The Testimonials on this page have been freely given to Cat Edwards from her happy Clients.  Some of the people who have given her their validation are her Radio Listeners, Other Spiritual Professionals and Cat’s Clientèle, who have enjoyed a Private Session with Cat Edwards.

If you have had a great experience with Cat and you want to give her your feed back,  send your email to cat.edwards35.8@gmail.com  and please ensure you give Cat your permission to include your message in this Testimonial page!


This testimonial is of my own admission and offering and am delighted to share with others my experience with Cat. I shall do my best to keep this reasonably short.

Since 2001 (my fathers passing) I was thrown quite litterally into the deep end with my “welcome to the Spiritual realm” and to be honest for the next 7 years it certainly was an incredible and at times very dark rollercoaster journey. Then in 2008 I decided to shift my focus to more with the Light and of course was not disappointed and yet my journey was still quite overwhelming as I was not under any guidance. As I intuitively knew that my lessons from “out of this world” were becoming more imporatnt for me to truly understand I decided I need a mentor.

At his time in 2014 I had recently moved back to brisbane after I had left early 2008. It was then I let my own inner guidance and those of the higher dimensions find the right person for me. This was a very determined and important purpose for me to follow through with. I remember the day clearly and there were 3 people I had chosen to get in contact with and of those 3 only 1 took the time to personally talk with me on the phone.

Cat introduced herself and explained her background and yet the one thing that impressed me the most was she asked me why I was seeking a mentor and why her. The fact that she advertised herself as a mentor is certainly not a common Spiritual marketing term and yet Cat had no marketing ego spin with herself. She was very humble in her way of speaking, very understanding and patient when talking with me. I had a few session with Cat over skype and I rememebr the fist session as I was a little skeptical on the accuracy that could be achieved.

Well I certainly was not disappointed as Cat was accurate in her reading with me and as a result the reading also gave me more clarity on who I was and my true intetnions. These aspects 111% focused me more and more to the path of the higher dimensions.

I always honour those who are genuine and humble in their service to the Light. Cat is certainly no exception and is a brilliant mentor and psychic. I have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone seeking the Light. Paul Wellington 03.10.16

Thanks so much Cat, can you please post the following text to your testimonial page:
When I emailed Cat, I was contemplating my career and whether I was ready to commit to more studies as I’d just taken a new job and felt nervous about the study/work life. I connected with Cat’s generous responses to all 3 of my questions, but was extremely impressed as I felt her response matched the way I’d been feeling and I have peace of mind now about my next steps.     Many thanks Cat, Candice xx  22.08.14

Hi Cat
Please include the following text on your  testimonial page:
Cat has an amzing gift and she uses it for your  highest good.  She uses integrity with knowledge and is very thorough with  her reading.
I was amazed at the insight shown here and picked  up immediately on what she was telling me.
Her experience in all aspects of spiritual gifts  shines through and she delivers an accurate, intuitive and meaningful  reading.
Do not miss a reading with Cat as you will be as  amazed as I was!
Much love D xxxx
CONFIRMATION for you, Cat Edwards.
Hi Cat! I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that Ethan had his doctors app’t yesterday for his skin rash that you mentioned on Be The Light Now Blog Talk Radio Show, July 15th. (The 40:00 minute marker for those of you interested)
It turns out he has Pityriasis Rosea, which is a fungal infection and highly treatable. But having no way of knowing his upper body was covered in “spots”, I thought you would like to have the confirmation that you nailed it!
As it turned out, he got very sick while he was there and complained about lower right stomach ache, so the Doc sent us to ER in case it was an appendictis attack. Luckily the CAT scan showed he has swollen stomach lymph nodes and they were not too severe.
Again…. THANK YOU, Cat! You’re the best! :o)
Posted to Cat’s Facebook Wall on Saturday the 18th of August 2012
Hello Cat,
I spoke to you on June 23, 2011 (on your Radio Show) and I asked for the outcome of my father’s situation, and you correctly predicted that he will get his driver’s licence within 2 weeks and he did! Thanks 🙂 I wanted to validate it on A1R but couldn’t get through, but it’s nice to email you anyway.
Sincerely, Dee.
(A1R Listener) USA

“I recommend Cat Edwards without reservation, as she is very trustworthy & is exeptionally talented at all endevours that she undertakes, Cat also go’s above and beyond required duties to make sure that she is successful & all her clients leave with a positive interaction having taken place, I also found that her rates are good value for money. I have no hesitation in employing Cat again should the need arise that I require services in her field, Regards Graham.”
(Return Client from 2000-Present) Townsville Australia

Cat…you have done so much for me – it makes me feel very special -thanks. I know quite a few Clairvoyants/Psychics but you are the most giving person I have ever met…
Your readings have been great because they provide detail you don’t usually get..well impressed…have a great weekend you deserve it especially after having flu!!Take Care
Keith Bound MA England
Professional Astrological Readings by Keith Bound
Astrologer-Keith Bound on Facebook


‘I had a telephone reading done by my old friend Cat about 2 years ago when I needed some clarity in my life. This woman is awesome, trustworthy, professional and her reading was spot on. I totally recommend her if you are at a crossroads in your life.’
-V.J Ah Cup Bundaburg Australia

Cat has an amzing gift and she uses it for your highest good. She uses integrity with knowledge and is very thorough with her reading.
I was amazed at the insight shown here and picked up immediately on what she was telling me.
Her experience in all aspects of spiritual gifts shines through and she delivers an accurate, intuitive and meaningful reading.
Do not miss a reading with Cat as you will be as amazed as I was!
-D.Parker Canary Islands

FROM THE FACEBOOK WALL –  This is my beautiful and VERY talented Friend Cat, we grew up in Mt Isa together, and since facebook, we have got the chance to reunite! I had a really depressing dream the other night, and could not shake it from my thoughts, so I asked for Cats help to interpret it, and that she did, everything has been made clear and now I can see the things that I need to change. Cat, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  -B.Snow – Rockingham Western Australia

‘Cat Thank you so much for the reading on A1R Radio tonight.. you were EXACTLY right and on target. God love you and bless you. LOVE AND LIGHT‘ – Sherry via www.psychicfaces.com

‘I really enjoyed my reading with Cat for two equally important reasons.
I found Cats business practices to be of a high standard she promptly replied to me and delivered what she said she would when she said she would. I was impressed with her work ethic and efficiency.
I like that Cat uses a few different methods to give a complete answer to the questions asked, she checks her answers too, to make sure she is giving a truthful answer.
Her readings are easy to understand    and not at all vague. I believe she does not withhold information just to please her clients.
Cat has a clear easy connection to spirit and was with-out a doubt tuned into my guides, and gave messages that I know were from them.
Thank-you Cat for running a business of high standards with real professionalism. Thank-you for the clarity I received, and thank-you for making it easy to understand and completely answering my questions.’
Emma  – Spiritual Healer and Professional, Coolum, Qld Australia


Dear Cat,
Oh My God ,
You saw me even better than I can explain! It is all true about me and my life!
That was fantastic reading ..Thank you so much ( specially in your recovery time is priceless !) …
I feel all you said so many changes and yes I am 39 bout inside like little girl !!
Oh cat thank you so much that was absolutely great.
I am looking forward for  more reading in near future with you.
So grateful with your generous reading!
Hope you get better everyday
Paul Wellington
10 June 20:50
Many thanks again for your spot on mentoring session tonight, pure clarity now.


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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I recently had a face to face reading with Cat and was amazed with the accuracy and how quickly she picked up on each photo that I had shown her. A beautiful lady with an amazing talent. The insight was amazing, as no one would know the things that she told me. I will be going back for another reading and wouldn’t hesitate recommending Cat to anyone who is looking to have a reading with such a professional physic. Thanks ever so much Cat. Linda

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