-10 000BCevolution of self expression via symbols.  Soon animals and weapons were being depicted and people began to utilise this new form of technology for the purposes of communication.    Out of this came a solidity, of our cultures and finally a set of symbols that represented vocal sounds, which became an alphabet and the written word.

The ability to pass on knowledge was forever preserved in this, one of the greatest triumphs in Human evolution, reading and writing.  Alongside this phenomenon was the amazing evolution of drawing and painting; and with that came the need to express this creativity through more third dimensional means like sculpture and textiles.  The Human need to be creative and to express ourselves via creativity has been a long and well established medium.

Since before Humans could draw on cave walls, we have been aware of our Spirituality, our sense of there being more than us.  A greater force at play than ourselves, has always been an integral part of tribal life. Passed on in song and story, it was at the very fabric of tribal culture.

The merging of spirituality, in the evolution of creativity was inevitable.  Symbols to express the meaning of different spiritual concepts were formed and books with spiritual doctrines were written.  Without creativity, spirituality would still be that of a place of wonder and of concepts, kept to small pockets of tribal life.

So in this, we can see, that to be creative and to be spiritual are at the very heart of each and every Human soul, from primitive times to now.   It always makes me wonder, knowing this, that so many people say they are not creative.  That they make no art what so ever in their lives.

Outdoor mural and patio.To be in a culture, you must be in interaction with art.  Art is for most people an inner expression, produced on the outer.  It is a gift from one soul’s voice to another’s.  Art, to me, is a pure expression of where that person is at  spiritually.  It gives the onlooker an overview of this person’s soul-voice.

As we know, art is not confined to the canvass, nor is it confined to sculpture.  Art can be created for an eternity or for a second.  It can be in the presentation and flavour of food, or in the 3 minute uplifting feeling of a song.  Art is everywhere.

So, why are we talking about this?  I have had some clients who are suffering from depression and melancholia.  Having been in this sad place myself, I have found that via the use of art and spirituality, I have been able to rise out of my dark place and regain the light in my mind.

Most recently, for me, I hit absolute burn out.  A place where the body, mind and emotions are all spent, totally exhausted, you have no choice but to sleep and work through your pain.

I don’t feel it is important to discuss why I got to that point, but rather to discuss how I managed to revive and come through it.  For me, it was singing and creative writing.  These two forms of creative expression gave me that ability to tap into my soul and the vast resource of energy that my soul enjoys.  It gave me the ability to uplift my spirits and to regain the capacity to cry, laugh and feel again.

When I was 23, I found myself alone with two babies, having suffered the ultimate betrayal, that a man could do to a woman.  This was not a fun time in my life and I could not stop and dwell in it, either.  I had a round the clock job to do, which consumed almost all my waking moments…except for between the hours of 7:30- 11pm.  Those hours were mine.  With both babies asleep, I began to paint statues.  They were no more than 40 cm high, and I would sit and paint night after night, lovingly bringing each mould to life.  I would decide who I’d be giving them to and why, and then I would put my love for that person into my mind and then pour that love into the statue.  During the day, when there was mess and mischief at my feet, I’d lose myself in the statue, staring at it, thinking about how I would enhance it some more later that night.  Those statues saw me through a very difficult time in my life.

It has long been known that the coupling of art with therapy is a wonderful way to alleviate issues of the heart and mind.  I am living proof that it works.  But as I said before, I come across many people who say they are not creative.  If you are a person who feels this way, yet you are feeling disconnected with your spirit and you are feeling sad, try this little exercise:

Imagine you are a young child again.  No more than 6 years of age.  You are in a back yard, it doesn’t matter whose, yard, you are safe, so you are happy.  At Mud Pies!your feet is a pool of slushy slimy mud and there are some digging tools and some buckets.    What is your naturally reaction to this situation?  9 out of 10 people would plonk themselves down and start playing in the mud!  Wouldn’t you?  I certainly used to!  Now, what are you going to make?  How’s about some mud pies..yummy!  Or you could make some mud people and some mud dogs.    Then, when you are bored with that, you could just stare into the grass happily squishing mud between your fingers and toes singing your favourite song….la la la…

Yes, you are a creative being at heart.  So, if you could do it at age 6, you can go down to the local $2 shop and pick up some art supplies and create wonderful soul fulfilling art now.  You can buy your favourite music and sing along, you can do anything, as long as it is within the law and your soul is set free.

Being spiritual isn’t just all about meditation and burning incense, it’s about being connected to your spirit, your soul and your essence and then it’s about connecting in with others.  Being all that you are and then realising you are a part of all that is.  Next time you are sad, use your inner child and your creativity to help you out of that dark place. Use your creativity to reconnect with your spirit and then with others’.  Use your creativity and spirituality to find the light. Registered & Protected


Being a Psychic Person

Over the years I have had to deal with some varied preconceptions about who I am, because I have a Psychic ability.  For the longest time, it really got to me that for the most part, people thought I was someone who had no grounding in reality and that I was making my gifts up…It was so difficult for me to fathom why, anyone would want to make a claim that they have these gifts when if they don’t, people will find them out and make their life hard.  Why on earth would you do that?  I mean, really, you are opening yourself up to so much scrutiny and criticism.  There is a massive negative stereotype out there about the humble spiritual practitioner.

In the beginning, when I first became a Professional Psychic, I had to ‘come out’ in the same uncomfortable way that many of my Gay friends have had to ‘come out’ with their families.  I had to endure the leering and the jokes.  I found myself a minority in a world of professional people, who secretly came to see me for my services, but made out to others that they did not believe.

Presenting HandsThen there were the BBQ’s and the party’s where there was the inevitable question asked of me…’so, what do you do?’  I quickly learned to say Civil Celebrant and not Clairvoyant.  Because if I did tell them that side of my profession, they would immediately put their hand out and say Read my palm or tell me something about myself.  I was there to socialise, not work and I’m not a Palmist, though I am fascinated by it, I haven’t learnt all there is to know about that yet.  So, I’d make a joke and try to change the subject….  Some would say ‘oh, you are one of Those’…like I was a Leper and then there are the ones who think I will know what has been going on in their life just by standing next to them and they think I have read their mind; or the ones, who, (if they’ve found out, what I do first and I ask them, what they do) laugh at me and tell me I should already know, because I’m Psychic… So, I’d avoid talking about me at all and try to get the other person to talk about themselves instead.  Thus saving myself the social awkwardness, of finding myself the centre of attention and being looked upon as a novelty side show, or a person to be feared.  I am neither, just a Woman trying to make a living.

It took me around 5 years, before I was totally comfortable in my own Profession.  I found that being on this path was exciting and soul satisfying.  I found that I was helping people in ways I hadn’t imagined I’d ever do, often learning a life lesson and literally the next day going to work and teaching my hard earned wisdom to a grateful client.  I don’t dressed as a Gypsy or as a Fortune Teller.  I don’t use smoke and mirrors and I don’t have catch phrases, like ‘all is good in the world and the oceans are still’…I just get the message and deliver it.

I have, at times tried to get away from my profession and start a new…I’ve had several career crisis and no matter how hard I have tried, I still end up back at this profession.  In the end I just gave up the fight and embraced my Life and who I am.  I have no shame in what I do anymore, not, in fact for quite some time.

Woman Feeling FreeSince I began to really let go of how I perceived others thought of me, I have felt a relieving freedom within my soul.  To my delight, I have connected with many other people who are also Energy or Spiritual Practitioners.  People who see me as valued and important in the World.  People who show me respect.  It is from their view of me, that I have taken comfort.

For many of you who listen in to my Radio Station (A1R Radio – and others like it, who are not Spiritual Practitioners, people like me may seem mystical and far-reaching.  We may seem separate from you and a little scary.  Let me assure you we are just trying to make it in the World, just like you.

Personally, I have to get myself into the zone of doing Readings or being outwardly spiritual with another person.  I have learnt not to have it open at all times; so if I meet you in the street, I’m not picking up on whether or not you just broke your diet or if you forgot to flush the toilet this morning.  In fact, I don’t really want to know, though rest assured I do care about you.  I have my own set of issues and problems to deal with, and more often than not, when I’m not in my Reader Zone, I’m thinking about them.  I’m thinking about picking up my kids, or what I’m going to make for dinner…just mundane stuff, like everyone one else.

Should you come to me for a Reading, I will be in the zone.  But even then, I will only be given the information that is most suitable for you to hear at that time in your life.  If you are having an affair, for example, and it’s not the life lesson you need to deal with just now, I’m not going to pick it up…I’m going to focus on what your Guides are guiding my mind to see.

I am an energy Reader, not a mind reader…I pick up on your energy and I get messages from your Aura, I get messages from your Guides and Angels and I get messages from mine.

Spiritual Work is sacred and special.  It is not for everyone and if someone is called to do it, they will find it is extremely rewarding.   I feel it is about time that the greater public be aware that people like me are not something to fear or to mock.  We are The Seers; we have the gift of foresight and of communion with Spirit.  We are Spiritual Teachers and in that sense, we deserve the same respect of any Rabbi or Priest.  We are after all, here to do God’s work and to help heal the World of Humans.

Psychic People enrich our culture and are not to be feared.  Next time you meet someone who is on this path, remember to afford them the same respect you expect them to afford you. Registered & Protected


Righteous Anger


I was watching the news last night and I saw a brief interview with The Dalia Lama.  During the interview, he mentioned that at times he too does get grumpy.   I thought that this is an important thing to consider, as in today’s New Age culture, many people are led to believe that a truly spiritual person feels no anger or frustration.  In fact, in my experience, I have come across some New Age teachers who imply that to be a truly spiritual person; you must never let yourself feel any negative emotions at all.  I can see how, in theory, this idea has it’s merit…We are all looking to be more    comfortable in ourselves and that means we must look to remove the issues that reside within us that are negative.   But to say that you must live in total serenity, is to give a person a ticket to complete indifference and numbness or total love and peace…there would never be the full scope of the human experience and therefore no room to grow.

I spoke with a Pentecostal Christian Priest around 2 months ago who told me that Jesus experienced Righteous Anger.  He said that this was the anger Jesus felt when he went to the synagogue and turned up all the tables.  He was right to be angry.  In our history, Jesus is the most famous of all the highly evolved Spiritual Masters that have walked this Earth.  He did not only live in love and indifference.  He also experienced anguish and therefore, his life was not totally serene..He too had come here to learn, aswell as to teach others.

So, how does this all relate to you, the reader?  Well, you are a Spiritual Being who occupies a body.  Through that body, you are experiencing your own unique reality and learning your own unique lessons.   In order for you to learn these lessons, you must at times experience negative emotions.  It is the purpose of these emotions, just like physical pain, to let you know something is not right.  The purpose is to tell your Spirit, to stop, reassess and move back to a state of balance.  The trick is to allow yourself to experience the emotion and to learn from it and as soon as possible, move on.  The danger of negative emotions is that they can be powerful and they can seduce the person into remaining within that state of mind.  This only leads to more negative experiences and more negative emotions.

Recently I had an experience with some old friends where they wanted me to organise a gathering.  I felt I would enjoy the challenge and I agreed…but deep in my gut, I felt like saying no.  I had a twinge within me and I ignored it, because I wanted to help out.  I soon learnt why I should have listened to my gut.  I began to argue with the other people in the group and I became very upset.  In the end, I backed out.  I gave my position of organiser to another person and I politely vented my feelings in private to the people who had frustrated me the most.  Thus completing the lesson and enabling me to move on.   What a learning experience that was!

I had negative emotions and feelings about this situation and I knew I had to back away.  If I had struggled on, I would have made life much worse for myself and now the scenario is finished, I am able to communicate nicely with everyone again.  Because we dealt with it like adults.  But if I had listened to my gut, to that initial negative feeling I had, I would have never gone into that situation and never had to learn from it… I would have shown myself to have been more evolved.

So, anger and negative emotions have their place.  They are ok, if you control them and not let them control you.  You will be able to move on from an experience and grow from the lessons it dealt you.  Rather than dwell within it and hurt on.

I believe the Spiritual Person is the one who recognises the issues around them and seeks a positive resolve.  They choose to look at life with positive eyes and choose to dwell in positive thoughts.  But it is impossible to be in complete serenity at all times.  However, it is possible, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, to step outside of it for a moment and to choose to find a positive attitude toward restoring balance.

The Dalia Lama gets grumpy sometimes, Jesus got angry in the synagogue, these are two of the most evolved souls in our history, one alive, one deceased..but both are telling’s ok to be human..and it’s ok to be a spiritual person and to get grumpy sometimes..just move through it with a positive attitude. Registered & Protected




In our daily lives we can find ourselves distracted by the mundane and routine issues we come across. It can take our minds away from centre and make us feel listless and grumpy. It is in those times that we need to find the self awareness to remember to keep focused on the prise. Whatever that goal you have in mind is. It must be a light in your mind while you get up early, still tired and feed the kids, do a load of watching and get ready for work, while you are driving and then working and when you come home to eat and relax only to do it all again tomorrow.
The feeling of striving for something gives life some purpose and some direction, but when we look closely, what is it that is underpinning the heart’s intent? It is essentially that which underpins all the good in this world. I am speaking of that which is Honour. For honour to yourself is why you strive for goals and make achievements and it is honour to your loved ones that compels you to help them and care for them. It is honour to your fellow Humans that guides you to trust in others and to enjoy their company and to respect them. For in order to give reverence to Life, one must first give honour.
I groom myself, therefore I give myself honour. I present myself to others well groomed and so I give them the honour of my seeing them to be worthy of me taking such an effort to be in their company. I give myself honour, by listening to my inner feelings and allowing myself to say no or yes, as per what feels right to me. In doing so, I set boundaries for others to respect about me, so as they can feel comfortable knowing where they stand and how it is best to interact with me.
I give honour to life by taking the time to love the life I have been given and to teach my children to love their lives also. I honour my planet by marvelling at her creatures and learning about them, so I may take my part in being a caretaker of this Earth, just as we all are as Humans.
I honour my parents, by respecting their opinions and listening to them talk about their lives, for they have passed on many skills to me, that I have in turn used to raise my children. Our Parents are the champions of our lives, when our lives are at their most vulnerable, for that, they must always be honoured.
And I honour myself by believing in myself and my opinions and by allowing my mind to expand and learn from the beliefs and opinions of others. For it is only in the sharing of information and experiences that we can grow closer to the Source of Life that so many of us worship, that which some call God, and I call The Great Spirit.
Honour is the ethic which underpins love and respect, truth and reason. Without honour, much of the achievements of others would go unnoticed and left in despair. Honour gives us light and light empowers us to grow. If you are a spiritual seeker of the enlightenment of God, then remember that in your daily life, by having a lifestyle of Spirituality and by serving others you too are giving Honour. For there is honour in service to others and in consciously choosing this lifestyle you are living in honour. Registered & Protected