Lets talk about your state of mind.  You know that when your state of mind is positive the world looks brighter and when it is negative, the world looks dull and you too will look dull to others.  In fact if you continuously have a negative state of mind, you will actually age faster than your peers and etch lines on your face to add to the effect.

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State of mind is such a powerful thing.  I was at a life coaching seminar one year and they were teaching us about state of mind, they just called it ‘state’.  They fired us all up and got us pumped with high energy music and dancing and a feel good atmosphere and then they produced a 3cm thick board and they told us to hit the board and break it in half.  Now I’d only ever seen this done by black belt karate dudes on TV, so I certainly didn’t think someone like me could smash a board, but you know, in that state of mind, I put my fist through it like it was just a flimsy piece of plastic.  Then they pulled out an arrow and held it to the little dint in our throat, you know the vulnerable windpipe spot?  We got mega pumped and they told us to walk our bodies into the arrow and break it.  It took me a few goes, because the fact was it intimidated me to do this insane thing. But I just went to the back of the line and jumped around like a little kid and got even more fired up and then I found myself in this mind set where I could actually see flames in my inner eye. In that state of mind I just walked through the arrow and snapped it – falling onto the poor lady holding it up!  Then I went off, jumping around like a jack in the box even more because I did it!

That seminar taught me that I could do whatever I had to,  to get the job done.  It told me to focus and create a headspace that was for winning and then go for whatever I wanted because I can.  I have to say, I was on an absolute high for a week after that weekend, I loved it.  If you can get yourself to a life coaching seminar, I fully recommend it.

But we aren’t talking about seminars here; we are talking about state of mind.  I’ve met quite a few people of late who are stuck in a victim mentality.  You know it, we’ve all been there, the poor me, everyone hurts me, I’m always last, I can’t love myself, I don’t know how.  Everything bad always happens to me, I am not worth it, I have nothing to show for my life, I hate my job, everyone at work hates me…yada yada yada…yep, it’s a toxic combination and it can be addictive.  Silly how things that make you feel really bad, can be addictive, hey?  At first, you are genuinely the victim, you’ve been hurt by someone significant or been in a situation of trauma, but it never really resolves itself and you spiral into a mud puddle in your mind.

The body, as we all know is made up of 70% water and as we all know water holds emotions.  Well those emotions poison that water in your body, if they vibrate at the energy of unhappy for too long.  Especially if your mind is cut off from your feelings and the emotions are stored inside, without the flow of tears to release those emotions and feelings, your appearance will prune up.  Soon you’ll be 40 looking 50!  Don’t do it to yourself, people who genuinely care, will find it hard to be around you.  It’s not good.  Counselling and working through it are the best ways.  For me, I found doing martial arts forced me to hit some major emotional barriers.  Because when I had to do kata’s in sequence with others, it transported my mind back to when I was 13 and all the kids were laughing at me in Physical education class because I couldn’t do a task.  I hadn’t even thought about it, all these years, until that moment when I suddenly felt the emotions wrap me up and squeeze the tears out.  I had to go to the loos, so embarrassing.  But it’s better out than in.  You know?

How are you feeling?  Is there some issue that is affecting your state of mind?  It’s a process of peeling the emotional onion to get the core of those emotions and set yourself free.  I think that at that point, you will feel the freedom of enlightenment, because in my mind, enlightenment is when you no longer have emotional attachments to negative experiences or people and therefore, you no longer have a vulnerability to  negative state of mind.

State of mind can be changed with determination, just by putting on a funny movie, or getting in some exercise, playing with a loving animal or doing something creative.  You are never going to change your state of mind, by doing a task that is ho hum and boring like the laundry, unless you love laundry that is, believe it or not I have met people who love to wash clothes!

Be aware of your state of mind.  Be aware of the things you say about yourself and to others.  Catch yourself saying negatives about yourself or about life.  Write down what those catch phrases are, it may be a phrase like…’it makes me feel angry when’, or ‘I can’t’, or ’ I don’t’ think I can’, or ‘I never get what I want’… whatever the catch phrase is, it’s time to name and shame that little sucker, because it’s sucking the life right out of you.

People, who live in a positive state of mind, sometimes have to work hard to stay up there.  No one said being positive all the time is easy and if we were all bouncing around like I was at the seminar, well we’d all be locked up in the insanity ward.  But it is easy to make it a conscious habit of saying to yourself, I am worthy.  I am happy, I am good enough, I am kind, I am a person who has a purpose and a reason for living.  I am loved.

Say it to yourself until you believe it and it becomes a habit to say these positives about you and your life. Then and only then, will you come to the realisation that you have achieved a new, happier state of mind.


A More Peaceful You.

As I was meditating on what to talk to you about tonight, I heard a simple word in my mind….Peace.  It is one of the foundations of love that we have been discussing and it is a vital force for good.  But where does peace come from and how is it expressed.

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Peace is the feeling of quiet in your mind and in your heart.  It is a stillness that brings an apathy toward negativity and a confirmation of love.  It dwells within us all, even those who are the most evil of mind and heart have moments of peace wash over them as they concentrate or go about mundane tasks.   The arrested criminal walks peacefully with the Policeman to the finger printing counter and answers the routine questions.  The misogynistic dictator eats peacefully his meal while he ponders the passing clouds in the sky.

We all experience peace.

Like Love, peace cannot be forced or manufactured; it cannot be taken or given it must rise up within the heart and mind of the beholder.  Some of us, dwell less in peace within our inner lives and more in chaos.  We let hurtful self talk bruise our minds and curdle our hearts.  We allow the nasty words of others to penetrate our hearts and minds and poison us away from peace.  But it still dwells there.  Within the troubled mind, it is still accessible.  It takes only the light to be turned off of the room with the hurts and the door to close and the light to be turned on to the room that holds your inner peace and the door to be opened.  We compartmentalise our lives in general anyway, we like to label and put things in little boxes.  Why not visualise putting your hurts and upsetting words into a room in your mind?  A room you could choose first to visualise and make real for you.  You could even paint it or draw it.  You could staple the painting to another piece of paper to create and envelope and write down each of the sentences and regrets and angry words and names that conjure up pain and cut them into little strips of paper and put them into the envelope that represents the door to your hurts in your mind.  Then you could staple it shut.  Keep it shut if you like.  Or choose to bring something out and deal with it, that  is up to you.  But create  another  room in your mind and heart, for the inner peace you were born with to rise up and envelope your inner world.  Like a warm blanket and hot coco on a cold winter’s night, peace comes with a good measure of comfort and love.

Practise being peaceful every day.  Pin point what it is that stresses you the most about life and consciously choose to not let it affect you so much.  For me, it’s the mess my kids make in my kitchen and their apathy towards keeping the kitchen clean.  It invites a felling like I’m walking through spiders webs, when my kitchen is a mess.  I hate it!  But I have resigned myself to working on my kids doing one small part of the process of keeping it clean each day and building on that.  It’s working.  Because I’m being peaceful, I am not stressing myself out or my children.

It means I am less stressed when driving or when people come over to visit, I am less stressed on the phone or when I am in the office at the computer.  Just that one identified thing, and a change in attitude to be more peaceful about it has changed my world.   What is the one thing that stresses you out the most?  Is it a colleague at work or the commute to work?  Is it something someone does around you or  a way that someone speaks to you?  Try to make a conscious choice to be more peaceful about it.

Try this…Close your eyes and see in your mind a chair.  Go and sit in the chair and let your body go heavy.  Be as heavy and as comfortable in that chair as you like.  Throw your legs over the arm of the chair, imagine you have a yummy meal to eat while you are in the chair, just be in that chair.  Now look up and see the clouds in the sky gently moving and changing in the the breeze.  See the tree leaves sway.  Hear the birds sing.  Hear Nature’s music in their song.  Now, let you mind go blank as you just zone out and stare.  Keep your mind in this place for as long as you like.  This is a peaceful state of mind and it works.  Whenever you are getting stressed, just go back to your comfy chair in your mind and stare at the clouds.  Ahhh

Peace within oneself is a beautiful thing.  It creates a state of being that is more open to love and communication.  It is apathetic towards negativity and choosing to be peaceful even for one minute a day is way better for your complexion.

Imagine how much more beautiful we Humans would be, radiating from the inside out, if we all chose to take the time to be in a conscious state of peace.


Feed Your Mind

Thinking Monkey
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I am the kind of person who is always out to learn something.  I want to know and I want to listen.  I take my time when I have to, before I respond to something, because I see the value in thinking things over and I think allot.  I find that choosing to sit and think about things is like a contemplative meditation.  It gives me time and space to absorb how I’m feeling and how I’m affecting others.  It gives me time and space to see how the other person is thinking and feeling and how they are affecting me.

I love to be informed.  Information to me is the most interesting thing, because, with the knowledge of something new, I am able to form more rounded opinions and perspectives.  I like to listen to the news and learn about what is going on in my community and in the world.  I choose to watch World News, not just National news.  Because I know that even though there are people who have no idea that I exist out there, if I know about something good or bad in their lives, I feel more connected to them.  In feeling connected to others, I feel connected to myself.

I got my thirst for knowledge growing up with two academic parents.  Both of them have 11 life path numbers, which in Numerological terms means that they are people who love to learn.  I grew up watching documentaries and the news.  I grew up learning about as many cultures as I could and about politics.  I think it’s important to know about politics.

Head in the sand
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Too many people seem to fear politics or are angry at it.  I come across many people who don’t understand it and they feel overwhelmed by it.  Politics is important to learn about, because you are then going to understand the systems of government in your country.  You are going to be able to make more informed decisions and be able to have your say in who runs your town, your state and your country.  It is important to know who your political leaders are and it is important to know who are the leaders of other countries.  Guaranteed your Prime Minister or President knows each of them.  They will have met them at conferences and at meetings.  These are the people representing the nations that your country trades with.  These are the people representing the countries that your tourism dollars may go to, your retail dollar and even sometimes your food dollars etc.

Too many people glaze over, when the news starts talking politics, and this plays into the hands of those who are in power and who may have ill intentions.  You know, I don’t think you can really escape politics, even if you are working in a small office. There is still going to be some politics.  Who’s the boss of who, who is in agreement of decisions and who opposes and why.  Sound familiar?

I have a personal policy that I spend most of my TV viewing time watching documentaries and the news.  I spend maybe only 2-3 hours a week watching actual tv shows.  This is because I am so very busy that when I sit down to watch something on TV, I want to be informed.  I want to then take that information away and use it to strike up a conversation with someone.  In this way, I utilise my television viewing to enhance my relationships with others.  I also use it to bond with my children more.  Because we have interesting conversation, my children can then go out into the world and use the knowledge gained to strike up interesting conversations with others.

Think about it.  It is limiting to talk to a new acquaintance about an old re-run of Friends, but talk to them about the current ‘Occupy’ movement (for example) and they will be throwing ideas and opinions around like badminton with you for ages!

Newspaper Reading
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Television is not the only way I choose to be informed.  I also read the newspaper, read books and study.    The more I use my mind, the better it becomes at absorbing new information and the sharper I am in my thinking and in my spiritual abilities.

Did you ever contemplate a position another person has found themselves in?  Did you ever hear of an injustice against another person and feel outraged on behalf of that person you’ve never met?  Have you ever considered why different cultures have different ways of doing things and in that, what caused those ways to come about?

Feeding your mind and thinking broadly, taking an interest in everything around you will make you good company to yourself and to others.  If you are not actively feeding your mind, stop what you are doing and choose to spend 30 min a day catching up on what you have missed.

If you can, travel, to learn more.  If you can’t, jump on the Net and look things up.  If your news service is not telling you about the rest of the world, over ride it by going onto the internet and streaming some news that matters into your computer.

Being an informed person is a matter of great importance to your success in life.  It feeds into your self confidence and into your ability to think with an open mind.  You don’t have to agree with everything that you see and hear.  But you can always wonder how and why.  You can always investigate more and learn more for yourself.

The more open minded you are, the more opportunities will be able to come your way.

And that is a wonderful thing.


Being a Psychic Person

Over the years I have had to deal with some varied preconceptions about who I am, because I have a Psychic ability.  For the longest time, it really got to me that for the most part, people thought I was someone who had no grounding in reality and that I was making my gifts up…It was so difficult for me to fathom why, anyone would want to make a claim that they have these gifts when if they don’t, people will find them out and make their life hard.  Why on earth would you do that?  I mean, really, you are opening yourself up to so much scrutiny and criticism.  There is a massive negative stereotype out there about the humble spiritual practitioner.

In the beginning, when I first became a Professional Psychic, I had to ‘come out’ in the same uncomfortable way that many of my Gay friends have had to ‘come out’ with their families.  I had to endure the leering and the jokes.  I found myself a minority in a world of professional people, who secretly came to see me for my services, but made out to others that they did not believe.

Presenting HandsThen there were the BBQ’s and the party’s where there was the inevitable question asked of me…’so, what do you do?’  I quickly learned to say Civil Celebrant and not Clairvoyant.  Because if I did tell them that side of my profession, they would immediately put their hand out and say Read my palm or tell me something about myself.  I was there to socialise, not work and I’m not a Palmist, though I am fascinated by it, I haven’t learnt all there is to know about that yet.  So, I’d make a joke and try to change the subject….  Some would say ‘oh, you are one of Those’…like I was a Leper and then there are the ones who think I will know what has been going on in their life just by standing next to them and they think I have read their mind; or the ones, who, (if they’ve found out, what I do first and I ask them, what they do) laugh at me and tell me I should already know, because I’m Psychic… So, I’d avoid talking about me at all and try to get the other person to talk about themselves instead.  Thus saving myself the social awkwardness, of finding myself the centre of attention and being looked upon as a novelty side show, or a person to be feared.  I am neither, just a Woman trying to make a living.

It took me around 5 years, before I was totally comfortable in my own Profession.  I found that being on this path was exciting and soul satisfying.  I found that I was helping people in ways I hadn’t imagined I’d ever do, often learning a life lesson and literally the next day going to work and teaching my hard earned wisdom to a grateful client.  I don’t dressed as a Gypsy or as a Fortune Teller.  I don’t use smoke and mirrors and I don’t have catch phrases, like ‘all is good in the world and the oceans are still’…I just get the message and deliver it.

I have, at times tried to get away from my profession and start a new…I’ve had several career crisis and no matter how hard I have tried, I still end up back at this profession.  In the end I just gave up the fight and embraced my Life and who I am.  I have no shame in what I do anymore, not, in fact for quite some time.

Woman Feeling FreeSince I began to really let go of how I perceived others thought of me, I have felt a relieving freedom within my soul.  To my delight, I have connected with many other people who are also Energy or Spiritual Practitioners.  People who see me as valued and important in the World.  People who show me respect.  It is from their view of me, that I have taken comfort.

For many of you who listen in to my Radio Station (A1R Radio – and others like it, who are not Spiritual Practitioners, people like me may seem mystical and far-reaching.  We may seem separate from you and a little scary.  Let me assure you we are just trying to make it in the World, just like you.

Personally, I have to get myself into the zone of doing Readings or being outwardly spiritual with another person.  I have learnt not to have it open at all times; so if I meet you in the street, I’m not picking up on whether or not you just broke your diet or if you forgot to flush the toilet this morning.  In fact, I don’t really want to know, though rest assured I do care about you.  I have my own set of issues and problems to deal with, and more often than not, when I’m not in my Reader Zone, I’m thinking about them.  I’m thinking about picking up my kids, or what I’m going to make for dinner…just mundane stuff, like everyone one else.

Should you come to me for a Reading, I will be in the zone.  But even then, I will only be given the information that is most suitable for you to hear at that time in your life.  If you are having an affair, for example, and it’s not the life lesson you need to deal with just now, I’m not going to pick it up…I’m going to focus on what your Guides are guiding my mind to see.

I am an energy Reader, not a mind reader…I pick up on your energy and I get messages from your Aura, I get messages from your Guides and Angels and I get messages from mine.

Spiritual Work is sacred and special.  It is not for everyone and if someone is called to do it, they will find it is extremely rewarding.   I feel it is about time that the greater public be aware that people like me are not something to fear or to mock.  We are The Seers; we have the gift of foresight and of communion with Spirit.  We are Spiritual Teachers and in that sense, we deserve the same respect of any Rabbi or Priest.  We are after all, here to do God’s work and to help heal the World of Humans.

Psychic People enrich our culture and are not to be feared.  Next time you meet someone who is on this path, remember to afford them the same respect you expect them to afford you. Registered & Protected